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nn5n: scp-3114 The Suicide Crystal
SafeSCP-3114 The Suicide CrystalRate: -12

Item #: SCP-3114

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [SCP-3114 Is to be contained in a small steel lead lined box located at any place safe from anything it has NO containment chamber. It must be locked with 3 (Three) combination locks and 2 (Two) key locks the keys are to be put in lab room 47. Anybody caught trying to enter without proper security clearance should be able to be shot at with free will.]

Description: [SCP-3114 Appears to be a gem like crystal reports say to it to feel like [DATA REDACTED]. Any of the anomalous effects start when SCP-3114 is viewed. After 10 (Ten) hours after SCP-3114 is viewed the subject will start saying theres someone watching them. After 40 (Forty) hours prior to SCP-3114 is viewed the subject will start blaming random people for being the “stalker” this usually leads to anger issues. After 90 (Ninety) hours since the subject viewed SCP-3114 whoever starts staring at them the subject will think they are the “stalker” this mostly leads to more anger issues. After 120 (One Hundred And Twenty) hours since subject has viewed SCP-3114 they will kill anyone who they before thought was the “stalker” this is the most dangerous stage of the gems effects. After 140 (One Hundred And Forty) hours the subject viewed SCP-3114 without any doubt or regret will suicide.]

Addendum: [SCP-3114 Was found in a basement in [DATA EXPUNGED] after an entire family suicided in there own home. During recovery [DATA REDACTED} reported that there was objects thrown around almost like the family was fighting later testing would reveal this to be a simple side effect of the crystal.]

Note:Ive still got [DATA REDACTED] asking where the containment cell It does not have one..

*All data in this SCP got ideas from SCP-513 SCP-409 thank those creators.

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