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An instance of SCP-2597-1 superficially mapped by a NASA probe.

Item #: SCP-2597

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Copies of SCP-2597 are to be stored in a reserved server room in Site-15. SCP-2597 is not to be operated under any circumstances. Web Crawler "NEO_STOP" is currently browsing the internet for any copies of SCP-2597 still in circulation. If any instances of SCP-2597 are found, Mobile Task Force Iota-15 "Cosmonauts" are to install the malware bug UjKEN391834 onto the hard drive the instance is located in. Mobile Task Force Iota-15 are also to examine and map all orbits of currently Earth-crossing instances of SCP-2597-1. If an instance is predicted to "impact" Earth within 10 hours, Iota-15 is to be dispatched to administer amnestics and implant appropriate false memories.

Description: SCP-2597 is an executable file entitled "NEO_Creator.exe", believed to be created in 200█. The file contains a recreational application created by a company entitled "Out Of This World Incorporated". Upon booting the application, a title screen is shown, displaying buttons entitled "Play", "Options", and "Quit". Pressing "Options" leads to a standard control screen found on a normal executable game, featuring sound, graphics, and mouse sensitivity options. Pressing "Play" will lead users into the anomalous portion of the application.

Users are led into an interface showing several physical editing options along the sides of the screen. In the center of the screen is a 3-dimensional gray sphere against a black, starry backdrop. Selecting the editing options and using them on the sphere causes it to take a unique form. There are options for surface editing, crater formation, color, ring formation, and other assets, as well as models of previously discovered Near Earth Objects to cast onto the sphere and use.

Upon clicking on a button labeled "Distribute", a pop-up box is shown, reading:

VELOCITY [ ] []Mph []Kph

APHELION [ ] []AU []Mi []LM1

Upon filling out the boxes and clicking the distribution button, a message reading "Thanks for helping to build the future!" appears, and the application closes on its own. Combined evidence from NASA, ESA, and Foundation probes, as well as terrestrial telescopes shows that, after completion and "Distribution" of the sphere in the application, a celestial body with an orbit sufficient enough to be classified as a Near-Earth Object (hearby classified as SCP-2597-1) appears in interplanetary space2 . Depending on the size, distance, and shape of the SCP-2597-1 instance created, discovery of the instance usually takes approximately 10-30 years. Each individual instance of SCP-2597 created appear to be unable to impact or physically contact naturally occurring Celestial bodies. This has been observed on several occasions of SCP-2597-1 instances passing through each other, other NEOs, or, rarely, satellites and planets (See Incident 2597-A). Current estimates show that approximately more than ██████ instances of SCP-2597-1 currently in orbit around our sun3.

SCP-2597 was discovered on ██/█/20██, when a Foundation web crawler observed a forum thread devoted to it on the website ██████.com. Dr. ████████, who was observing the crawler's reports at the time, posed as a civilian asking about the application. The users directed Dr. ████████ to a website, entitled OutOfThisWorld.com (See Addendum). Foundation Web Crawler "NEO_STOP" was created and deployed to scan the internet for more reported instances and delete any websites with download links to the application. Meanwhile, a malware bug4, created by Researcher ██████, was brought into the hard drives of confirmed SCP-2597 users under the guise of an update patch. Said bug removed the copy of SCP-2597 from the users' drives. Installation of the bug also caused several memetic devices to be embedded into the users' computers, causing them to forget about the existence of SCP-2597 entirely. Current estimates indicate that from ██████ instances of SCP-2597 that had been downloaded,██████ have been eradicated. The remaining ██ copies are to be found and deleted as soon as possible.

Addendum 2597-1: Homepage of OutOfThisWorld.com


Here at Out Of This World Incorporated, we value knowledge, power, and most importantly FUN! Feel free to try out our new newest awesome game, NEO Creator! But wait, think we're just a one-trick pony? Wrong! Tons of new fun games are coming out from your friends at OOTW Inc! Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to our online blog, ██████

Addendum 2597-2: Incident 2597-A

On ██/██/201█, an instance of SCP-2597-1 (designated SCP-2597-1-5127), "impacted" a small clearing within the ██████████ National Forest, located in northern ███████████. The instance was witnessed by a small hiking party, who vacated the premises and reported it to a nearby ranger, who, in turn, informed the police. The call was intercepted by the Foundation, and agents were dispatched. The hikers reported to responding agents that the instance had a set of thick rings, an icosahedronal shape and had the inscription "BY EPICDUDE98" etched onto it with strategically-placed craters. Both the ranger and the hikers were administered Class-A Amnestics and allowed to continue their activities.

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