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Item #: SCP-2959

Object Class: Keter-potissimi

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2959 and all related documentation are to be kept at Delta 5 Security Clearance. No individual with Delta 5 Security Clearance is to engage in any contact with any individual who has been exposed to SCP-2959. Communication between individuals with Delta 5 Security Clearance and those exposed to SCP-2959 are to be facilitated by an AI (LUKA-7) designed to purge the communications of memetic hazards while also retaining the general meaning of the message.

Currently, all major sites are presumed to have been infected with SCP-2959 and house an instance of SCP-2959-A. Until eradication procedures for SCP-2959 can be designed and implemented, all individuals who hold Delta 5 Security Clearance are to be held in designated safe zones, at least one hundred kilometers from any Foundation outpost.

Until SCP-2959 can be eradicated, there are no plans to stop the behavior of those affected, despite deleterious effects. Those with Delta 5 Security Clearance are to focus on finding a way to eliminate SCP-2959. If SCP-2959 can be eradicated, all affected individuals will be given the choice to be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-2959 is the designation given to a group of entities known to afflicted Foundation personnel as “D-Class.” Instances of SCP-2959 appear as average human individuals, of varying gender, race, age, and background. Biologically, SCP-2959 are identical to baseline humans, having standard deviations in their mental and physical states. SCP-2959 instances have varied personalities with no similarities besides a tendency to refer to Foundation personnel as “doc.” Uniformly, SCP-2959 claim to have been inmates in various high-security prisons, normally those slated for execution or political dissidents from various countries, before being taken into Foundation custody. Currently, there is no theory as to how SCP-2959 produces its effect.

SCP-2959's anomalous effect occurs when a Foundation employee, in any capacity, interacts with an SCP-2959 instance or an individual who has interacted with an SCP-2959 instance. Foundation employees who are infected view SCP-2959 as human test subjects. Despite previous moral character or aversion toward violence, personnel infected by SCP-2959 engage in, or otherwise support, experiments utilizing the SCP-2959 instances and other SCP objects. These experiments normally result in death or otherwise grievous harm being afflicted upon the SCP-2959 instance. Most experiments offer little scientific merit and achieve no greater understanding of the SCP object. Affected personnel's disinterest toward the lives and comfort of SCP-2959 instances grows over prolonged contact.

SCP-2959 instances are used as test subjects for one calendar month. Infected personnel ensure cooperation of the SCP-2959 instances through promises of release at the end of their service. On the first of every month, the SCP-2959 instances will be terminated. Normally, this is achieved through a gas chamber attached to SCP-2959-A. Some atypical SCP-2959 terminations have been noted in various sites, such as ritualistic beheading, drowning, and flogging, with the necessary tools all provided by SCP-2959-A. In all cases, terminated SCP-2959 instances are incinerated. As the SCP-2959 instances are incinerated, new instances materialize fully clothed in orange jumpsuits and asleep within the dormitories of SCP-2959-A. Affected personnel do not respond to videos of these events or discrepancies involving SCP-2959 transport. Those affected experience false memories of SCP-2959 instances being delivered to the site.

SCP-2959-A is a wing or floor (in certain cases, entire buildings) that serve as the “D-Class barracks.” SCP-2959-A fully incorporates itself into Foundation sites when any involved personnel are infected by an SCP-2959 instance or an affected Foundation employee. The materialization of SCP-2959-A has been shown to occur instantaneously. SCP-2959-A hold all necessary equipment for care, eradication, and control of SCP-2959. All site personnel view SCP-2959-A as always having been a part of a building.

Ninety-five percent of SCP-2959 instances have been shown to be duplicates of individuals currently serving time in prison, normally for petty crimes. Details of their personal lives largely match those of their counterparts with the noted exception of the reason for their imprisonment. The remaining five percent correspond to no known individuals, living or dead.

Addendum 2959-A: As of 02-13-11, Site 19, the first site infected by SCP-2959, has instituted a punishment practice wherein personnel are “demoted” to “D-Class” status and are terminated at the end of the month as per normal procedures. Reasons for this demotion include insubordination and misuse of Foundation funds but also chronic tardiness and failure to comply to a recently instituted dress code.

Addendum 2959-B: As of 9-18-16, all other infected sites have instituted the practice of demoting employees to “D-Class” status for various offenses.

Acting through various shell corporations while impersonating the Department of Defense, interviews with SCP-2959 instances were made under Delta 5 secrecy. The individuals who conducted the interviews were not in Foundation employ and worked as interrogators on loan from the CIA. Interrogators were chosen based on extreme loyalty to the government of the United States and were informed that the interrogations were on human test subjects from a secret government project. Due to the unethical nature of the subject, only two interrogators could be used. All civilians involved were amnesticized shortly after the interviews concluded. All personnel infected by SCP-2959 who had knowledge of the Delta 5 acquisition of SCP-2959 instances were also amnesticized.

Due to the need for secrecy, only ten SCP-2959 instances were able to be interviewed. Of the ten, nine corresponded to current living persons. As theorized, all information, with exception to the events leading up to their reason for incarceration, remained identical to that of their counterpart currently serving in prison. The following is the interview with the remaining instance.

In accordance with Delta 5 protocol, SCP-2959-10's answers have been filtered through LUKA-7.

SCP-2959-10 Why'm I here, doc? Does this mean I'm free to go?

Interviewer: Afraid not, ma'am. And I'm not actually a doctor. They told me your designation is D-4596G12. For the record, could you tell me your name?

SCP-2959-10: Selina, doc. Selina Davis. You guys gonna start calling me that?

Interviewer: Selina Davis, okay. And I'm not one of those guys, ma'am. (Here, the interviewer gestures upwards.) You don't need to call me doctor. Call me Agent Jones.

SCP-2959-10: I don't understand. Who are you from then? (SCP-2959-10 noticeably begins to perspire.)

Interviewer: Ma'am, you don't need to know who I work for. You just need to answer my questions, and we can get you right back.

SCP-2959-10: Back? You can't put me back, doc. You can't. You just can't. Do you know what they do there? Do you know what they've done to me, doc?

Interviewer: I don't question my orders. And I'm not a doctor. I don't know where you were, and I don't know what they did. Now, can you tell me where you were born?

SCP-2959-10: You, you don't know? Not a doctor. (SCP-2959-10's speech slurs from this point forward.)

Interviewer: No. Can you please tell me where were you born?

SCP-2959-10: Nantucket. Nan-nan-nantucket. (SCP-2959-10 begins to sweat at an abnormal rate.)

Interviewer: What was the crime that originally sent you to prison?

SCP-2959-10: Crime. I don't question my orders, doc. I don't know where they were, doc. I don't know what they did, doc. (SCP-2959-10 appears extremely confused. A fluid, later found to be cerebrospinal and amniotic, drips from its nostrils, ears, and the corner of its mouth.)

Interviewer: What are you telling me, ma'am?

SCP-2959-10: What is ma'am, doc? You don't need to know. You just need to answer with crime, and you don't need to call your designation, Selina. Where were you born when I'm not a doctor?

Interviewer: Do you want to play nice, or are you just gonna play the lunatic?

SCP-2959-10: One of those guys could play nice, doc. I don't question my lunatics. What they did. What they were, doc. (SCP-2959-10 repeats the latter two phrases as it slumps in its chair and closes its eyes.)

Interviewer: (The interviewer reaches out to SCP-2959-10 and shakes its shoulders aggressively. The interviewer slaps SCP-2959-10 across its face with full force. SCP-2959-10 does not rouse but continues repeating the phrase. The interviewer begins to speak to the recording device.) I don't think I'm going to get anything out of this one with current allowable force.

SCP-2959-10: What they did. Where they were, doc. (SCP-2959-10 continues repeating these phrases for several minutes at a progressively lower volume before passing into a coma.)

Interviewer: Yeah, this one is definitely asleep. We're done here, everyone.

SCP-2959-10's profuse sweating lead to extreme dehydration which necessitated a saline solution IV drip on the way to its first drop-off at point. Once in Foundation custody, SCP-2959-10's coma broke, and it was able to coherently communicate with Foundation personnel. SCP-2959-10 was given a thorough examination, and no complications were found to account for the accumulation of amniotic and cerebrospinal fluids, its apparent coma, or the unusual sweating. After a few hours in custody, the profuse sweating abated, and it was transferred back to the custody of Site 213.

Plans to locate and acquire further instances of SCP-2959 without counterparts are currently underway.

And here's where we stand. Most of the O5s have been infected. They're being kept on, of course, but we're trying to steer them into retirement as soon as possible. We only have a handful of personnel that we could save when we saw things were going to hell. But we have a few researchers who were out sick and agents lucky enough to have been off the grid. It's only us now.

It's a tall task, but we must end this plague. We have to bring it back to what it used to be. We were lucky enough to be spared, but we're cursed to see how far we've fallen.

They've become something horrid, and we need to save them. We don't know if SCP-2959 represents an attempt to change the focus of the Foundation or if it's something using our resources for their own experiments, but the why doesn't matter. I've seen men and women I love doing things that would have made them vomit. Even if those things aren't real people, the infected think they are, and they're getting crueler by the day. We cannot let it continue. We absolutely cannot let them degrade the Foundation any further.

Remember that we are here to secure, to contain, and to protect. Not cause unnecessary pain in the name of science. They need to remember what we did. They need to remember that they, like all of us, were the lights in the darkness.


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