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Object Class: Safe


Special Containment Procedures: In order to contain this rare form of lava grass, the area it grows is kept locked up with access only granted to SCP personnel. It can be found growing on the rooftop of a building in [REDACTED] and is considered a Safe Object, despite its potential harm. It can only grow in this location and appeared after excessive heat from the boiler room below caused the grass to melt anything that comes in contact. It requires a level 2 security clearance for those who come in contact with it and only Class C & D personnel may interact with this SCP. It is held at the site in a sector designed for containment where it can appear harmless and be safely contained. Because the space is kept isolated and locked with little to no access, contamination or contact from civilians is extremely limited.

Description: After reports of grass growing on a rooftop capable of melting those who step on it, a response team and field agent was sent to evaluate this grass. Dr. Chelsea Elliott was the plant specialist assigned to study the lava grass. She is dedicated to her work and lost part of her foot when she accidentally stepped off of the stone path protecting her from the grass. She was quickly pulled out of the grass by another field agent and got away mostly unscathed. The stone path used to allow walking across of the grass, will provide protection as it covers up the grass. While the grass cannot grow through the stone, it can grow around if not properly contained. This grass is found growing in rocks, so it is hard to destroy the roots. It’s containment is especially tricky due to the fact that it is found growing on top of a building, so it cannot be burned because of safety to inhabitants of the building or excavated due to exposure risks. It can be trimmed but this is tricky due to rooftop locations and noise to those below.

Field agents and containment specialists must be careful to allow the grass to have its space, but maintain its pathways to walk across the grass if needed. The site is specifically for biological containment and is hidden in plain sight. The grass has shades of deep red mixed with some green that is a sign of newly growing grass. Its rubbery texture causes anything that comes in contact with it to become stuck to it after just a few seconds. In order to trim the grass, a weed eater must be used because its quick rotating motion does not allow the lava grass to stick to it. The grass is capable of being moved, but the containment was too tricky and it was decided to leave it in the existing location. During winter, snow does not stick to the grass due to the high temperatures, as it is still capable of melting on contact.


Transcript of Dr. Elliott’s evaluation of the lava grass:

<Dr. Elliott> Hi, this is Dr. Chelsea Elliott here in [REDACTED] to evaluate a new anomaly we were recently made aware of. A maintenance person for this building accidentally came into contact with this grass and it melted him. It has a reddish tone to it, but you can walk across a stone path without feeling the effects of the anomaly. I brought a shovel to hopefully be able to take a sample back to the lab with me to examine. First, I am going to attempt to attempt to gather my sample.

Dr. Elliott takes the shovel and begins to dig at the anomaly, only to have it attach to her shovel and begin melting it immediately. Dr. Elliott drops the shovel and begins to think.

<Dr. Elliott> Damn grass melted the shovel! I think I will have to try to dig under and see if I have a better result.

Dr. Elliott grabs another shovel and begins to dig under the grass at the edge of the building roof.

<Dr. Elliott> I was able to dig out a portion of the grass by going through the rocks first and scooping under the roots. I am afraid to take too large of a sample because of fear of it contaminating something else. I brought a special heat-proof bag from the foundation that we use for extremely hot or corrosive anomalies.

As Dr. Elliott goes to put the sample in the bag, it starts to melt the shovel in her hands because the grass came into contact slightly with the blade of the shovel. As she hurries to get the SCP into the heat-proof bag, she slips off the stone path.

<Dr. Elliott> OUCH!!!! (Quickly pulls foot out of the grass and looks down to see her shoe stuck and three of her toes were melted off by the grass.) My shoe is completely melted, but luckily, I was able to get my foot out of the shoe before I was melted with it. The shoe became stuck to the grass and melted within seconds are contact. I was not aware of the sticky properties this grass has. I am going to get this sample into a bag and then return to headquarters. This is not my first accident and certainly won’t be the last in this line of work.

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