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SCP-2622 - Ambassador from the Mole People
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Item #: SCP-2622

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2622 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber furnished with a bed, a dresser of clothes, and a writing desk. Paper and pencil are to be supplied to SCP-2622 upon request. SCP-2622 is to be provided with 300 grams of Dietary Supplement 2622-Alpha, consisting of 25 parts protein paste to 75 parts soil, three times daily. SCP-2622’s chamber is to remain in near-complete darkness unless research access to its cell is desired, in which case the lights may be raised to allow low visibility.

SCP-2622 is generally cooperative with Foundation personnel, and is not considered a major containment breach risk. Any personnel with Level 2 or higher security clearance are permitted to enter SCP-2622’s containment chamber, with no special clearance required.

The personal effects in SCP-2622’s possession upon initial containment are to be contained in a locker in Non-Anomalous Item Storage. Requests by SCP-2622 for these items to be returned are to be summarily denied.

Description: SCP-2622 is a roughly humanoid creature approximately 1.8 meters tall and weighing approximately 85 kilograms. Subject is male and of unknown age, but is believed to be in the middle adulthood range due to several physiological indicators, such as greying hair and early-onset rheumatoid arthritis in the hands.

SCP-2622 is a member of an unknown sapient species seemingly adapted for subterranean living. Subject’s eyes are approximately fifteen centimeters in diameter and are protected by transparent nictitating membranes, lacking more traditional eyelids. Subject is extremely sensitive to light, experiencing extreme ocular pain in brighter than dim lighting conditions. In addition, SCP-2622’s nose occupies the entire front of the skull and is ringed with twenty-two fleshy appendages. Said appendages are partially prehensile and highly sensitive to touch, as well as audio frequencies, electrical currents, and vibrations within solid substances. SCP-2622’s hands are covered in light grey scales, limiting their touch sensitivity, and its fingers are limited in motion and tipped with 5-centimeter-long claws; as a result, SCP-2622 examines objects primarily via smell and nasal touch. The rest of the subject’s body is covered in fur, primarily dark grey-black in color with aging-induced pigmentation loss on the head, upper back, and shoulders. Subject is typically dressed in Foundation-provided human clothing, with a professed fondness for khaki, aloha shirts, and men’s sun hats.

SCP-2622 speaks fluent English with an affected English accent, but denies that its way of speaking is an affectation. Subject claims to be an ambassador-at-large to humankind from a civilization that it calls “the Terra Interia Empire”. According to SCP-2622, the Terra Interia Empire encompasses over 500 million kilometers of tunnels and caverns within the Earth’s crust, inhabited by animals, plants, and sapient species completely unknown to humankind. Notable inhabitants and landmarks of the Terra Interia Empire, as relayed to Foundation researchers by SCP-2622, include:

  • “Interians”. The species to which SCP-2622 belongs. According to SCP-2622, they are a peaceful race with a highly advanced culture and technological standard.
  • “Anapsidons”. A race of sapient reptilian creatures, described by SCP-2622 as violent, aggressive, and warlike. SCP-2622 has given conflicting accounts to interviewers of the Anapsidon’s diplomatic status with the Interians. See Interview Log for further details.
  • “Krystopolis”. The capital city of the Terra Interia Empire, located directly beneath the Earth’s magnetic North Pole. Buildings in Krystopolis are supposedly constructed from a green organic crystal that grows into directed shapes.
  • “The Fire Plain”. A cavern located beneath the south-central Pacific Ocean, with nearly constant volcanic activity that prevents plant life growth. The Fire Plain is supposedly inhabited by silicon-based crystalline animals, as well as a sapient species of hunter-gatherers called “the Rock Men”.
  • “The Great Underland Sea”. A body of water located underneath the approximate center of the continent of Africa, populated by prehistoric sea life ranging from the Devonian to the Cretaceous periods (419 – 65 million years ago) in temporal period of origin, as well as a mysterious sapient species of fishlike humanoids.
  • “The Savage Country”. A cavern of immense size (given by SCP-2622 as “a hundred thousand square miles” [approximately 2.6 million square kilometers] in area) located underneath the island of Greenland in the Arctic Ocean, tropical in climate and supposedly inhabited by dinosaurs.

SCP-2622 claims that humankind engaged in frequent diplomatic relations with the Terra Interia Empire hundreds of thousands of years in the past, and that a cataclysmic event – the nature of which SCP-2622 refuses or is unable to specify – permanently divided the two cultures. Foundation investigations have so far failed to substantiate any of SCP-2622’s claims.

SCP-2622 was discovered wandering the maintenance areas of the London Underground, suffering from mild to moderate malnutrition and dehydration. After recovering while in Foundation custody, SCP-2622 excitedly commented on “how bloody much (humankind had) improved”, and repeatedly related its personal history to all present Foundation medical and research personnel. SCP-2622 claims to have been cut off from the Terra Interia Empire since the aforementioned cataclysmic event, and has repeatedly requested that the Foundation reestablish contact with the Terra Interia Empire and allow it to return home. A complete search of the London Underground by Foundation field agents uncovered nothing of interest save for SCP-2622’s personal effects, detailed in Addendum 2622-1.

The following interview was taken on █/██/2013, ten days after SCP-2622’s initial containment.

Interviewer: Researcher Quinan
Interviewee: SCP-2622

<Begin Log>

Researcher Quinan: Good morning, SCP-2622.

SCP-2622: Ah, finally! Room service! I ordered my pâté two hours ago! And I don’t know what you just called me, dear boy, but I suggest you address me by my full and proper title!

Researcher Quinan: There’s no room service here, 2622. I’m here to-

SCP-2622: No room service? What kind of hotel is this? The service is bloody abominable! See if I ever stay here again!

Researcher Quinan: This isn’t- I’m here to interview you. I’m here to ask you some questions.

SCP-2622: Oh, well… I suppose the lack of service can be overlooked. This once!

Researcher Quinan: Mm-hm.

SCP-2622: So what would you like to hear, my dear boy?

Researcher Quinan: This “Terra Interia Empire” you come from-

SCP-2622: Oh, great Interia! How I long to return to the motherland!

Researcher Quinan: We’ve been unable to determine any evidence of its existence.

SCP-2622: Well, of course you wouldn’t be! Not since the great disaster! I suppose I was the first you’d heard of it.

Researcher Quinan: That’s correct.

SCP-2622: Just as I suspected. Wiped from the cultural memory.

Researcher Quinan: Can you explain how this “great disaster” came to pass?

SCP-2622: Oh, I wasn’t present at the time, unfortunately. I was in Terra Exteria on a diplomatic excursion, trying to negotiate the first inter-layer trade routes. Oh, if we had only known the terrible fate that would befall our world!

Researcher Quinan: Do you have any idea as to what might have happened?

SCP-2622: I’d bet you a thousand crystal coins it was those dastardly Anapsidons.

Researcher Quinan: Why do you think that?

SCP-2622: Always jealous of my people, they were, squatting in their muddy hovels and gazing up at our glorious crystal spires. I suspect they meant to knock us down a peg.

Researcher Quinan: Yesterday you told Dr. ██████ that the Anapsidons were, quote, “the most valiant and gentlemanly brothers-in-arms an Interian could ask for”.

SCP-2622: You can’t predict those Anapsidons, my dear boy, they’re always up to something.

Researcher Quinan: I see.

SCP-2622: Ever since the Eighth Battle of the Ice Forest, after we turned the tide against them in the Great Interior War, they’ve been out for revenge. It looks to me as though they’ve gotten it.

Researcher Quinan: Were you present at this “Battle of the Ice Forest”?

SCP-2622: Indeed I was, my dear boy. Slew a dozen Anapsidons myself.

Researcher Quinan: When did this battle take place?


Researcher Quinan: That’s quite impressive.

SCP-2622: Thank you. Ah, if only I still had my medals.

Researcher Quinan: Can you tell me a little more about this “Ice Forest”?

SCP-2622: It’s beautiful there, when not wracked by war. A frozen cavern, a thousand miles wide, deep beneath the land you surface dwellers call “Korea”. Ice crystals the size of cities!

Researcher Quinan: I thought that was where the Thorn Wastes were located. That’s what you told Security Officer ███ two days ago.

SCP-2622: Well, tectonic shifts, you know.

Researcher Quinan: Oh, of course. I think that about wraps it up for now, 2622. Thank you for your time.

SCP-2622: Oh, one thing before you go, dear boy.

Researcher Quinan: Yes?

SCP-2622: I’d like some materials on which to write my memoirs. It might be a long time before I can return to my homeland. I’d like to tell my story.

Researcher Quinan: I’m sure that can be arranged.

SCP-2622: Thank you, my good man. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

<End Log>

Note: Chapters 1 through 17 of SCP-2622’s in-progress memoirs, Concerning the Adventures of the Eminent and Honorable Gentleman-Ambassador to Terra Exteria in the Worlds Below, Above, and Beyond, are currently available for research access by any personnel with Level 2 security clearance or above.

Addendum 2622-1: Personal Effects of SCP-2622

  • One backpack.
  • One sleeping bag.
  • One pillow.
  • Two sets of clothes.
  • Three packages of snack food, one opened.
  • A cardboard cigar box containing eleven facsimiles of military medals constructed from assorted detritus, including bottle caps, tinfoil, and twist ties.
  • Copies of the following books;
    • A Princess of Mars, Edgar Rice Burroughs.
    • Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men, Volume 1, Stan Lee.
    • Hyperborea, Clark Ashton Smith.
    • Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne.
    • The Island of Doctor Moreau, H.G. Wells.
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