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Item#: SCP-3029

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3029 is to be contained in 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5-meter cell with reinforced concrete walls and a 0.5-meter thick steel door. SCP-3029 itself should be held on a table for testing purposes. Every 24 hours the containment chambers cooling mechanisms should be checked for any possible errors as to not let SCP-3029 reach a gas state.

Description: SCP-3029 is a bowl that contains approximately 2 cups of borscht. The bowl SCP-3029 is contained in has approximately thirty-two scratches on it. SCP-3029 shows no chemical irregularities and appears to be an ordinary bowl of borscht soup. However, SCP-3029 evaporates and turns into a gas at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and turns solid at only 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When SCP-3029 is consumed anomalous effects begin to manifest. One to two hours after consuming SCP-3029 subjects will begin to have mild hallucinations of which the most common is a black silhouette of a man wearing a trench coat, however, this can vary as cases of a black silhouette with large claws have also been reported. This is accompanied by emotional distress in subjects and a lack of trust in anyone, with subjects stating that they are being tricked or are being led to their death.

Approximately after three hours after consumption subjects will begin to lose the ability to communicate and seem to slowly forget all known languages, including sign language. Four hours after consumption subjects will have completely lost the ability to read, write, and communicate in all of their known languages with the exception of Russian, however, most subjects will be too mentally unstable to communicate. Subjects will begin to mumble to themselves incoherently and will show extreme signs of emotional distress. Five hours after consumption subjects will begin to start screaming and start physically attacking any human within their line of sight. If no humans are around, subjects will either start attacking the walls to the point of serious injury or will go into the fetal position and sob. Eight hours after consumption the subjects will begin clawing at their own body to the point of serious injury, or death. Subjects have been documented to claw out their own eyes, bite at their fingers until mutilated, and [REDACTED]. Twelve hours after consumption the subject will regain the ability to speak their native language, but will remain unresponsive and will appear to be in a state of trance for up to 6 hours.

During the hallucinogenic stages of SCP-3029, an entity only visible in infrared wavelengths which matches the description of multiple accounts of a short limbed clawed entity within the hallucinations can be seen watching subjects under the effects of SCP-3029 designated as SCP-3029-1. However, when any person other than the affected individual go within 3 meters of SCP-3029-1, the entity appears to completely disappear. Due to this SCP-3029-1 can only be examined through the use of infrared cameras. It is unknown if SCP-3029-1 is an actual being or a memetic effect of observing individuals under the effects of SCP-3029, and it is unknown if SCP-3029-1 effects the hallucinations of the subject, or is just there to observe the subject.

Four hours after SCP-3029 has been consumed it will regain any parts that were lost while being consumed, and regained parts will appear in the bowl. If SCP-3029 is inhaled rather than consumed, the subject will lose the ability to speak within ten minutes, with subsequent symptoms happening within ten minutes of the last set of symptoms. If SCP-3029 is eaten in solid form, the subject will fall into a catatonic state for a period of twelve to eighteen hours. When the subject has woken up from this state they appear to have increased overall well-being and report feeling full of energy and in a good mood. Four hours after waking up from their catatonic state, subjects will burst into extreme rage and [REDACTED]. All corpses of individuals who ingested SCP-3029 in a solid state should be incinerated. SCP-3029 was seized by the Foundation after reports in ██████, Russia about a self-replicating bowl of borscht that was the cause of ██ homicides around the area, Class A amnesiacs were given to all witnesses.

Dr.████: Hello.
(D-68302 Remains unresponsive)
Dr.████: I would like to talk to you about what you saw.
(D-68302 looks up at Dr.████)
D-68302: No, you don’t want to know what I saw.
Dr.████: I can assure you I do want to know what you saw.
(D-68302 looks down for a moment, then looks back at Dr.████)
D-68302: When the hallucinations started, everything just starting warping.
Dr.████: How so?
D-68302: Everything started twisting and turning, and soon after the warping stopped everything went black, and I was in this derelict city.
Dr.████: Could you identify this city?
D-68302: Do I look like a bloody geographer? No, but there were loads of Russian text everywhere, along with some torn up USSR flags. My best guess would be…
(D-68302 puts his head in his hands for approximately 30 seconds, then continues talking.)
D-68302: Stalingrad. Just came to me like it was second nature. The sky was a sickly tan colored, like vomit. I wandered around the place when I began to notice someone else lurking around the city. I went to see what it was.
(D-68302 looks down and mutters "Fucking hell I wish I didn't.")
D-68302: It wasn't human. Or it wasn't human anymore. It had short arms but it had elongated claws, probably twice the size of it arms. I just got filled with paralyzing fear and I just ran. Why on earth did you do this to me?
Dr.████: That is none of your concern. Please continue.
D-68302: After running, I stumbled upon a statue of the big prick himself, Stalin. There were a mass amount of graves surrounding the statue, and a man was looking at one of them. He was rambling about how the people who had died for the motherland would be remembered and this was his way of making them remembered. Why did you pricks put me through this?
Dr.████: As I said before, that is no-
(At this point D-68302 jumps on Dr.████ and begins to attack him, shortly after D-68302 is terminated by a guard behind Dr.████.)

Dr.████: Hello.
D-63204: I'm guessing you're going to question me about what I saw, right?
Dr.████: Yes, I will be asking you about what you saw.
D-63204: My vision started fading, and I blinked, I blinked fucking once and everything around me transformed. I was in the ruins of this big city, and there were graves all around me.
Dr.████: Could you tell me the names of the graves?
(D-63204 begins to look uncomfortable and distressed)
D-63204: Yeah, the names were Karen Abaddon, Jared Walker, and I think David Zohar.
(It should be noted that Jared Walker is the name of D-63202)
D-63204: There was this man wearing a trenchcoat looking at one of the graves. He was silent. I went over to ask him what the hell was going on.
Dr.████: Did he respond?
D-63204: At first he just glanced at me and looked back at the grave, then he said really quietly if I was interested in learning some history. Admittedly I was in a horribly terrified and all I could mutter was a quiet yes.
(D-63204 stops talking and looks at the floor for 30 seconds)
Dr.████: Can you continue?
(D-63204 slowly looks up at Dr.████)
D-63204: The man starting talking about the many soldiers that had been forgotten fighting the motherland, and how this way his way of making sure they were remembered. He looked at me and he asked if I wanted to be remembered.
Dr.████: What did you say?
D-63204: I said yes and I had the sudden urge to look behind me, and there was this creature running at me with large claws disproportionate to its arms size, his claws looked like they were 4 feet long. It went on top of me and just started slashing. It did this to me.
(D-63204 then points at the many scratches and cuts on his arm.)
D-63204: You would have thought that my cuts would have been more severe from the razor sharp claws, but I guess I got lucky.
Dr.████: Hmm… I see.
D-63204: Then after like, 10 seconds it got up away from me and just looked behind itself. I blinked and it disappeared. After that, I just sat staring at a grave and at one point the hallucinations stopped and I was back in the room.
Dr.████: I see. That is all of the questions I have for you right now.
(Dr.████ then ends the interview)
(It should be noted the D-63204 was seen on CCTV scratching and cutting his arm, and his chest while in the hallucinogenic stages of SCP-3029, and it should be noted as well that a guard got within 3 meters of SCP-3029-1 and it disappeared. This could correlate with SCP-3029-1 looking behind itself and disappearing.)

It appears that whenever SCP-3029-1 is interrupted by someone going within 3 meters of it, it not only disappears in reality but also disappears in the hallucinations. Further testing is required to see if SCP-3029-1 can affects the hallucinations in different ways. It should be noted that subjects begin to have a large interest in Russian history, specifically the history of the Russias role in World War Two.


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