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nn5n: scp-3112 A Conceptual Void
UnknownSCP-3112 A Conceptual VoidRate: -32

Item #: SCP-3112

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the non-existential nature of the SCP, none are currently enforced.

Description: SCP-3112 is an unknown concept.
It is unknown how this data exists, but a verified Foundation signature was found on this article. This article is hence kept purely for archival purposes.

By O5 orders:

  • SCP-3112 is not to be reassigned.
  • No personnel are to be assigned to SCP-3112.
  • This section shall not be mentioned in the presence of anyone who is not part of the Antimemetics Division, or part of the O5 council.

I made it so that only people who have had mnestics can remember seeing this… ugh, clinical tone and everything. That should include the O5s. Here goes.

To whoever is seeing this:

SCP-3112 doesn't exist. That's why no one can remember it.

To put it simply, it's the "null" of human brains.

The reason it's so dangerous is because human brains are incapable of understanding this concept of "nothing". You know how you can't imagine how it feels like after you die? It's a similar concept.
Even though they don't understand it, they struggle to. It slowly replaces the ideas in their brain with itself, and soon they go vegetative.

That's why I put this under a mnestic filter. So you can perceive this without risk, without it replacing all the memories that you have. Containment measures have been made such that this is fully under wraps.

One final note: Ideas can’t be killed, but this one was so unthinkable that it could be contained by extinction. This luck doesn’t stay forever. That’s why I’ll say this.

Don't look for this, don't research it.

You'll find a verified Foundation signature on this document, so that's an official order. We’ve done our mission. Leave it alone. No one needs to know about this.

Jamie Chua Don't bother. You won't find my records anywhere.
Senior Researcher, Level 4
Foundation, Antimemetics Division

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