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nn5n: scp-2679 The Burnt Mutation
EuclidSCP-2679 The Burnt MutationRate: -19

SCP-2679s current containment box.

Item #:SCP-2679

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2679 is to be locked in a metal box with a constant 3.5 voltage attached to it at all times.

Description: SCP-2679 is human shaped creature that seemingly disappears in any type of light above ██ lux. "It" looks like a human, that has no left eye. SCP-2679's skin seems to have rotten and/or mutated. The area around his left eye-socket seems to have been burnt away. The rest of it's skin is green-gray-ish.

If SCP-2679 is touched, the subject that touches it starts to decay over a fixed period of time (exactly 3 minutes). Upon full decay off the body, other subjects/people who look at the decay, start seeing hallucinations off decayed people, and after another fixed period of time, faint. Some die, others wake up with severe head traumas.

Upon shocking SCP-2679 with more then 3.5 volt it becomes fully visible for █ amount of seconds and paralyses for the same amount off time.

Addendum: Notable shifting's: Subject [REDACTED] and subject-[REDACTED] are 2 cases that didn't give normal results. They have nothing in common and have a big age gap. Conversation log with first subject:

Interviewed: Subject-[REDACTED]

Interviewer: Doctor.R███

Foreword: Interview between Doctor.R███ and subject-[REDACTED]

<Begin Log>

Doctor.R███: Hello

Subject: Hi?

Doctor.R███: Remember the test you did yesterday?

Subject: Uhh, yeah, I guess…

Doctor.R███: Good, what did you feel yesterday, when you touched "It"?

Subject: Dizzy, tired. Why?
Doctor.R███: Testing purposes.

Subject: Right, is it me or is it cold in here? Like, freezing cold?

Doctor.R███: That's just you.

Subject: I don't feel well. My left eye hurts.

Doctor.R███: Does it feel like burning?

Subject: Yeah! Exactly!

Doctor.R███: I can see, your left eye is bleeding.

Subject: Wait, what?

Doctor.R███: I'll get a person to escort you to the nearest medbay.

Subject: Alright, thanks.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Same thing Happened to both. Both died at the medbay.

In both incidents traces of SCP-2679-1 where found. This is some sort of goo that starts to replace all vital organs. If any human matter touches the goo, the area that touched it will burn off.

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