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EuclidSCP-3089 Decomposing DenimRate: -15

Item #: SCP-3089

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3089 is to be contained in a standard humanoid
containment chamber, at all times. Personnel should not be allowed entrance at any time, unless during testing. A camera is positioned in the corner of the chamber to document SCP-3089's activities.

Description: SCP-3089 is a pair of blue jeans that cover a set of decomposing human legs. The Pants are men's extra large. (96.5cm around the waist, and 91cm long) The Creature is approximately 1.1 meters tall, and appears to be the legs of a middle aged man. The jeans are made of a currently unknown biological material. The legs inside of the pants appear the be in the "second stage of chemical decomposition." Thanks to Dr.████'s tests we have found that the creature has no further development of decomposition.

This creature appears to have once been a full human, but its torso has been unattached by unknown means. At the waist, instead of the torso there is a mouth full of jagged, sharp teeth of varying size. We have come to the conclusion through many tests that SCP-3089 is incapable of speech, but can make disturbing noises.

When SCP-3089 eats human flesh, the decomposition of the legs reverses through the absorption of nutrients from the consumed flesh. This process also heals the jeans if they are damaged in any way. After restoring its flesh, it will start to decompose again. When SCP-3089 comes in contact with a human it will attack on sight. On command the feet of the creature can sprout claws like a cat. The claws are strong and made out of a black, bone-like substance. The Creature will use its claws to sink in, ripping flesh and entire limbs from its prey. As it does so, it feeds on the human using its large mouth located at its waist.

Through Recent Tests we have discovered that SCP-3089 has the ability to spit acid out of its mouth at its target, but it rarely does so. The acid is very strong and is capable of burning its way through flesh within seconds, but the acid has no affect on substances other than flesh.

Addendum: Dr.███ Interviewed a man that survived an attack from SCP-3089 before the creature was contained at site [REDACTED]. A file of the full conservation is attached.

Interviewed: Johnathan Moors
Interviewer: Dr.███
Foreword: Johnathan Moors was contacted by the SCP Foundation on [REDACTED] after the foundation heard rumors of a man who was attacked by an "unknown creature."

<Begin Log, 10:20>

Dr.███: "Can you describe SCP-3089 for me please?"

Johnathan: "What that.. That thing that fucking thing! Oh god.. I I don't [Johnathan is cut off by Dr.███]

Dr.███: "it's okay just tell me."

Johnathan: "Okay describe it?.. It.. It was a pair of pants PANTS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I'm Sorry for yelling.. But it had a.. a pair of legs! Human legs! and those claws that.. that came out of no where. [Johnathan started tearing up] It… It had a mouth with razor teeth, I thought it.. it was going to eat me!

Dr.███: "go on."

Johnathan "I.. I was hiking up a hill in the snow when I saw this pair of pants standing on another hill that was very close by. It was snowing so I thought my vision was blurred by the now that was falling. Then… Then I saw it move… It looked my way, stopped for a second, then popped out those God forsaken claws and ran at me! that was the fastest I've ever seen anything move in my life!

Dr.███: "Interesting. We will have to run some speed tests on it. Now, did you receive any injury from SCP-XXXX?"

Johnathan: "Ye.. Yes.. isn't it obvious?"

Dr.███: "Yes but I want to document your injuries."

Johnathan: "Well… I lost my left hand [Johnathan shudders and sheds a tear] and.. I lost my pinkie toe on my left foot"

Dr.███: "In what ways did SCP-3089 attack you to lose your hand, and toe?"

Johnathan "My… My toe went first… When that thing got to me it… it tackled me and o-one of its claws chopped it clean of, like a razor blade. [Johnathan starts to cry] Then… I… I [Johnathan talks the rest of this interview in between sobs] I'm on the ground trying to fend it off whilst yelling for help… Then it.. it bit off my left arm.

Dr.███: "And how did you escape this creature?"

Johnathan "Well after it bit my han… My hand off… Someone heard my cry of help."

Dr.███: "Who helped you and how did they do so?"

Johnathan: "A Hillbilly, or Redneck, or whatever you want to call them came running over a hill with a loaded hand gun. I saw he had a gun and yelled 'Shoot it!' as loud as I could. He opened fire with three bullets sinking into its right leg. It.. It made this horrendous noise then ran off into the hills.

Dr.███: "Did that noise sound like this? [Dr.███ plays an audio tape of SCP-3089 Making a Disgusting noise]

Johnathan: With a shudder Johnathan said "Yes… exactly."

Dr.███: "Are you aware that SCP-3089 can spit acid?"

Johnathan: "No I did not know that… I'm just glad it didn't use that on me.

Dr.███: "Would you like to see SCP-3089?"


Dr.███: " I do not know. I asked because I was curious as to what you would say."

Johnathan: "Well I don't want to see that thing ever again."

Dr.███: "Thank you for your time Mr. Moors. A guard will escort you out of the facility"

Johnathan: "Yes Ma'am. Thank you for talking with me."

<End Log, 10:50>

Closing Statement: Shorty after the interview Johnathan Moors was given a "class-C amnesic" that made him forget this interview happened, and was dropped off at his home by foundation agents.

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