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SafeSCP-4634 Kody the Shaggy DogRate: -14

Item #: SCP-4634

Object Class: Safe


Kody enjoying the sun

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4634 is to be called Kody rather than its designation. Kody is to be kept in a playpen with various chew toys and bones to entertain him and he is to be watched by at least one Class D Foundation personnel at all times. He is allowed walks outside twice a day provided he is kept on a leash and ordered not to run away previous to the start of the walk. He is also allowed visitors provided they go through a screening process first to ensure that they are in need of his services. Kody is to be fed a specially formulated dog food three times a day and may be given treats of similar composition in between meals by visitors. Kody will reject any food that is not specially made for him by haughtily flipping the bowl and staring at whoever fed him until they retrieve him his food. On rare occasions, it is permissible for Kody to leave the site to visit foundation personnel who are in need of his services but cannot come to him. On these occasions, he must be carefully watched to be sure he does not attempt to follow passerby and the number of those who pet him should be limited so as to avoid an unnecessarily long journey.

Description: Kody appears to be a dog with shaggy white fur. It is unknown where he came from or who he may have belonged to previously. Kody was discovered when he wandered into the foundation site and was discovered by Agent ███████. It will only respond to the name Kody and will obey any order that is within his nature when addressed by name. Kody’s capacity to obey orders seems to imply that he is capable of understanding human speech and extends to all languages including made-up languages so long as the commander’s intent is clear in their mind. The only goal Kody seems to have is spreading happiness and he will not obey any malicious orders. All people who observe Kody feel an uncontrollable joy rising within them which fades after losing sight of him. Those who come into direct contact with him will gain a lasting amount of joy from him the longest recorded period being one week. In some cases, this joy acts as a type of drug causing people to do whatever they can to stay in contact with Kody and extend the effect although they never resort to violence or malicious acts. Those most greatly affected by this are those who have some sort of mental disorder or instability. When questioned as to why they wish to stay with Kody they could not discern any clear reason other than “that’s what Kody wants”. Kody seems capable of sensing when a person is unhappy or sad and will seek those with poor mental health out. He seems to be quite happy whenever he is petted and will constantly attempt to lick and nuzzle those who are nearby unless ordered to calm down. Even those with a fear of dogs are unafraid of Kody without knowing why. All humans who come into Kody’s presence find themselves unable to harbor any malicious intent towards Kody or any other dogs. Kody also seems to exert an unusually high amount of influence over nearby humans causing them to go out of their way to please him however they can in most cases. This desire to please Cody will not fade away until they are both out of Kody’s presence and no longer thinking about Kody. Any attempts to think about Kody after a significant interaction with him results in the desire to please him again.

Addendum 1: Some of the higher level members of the foundation including Doctor North and ███████ have reported strange after effects from interacting with Kody. These effects include amnesia, foreign feeling thoughts, and odd dreams. While the majority of these dreams cannot be remembered all of them have included the distinct impression that they were talked to by Kody and upon waking up they will find themselves somewhere on-site with no recollection of how they got there or what they were doing. In addition, the episodes of amnesia occur exclusively when the personnel are alone and their memories resume with them walking out of areas of the site which contain sensitive information. Despite these odd occurrences, these personnel have insisted that they regularly visit Kody and deny that there is any need for stricter containment protocols. They also seem to have developed a strong protective instinct for Kody. Any personnel of rank 3 or above who visits or interacts with Kody shall be placed under supervision until further notice.

Addendum 2: I have examined Kody myself and find him to be quite delightful. I recommend that all foundation personnel see Kody on a semi-regular basis to keep morale high. In addition, it is my belief that Kody should be given free rein to wander our sites at his discretion as soon as possible.

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