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Partial aerial view of SCP-3157 (taken prior to Event-3157-A).

Item #: SCP-3157

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3157 is to be kept fenced off and guarded by at least nine security officers at any one time (one officer for each sector of the park). Entry to SCP-3157 requires at least Level-2 clearance and direct permission from a staff member of Level-4 clearance or above. Any individuals entering SCP-3157 must be kept under external video observation at all times.

Any members of staff attempting to enter SCP-3157 without authorisation are to be dismissed immediately. Any other individuals found trespassing SCP-3157 are to be detained, administered Class-A amnesacs, and given the cover story that they were found trespassing on private property.

Standard media blackout operations are to remain in effect for information regarding SCP-3157's existence both prior to and following Event-3157-A.

Should any spacial anomalies occur similar to Event-3157-A, staff on-site are to immediately establish a perimeter around the site's fence, with an officer positioned every 0.25km around it until the site returns to its original position. If it returns, SCP-3157 is then to be searched by MTF Epsilon-15 ("Health and Safety"), and any anomalous items found documented and put into storage. If any survivors return with SCP-3157, they are to be psychologically evaluated before being interviewed and, if necessary, administered Class-A amnesiacs. Any staff members who do not return with SCP-3157 are to be declared deceased.

Description: SCP-3157 is the former Holmeswood Towers Amusement Park resort following the anomalous Events 3157-A and 3157-B. The site measures approximately 3.7 km² and is located in Staffordshire, England. The park itself is divided into nine separate sectors, each with a specific theme which rides, buildings and pathways are decorated to match. A system of footpaths link all the park's sectors, although a monorail and cable car system also operated across several sectors.

At 10:32 AM on 16/05/16, SCP-3157 and all individuals on-site disappeared, an occurrence since designated Event-3157-A. At the time of disappearance, witnesses say that an auditory shock wave, similar to a thunderclap, oscillated towards the centre of the park across an estimated radius of 1.93km. Following the event, a crater was left in SCP-3157's place, with all cables, water pipes and phone lines left exposed, seemingly severed. No anomalous features were found on the site following Event-3157-A. After the Foundation began investigations, the site was fenced off, and the remaining cables, pipes, etc, were removed.

Standard media blackout operations were put into effect, though due to Event-3157-A's scale, over 20 different national media outlets had already reported the event. This, paired with the significant effects of Event-3157-A (including the disappearance of an accounted 29,871 people), led to the deployment of MTF Gamma-5 ("Red Herrings") to erase all information regarding Event-3157-A and evidence of SCP-3157's existence.

At 3:40 PM on 07/05/17, SCP-3157 returned to its original position, an occurrence designated Event-3157-B. Again, an auditory shock wave was reported by Foundation personnel on site at the time, however this wave was observed to have radiated from the centre of the park as oppose to towards it. Similarly, this shock wave oscillated across an estimated radius of 1.90km.

MTF Epsilon-15 was immediately deployed to search the newly recovered SCP-3157. No survivors, bodies, or anomalous properties were found except a park merchandise notebook and pen found on a platform next to the park’s "PURGATORY" roller-coaster, located in the 'Devil's Land' sector of the park. Material found in the notebook is believed to be a suicide note written by the last remaining survivor of Event-3157-A, who remains unidentified. Despite this, no evidence of survivors living on the site has ever been found.

No further anomalous events have occurred in or around SCP-3157 since.


Transcript of material found in the notebook recovered from SCP-3157 following Event-3157-B

I’m writing this because everyone else is dead. Everyallofthem. I thought I couldn’t lose anyone else.
Gone. All gone. Stuck here never leaving. trapped chocking suffocating. murder
We told ourselves someone would rescue us. No one did. No one. we just needed the lie. Especially the kids. They didn't mind too much with all the rides to themselves and all the ice cream they could want from the reset. Unlimited ice cream. It always came back after every day. All the food in everywhere. And the rides worked without anyone running them. The kidsdren loved it. They had fun. fun happy happy happee
[REDACTED] killed himself. Jumped off the mansion. Killed. Dead. He'd had problems with suicide before, and I guess this place just killed made him want to die quickly. Understandcastleable.
Thekids that saw couldn't stop crying. He was so broken brokn. Their parents just put htem on the rides.
Soon aftrr, the reset stopped. We starved. We tried finding berries in the trees or animals in th wdds but they could only last so long. After about three months people started eating each other. Trying to rip into flesh with teeth teeht blood blood killed eat eat ate aeten eat
Then oneday the rieds they didnt stop and they kept going and going and going and the kids were dead all dead blood somuch bllood blod red. The rides killedthem all. Everyone was crying crying criing. The rest were all dead soon as well all dead liek them al ded. all jumpd like
Everyone is gone now. I jusrt want it totsop Just want end end enendd end dnend ned n e den d
He did this. He rman did thhis. Holmeswood

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