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SafeSCP-2672 SCP-2672Rate: -2

Item #: SCP-2672

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2672 is to be contained in a standard storage locker at Sector-8 located at Site-19. Testing is only prohibited if overlooked by Level-3 personnel or higher. When testing is taking place, the environment the test is taking place at should be free of personell, and should be spacious allowing multiple places for subjects to hide in. Testing is limited only to D-Class personnel.

Description: SCP-2672 is an old keyboard manufactured around the 1990s. SCP-2672 has a space bar missing, and with most of the keys jammed. On the front of SCP-2672, the word "Hide?" is written in permanent marker with an arrow leading to the enter sign on the keyboard. If a subject presses the enter key, SCP-2672 will activate its main property.

After a subject presses the enter key on SCP-2672, SCP-2672-1 will manifest within 2 meters of the subject. The creature will then turn to a wall and count down from twenty. After this countdown, SCP-2672-1 will turn back around and will begin to search for the subject. This period will range from 20 minutes to four hours, and the subject cannot see any living entity during this time. Attempts to confront the subject while SCP-2672 is in activation will be met in failure, and has been hypothesized to alert SCP-2672-1 of the subjects location. Subjects that go over a kilometer away from SCP-2672 will result in being immediately confronted by SCP-2672-1 aswell. Subjects attempting to run from SCP-2672-1 are caught easily due to the speed of SCP-2672-1. If caught by SCP-2672-1, SCP-2672-1 will drag the subject to a secluded and unmonitored area, where both will disappear.

SCP-2672-1 is not visible when seen directly, and can only by the subject who activated SCP-2672. SCP-2672 can also be identified through video feed, but appears extremely distorted and will corrupt data if viewing SCP-2672-1 for a prolonged period of time. Through video feed, it has shown that SCP-2672 is roughly humanoid in shape, but has a longer neck, arms, and legs. It has been estimated that SCP-2672-1 is approximately 2 meters tall. Subjects that have viewed SCP-2672-1 exhibit signs of PTSD, and refuse to describe the entity at all.

Addendum: If a subject stays unconfronted by SCP-2672-1 for the prolonged amount of time, SCP-2672-1 will demanifest, and a ding can be heard to come from SCP-2672. Following this noise, SCP-2672 will eject a paper card that reads "Congrats! Try Again?" on the front and depicts a crude image of an eye on the back. Users that reactivate SCP-2672 upon first completion show that SCP-2672-1 will be considerably harder to hide from, and no subjects that have reactivated SCP-2672 have been able to elude SCP-2672-1 for the amount of time given.

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