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nn5n: scp-2836 The Sleeping Stone
SafeSCP-2836 The Sleeping StoneRate: -19

Item #: SCP-2836

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2836 must be contained in a 1-1/2ft by 1-1/2ft glass container at all times.

SCP-2836 case must never come in contact with human skin, due to the risk of the stone "waking up". All personnel that enter SCP-2836's chamber must stay 1-3ft away from SCP-2836. The tests done on SCP-2836 include: Staring at the container for 5-10 minutes, Every 1-2 minutes taking 1 step closer to the item,

Description: Found in a old miners cavern along the coast of ██████ Texas this mysterious rock was located. The origin of SCP-2836 is still unknown. We were contacted after the cavern suddenly caved in, as if a miniature earthquake occurred only in the cavern.

The only thing that was found in the cavern was a pair of ████ and SCP-2836. Item SCP-2836 was brought to Site-13 until further notice. What we have discovered is SCP-2836 only trigger's when firmly shaken or touched by bare skin.

SCP-2836 seems to be a "Rainbow Stone" according to our research. Rarely, in between 2-5 days the item starts to ooze a black liquid. The ooze must be instructed to be cleaned every 7 days by a level 4 or higher clearance.

Test A - Date ██/██/████

Subject: C-3892
Procedure: Standing 8ft away from SCP-2836's case, then every 2 minutes taking 1 step closer to SCP-2836.
Results: Nothing
Analysis: SCP-2836 can not analyze when something is looking at it or moving towards it.

Test B - Date ██/██/████

Subject: D-2978
Procedure: Firmly grasping SCP-2836's case.
Results: Minor rumbles and black ooze emerging from SCP-2836 sides.
Analysis: SCP-2836 can sense movement from at least 2ft away from it.

Test C - Date ██/██/████

Subject: D-4583
Procedure: Removing SCP-2836's case and picking up SCP-2836 itself.
Analysis: Touching SCP-2836 will cause an eruptive small handheld earthquake resulting in large cracks and loud rumbling.

There will be no more test consisting SCP-2836 until further notice

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