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Item #: SCP-2497

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2497 is to be kept outdoors at all times, within an armed Foundation area. No walls or fences are to be erected around the area SCP-2497 is contained within; neither are there to be any trees growing around the area. Guard posts are placed at intervals of 100 meters around the area containing SCP-2497; guards are to cycle through them twice daily. Any testing involving SCP-2497, especially involving it being brought inside a Foundation facility, is to be approved by the Site Director prior to testing.

Description: SCP-2497 is a small (10 by 8 centimeter) rectangular burlap bag, held closed by a drawstring. It is estimated to be more than 100 years old, due to the nature of is contents. It generally contains about seventeen (17) shards of broken glass (pieces of aat any time it is in a "dormant" state; however, this number is known to fluctuate once the bag is placed into a receptacle or opened. SCP-2497 is abnormally resistant to damage: although many attempts have been made to damage it, very few have succeeded.
SCP-2497's main anomalous properties manifest when attempts are made to improperly contain it: Once any mode of containment involving surrounding SCP-2497 on more than three sides or hindering its movement has been attempted, SCP-2497 will either destroy the containment receptacle or render itself temporarily impossible to contain through various anomalous means (see Addendum). Other anomalous properties have been noted when attempts are made to open or cut open SCP-2497, ranging from the rapid expulsion of steam to often fatal [DATA EXPUNGED].

Addendum 2497: Document recovered near SCP-2497
This document, circa 1850, is believed to be a letter to a lover prior to suicide. It was found upon the initial recovery of SCP-2497. It may provide some insight to the anomalous properties of SCP-2497.

Dear Jonathan,
This will be the last you ever hear of me. Once you receive this letter, I will be in the sweet embrace of the Lord-far away from your trickery. Too many times, you have deceived me with shallow, false affection-and every time, you broke my heart. But no more.
Enclosed is the daguerreotype we took together in 1849, shattered like my heart. I hope you realize what you have done to me, and feel remorse.

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