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nn5n: scp-3067 SwordShifter
EuclidSCP-3067 SwordShifterRate: -28

Containment Area at Site [REDACTED]

Item #: SCP-3067

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Level 3 clearance is needed for entering, and must have all skin covered, to not risk a coma-inducing touch. Every 12 hours a group of 5 attempt to chisel SCP-3067. No testing is allowed on anyone who hasn't already fallen into a coma by SCP-3067 unless proven safe by Dr. [REDACTED].

Description:SCP-3067 takes the shape of melee weapons all the way back to year [REDACTED]. SCP-3067 changes form often, but no time has been recorded. SCP-3067 was found in [REDACTED], in the year [REDACTED], when a group of hikers found a small cavern on the side of MT [REDACTED]. The sword was implanted in stone. SCP-3067 only changes when not being directly observed, or in visual range of a camera or other recording devices. People who indirectly see SCP-3067 change it's form say it caused a blinding light, but only to them, causing permanent blindness, and extreme paranoia when in a 10ft radius of other life forms, dead or alive. If SCP-3067 is touched with bare flesh, they are put into a coma, and enter a dream-like state, in a time loop of a dangerous event in the time period the sword existed. Somehow, the transported person seems to have contact with the present time, if cellphone or other device of contact is at hand. There has been several recorded cases before SCP-3067 was secured, the surrounding rock (outside a 5-ft radius, due to all the rock inside being seemingly indestructable) chiseled and transported to Containment Site [REDACTED].
Report 47: February 23, [REDACTED]:
A [REDACTED] man, 47, called the police after finding a Spartan sword, becoming stuck in the Spartan Athens war. He picked it up to bring to the stations but fell into a coma.
Report 52: March 13, [REDACTED]:
A [REDACTED] woman, 24, stumbled upon a katana from the year 1839 joining the Opium War.

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