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SCP-2756 - Surreal Landscaper
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Item #: SCP-2756

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2756 affected material and personnel are to be restricted solely to SCP-2756-A, SCP-2756-B and Site-██. Personnel found affected by SCP-2756 are to be reassigned to the Site-██ detail. Affected civilians are to be detained at Site-██ indefinitely.

SCP-2756-A, SCP-2756-B and Site-██ are to have a perimeter set up one (1) km away from the affected area surrounding each site. Any party attempting to break through the perimeter is to be detained immediately. If said party has made contact with affected material, they are to be detained in Site-██. Affected material found outside the perimeter is to be incinerated on location.

Communication with the Site-██ detail is to be maintained, and supplies are to be dropped in when necessary. Any physical contact with the residents of SCP-2756-A and exploration of SCP-2756-B is restricted to personnel belonging to the Site-██ detail. All files, logs and documents are to be electronically filed and transmitted to an active site.

Once every four (4) weeks, Procedure-Kappa-8 is to be carried out. Procedure-Kappa-8 entails no less than fifteen (15) members of the Site-██ detail equipped with flamethrowers enter SCP-2756-B and incinerate hostile SCP-2756 growths.

Description: SCP-2756 is an infection of unknown origin capable of spreading to both organic and inorganic material. Inorganic material affected by SCP-2756 will begin to deform and grow tendrils or various organs and appendages such as eyes or arms. Said organs and appendages appear to be organic and appear to resemble human organs. Living subjects that come in contact with SCP-2756 will undergo a mutative process. Over the course of at least three (3) weeks an infected subject will develop growths that will grow into additional limbs or organs. Plant matter appears to grow only sensory organs of various types. All growths originating from SCP-2756 affected material and living subjects appear to be functional. Other than said mutation the subject''s physical health is not affected. Research is still undergoing in order to determine the extent of SCP-2756''s invasiveness. Incineration has so far proved to be an effective method of destroying SCP-2756''s effect. The method in which SCP-2756 spreads is unknown.

SCP-2756-A is a town located in the [REDACTED] desert. SCP-2756 has spread throughout SCP-2756-A but has not spread beyond one hundred (100) m from the edge of the town. According to the residents, first sightings of SCP-2756-A began on 26/5/1992. SCP-2756 quickly spread to the rest of the town, and by 3/8/1992 the whole town been affected by SCP-2756 and the residents had started mutating. Despite their physical condition, the residents of SCP-2756-A have managed to re-establish a normal lifestyle (see Interview-2756-G5 for details). SCP-2756-A was allowed to recover before it was approached in █/█/20██.

SCP-2756-B is a city located approximately ██ km away from SCP-2756-A. SCP-2756-B appears to have been affected by SCP-2756 as well; however, contact with its residents has not been established. It has been assumed, from the remains of what appear to be human bodies, that the residents have murdered each other in the process of mutation; however, it is difficult to prove this theory due to the fact that SCP-2756''s effect may have created what appear to be human remains. Occasionally growths in SCP-2756-B will become hostile, attempting to assault people who approach the growths.

SCP-2756-A was discovered on 28/6/1992, by a recovery team sent from Site-██ after Foundation agents within the World Health Organization intercepted a call from SCP-2756-A regarding a strange disease. Any individuals with knowledge regarding SCP-2756 and SCP-2756-A were administered class-C amnestics. The team arrived under the guise of members of the World Health Organization and equipped with standard hazmat suits, but due to SCP-2756''s nature, SCP-2756 spread throughout Site-██ and by 7/9/1992 the whole of Site-██ had been affected. The demolishing of Site-██ was considered, but due to the need of further research regarding SCP-2756 and due to all on site functions still being operational, Site-██ was placed under quarantine. Site-██ now serves as the main research center regarding SCP-2756. SCP-2756-B was discovered in 22/10/1992 after a Foundation helicopter dropped in supplies for Site-██. The pilot noticed a small city that appears to have been affected by SCP-2756 approximately ██ km away from SCP-2756-A. Upon informing Site-██ of the existence of SCP-2756-B, a team of ten Site-██ detail members was sent to SCP-2756-B. Upon arrival, the team found SCP-2756-B to be empty aside from hostile SCP-2756 growths. SCP-2756-B was quarantined without incident, and a cover story involving an epidemic was formulated.

A██████ S██████, a resident of SCP-2756-A, was asked to give his account of the spread of SCP-2756 from its initial sightings up to the re-establishment of normality among the residents of SCP-2756-A. A██████ S██████''s mutations are noted as six eyes grown on abdomen, three eyes grown on different locations on right forearm, a mass of flesh grown over original eyes, two six (6) cm tentacle-like growths growing on each cheek, an additional leg grown out of left knee and the outline of an arm has grown along the spine, ending in a one-hundred twenty (120) cm tentacle-like appendage that the subject uses as an arm. About 60% of skin is covered in plumage.

Interviewed: A██████ S██████ a resident of SCP-2756-A.

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Dr. █████ is a new addition to the Site-██ detail and therefore is not yet mutated. Dr. █████ was chosen to conduct the interview in order to see how the townsfolk would react to an unmutated individual.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Do you remember when this may have started?

A.S.: The first time anything odd happened would probably be mid spring about… fifteen years ago i guess. M████, the old tailor, showed up to work with this big bump on his right elbow.

Dr. █████: M████ was the first one to mutate?

A.S.: First of many. When the bump became an arm, we locked him in. Hoped whatever it was wouldn''t spread. But in less than a month it was on his house and others were getting the bumps. At this point people were panicking. We sent for help, but that helped no one as it seems. Some went as far as trying to burn those that had changed, I was among them. Others tried to cut the new limbs off. I heard that some people tried to run away while they were still normal.

A.S. leans back in his chair

Within three months it got to the streets, the houses, everything. Nothing and no-one was normal. It was at this point people had felt that they lost their humanity. Hard not to feel that looking the way we did.

Dr. █████: But you moved on.

A.S.: Not really. Even today some of us find it hard to live day to day.

Dr. █████: The growths also developed in the streets and houses. What did you do about growths that got in the way?

A.S.: We cut them if they got in the way. After several years people didn''t have second thoughts about cutting and eating these growths. Sometimes they grow in interesting places though. The center of town has a torso grown in the middle of it, people just stare at it running nowhere, and the arms would sometimes hold things for you, or even play with the children. It took more than three years for people to start living again. And after four years people started having children again.

Dr. █████: When I arrived at your town how did the townsfolk react?

A.S.: The adults were shocked. It''s the first they''ve seen of normal people in years. As for the children, they asked questions. They didn''t know why you looked so different. This is how they live, how they grew up. This is normal to them.

Dr. █████: Normal?

A.S.: Well. To us it''s as normal as possible. But for the children, they live normal lives. They play, they learn, probably no different than anyone else. Interesting how they could live life so normally when they look so wrong.

<End Log>

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