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SafeSCP-3155 Some PigRate: -14

SCP-3155 while in custody of its former owner

Item #: SCP-3155

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3155 is to be contained in a 30 meter x 30 meter chamber equipped with surroundings that mimic its natural environment, including a mudhole, grass, a few trees, and some source of water. SCP-3155 must be provided daily with what is typically fed to its kind, such as hay, corn, and sorghum. Personnel are required to clean SCP-3155’s chamber on a weekly basis to prevent excess manure buildup.

Description: SCP-3155 is a male pig with features most in common to the Duroc breed. SCP-3155 is 1.2 meters tall, and if well fed, usually weighs approximately 375 kg. SCP-3155 frequently displays typical behaviors found in swine, such as digging up roots and wallowing in mud. A wide variety of grains and vegetables are its preferred food source.

SCP-3155 was acquired from a farmer from [REDACTED] who purchased the animal from a local auction as a sire for his breeding sows. He claimed that the animal’s offspring were far from ordinary, however. The farmer explained that when one of his sows reproduced with SCP-3155, the young were born with unusual features. He refused to describe them in detail, and simply stated that he disposed of them immediately. His method of disposal is unknown.

Further research was conducted at Bio-Research Area-32 regarding the offspring of SCP-3155. Personnel introduced three breeding sows to SCP-3155, and they all mated with the creature successfully. Each sow had a litter of nine abnormal young. They were born tailless, and had teeth that resembled a canine’s. Instead of hooves, their front feet contained digits and claws not unlike a bear’s.

The mothers did not express any concern about their young’s atypical features. However, nine days after they were born, the mother pigs became very hostile towards their young, and refused to let them nurse. This triggered a violently aggressive reaction in SCP-3155's offspring, which led to biting and clawing in a vicious manner, leaving the mothers with severe external injuries of which they did not survive.

By order of Dr. Aphran, all but four of SCP-3155’s offspring were exterminated by personnel. The remaining four were introduced to SCP-3155, but expressed no such aggression towards the creature. If any personnel approached SCP-3155, however, its offspring showed hostility and aggression towards them, and on one incident, they killed three personnel. This led to the remaining four offspring to be exterminated. Despite this, Dr. Aphran ordered staff to collect and store sperm samples of SCP-3155 for possible future testing, should the creature perish.

Addendum: SCP-3155 has only interacted with one known entity, being SCP-042. Personnel transported SCP-3155 to SCP-042's paddock in hopes of bringing the latter out of its lethargic state. To the staff's surprise, SCP-042 rose to its feet, but the interaction itself took a far different turn. The two creatures were exposed to one another for a period of 13 hours, and during that time, they refrained from any activity or movement, other than facing one another in a relentless stare. This continued until SCP-3155 was removed from SCP-042’s paddock. Dr. Aphran was permitted to record a second interaction between the two, but this project was scrapped due to the incident that occurred while SCP-042 was in transit to Bio-Research Area-4.

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