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Item #: SCP-3126

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3126 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber in Site 19, and should not be brought in contact with strong magnets outside of testing, including those found in most hard drives. Additionally, SCP-3126 requires daily deferoxamine injections to treat its iron overload.

Addendum: In light of the recent suicide attempt, SCP-3126 is required to submit to psychiatric evaluations after any testing, along with mandatory weekly evaluations and antidepressants. Also, on the advice of the site psychologist, SCP-3126 is allowed a weekly allotment of painting supplies for art therapy purposes.

Description: SCP-3126 is an African-American female, physically 23 years in age, 185 cm (6 ft 1 in) tall and weighing 87.7 kg (193 lb). It suffers from chronic iron overload, resulting in joint pain, hair loss and depression, and it is estimated that the condition may result in liver failure within ten years.

Its anomalous effect occurs when the subject is exposed to a magnetic field of 1 Tesla or higher. When exposed to a sufficiently powerful magnetic pull, the subject's skin appears to transform into cast iron, with the effect expanding across the skin as long as the magnet remains within range. Additionally, any muscles or joints under the affected area lose all mobility, resulting in complete immobility within a minute. The effect can be reversed by applying high-salinity water to the metal surface, which causes the iron surface to rust and disintegrate within minutes, exposing human skin beneath it. When the transformation is reversed, SCP-3126 shows no symptoms of iron overload, and if the immobilization period exceeds two hours, it will temporarily show symptoms of iron deficiency. This process does not appear to cause SCP-3126 pain or injury, and all biological processes are paused while it is immobilized, allowing it to stay that way for an indefinite amount of time. However, researchers are advised to not leave SCP-3126 immobilized for long periods of time, as SCP-3126 reports being conscious while immobilized, and extended immobilization may aggravate its mental conditions.

SCP-3126 was taken into SCP custody in 201█ based on reports of a transient woman with metal fingers in ████████████, Los Angeles, California getting hospitalized for minor wounds after nearly getting hit by a car. A field agent embedded in the hospital noted her anomalous properties, and arranged for her to be extracted in the guise of transferring her to another facility. Later investigation connected her to a missing person case for a Gloria ████████, age 21, from Boston from 199█

<Begin Log 1>
Foreword: This interview took place within 48 hours of SCP-3126's arrival. The subject was still being treated for post-accident injuries, and was therefore under the influence of heavy pain medication.
Dr. Merriweather: Hello, my name is Dr. Merriweather. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about your condition?
SCP-3126 : What is this place?
Dr. Merriweather: [pauses] I understand that the transition from the other hospital is a bit chaotic, but we'll get you settled in as soon as possible. There'll be time for explanations later.
SCP-3126 : Wait…the sign on the van said…Superior Care & Protection. SCP?
[SCP-3126 shows increased signs of alertness]
SCP-3126 : You're a Skipper! I thought you were a myth! Are the rumors true? Do you guys have code numbers for everything? Were you the ones who stole the not-shark?
Dr. Merriweather: [slightly panicked] No further questions. One moment, please.
Closing Statement: Dr. Merriweather requested additional personnel to be on-hand before continuing the discussion. SCP-3126 proved to have little accurate information on the Foundation. However, SCP-3126 did make sparse connections to a number of art-related SCPs, including SCP-███
<Log End>

<Begin Log 2>
Dr. Merriweather: Can you tell us how you came to acquire this anomaly?
SCP-3126 : Blame my ex, Bellamy. Three months into our relationship, she went to an art show with this guy who claimed to do portraits that would really show who someone is. Next thing you know, she's talking about exploits and manifestos and trying to save up for a trip to France for some ridiculous show. And she even suckered me in for a while! So obsessed with the cool…
Dr. Merriweather: Yes, yes, and was it from these artists that you learned the term 'skip', SCP-3126?
SCP-3126 : You heard all sorts of stories back then. X-Files-type government goons poking around the art studios. Snake cults kidnapping artists and brainwashing them. Paramilitary agents burning someone's collection. Lots of stories about you guys, though everyone thought you worked for some crazy art collector. Or some sort of weird numerology cult. No one believed half of them, but when you're working outside of the law, sharing information is how you stayed safe.
Dr. Merriweather: Interesting. Outdated information, perhaps, but Green might find you useful. Now then, about the anomaly?
SCP-3126 : It was her first real project. She heard about this homebrew ritual called 'The Touch of Mars', and she thought it would be perfect. Some sophomoric nonsense about blurring lines and uncanny valley. And like the good girlfriend I was, I volunteered, and I didn't think to ask what the ritual actually was. You're supposed to use this ancient amulet to trigger the transformation, but it turns out that literally any strong magnet will do the trick, whether you want it to or not. I used to be a programmer, and now getting near a computer could freeze me for another fifteen years.
Dr. Merriweather: Hmm. And how did you go from programmer to transient?
SCP-3126 : Since I couldn't get work anymore, I became her personal statue. She'd freeze me and then loan me to art exhibitions, passing me off as a different statue each time. It was ridiculous, but it paid, and she promised me that she'd find a way to undo the Touch. But weeks turned into months, and being a statue started wearing on me. Hours on hours of having nothing to do but watch and think.
SCP-3126 : Eventually, I told her I couldn't do it anymore. I had to quit or I'd go insane. She finally convinced me for one more show. She took me to an art show that her and the other weird artists were staging. She put me in a pose, did the magnet thing and then schmoozed with her new friends for hours. But when the end of the show came, you know what they did? She…
She sold me. Auctioned me off to the highest bidder. I spent fifteen years locked in some rich Hollywood fucker's1 mansion. If he wasn't stupid enough to try and bring me on a yacht, I'd still be there, feeling my mind rust away. And I didn't know what to do! I had nothing, I had to catch up on 15 years, and everything I knew was on the other side of the country. So I just…existed. Scrounged around for what I could until I ended up here.
Dr. Merriweather: I see. Thank you, SCP-3126 . This has been enlightening.

<Begin Log 3>
Foreward: After a testing session in which SCP-3126 was immobilized for 6 hours, it grabbed a pen from a researcher and attempted to pierce its own throat. The following was recorded shortly after, when SCP-3126 was under the influence of sedatives.
SCP-3126 : I don't want to be art anymore.
SCP-3126 : It used to be fun, you know? Like, like, like, we'd get together and change the world and show the stuck up bastards how fucking wrong you were. I mean, what is a statue? Why the fuck can't I be one? It almost made this bullshit worth it. But then everything had to be a statement. Fuck just being pretty if you weren't saying anything.
SCP-3126 : Maybe that's why she left me. I just got too boring for her. Or maybe she always knew it would fuck up my life, and she just didn't care because it's for the art, right? [laughs]
SCP-3126 : All I wanted was to be cool.

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