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Item #: SCP-2568

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2568 has made no attempt to leave Site 233; therefore current monitoring procedures of SCP-2568 at Site 233 have been deemed sufficient on the recommendation of Researcher Beasley. However, any change in SCP-2568’s behavior is to be reported immediately to Researcher Beasley.

In addition, Site 233 remains a low-priority security situation, with minimal assessed risk of a) breach of containment by SCP-2568, due to its apparent affinity with Site 233 and b) discovery by the general public, due to Site 233's relatively remote location; therefore current Zone of Containment procedures have been deemed sufficient on the recommendation of Agent Dalton. However, any change in activity within 1 km of Site 233 is to be reported immediately to Agent Dalton.

UV illumination is to be maintained on the entirety of Site 233 by no fewer than eight standard UV lights and independently powered by one primary and one auxiliary (i.e. backup) generator. Visual surveillance is to be maintained at all times by at least two site personnel. Personnel are permitted to freely approach and interact with SCP-2568, but should be mindful of detrimental effects of prolonged UV exposure.

Currently no means of containment for SCP-2568 in its incorporeal state is known. Research into containment measures and recovery methods in the event of a breach is ongoing.

Description: SCP-2568 appears to be an adult mix of Doberman and Pit Bull Terrier approximately 46 cm in height, greyish white in color, and translucent at measured transmittance of 84-86%. SCP-2568 is invisible in typical lighting conditions, but becomes visible when illuminated with light in the ultraviolet (UV) range1.

SCP-2568 has around its neck a well-worn dog collar, with translucence and coloration similar to that of SCP-2568. On this collar is a single tag, which reads: Paciente2.

SCP-2568 is currently at its location of discovery, a non-anomalous residential domicile and surrounding lot at █████ ██, ██████, ████, Mexico, designated Site 233. When first encountered, SCP-2568 was in a depressive state, displaying only minimal response to environmental stimuli and remaining almost entirely passive during initial site reconnaissance. Only when directly approached and engaged by research staff did SCP-2568 become responsive.

After a period of acclimation, SCP-2568 now exhibits behavior typical of a well-adjusted domestic canine in interactions with staff (see Document SCP-2568-A for a comprehensive list of observed behaviors). To date, SCP-2568 has not been observed eating or drinking, and apparently does not suffer from hunger or thirst. In all other observed aspects, including in use and abilities of sight, hearing, and smell, SCP-2568 appears to be an average specimen of its species.

SCP-2568 has displayed physicality corresponding with vocalizations such as barking, whining, and growling; however, no corresponding sounds have been documented with these events. Whether this is because SCP 2568 vocalizations emit sound on a frequency undetectable by Foundation equipment or simply emit no sound at all is currently unknown.

Additionally, SCP-2568 has been observed manifesting in corporeal and incorporeal states, capable of both passing through and interacting with objects, structures, and personnel. SCP-2568 manifests this anomaly apparently at will: becoming corporeal in response to positive physical interaction, e.g. petting, and becoming incorporeal in response to undesired physical interaction, e.g. attaching restraints to SCP-2568 or its collar. Further testing has confirmed that SCP-2568 is capable of controlling this anomaly responsively and on an anatomically granular level; in one such test, SCP-2568 maintained hold of a ball in its mouth while a second ball was thrown at its torso and passed straight through (see Test Log SCP-2568-4E).

The means by which this effect is produced is unknown, and no means of counteracting or containing SCP-2568 in its incorporeal state exists in current Foundation knowledge.

Addendum 2568-1: On ██/██/201█, Agent ███████ discharges her stun gun while demonstrating its operation to Researchers █████████ and ██████. SCP-2568 appears to notice the stun gun and indicates interest with raised ears and oscillations of its tail. Researcher ██████ notices SCP-2568's interest and asks Agent ███████ to discharge the stun gun again so that SCP-2568 could interact with it. SCP-2568 approaches Agent ███████ and first sniffs, then tastes the discharged electricity. SCP-2568 appears to enjoy the sensation, and displays begging behavior when the discharge is stopped.

“Seems we’ve stumbled upon something SCP-2568 views as a treat; we’re investigating applications of this as a means of positive behavioral reinforcement." — Researcher Beasley
"So far we’ve had success with ‘sit', 'lay down', ‘stay', ‘come', ‘speak', 'roll over', and 'play dead'. Working on ‘fetch’ and ‘jump through walls'” — Agent Dalton

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