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nn5n: scp-2471 The Delayed Drifter
EuclidSCP-2471 The Delayed DrifterRate: -17

Item: SCP-2471

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-2471 is to be kept inside a number-locked safe inside Dr. Y██'s office 2.1m by 3m by 3.2m room. The room should have a small assortment of household objects in it. The three objects should always remain seated in a wooden rocking chair when not undergoing testing. Security footage is unavailable due to the objects somehow tampering with the camera. Audio recording systems are hidden under various objects to record movement. Two unarmed personnel should guard the exit to the room. Should a Containment Breach occur, and the toys are found in a different section of the facility, they must be returned to containment in a non-threatening and non-lethal manner. AT NO POINT IN TIME SHOULD ANY WEAPONS BE REMOTELY AROUND SCP-2471. At least one D-class subject must interact with the three items every twelve hours to ensure escape isn’t attempted. SEE INCIDENT REPORT SCP-2471-1 FOR REASONS FOR CHANGE IN CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES. ALL LEVEL 4 PERSONNEL ARE REQUIRED TO READ THE REPORT.

Description: SCP-2471 is a trio of stuffed animals. They consist of two stuffed bears, one of which is worn out and an old fashioned model. The other is newer, sporting a bow tie and glass eyes. The third is smaller than the other two, and it is a gray hippo that is dressed in pajamas. The original creator of these toys has not been found, and any source the Foundation has come across either denies the existence or doesn’t exist. The entities seem to have the ability to move around without help from a human. All three stand on two legs and walk fairly well. Any security cameras that have been installed have been tampered with before any important footage was recorded.

Attempts to cut open the group to see if they have any skeletal structure has resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. If any one of the three toys encounters a weapon, or any personnel brandishing a weapon, they will be mauled viciously until their inevitable death. Any attempts to intervene in the mauling results in the vision of everybody who can see the station to suddenly fade away. They regain sight a moment later, however, there will be another stuffed animal added to the group, and it will maul the person who attempted to intervene with the mauling. The trio has not attempted escape ever since D-class personnel has been visiting them. For the most of their day, they sit in the wooden rocking chair or play with the assortment of items.

In ███████, Ontario, the duo trio were captured and brought to Site-19 after several 911 calls had reported that their teenage kids were being mauled by stuffed animals. When a task force arrived at the scene, the hippo and the newer-looking bear were exhibiting anger and beating up a teenager. Four out of the six teenagers died, while the other fell into a coma. The fifth was unharmed during the ordeal. The toy's previous owner was not present at the scene. The team sent to retrieve the toys suffered heavy casualties before they were captured. They were locked in a wooden box and placed into a heavy containment safe released in their containment cell at Site-19.

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