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Item #: SCP-3090

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3090-1 is to be stored within a standard steel safe with electronic keypad located at site-█. A security guard is to be stationed next to SCP-3090-1 at all times and it is to be monitored 24/7 by a standard surveillance camera. All personnel assigned to work in site-█ are required to have several writing untensils on hand at all times. The █ digit numerical passcode is to be changed weekly and sent to all Clearance 3 and above researchers currently stationed at site-█. Under no circumstances is SCP-3090-1 to be removed from its containment unless under direct orders from the site administrator.

Description: SCP-3090 is a cognitohazardous virus currently residing in a standard number 2 pencil designated SCP-3090-1. Its anomalous properties manifest when the utensil is used to write. Any statement written in the first person by the infected object will result in anyone within a 5 meter radius who reads the text immediately developing SCP-3090-A. Individuals do not have to be literate in the language of the text or able to comprehend it to contract SCP-3090-A.

SCP-3090-A is a thought contagion that makes the infected believe the statement written with SCP-3090-1 does and always has applied to them. This belief does not appear to give them any knowledge or aptitude associated with the statement in question. Infected react mildly when challenged and seem to be confident enough in their position that questioning does not induce any stress or discomfort. Subjects will admit they do not have the prerequisite knowledge or skills to back up their belief but this does not seem to bother them. However, when confronted with empirical evidence they are not what they believe they are, subjects will become increasingly agitated before entering a psychotic state and [REDACTED]. This has resulted in the injury of ██ Foundation personnel and the death of █. The root cause of the psychopathy is theorized to be the moment in which the subject's brain can no longer reconcile their new memories with reality, though the severity of their reaction and the manifestation of [REDACTED] is considered part of SCP-3090's anomalous effects.

SCP-3090-A is not believed to have a limit to the thoughts it can manipulate. It has been shown to radically alter simple opinions and make infected believe they are an entirely different person, even a prominent historical figure. If the infected has any knowledge of the figure then their personality, manner of speaking and any other details they know will change to reflect said knowledge. It has been observed that the less an infected individual knows about their new found thoughts, the less their threshold is for becoming agitated. (See experiment log 3090-01)

This effect is in most cases reversible with the use of class C amnestics if the subject has been under the effects of SCP-3090-A for less than 10 days. In extreme cases, class D amnestics are to be used if the subject poses a security risk and has not responded to the class C variant. If both administrations fail the subject is to either be terminated or held indefinitely pending further advances in amnestics, as decided by the site director.

When the object it inhabits is rendered unable to produce writing, SCP-3090 transmits itself to the nearest physical writing utensil seemingly instantly. The writing untensils inhabited by SCP-3090 exhibit no anomalous qualities before SCP-3090 inhabits them. It is unknown if there is any limit to how far SCP-3090 can transmit itself though SCP-3090 has been observed to transfer between objects in a radius of 2 km.

SCP-3090 was discovered in ████ after an incident in ████, Iowa. A Foundation agent within ████ Police Department submitted a transcript of the interview with substitute teacher Mr. ██ for potential evidence of an anomalous object. Mr. ██ claims he entered his middle school classroom early and wrote “I'm Mr. ██!” on the whiteboard. At first, he thought every child starting to call themselves ██ was some kind of joke they were playing on him. He called the police when the kids started threatening violence if the others didn't stop calling themselves ██ and eventually started attacking each other. The marker used was quickly turned over to the Foundation. Investigations of similar events across the state in years prior are ongoing. Links to several cults formed in the area around ████ have been theorized.

Experiment 01: Security Guard ███ is told to write “I hate coffee” with SCP-3090-1. He is known to have a cup of black coffee every morning before his shift. When asked if he would like a cup a few hours later by a coworker, he denies, saying he's always hated the stuff. Amnestics were deemed not necessary for such a mundane change.

Experiment 02: D-████ is told to write “My name is Michael”. D-████ immediately stops responding to his name and seems confused, stating that his name is Michael. He still responds to his designation regularly. When presented with a copy of his birth certificate, he gets visibly uncomfortable and agitated before stating he changed his name a few years ago. No further documentation could be presented that proves his name is not Michael. Given class C amnestics; D-████ responded to his real name after administration.

Experiment 03: D-████ is again told to write “I died two years ago”. D-████ immediately entered a psychotic state and was not able to be subdued by security staff. Agent ████ had to empty his pistol magazine to take D-████ down. D-████ remained alive for hours after the incident before finally passing away.

Experiment 04: D Class ███ █████, a graduate of ████████ University with a Master's Degree in European History is told to write “I am Winston Churchill”. ███ was then asked a series of questions and answered them all in a way in keeping with all records and recordings of Winston Churchill. ███ was then conversed with for 30 minutes about general interest, likes and dislikes. Eventually ███ started to develop an accent in keeping with Churchill's and began to use common English turns of phrase. ███ previously had a harsh Louisiana accent and dialect. Class C amnestics were administered after 2 hours exposure to SCP-3090. They failed to remedy ███'s condition. Class D were used instead. ███ was returned back to his normal state with a slight residual accent that faded into his normal voice within 3 days.

Experiment 05: ██, a suspected member of █████ ████, was asked to write “I will tell Doctor ███ everything they want to know” Without being informed of SCP-3090-1's anomalous properties. ██ revealed he had contact with █████ ████ but could not give any insight into their plans or potential centers of Operations. ██ had previously stonewalled any attempts to get any information out of him, out of fear for his family. He was later liquidated by a foundation agent.

The security concerns posed by SCP-3090 are so great, I would suggest we start thinking about ways to isolate and destroy it in the event of a breach. If nothing else, an increase to security at site-█ to prevent such occurrences is of paramount importance. -Dr. C██

Seeing as SCP-3090 appears able to bypass low levels of mental training, I would propose we use it to our advantage while we have it well contained. It has potentially very useful applications in interrogation procedures. We could make the most fanatical agents into turncoats with this. 3090 is simply too useful an asset to neutralize, as a few have suggested. It is out of the question.- Dr. L████

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