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Aftermath of an SCP-2831 attack

Item #: SCP-2831

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The known population of SCP-2831 is to be kept in a one square kilometer area surrounded by barbed wire topped chain link fence. Civilians are to be told the area is a protected habitat of the European pine marten (Martes martes). Civilians attempting to enter are to be apprehended, expelled and threatened with legal action if they return.

In the event that one or more specimens of SCP-2831 breaches containment, personnel are to be deployed to the area immediately, and authorities in Cahir are to be notified. Personnel are not to make skin contact with any instances of SCP-2831 - all interaction with SCP-2831 specimens is to be carried out in full hazmat suits.

Description: SCP-2831 is the collective designation for a race of small humanoids. They are completely built out of common ivy leaves, aside from the tips of the fingers, which appear to be sharpened sticks. They are approximately 50 centimetres tall, and have no visible facial features aside from a pair of shallow holes on the front of the head, presumed to be the eyes. Colonies of SCP-2831 have, as of yet, only been found in Ireland, primarily in and around the small village of ███████, near the town of Cahir. The current known population is confined to an area █.█km outside ███████ (SEE CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES). Despite this, it is suspected that there may be unknown colonies of SCP-2831 in other locations.

When in a forested environment, specimens of SCP-2831 are usually peaceful, and generally avoid humans. However, approximately every 3 days, SCP-2831 groups will travel out of the forest to terraform new habitat. When in a non-forested environment, such as a town or city, specimens of SCP-2831 become highly dangerous. Colonies of displaced specimens of SCP-2831 will seek out groups of humans (other species have been proposed to SCP-2831 colonies, all have been roundly rejected) and seek to transform them into a new home for the group. When a specimen of SCP-2831 makes skin contact with a human, a transmutation process occurs. Bone grows out of the feet and roots the human to the floor. Next, the legs fuse together, and the arms fuse to the side of the body. The bone, muscle and blood of the subject begin to turn into the heartwood, sapwood, and other inner-tree bark. The skin then transmutes into cambium and outer-tree bark. This process is noted to work its way methodically up from the feet of the affected human. The hair on the scalp of the affected human then thickens and stretches out into branches, which then sprout leaves. The human stretches to around 4 metres in height during this process. When the procedure is over, the human is left looking indistinguishable from a normal tree. The species of tree which the affected subject becomes varies - at the current time, no patterns have been found. Analysis of the bark of the newly created trees have revealed that only trace amounts of human biological substances are present.

Another anomalous property noted by personnel is that animals seem to be attracted to the forests created by SCP-2831 colonies. Researchers observing newly created SCP-2831 homes have noted groups of beetles, bees, wasps, mice, deer, and squirrels heading towards the new trees. Personnel have also noted that plants often found in forests, such as ferns, moss and ivy, will seemingly grow out of hard ground or the trees themselves, with no seeds involved. As with the trees, analysis has revealed trace human biological substances in their genetic makeup.

Observations of SCP-2831 communities has revealed that there appears to be a hierarchy. The largest instance always seems to be the governor of each respective community, taking control of the smaller specimens. SCP-2831 specimens appear to communicate with each other through simplistic vocal clicking noises. As SCP-2831 specimens have no visible mouth or nose, it is unknown how these vocalisations are produced. Inscriptions, carved into the ground and trees, have also been found to be created by SCP-2831, which appear to be the medieval language alphabet of Ogham. Specimens of SCP-2831 have not displayed any need for sustenance, and appear to be able to live indefinitely. It is unknown exactly how intelligent SCP-2831 instances are, but as they are able to identify and seek out humans, it is suspected that they have near or equal intelligence to humans.

Addendum 01: Research by the Foundation has found that stories and legends of creatures highly resembling SCP-2831 are heavily ingrained in the folklore of ███████. It is unknown if there are people who are truly aware of the existence of SCP-2831 as more than a folk tale.

Personnel discovered a small mosaic on the side of a building, which appeared to display a creature very similar to an instance of SCP-2831. The mosaic displays a creature seemingly chasing a man through a simplistic forest.

Interviews with villagers have determined that they are unaware of where the stories originate from. Foundation research has uncovered that the first mention of a creature resembling SCP-2831 is from the 12th century. Research is continuing.

As the existence of SCP-2831 appears to be nothing more than a myth in ███████, the Foundation has decided to keep the stories, poems and artwork in circulation.

Addendum 02: Personnel have translated some of the inscriptions made in the SCP-2831 containment zone. They are all written in Ogham.

welcome, brethren. meet we will here

the rock ones, we welcome you

the sky ones, we welcome you

we have built this land for peace for us

there is no threat here

To find out if these inscriptions were in any way able to be prompted, personnel captured an SCP-2831 specimen and attempted to prompt them with questions written in Ogham. The results can be found below

Test A - ██/█/20██

Subject: SCP-2831 captured specimen
Procedure: SCP-2831 captured specimen was prompted with a question written in Ogham on a plank of wood, which read "Why are you changing people?"
Results: SCP-2831 captured specimen seemed to stare at the question for a long time, before scratching in a response underneath. This response read: we are building the world for the arrival of the fellow ones. we awoke first. they will come to find a world at peace.

Test B - ██/█/20██

Subject: SCP-2831 captured specimen.
Procedure: SCP-2831 captured specimen was prompted with a question which read "Who are the fellow ones?"
Results: SCP-2831 captured specimen only stared at the question for a few seconds, before scratching a response underneath. The response read: they are our brethren. the rock ones, the sky ones, and the mist ones. they will join us and bring peace.

Test C - ██/█/20██

Subject: SCP-2831 captured specimen
Procedure: SCP-2831 captured specimen prompted with question which read "When are the fellow ones coming?"
Results: SCP-2831 scratched the response almost immediately. The response read: when the world is ready, and trees are all. we have been building for hundreds of years. when all is trees, peace will be, and they will come.

After Test C, SCP-2831 refused to answer any more questions, and was released back into containment site.

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