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An artist's depiction of SCP-3062.

Item #: SCP-3062
Object Class: Euclid Keter (See Addendum 1-A)
Special Containment Procedures:
Any instances of SCP-3062 is to be held in a 91.4cm x 61cm x 30.5cm containment safe within a 20m wide x 20m long x 4m high concrete bunker, equipped with Zyklon-B gas hoses throughout the bunker (See Addendum 1-A) at Site-███.
Each containment safe is to have at least 5 inches of heat-treated steel armor plating on each dimension of the safe. All of the safes are to be equipped with an integrated incinerator only to be activated upon a containment breach.

Artist’s depictions of SCP-3062 have no anomalous properties.(See Test Log 3062-C). No Foundation personnel except D-Class are to interact with SCP-3062 (See Addendum 1-A).

Any attempts to breach or otherwise compromise SCP-3062 are to be met with termination of any attempting to open a containment safe. In the case that a safe is breached, all SCP-3062 instances are to be incinerated. All testing requires O5 Command approval.
Description: SCP-3062 is a 90cm x 60cm x 30cm sketching of a female cat preparing to consume a mouse, with a signature of a "Schrodinger," although the sketching was made by a man named William Zimir. SCP-3062 was discovered in ████, Austria on 7/8/20█. (See Recovery Log 3062). Whether or not he is the origin of SCP-3062’s anomalous properties, or SCP-3062-1 is unknown (See Addendum 1-B).

Recovery Log 3062
Log was recorded by Foundation Agent Hans ██████ after he recovered SCP-3062.
<Begin Log>
“I was called in from ████ Police Department after a report of a…unconventional murder was reported. I drove a couple kilometers over to ████ and took a look at the crime. I had to call up my officer in the Foundation and get him to grab a hold of the body and the scene..and the painting. I was the first to experience SCP-3062-1. I didn’t change anything, just to make sure that the scientists would have a clean slate on the SCP. I had to take a close look at the painting, because I saw..well, what the Americans call it, a “John Hancock” on the painting that said “Schrodinger.” I eventually got the SCP out of town safely and brought it to an area outside of site ██. Got it put into the bunker it is still in today.”


Test A - 10/18/20██

Subject: D-1939 / Age 20 / Male
Procedure: D-1939 was equipped with an audio/video recorder and transmitter, to which they activated SCP-3062. The subject reported being transported to a completely black void, devoid of all light. The subject was confronted by SCP-3062-1. SCP-3062-1 offered him to change his life regrets. D-1939 accepted the offer.
Results: D-1939 was instantly transported to the new reality in the year 19██.


Video Transcript
<Begin Log>
SCP-3062-1: “Calm down, you will not be harmed here.”
D-1939: The subject’s movement and breathing begin to calm. “Who are you, and what in the actual hell is going on?”
SCP-3062-1: “Do you have any regrets, dear sir?”
D-1939: “I regret being born into my pathetic life, and having to be a test dog for those egg-head fucks.”
SCP-3062-1: SCP-3062-1 appeared to transform into a doctor, along with a hospital setting. “Your desires are mine.”
Unknown Doctor: “Sorry ma’am, but you have had an unidentifiable miscarriage.”
All instrumentation seems to be destroyed, video turns to static. D- 1939 is assumed dead.
<End Log>

Test B - 12/18/20██

Subject: D-8754 / Age 58 / Male
Procedure: D-8754 was equipped with a video/audio recorder and transmitter, to which they activated SCP-3062. The subject was confronted by SCP-3062-1. The subject was offered to have his life regrets thrown away. D-8754 denied the offer.
Results: D-8754 was delivered back into our reality at the same place.


Video Transcript
<Begin Log>
D-8754: “Wha? What the hell’s goin’ on here?”
SCP-3062-1: “Why, hello there.”
SCP-3062-1: “Calm down, I am only here to hel-”
D-8754: “I know your Foundation tricks! Get me out of here, now!”
SCP-3062-1: “As you wish.”
D-8754 was transported back into our reality and was given Class A amnestics.

Test C - 2/18/20██

Subject: D-8754 / Age 58 / Male
Procedure: D-8994 went within the activation range of the artist's depiction.
Results: He was not brought into SCP-3062’s pocket dimension.
Analysis: Artist's depictions are safe.

Further testing of SCP-3062 is pending

SCP-3062’s anomalous properties become apparent when any human comes within 5m of the cat on the painting. Subjects within this range gain mental capabilities that far exceed their boundaries (See Addendum 1-C). After visual contact within 10 cm of SCP-3062 is made, the subject is instantly removed from our reality and directly into a “pocket dimension.” All communications, GPS tracking devices, and cameras work on the subject, but the subject cannot be found at their location described, and is completely inconsistent with the location inside the pocket dimension.
All subjects entering SCP-3062’s “pocket dimension” will now be designated SCP-3062-A. Upon entering the “pocket dimension” a secondary entity, designated SCP-3062-1, will confront SCP-3062-A and question the subject on any life regrets. (See Testing Log 3062-A/-B/). Upon the subject’s answering, they will be given the option to create an alternate timeline where the subject will be planted into directly after the new decision is made. Whether cameras, communications, or tracking devices work depends on the timeline of the new dimension (See Testing Logs 3062-A/-B). Subjects who have denied SCP-3062-1’s offer cannot re-enter the “pocket dimension" (See Recovery Log 3062).
SCP-3062-1 is described in forms relevant to SCP-3062-A’s regrets and or dreams. (See Testing Logs 3062-A/-B/-C/-E), however until this information is revealed to SCP-3062-1, it will appear as a black silhouette with a deep and loud voice, with a seemingly natural soothing effect on SCP-3062-A. Upon request, SCP-3062-1 will release SCP-3062-A from the pocket dimension and back into their own reality. (See Test Log 3062-B).
Upon the destruction of any instance of SCP-3062, a new randomly selected sketching in any portion of Austria will become another instance of SCP-3062.

Addendum 1-A

“Due to the nature of SCP-3062, it is of the utmost importance that we have extreme
precautions to prevent all high-ranking Foundation personnel from activating SCP-3062. Any
disgruntled employee could take down the entire Foundation with a quick visit with SCP-3062.
Under order of the O5 Council, SCP-3062 will now be a Keter class object.”
- Dr. ████

Addendum 1-B

William Zimic was found dead in his apartment in ████, Austria. Shortly after finishing
SCP-3062. Upon autopsy by locals in ████, Austria, he was revealed to have numerous
small lacerations around his carotid artery, with a blood-like black substance being expelled
from the wound. This directly led to the recovery of SCP-3062 (See Recovery Log 3062).

Addendum 1-C

Subjects experiencing SCP-3062’s effect were seen to have an IQ increase
Of a total range of 115% to 150%, depending on original IQ.

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