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Item #: SCP-2744

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specialized operatives are to be stationed at the physical headquarters of known 'targets' of SCP-2744, for expedient detection of SCP-2744 accounts and deletion of SCP-2744-A instances. Except in the case of an imminent 2744-A-Crypsis Event, all instances of SCP-2744-A are to be recorded for research purposes.

Upon the occurrence of a 2744-A-Crypsis Event, Researchers are to collaborate with available SCP-2744-B instances, cross-referencing their memories and SCP-2744-A recordings with potentially altered records. Any new instances of SCP-2744-B exposed by the event are to be located, debriefed, and contained, and Class B Amnestics administered to witnesses.

Through strategic use of administrative systems, any accounts created by SCP-2744 are to be identified and, if the site is not deemed a 'low-risk' target, banned. Bans do not prevent SCP-2744 from creating a new account on the target site, but increase the likelihood of its effect propagating to other sites, especially in the case of repeated bans.

SCP-2744-B instances are to be housed in standard 5x5x5m containment cells, and are to be allowed requested items, supervised interaction with other SCP-2744-B instances, and counseling. Violent or subversive behavior taken by these entities will be met by full use of onsite Security Forces, up to and including lethal force. Anomalous behavior is to be monitored, but not immediately considered 'hostile'.

Description: SCP-2744 is an anomalous entity that creates and maintains accounts on a variety of video-sharing websites. Invariably, accounts created by SCP-2744 lack any sort of common identifying features. Usernames consist of apparently meaningless characters, ex. 'b8AZn2og[0w', '*271nZΩe0', and '████████████'. Attempts to trace the IP Address of SCP-2744 have failed, returning inconsistent results, and its videos lack geographical landmarks that would reveal its location. To date, it remains physically uncontained.

The videos it uploads (SCP-2744-A) usually consist of a recording of mundane objects or phenomena presented as unusual or anomalous, henceforth designated as the 'focus'. The entity itself remains out of view in each instance, but a human-like voice can be heard behind the camera, reacting to the focus of SCP-2744-A with confusion, awe, or frustration. There is no pattern or apparent limit to the focuses of SCP-2744-A instances, and multiple instances can be generated concerning the same focus. A list of archived instances can be found in Addendum 2744-A.

People who observe an instance of SCP-2744-A will be convinced of SCP-2744's perspective on the focus (that its depicted behavior is strange), but will otherwise not remember viewing the video. Recordings do not exhibit this effect.

This effect can be counteracted by demonstrating the proper behavior of the focus, repeatedly if necessary. Lingering effects include confusion and a heightened sense of skepticism.
(See Addendum 2744-B)

Upon being viewed a certain amount of times (between roughly ███ and █████, presumably based on [DATA REDACTED]), an instance of SCP-2744-A will undergo a 2744-A-Crypsis Event.

Following a Crypsis Event, the focus of the video will be unpredictably altered from its ordinary behavior, such that the mundane depiction in its respective SCP-2744-A instance would be inconsistent with reality. All memories, history, and records concerning the altered focus (save for recordings of the SCP-2744-A instance itself) will be retroactively altered to reflect this new definition, and may result in [DATA EXPUNGED].

When SCP-2744-A undergoes a Crypsis Event, it ceases to exist, leaving no trace that it was uploaded, but recordings remain unaffected, remaining the only direct way to discern the previous definition of an altered SCP-2744-A focus.

SCP-2744-B designates members of the human population that are immune to the effects of SCP-2744, cognitohazardous and otherwise. Viewing an SCP-2744-A instance has no effect, and following a Crypsis Event, they continue to perceive the previous form and function of the altered focus.

Due to the nature of SCP-2744, instances of SCP-2744-B interacting with the world as they perceive it to be may appear anomalous to ordinary humans. Interviews with cooperative SCP-2744-B instances are ongoing in order to determine the extent of their capabilities.


Focus: Doors

Content: Video shows a wooden door in a dimly lit building. Door seems to open of its own accord, showing a darker hallway stretching on deeper into the building, which seems to be in a state of disrepair. SCP-2744 seems to express confusion and frustration each time the door opens, repeatedly asking why the hallway is empty.

Status: Contained

Target Site: YouTube

Title: 1.2.3 steps!! ThE RiSE of BOOKSHELF or How to make it stop

Focus: Bookshelves, reportedly.

Content: Exact contents unknown, as this instance occurred before the Foundation was aware of SCP-2744. This instance's former existence was made known to the Foundation when SCP-2744-B-649 was asked to elaborate when it told an interviewer 'you lucky people don't have to deal with ███████ anymore'.

Status: Uncontained, Crypsis Event Activated

Target Site: Facebook

Title: WHAT?!

Focus: Unclear.

Content: Video consist of 30 seconds of what seems to be an altercation between SCP-2744 and a young woman in the hallways of an unknown apartment complex. Holding the camera, SCP-2744 holds up a knife to the camera (like in all other instances, no hand or other extremity can be seen), and then approaches the woman from behind, and the camera view goes askew and oscillates rapidly as SCP-2744 presumably stabs the woman. The camera then focuses on her prone body. 3 knife wounds are visible in her side, and SCP-2744's voice can be heard repeatedly exclaiming 'What!?' with increasing volume. The view pans to the bloody knife, then to the wounds, then to a wider shot of the woman's body, showing that she is bleeding from the ears.

Due to a pixelated censor effect on the woman's face, she could not be identified.

Status: Contained

Target Site: LiveLeak

Title: A Real Life Cryptid! A-MUST-WATCH-NOW

Focus: SCP-2744-B

Content: Camera is focused on an apparent instance of SCP-2744-B. SCP-2744 can be heard asking the subject various questions, implying it to be an alien from another world, or a mythological figure named ██████. At this, the subject seems to become agitated, proclaiming that it's "just an ordinary guy". The camera view moves closer to the subject, at which point it extends one of its appendages and [DATA EXPUNGED].

Status: Uncontained, Crypsis Event Activated

Target Site: ████████████.co.uk

Title: CZECH it out !—-! 8 things about the government your[sic] won't believe!

Focus: SCP-███


Status: Contained

Target Site: [DATA EXPUNGED]

Note: Requesting increase of security detail around SCP-███. -Dr. Hope

Title: stargazing

Focus: The night sky

Content: Unusual for SCP-2744-A instances, video is completely silent. Consists of 2 hours and 18 minutes of the camera aimed at the sky, panning across starfields and remaining in motion for the entire duration.

Status: Contained

Target Site: ████████

Note: When this instance was discovered, it was the only video on SCP-2744's channel, and had accumulated 3███████ views in the span of one hour without undergoing a Crypsis Event. Instance was recorded, then removed from ████████, then the channel was banned.

For additional SCP-2744-A instances, please see Document SCP-2744-A-EX.

On October ██th, 20██, testing commenced of the cognitohazardous effects of SCP-2744-A on D-Class personnel. D-6894 was subject to multiple instances of SCP-2744-A, and subsquently 'cured' through demonstration each time. This process was repeated ██ times, until D-6894 experienced an episode of severe disorientation.

Following this episode, subsequent instances of SCP-2744-A and Crypsis Events had no effect on D-6894. D-6894 reclassified as SCP-2744-B and relocated to appropriate quarters.

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