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A photograph of SCP-2785 taken by the SSCP-Albatross

Item #: SCP-2785

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2785's size and location make physical containment near impossible. Ongoing disinformation campaigns are to suppress knowledge of SCP-2785. Foundation agents within space organizations are to remain on watch for any data compromising the Foundation's cover of SCP-2785.

At least one (1) Foundation satellite (currently the SSCP-Albatross) is to monitor SCP-2785 for activity. Said satellite is to maintain a minimum 75 kilometer safe distance from SCP-2785 or any instance of SCP-2785-1.

Description: SCP-2785 is a hexagonal area on the planet of Saturn, taking up approximately 494 million square kilometers on Saturn's surface and is approximately 14 kilometers deep. SCP-2785 is able to be distinguished from the surface of Saturn by a noticeably darker color than the outside area. The atmosphere that SCP-2785 encompasses is abnormally acidic and compressed in comparison to the rest of Saturn's atmosphere.

At each vertice of SCP-2785 is an instance of SCP-2785-1. SCP-2785-1 are obsidian pyramids approximately seven (7) kilometers tall and have a base width and height of three (3) kilometers. Sonar measurements have revealed a rougher portion of SCP-2785-1, similarly pyramid shaped, is embedded in the atmosphere of Saturn. SCP-2785-1 constantly gives off ionizing radiation at about 450 exahertz1. It is unknown who constructed SCP-2785-1.


A miniature version of an instance of SCP-2785-1, produced using Site-██ 3D printers.

SCP-2785-1 retaliates to any damage inflicted by giving off ███ exahertz of ionizing radiation in a cone in the direction of the offender. All six SCP-2785-1 instances will react in the same way if any object enters SCP-2785. After ninety (90) seconds, if the aforementioned radiation had little to no effect on the offending object, all six SCP-2785-1 instances will [DATA REDACTED]. How SCP-2785-1 is not damaged by this is unknown.

With present Foundation space-faring technology, it is impossible to breach SCP-2785. As well to the impracticality of lining system components with [DATA REDACTED] to counteract hostility from SCP-2785-1, SCP-2785 has proven difficult to breach, due to its anomalous properties. However, sonar has not been impeded by SCP-27852, and thus has allowed for more detailed imaging of its interior.

The following has been inferred from sonar observation from satellites: SCP-2785 covers a large, spherical hole in Saturn's atmosphere, designated SCP-2785-2. SCP-2785-2 has a diameter of approximately 20 meters. SCP-2785-2 is reinforced with a wall made of a metal of as-of-yet unknown composition. SCP-2785-2 is bored all the way down into the core of Saturn, in the center of which is a spherical chamber lined with the same metal as SCP-2785-2.

There appears to be a civilization, designated SCP-2785-A, contained within this chamber. However, due to the limits of sonar technology, as well as interference from SCP-2785 and SCP-2785-1, an exact description is unknown. However, several speculations, as well as observation during Incident 2785-Gamma, have led to the following:

SCP-2785-A appears to be in a phase similar to the Renaissance period of Earth. Denizens of SCP-2785-A are humanoid, though significantly shorter than humans3, standing at around one quarter of a meter. As of 11/04/2016, SCP-2785-A has technology roughly on par for technology on Earth in the 11th Century, though it has been rapidly advancing. It is expected that by 2049, with current rate of advancement, SCP-2785 will have technology greater than or equal to Earth's at that time. Water is filtered from the atmosphere of Saturn through unknown means into a river that goes through the center of SCP-2785-A, and an artificial sun is used to grow plants.

Due to SCP-2785-A's inability to freely leave its chamber (see Incident 2785-Gamma for more details), it is assumed that SCP-2785-A is imprisoned against its will. The exact nature of this imprisonment nor the entity (or entities) responible for imprisoning SCP-2785-A are unknown at this time.

Addendum 2785.1: Recovery Logs

SCP-2785 was discovered by the initial flight of the SSCP-Darkstar in 1972. Since an earlier flyover of Saturn by the SSCP-Junios in 1965 revealed no trace of SCP-2785, it is assumed that SCP-2785-1 was constructed sometime from 1965 to 1972.

In 1981, NASA discovered SCP-2785 in the course of the Voyager program. Previous containment procedures were overridden by O5-█ and NASA was allowed to know about SCP-2785 under the cover of SCP-2785 being a cloud pattern near the North pole of Saturn. Due to the current technological progress of NASA and other space programs, it is unlikely that further investigation of SCP-2785 will take place until 20██.

Addendum 2785.2: Incident 2785-Gamma


Last image transmitted by SSCP-Levian before ceasure of transmission

On 04/██/2000, the SSCP-Levian (which, at the time, was currently stationed at SCP-2785) detected SCP-2785-1 instances changing from emitting ionizing radiation at 450 exahertz to emitting nonionizing radiation at 97 megahertz. Furthermore, the composition of SCP-2785 itself became much thinner and less acidic. At the request of O5-11, the SSCP-Levian was instructed to enter SCP-2785.

SSCP-Levian descended approximately 14 kilometers into SCP-2785, taking several photos and making several uninterrupted sonar measurements. However, at 14 kilometers, approximately 58 meters above the entrance to SCP-2785-2, all six SCP-2785-1 instances suddenly discharged ████ kilojoules worth of [DATA EXPUNGED] directed at the SSCP-Levian, overloading the communication and thruster systems of the craft and causing HQ to lose contact with it. Contact with the SSCP-Levian has yet to be recovered.

For three (3) weeks following this incident, SCP-2785-1 emitted radiation at 780 exahertz, greater than the expected 450 exahertz, and immediately ensued hostile reaction with any object within fifty (50) kilometers of SCP-2785 or SCP-2785-1. Afterwards, SCP-2785-1 resumed normal behavior. The SSCP-Albatross was stationed at SCP-2785, where it remains to this day.

One image from the SSCP-Levian is attached above, and others can be found in Photo Repository 2785-7. Results from the sonar measurements of the SSCP-Levian can be found in Document 2785-48R and are classified Level 3.

Addendum 2785.3: Document 2785-48R

Foreword: The following is a transcription of the information revealed during SSCP-Levian's excursion into SCP-2785 during Incident 2785-Gamma.

[00:00] SSCP-Levian enters the normal "hostility zone" for SCP-2785. SCP-2785-1 does not react.

[00:21] Dr. ██████-████, the Project Head, orders that the sonar system for SSCP-Levian be boosted beyond normal capacity.

[00:27] Sonar systems are boosted. SSCP-Levian is unable to clearly view the center chamber of SCP-2785-2, though within SCP-2785-2, several more rings of SCP-2785-1 are seen. Three (3) rings total are perceived by SSCP-Levian.

[02:09] SSCP-Levian is about one (1) kilometer past the top of the "hostility zone" for SCP-2785.

[03:44] Another ring of SCP-2785-1 is seen, putting the count at four (4).

[04:18] SSCP-Levian is about two (2) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[04:32] Three (3) humanoid figures (presumably denizens of SCP-2785-A, based on size) are seen scaling the wall of SCP-2785-2 using medieval winches consisting of springs, ropes, and a steel anchor.

[06:27] SSCP-Levian is about three (3) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[07:59] The entrance to SCP-2785-A is in view, due to sonar. A fifth ring of SCP-2785-1 is present around the circular entrance.

[08:36] SSCP-Levian is about four (4) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[10:11] Aforementioned humanoid figures have scaled one (1) kilometer up from the entrance of SCP-2785-A.

[10:45] SSCP-Levian is about five (5) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[11:20] SCP-2785-A is now in clear view of SSCP-Levian. Dr. ██████-████ orders that power is to be diverted from the main thrusters to the sonar system in order to better image SCP-2785-A. Order is followed, SSCP-Levian is now at half-speed. A more accurate picture of SCP-2785-A is developed, and is now included in the main file.

[13:51] Dr. ██████-████ orders that the sonar system's is to be reverted to boosted power, in order to give power back to the main thrusters. Order is followed, SSCP-Levian is back at full speed.


[22:06] SSCP-Levian is about ten (10) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[22:54] One of the humanoid figures' winches apparently breaks, causing it to fall over two (2) kilometers back into SCP-2785-A. Figures apparently pause for approximately seven (7) seconds before continuing.


[28:35] SSCP-Levian is about thirteen (13) kilometers into SCP-2785.

[29:02] Aforementioned humanoid figures have scaled three (3) kilometers up from the entrance of SCP-2785-A.

[29:20] Sonar disturbance begins to manifest around the first ring of SCP-2785-1, near the bottom of SCP-2785-2. Dr. ████ speculates that this is because they have "activated" and are giving off the ███ exahertz of radiation consistent with SCP-2785-1's "hostile" phase. The aforementioned humanoid figures stop for two (2) seconds, then continue climbing at an increased pace.

[29:32] Sound begins to emit from an unknown source. Sound consists of a voice with a [DATA REDACTED] accent speaking in an unknown langauge. Further analysis reveals language matches up with Unknown Language Alpha (as taught by SCP-030), though with some unknown words. Translation is attached to the bottom of this document.

[30:20] The fourth ring of SCP-2785-1, still above the humanoid figures, activates. Humanoid figures continue climbing.

[30:35] One of the humanoid figures' arm apparently withers off due to intense ionizing radiation. Its waist soon withers away, causing said figure to fall down.

[30:41] The other humanoid withers away in a similar fashion to the other.

[30:44] SSCP-Levian is about fourteen (14) kilometers into SCP-2785. It is at this point that SSCP-Levian makes visual contact with SCP-2785-2.

[31:12] One humanoid figure makes contact with the ring of SCP-2785-1 surrounding the entrance to SCP-2785-A. It immediately disintegrates, due to hitting an intense "radiation barrier". Five (5) seconds later, the other humanoid figure strikes the radiation barrier and disintegrates in a similar fashion

[31:20] The third ring of SCP-2785-1 activates.

[31:55] SSCP-Levian is about 800 meters from the entrance of SCP-2785-2.

[32:20] The second ring of SCP-2785-1 activates.

[32:30] SSCP-Levian is about 300 meters from the entrance of SCP-2785-2.

[32:40] The first ring of SCP-2785-1 activates. It is of note that this ring activated much faster than the others.

[32:49] SSCP-Levian is about 100 meters from the entrance of SCP-2785-2.

[33:00] The initial ring of SCP-2785-1 (the ring that forms SCP-2785) activates. This ring of SCP-2785-1 immediately fires a ████ kilojoule payload of highly compressed alpha particles that damage SSCP-Levian's internal systems, despite a layer of lead coating the components of SSCP-Levian.

[33:09] SSCP-Levian is approximately 58 meters from the entrance of SCP-2785-2 when contact is lost, presumably due to heavy damage to SSCP-Levian's communications systems. Dr. ██████-████ cuts communications for the SSCP-Levian.

Addendum: Attached is a translation of audio heard during Incident 2785-Gamma:

Children of [UNKNOWN: Feymar], you may not (escape/leave)! The [DATA EXPUNGED] is to keep you here for your father's crimes against [UNKNOWN: Haymian], and the (toll/price/cost) has not yet been paid! You underestimate the (strength/power) of the (Pyraminds/Pillars). Though you have (persuaded/spoke to) them to let you past, they are all realizing your [UNKNOWN: helfren] as I am speaking! For these are the (Pyramids/Pillars) your father himself [DATA EXPUNGED] and they do not take lightly to your (tricks/schemes)! [UNKNOWN: Nezelrak], children!

Note: Despite the claims made in this speech, we have yet to find evidence of sentience of SCP-2785-1 instances. How the entities made it past SCP-2785-1 is unknown. Research into this subject is ongoing, since if we can find how to get past SCP-2785 without provoking a violent reaction from SCP-2785-1, we could continue a further investigation of SCP-2785-A.

- Dr. ██████-████, Project Head, SCP-2785

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