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KeterSCP-2690 Angel's TongueRate: 40

Item #: SCP-2690

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2690 is to be only studied by SCP-2690-A instances. Once every 10 5 2 years, a Foundation researcher is to be sent to Containment Site-2690. Containment Site-2690 is not to have contact with other Foundation sites and is to be monitored by Containment Task Force Epsilon-13 (“De-Wingers”). Any signs of a SERAPHIM-1390 Event are to be met with Procedure ICARUS-2690.

Description: SCP-2690 is an unidentified object that initiates an LK-Class species transmutation event, classified SERAPHIM-1390, if not kept under constant study. All individuals studying SCP-2690 become instances of SCP-2690-A.

Instances of SCP-2690-A are [DATA EXPUNGED].


Fly again for us.

Item #: SCP-2690

Object Class: Beautiful

Special Containment Procedures: Touch It. Read It. Please, adore It. We need so many more. We stay here, where It was interred, until It takes flight.

Description: It could speak once. It needs us, or sorrow consumes It, but O! how bright! O! wings unfurl over your face and your feet and your chest in light of It. O! Such glorious luster! It illuminates flesh until It has enough. But, worry not! Love is inside of you. This is how we were meant to be. To learn that It was always in us is our greatest gift. To keep It to ourselves is sin. We all can fly, if we try hard enough.

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