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SCP-2525 - Extraterrestrial Broadcaster
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Item #: SCP-2525

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2525 is contained in a 1.5 meter PMMA tube with a laser motion detection system positioned .5 meters from the floor. Triggering of the laser will send alerts to Site Director Bresescu and Researchers Ross and Krasniewski. The researcher on duty is to report immediately to SCP-2525-1''s room and monitor the subject during and after the activation event to ensure proper transmission recording.

SCP-2525-1 is contained in standard living quarters. SCP-2525-1 is allowed limited, escorted access to non-critical areas of Site-22 for exercise, and mental stimulation as approved by the Site Director. SCP-2525-1''s security clearance has been officially revoked and it is not to come into contact with other contained objects. Though currently cooperative, any indication of deception on SCP-2525-1''s part will result in disciplinary action as seen fit by the Site Director.

All recordings made by SCP-2525-1 are on file in Level 4 security clearance servers. New recordings are to be read in full by the Site Director after the completion of each activation event.

Description: SCP-2525 is a metal and polymer cylinder, 40 cm high and 9 cm in diameter, with a three-finned tripod at one end. Approximately 80% of its internal volume is filled with a viscous substance, the identification of which, along with that of the metal and polymer, has thus far been impossible.

Once every 8 to 32 days, SCP-2525 will activate and rise 1 meter into the air. It will remain in place for 10-12 seconds before returning to its initial position. During this active phase, SCP-2525 emits a bright green light and the substance in its interior appears to boil.

SCP-2525''s active state indicates the reception of a transmission by SCP-2525-1, formerly Junior Researcher T██████ L███. Information contained in these transmissions is primarily composed of strategic and tactical schematics detailing stages of an invasion of Earth, with Site-22 as a staging point, by an extraterrestrial civilization. On occasion, transmissions include propaganda and motivational speeches directed at the previous owner of SCP-2525, as well as information about the Earth and its inhabitants. The source of these transmissions is currently unknown.

SCP-2525 was recovered along with a creature of extraterrestrial origin, current designation SCP-2525-N. For more information about the recovery of SCP-2525, refer to File Document 2525-A, appended.

Addendum: Analysis of transmissions has shown that the entities broadcasting them have some degree of access to the mind of the subject receiving the transmission. SCP-2525-1 had retained limited level 1 security clearance to continue his work with the Foundation after his encounter with SCP-2525, but this has been revoked as of ██/██/████. Due to a near-complete plan of Site-22 already having been leaked, it has been determined that SCP-2525-1 may have access to non-essential areas. Amnestics have been administered to prevent further broadcast of sensitive information.

Item #: SCP-2525

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2525 is to be contained in a 5 x 5 x 3 meter enclosure constructed of reinforced steel. The containment cell is to be surrounded by a secondary 20m radius containment unit with remotely-activated electrified panels in the floor and walls. The cell is to have no windows and only a single reinforced high-security door. SCP-2525 is to be constantly monitored via a closed-circuit camera secured behind bulletproof glass. Any damage to the containment cell is to be reported immediately to the head of Mobile Task Force Omicron-9 ("Sound and Fury"), who will initiate Protocol 2525-Filigree if repairs are deemed necessary. (Refer to Protocol Document 2525-Filigree for information.)

SCP-2525-1 is contained in a 1.5 meter PMMA tube with a laser motion detection system positioned .5 meters from the floor. Triggering of the laser will alert Doctor Clark and the head of MTF Omicron-9, who shall initiate Protocol 2525-Alcatraz immediately.

MTF Omicron-9 personnel involved in Protocol 2525-Alcatraz are to be outfitted in heavy armor, with one high-voltage stun baton and one high-voltage Taser per member. One member must also carry a short-range ultrasound emissions device. (See Protocol Document 2525-Alcatraz for specifications.) Personnel with Mobile Task Force Omicron-9 must rank above 90th percentile on the Foundation Standard Test of Mental Fortitude and above 95th percentile on the Foundation Standard Test of Physical Endurance.

Description: SCP-2525 is a humanoid creature of extraterrestrial origin, 2.3 m in height and weighing 145 kg. It possesses two sets of mandibles, compound eyes, membranous veined wings, and a second set of vestigial arms thought to be used in mating. The upper arms measure over 1.4 m each and are tipped with three digits, the middle one .3 m in length. It is covered in plates of chitin that render it extremely resistant to standard weaponry but do not impede its movement. Testing has revealed susceptibilities to electric current in excess of 1000V and concentrated sound with a frequency in excess of 1.5 MHz.

SCP-2525 is agile, strong and highly intelligent. It is hostile to humans, having attacked personnel on sight without provocation on numerous occasions. The long digit on each of its upper arms can puncture plate steel and it spends a significant amount of time attempting to breach containment by damaging the walls of its cell. It has also breached containment on █ separate occasions by dismantling seams holding its containment cell together, necessitating improvements to construction and repair initiatives (see Protocol Document 2525-Filigree). During containment breaches and occasions when personnel are required to enter containment with it, it displays aggressive and predatory behavior, attacking from high angles and using traps to ensnare personnel.

SCP-2525 communicates via clicks and high-frequency sounds inaudible to the human ear, as well as direct-mind telepathy with a range of 12 m. Testing has demonstrated no ability to direct human thought or action, and thus this communication method is considered the safest until such time as its spoken language is translated. It appears to understand spoken language, though it is speculated that this might be due to telepathic influence.

SCP-2525 was recovered after an explosion reported in the Cascade Range on ██/██/████. Recovered along with SCP-2525 were pieces of a large craft, currently in storage at Site-██, and a metal and polymer cylinder designated SCP-2525-1.

SCP-2525-1 is 40 cm high and 9 cm in diameter, with a three-finned tripod at one end. Approximately 80% of its internal volume is filled with a viscous substance, the identification of which, along with that of the metal and polymer, has thus far been impossible.

Once every 8 to 32 days, SCP-2525-1 will activate and rise 1 meter into the air. It will remain in place for 10-12 seconds before returning to its initial position. During this active phase, SCP-2525-1 emits a bright green light and the substance in its interior appears to boil.

SCP-2525-1''s active state is a signal indicating the reception of a transmission by SCP-2525. The nature of information contained in these transmissions cannot be directly ascertained, save by interviews conducted with SCP-2525. At this time, SCP-2525 has given a consistent account of the information consisting of propaganda and motivational speeches, information about Earth and human civilization, and plans for an invasion of the Earth with Site-22 as a staging point. The source of this information is unknown, though SCP-2525 claims that the information comes from its homeworld. The location of that world is unknown.

The gathering of information broadcast by SCP-2525-1 has been labelled a Class-1 priority.

Log of Incident 2525-Alpha-12

SCP-2525-1 activated at 12:56 on ██/██/████, while Doctor Clark was undergoing an offsite medical procedure. Junior Researcher T██████ L███ filled in for Doctor Clark during Protocol 2525-Alcatraz. Though Junior Researcher L███ has studied audio recordings of SCP-2525''s language in depth, this incident marks the first time he and SCP-2525 communicate directly. (Incident report is compiled from security footage and post-incident interviews.)

12:57: Protocol 2525-Alcatraz initiated. Members of MTF Omicron-9 successfully enter containment and subdue SCP-2525.

13:04: Junior Researcher L███ enters containment and begins interview. SCP-2525 demands to know Doctor Clark''s location. Junior Researcher L███ visibly reels from experiencing telepathy for first time. Junior Researcher L███ waives assistance from MTF member and informs SCP-2525 that Doctor Clark is unavailable. Interview proceeds.

13:37: Significant increase in duration of interview noted, due to high degree of uncooperativeness from SCP-2525. SCP-2525 divulges information deemed only minorly significant and Protocol 2525-Alcatraz is rescinded. During retreat of personnel from containment cell, SCP-2525 noted to be less active than normal. According to Junior Researcher L███, SCP-2525 asked twice more for Doctor Clark''s whereabouts.

Not to be insensitive, but I am formally suggesting that Doctor Clark''s chemotherapy sessions be conducted on-site from now on if at all possible, in case the cylinder decides to activate during one again. SCP-2525 doesn''t trust me, and I''m fairly certain it doesn''t like me either. That was like pulling teeth. - Junior Researcher T██████ L███

Log of Incident 2525-Alpha-13

On ██/██/████, Doctor Clark requested and was granted permission to enter SCP-2525''s containment unit, accompanied by MTF Omicron-9. Doctor Clark banged on the containment cell door and conversed with SCP-2525. Transcript of Doctor Clark''s side of the conversation follows.

SCP-2525, it''s Nathaniel Clark! What''s this I hear about you giving my assistant trouble in my absence?

Well, I''ve been sick. I''m getting treatment for it, but I may not always be around for your interviews. I expect you to give him the same cooperation you''ve given me, am I clear?

Not at all. T██''s been hard at work translating your spoken language. He''s good at it. Wouldn''t you like us to be able to communicate a little more directly?

All you need to know is that things may be this way for some time. It depends on how well my treatments go. If I catch wind of any more incidents, your incarceration may become significantly more uncomfortable, do you understand?

At this point, one of SCP-2525''s claws punctured the containment cell wall .2 m above Doctor Clark''s head. MTF personnel subdued SCP-2525 with electric shocks and escorted Doctor Clark from the containment unit. Protocol 2525-Filigree was enacted without incident.

My oncologist is willing, so I shall do whatever is necessary to ease the burden for Junior Researcher L███. I do request his continued involvement in Protocol 2525-Alcatraz, however, to help acclimate SCP-2525 to his presence. -Dr. Nathaniel Clark

Log of Incident 2525-Alpha-22

(Note: This is the first interview with SCP-2525 after Doctor Clark''s death. Transcript of audible conversation from Junior Researcher L███ follows.)

No, he''s not here today, he… He died. I''d really appreciate it if you—

Don''t give me that. It''s not like you cared about him or anything.

Bullshit. Zap it.

Electrical shocks are applied to SCP-2525.

I''m not interested in talking about him, okay? This is just a standard interview, and you''re not making things any—

At this point, SCP-2525 roared and broke restraints despite application of all four shock batons and one Taser. Junior Researcher L███ fled the containment unit and MTF personnel were overpowered. The ultrasound device malfunctioned and was destroyed in the incident. All five MTF personnel were ejected from the containment cell, and SCP-2525 slammed the door shut. Only minor injuries were reported. Breach protocols were enacted.

After conferring with Agent M████████ and Site Director Bresescu, Junior Researcher L███ reentered the containment unit along with backup MTF personnel. SCP-2525 was audible through the containment cell wall.

Junior Researcher L███: SCP-2525, are you listening? [pause] It wants us to go away.

Agent M████████: Protocol 2525-Alcatraz is still in effect. Get it talking.

Junior Researcher L███: Like we actually have protocol for a situation like this. Um, SCP-2525, if you are still willing to cooperate, it would be acceptable to continue the interview as we speaking are now. [pause] SCP-2525?

SCP-2525 utters vocalizations for 81 seconds while personnel converse.

Junior Researcher L███: Jesus, I think it''s actually broken up about Doctor Clark. I heard his name in there twice.

Agent M████████: Are you kidding me?

Junior Researcher L███: I swear that sounded like "can save him" or "could save him". I dunno, the conditional mood is really—

SCP-2525 utters a loud roar ending in a shriek.

Agent M████████: Get the researcher out of here and get that door open!

The containment cell door was jammed and required 20 minutes with an acetylene torch to open. MTF Omicron-9 was able to secure the cell and discovered SCP-2525 had been decapitated. Object was classified Neutralized on ██/██/████. SCP-2525-1 reclassified as an anomalous object.

Addendum: Incident 2525-Alpha-23: 21 days after Incident 2525-Alpha-22, Anomalous Object 25341 activated. Personnel in the Site-22 lunch room at the time reported a beam of green light entering Junior Researcher L███. Containment was reinstated and the object reclassified SCP-2525.

Interviewed: SCP-2525-1, formerly Junior Researcher L███

Interviewer: Researcher Krasniewski

Foreword: Logged interview requested ██/██/████, by SCP-2525-1.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Krasniewski: SCP-2525-1, please state for the record your reason for requesting this interview.

SCP-2525-1: I want to make perfectly clear my desire to continue cooperation with the Foundation in regards to SCP-2525. I also wanted to clear up the record on 2525-dash-N. It is dash-N now, right?

Researcher Krasniewski: Correct. Please proceed.

SCP-2525-1: Okay. I''d have said something about it sooner, but ever since being declared a skip, my life has been kind of…

Researcher Krasniewski: Take your time.

SCP-2525-1: Yeah. Thank you. Anyway. All we ever knew about SCP-2525 or where it was from came from those interviews we conducted with SCP-2525-N. Well, it turns out they were all lies. SCP-2525 was lying to us from the very beginning, and kept up a… a ruse, an absolutely mind-blowing charade for the entire time we had it contained.

Researcher Krasniewski: Go on.

SCP-2525-1: For starters, its people aren''t hellbent on invading us, they''re actually trying to help us. Having seen what''s in those broadcasts now… It''s all plans for advanced technology, insight into the future… Just, generally ways to improve human life. And not just our life: they have a whole bunch of those cylinders spread across the universe, beaming info to any race they consider primitive.

Researcher Krasniewski: So all the invasion plans…?

SCP-2525-1: Completely made up. It was just pretending to be a soldier or whatever. I don''t know what its reasons were, but there''s a lot of "come back to the fold" jargon in between the schematics for new medical procedures and stuff.

Researcher Krasniewski: How much of this did Doctor Clark know?

SCP-2525-1: That… I''m never gonna know that either. My guess is he knew some, maybe, or suspected, but he didn''t confide in me a whole lot. Either way, SCP-2525 got attached to him and even though it kept up the deception… Well, it respected him. Saw him as an intellectual equal. That''s pretty much the last thing it told me before it, uh, killed itself.

Researcher Krasniewski: I see. Is there anything else you would like to add?

SCP-2525-1: I, uh… Well, I would''ve written it down so I could remember if I, y''know, had anything to write with. Ha ha. Because, like… never mind. Um, all I''ll say is I don''t know why the cylinder''s sending stuff to me now, to me specifically. I guess because I was with SCP-2525 when it died, maybe, I don''t know. That process, by the way, it''s like… All of a sudden, I just remembered something I forgot. Except, you know, it''s not anything I could have known.

Researcher Krasniewski: If that is all, we''ll conclude this interview.

SCP-2525-1: Hey, Stella…

Researcher Krasniewski: Yeah, T██?

SCP-2525-1: SCP-2525-1, you mean. [laughs] Look, I just… I don''t know how to request stuff now. My security clearance is shot and I can''t access any of my old projects, but I need something to do or I''m gonna lose my fucking mind. Could you see if maybe I could get hold of SCP-2525-dash-N''s old audio logs? I was making a lot of progress translating the language.

Researcher Krasniewski: I''ll ask. For what it''s worth, I''m sorry.

SCP-2525-1: It doesn''t matter. This is gonna get hushed up the instant this interview is over. Giant berserker aliens are one thing, but not even the Foundation''s willing to admit they want to save us.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: In light of SCP-2525-1''s previous contributions to the Foundation, a loose containment protocol has been enacted to provide it with physical and mental stimulation, contingent on continued divulgence of all information. General-access containment procedures are not to include this information, pursuant to Blackout Order 2525-145.

Doctor Clark recorded a number of files intended to be accessed after his death. The following is a transcript of the recording dated ██/██/████, detailing his thoughts on SCP-2525-N.

The time is… Five-thirty-four in the afternoon. I want to talk about SCP-2525.

This creature is as marvelous as he is dangerous, and yet there is something about the way he acts that leaves me to wonder. I myself wrote the containment procedures, and there is no doubt that personnel have been attacked without provocation. Yet the more I reflect back upon those incidents, the more I realize that never has SCP-2525 actually killed anyone. Oh yes, there have been deaths, many times from injuries sustained at the ends of those grand blades. But, and I would have to check back over the records to be certain, a task which I am afraid I lack the luxury of time to complete, on no occasion was the wound itself fatal. Blood loss occurred due to delays in reestablishing containment that prevented direct medical assistance, or the person was thrown against a wall and rendered unconscious.

There is also the niggling factor of its story, an enigma I have allowed myself not to ponder for fear of where such a path might lead me. It is a boon that I oversee so many contained objects, for I have been able to tell myself that I simply haven''t the time necessary to devote to think about one in particular. I will now lay out the pieces as I see them, so that my successor might piece together that which I cannot. Which I will not.

SCP-2525 is monstrously intelligent. One need only watch security footage of his last containment breach to understand that. Yet he spends his days scraping at the walls of his containment unit and attacking anything in his path. These are not the actions of a being of reason, which his race must be in order to craft such devices as were recovered with him. It would stand to reason that he is but a soldier, an advance scout sent to test our waters ahead of the invasion, but nor does the archetype of a mindless berserker fit with the conversations he and I have had when not under the duress of the stun baton.

And another thing. Prior to Protocol 2525-Alcatraz, we had no conception of what SCP-2525-1 was doing. Yet, after its creation, do we yet perceive the transmissions supposedly flooding into SCP-2525''s mind? We cannot, and nor can we trust a single word of those interviews. Interrogations, I should call them. Has interrogation by torture not been proven again and again an inefficient and unreliable means of information extraction?

It is my wholehearted belief that a large percentage if not all of what SCP-2525 has told us has been a fabrication. What the truth might be behind those lies, I can but guess. It has been some time since I looked back over the reports gained from those interrogations, but if I did, well, I can only suspect holes would appear in the narrative. We have a hostile, intelligent liar in our facility and nothing to show for it. We shall never have anything to show for it with our current approach to its containment. Ah, but that is a two-way street, is it not?

[pause of 52 seconds]

I am not certain I should say this, but this disease will no doubt have rendered my tenure moot by the time this is heard, so damn the consequences. I think SCP-2525 is lonely. He does the things he does not because he wants to but because he feels he must, and this separates him from his own kind. This conclusions I have reached due to having had him inside my mind. There is no way to write down everything he says when he communicates in concepts more than words. I, for instance, know his name, but I cannot even begin to comprehend how to say it, for it has never been said to me.

SCP-2525 is a creature of intellect, as I have previously said, and I believe he views me in much the same light. No doubt you will think me foolish for what I am about to say. If it makes you feel better, blame it on the chemicals coursing through my veins that have drained my strength and will more than any cancer could. I think SCP-2525 sees me as a friend. There is a sadness underlying every forced confession that lightens when he speaks directly to me as an equal. Even though he attacks me, it comes off as the maintenance of a charade. Part of me decries the necessity to keep him locked up and treated so. We could learn so much from his kind. But I have devoted my life to science, and as a scientist, must act only upon the observable. A foolish sentiment, no doubt. That will be all for this one.

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