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KeterSCP-2631 Standard Containment PlanetRate: 56

Item #: SCP-2631

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The four SCP-2631-A instances are monitored by the Foundation CRUCIFORM SNARE satellites preceding them in orbit by 500 m. Additionally the JPL Sentry Program has been co-opted to report any relativistic objects in the solar system to the Foundation. In the event that any of:

  • CRUCIFORM SNARE observes any change in activity by SCP-2631-A.
  • A signal matching within 70% of the presumed "planet cracker" signal is detected.
  • A relativistic object is detected by Sentry.

O5 command is to be notified immediately, CRUCIFORM SNARE will arm automatically, and Mobile Task Force Sigma-31 ("Damocles Shield") is to be placed on alert. At the discretion of O5 command a 99-Tripurantaka order may be initiated at any time thereafter until O5 command issues an all clear order.

Upon receipt of an authenticated 99-Tripurantaka order the following must be carried out:

  1. CRUCIFORM SNARE control will transmit the "Kill" order to each of the satellites.
  2. CRUCIFORM SNARE 1 through 4 will collide with their respective SCP-2631-A instances and detonate the on-board nuclear warheads.
  3. MTF σ-31 air assets will be scrambled to intercept any objects deployed into the atmosphere and destroy them prior to landing with their AIM-26C tactical nuclear missiles.
  4. MTF σ-31 ground teams are to deploy to any suspected landing sites and employ their Mk54 SADM man-portable tactical nuclear warheads if deemed necessary by team commanders.
  5. A Foundation wide alert is to be issued warning of an immediate probable XK and/or NK-end-of-the-world scenario. This alert is to be passed to all partner organizations and to the Global Occult Coalition through normal emergency channels as well as to the Chaos Insurgency through backdoor emergency channels.
  6. All site directors and containment teams for the Keter class anomalies included in 99-Tripurantaka are to unseal and carry out their orders.

Cover identities for the four CRUCIFORM SNARE satellites have been established and are maintained by Mobile Task Force Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings"). The Supernova Early Warning System (SNEWS) has been co-opted to report any neutrino activity resembling Incident 2631-1987A. After an alert of this system, sociological observers with Mobile Task Force Psi-10 ("Maslow's Motivators") are to be on watch for any subsequent increase in unexplained cognitive phenomena.

Description: SCP-2631 is the collective designation for phenomena related to the four bodies (SCP-2631-A-1 through -A-4) surrounding the Earth at 90˚ points in geostationary orbit.

SCP-2631-A are artificial satellites of extraterrestrial origin. They are each featureless black spheres four meters in diameter. Each is surrounded by a field of unknown origin that bends light around the sphere and renders them invisible to electromagnetic sensors beyond 2 km. Following incident 2631-2008A, it is known that the satellites are able to open and deploy payloads from the interior into the Earth's atmosphere. They are capable of sending and receiving tight-beam microwave communications1 to and from unknown entities in the Kuiper Belt. During incident 2631-1987A, the array acted as a neutrino source for unknown reasons, and simultaneously apparently induced medium-term human neurocognitive anomalies worldwide. It is also surmised that they possess extensive sensors monitoring the Earth and possibly throughout the solar system.

SCP-2631 was first detected when a signal was intercepted by chance by the Big Ear Radio Telescope in 1977. Subsequent covert investigation by the Foundation eventually located the array in 1986 and it was physically inspected by Foundation astronauts in 1993. It is unknown how long the array had been in place prior to discovery.


On February 23rd, 1987, the Kamiokande II and Baksan neutrino detectors registered the neutrino flux associated with Supernova 1987A. Three hours prior, the Mont Blanc liquid scintillator as well as the Foundation's neutrino detector at Area-179 detected a flux that was not related to SN1987A. It was determined that the flux originated with SCP-2631-A and was presumably timed to use the cover of the supernova. Immediately following this spike, incidents of SCP-2001 were elevated 164% over normal, and didn't return to mean for over a year.

On October 25th, 2008, SCP-███ partially breached containment (see the SCP-███ casefile). Within one minute, each SCP-2631-A was observed to open and deployed 116 objects into the Earth's atmosphere. These objects were radar-reflective and approximately 10 cm across when deployed but expanded to 5m "parachutes" in the atmosphere. Each instance made a soft landing on the Earth's surface and then apparently self-destructed after SCP-███ was successfully recontained. The remains of these objects consisted of ash composed of 90% carbon, 6% silicon, 2% gallium, 2% nitrogen as well as trace amounts of lithium, gold, iodine, iridium and tellurium. Assuming constant density these ash fields (average mass 2 kg) contain twice as much material as the initial landers. Under electron microscopic analysis, the ash contains complex fragments of nano- and pico-meter scale structures as well as large amounts of nanoparticulate graphene dust.

A computer modeled reconstruction of this material has determined that it is very likely (p>0.26)2 to be the remains of partially self-destructed Drexler universal assemblers3. All collected material is currently stored in the level-V self-replicator containment at Area-105, where it remains completely inert.

Also within a minute of the containment breach, a tight beam signal directed from SCP-2631-A-1 towards the outer solar system was detected. Nine hours, 12 minutes later an object was observed in the direction of the signal at approximately 35 AU from the Sun with a strong blue-shift and an estimated peak velocity of 0.2c. After SCP-███ was successfully recontained, SCP-2631-A-1 sent a second signal. Five hours 16 minutes later the relativistic object changed course at approximately 18 AU from the Sun. 14 hours later the object disappeared after crossing Earth's orbit. This object's presumed vector would have resulted in a collision with the Earth4 approximately 12.5 hours after the second signal if it had continued to accelerate.

13 minutes after the second signal was detected, a third, more complex signal, significantly broader band than the previous signals (139.6-170.8 Ghz), was intercepted. This signal lasted for 540 seconds. A portion of it has successfully been decrypted with 16-Qbit quantum decryption and translated via information gained from study of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Fortunate report
Perceived conditions for comprehensive immediate correction action
Subject designation 6,376 condition type [untranslatable] resulting from type [untranslatable] designation 6376-4315
Restructure action active.
Destruct fail-safe active.
Perceived corrective action by music-makers ongoing.
Music-maker action successful. Subject 6,376 neutral.
Corrective actions deactivated.
This one indicates fortunate feeling. Destruction of Subject 6,376 regrettable. Transformation/destruction of music-makers regrettable. Experiment results promising.

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