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A photograph of the inside of SCP-3173

Item #: SCP-3173

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Civilians should not be allowed on the island of SCP-3173. In a 2km radius around the island, civilian boats are to be redirected under the guise of a warning of jagged rocks directly under the water’s surface. An agreement with the United Nations and Russian government has been reached to block satellite footage and the airspace over the island.

The island is to patrolled by no less than 65 armed personnel, who must not approach the 4-meter concrete wall around the forest. The personnel must regularly undergo psychological screening to ensure they have no intentions of attempting to enter SCP-3173. Cameras are lined every 110-meters and are to be constantly monitored. The singular gate on the wall is welded shut, and to never be opened.

No exploration attempts are allowed, and no living object is to be passed through the barrier. Birds that might fly nearby are to be killed before reaching the barrier, and no fauna are to be allowed on the island. If any living objects enter the barrier, they are to be shot and killed instantly. Civilians that see the island or approach the forest are to be given Class-C amnestics, and redirected.

Description: SCP-3173 is a 4 km x 4 km rainforest on a small island off the north shore of Russia, comprised of flora that do not match any known species, encased by a wholly transparent intangible barrier that extends up for about 400 meters, and is an inch thick. A thick fog is present in the forest due to an unusually high humidity and heat, and the fact that gaseous matter cannot move through the barrier, despite solid and liquid matter moving through with no resistance. In addition to the separate gaseous atmospheres, heat does not transfer through the barrier, causing a drastic difference in temperature inside and outside the forest; the inside averaging 39 degrees celsius and the outside averaging negative 11 degrees celsius. The internal atmosphere seems to blend with the outside one at the top of the 400-meter barrier in a gradient fashion.

SCP-3173 appeared suddenly on 10/12/20██, causing most of the island to be instantly terraformed into the forest it is now. The few inhabitants of the island were never found. The Russian government notified the Foundation a few hours later after a boat attempting to return to the island called the local police. Class-A amnestics were given to anyone who lived on the island, or had relatives there, and Class-B were given to the police who responded to the call.

The attached files require Level-4 security clearance to be opened. Anyone found to have read these files bypassing proper authority checks will be terminated.

Exploration Log One

Initial Exploration of SCP-3173
Exploration Personnel: D-33847, D-65440
After a short delay, Dr. ██████ was approved to begin exploration of SCP-3173


Dr. ██████: I’m receiving video feed, testing mics.

D-33847: We read you doc

D-65440: Yah we hear you egghead

Dr. ██████: Don’t call me that D-65440. [pause] Please move into SCP-3173

Both D-Class proceed into SCP-3173. They each hold a flashlight which illuminates the forest in front of them. They are told to move further into 3173, and continue onwards

Dr. ██████: D-33847, could you collect a sample from the grass and a separate one from a tree for analysis.

D-33847: Sure thing doc. 65, I need to get the sampling gear out of my pack, keep watch

D-65440: Alright. [pause] Wait what am I looking out for exactly we’re totally alone

Dr. ██████: We don’t know what could be in here, just watch D-65440.

D-33847’s mounted camera comes off with the pack, and the feed records over his shoulder as he searches for the necessary materials. D-65440’s camera moves frequently, and he fidgets often. Eventually he sits down. Nothing notable happens for about 7 minutes, and the camera on the ground captures D-33847 taking a sample from the grass and leaves of the trees. D-33847 is placing the samples in his pack when D-65440 jumps to his feet suddenly

D-65440: Sh-Shit, doc did you see that? Something moved.

D-65440 is pointing to a spot in the trees. Upon review of the footage, slow movement can be seen for a few frames where he is pointing

Dr. ██████: No, what did you see?

D-65440: Something moved over there man, it was close too.

Dr. ██████: Do you have the samples?

D-33847: Yes. Yes I have them collected and stored to protocol.

Dr. ██████: Alright, you’re clear to return. When you get back we will int—

D-65440: [panicked] Fuck what is THAT?

Nothing appears to be seen on the camera footage, but both D-Class apparently see something there. After later reanalysis of the video, there is a slight distortion approximately 5 meters away from D-65440.

Dr. ██████: Where is it, what do you see? I don't see anything.

D-33847 returns his pack to his shoulders and they back away from where D-65440 was pointing, before turning around and jogging. The two are about 70 meters from the barrier when D-65440 falls as if his ankle is locked in place. D-33847 responds quickly, grabbing his hands and pulling. Later review of the video footage shows that the same distorted air was moving along D-65440’s legs before he was pulled away by D-33847. The two D-Class breach the barrier, and sit there panting for a few moments before the feed cuts


Post Exploration Interviews

Video interview with D-33847 after the first exploration of SCP-3173
Video shows Dr. Nelson sitting at a table with D-33847 in an up to code interview environment

Dr. Nelson: Explain what you saw in detail D-33847.

D-33847: It was, I don’t know doc. You know how the air above a barbeque is thicker than the air around it? It was like that but it was moving towards us. It was clearly after us, but it wasn’t hostile I don’t think

Dr. Nelson: Oh? It grabbed your friend. What makes you think that it wasn't hostile.

D-33847: Yah, it grabbed him alright. It wanted to do something with 65440 but it didn’t want to kill him. It could have pulled him back and crushed him with how strong it was considering it stopped him in place. No, it just wanted to catch up. Like it had something to say.

Dr. Nelson: Do you have anything else for the record D-33847?

Note: The initial files received by the foundation did not include anything beyond this point. The rest of the file was recovered on 1/15/20██

D-33847: Yah, actually. I got to thinking about something Dr. ██████ said after the exploration. Air can’t get through the barrier right? Could it be that whatever that thing was is trapped in there?

[End of Video]

The second interview is roughly the same setting, but with the other D-Class from the exploration. Dr. Nelson is conducting this interview as well

Dr. Nelson: I heard some interesting things from D-33847 about the exploration. You were the one who was, quote “attacked”, correct?

D-65440: [no response]

Dr. Nelson: Is there something on your mind D-65440?

D-65440: No, just thought this would be a safe thing to volunteer for. Explore a jungle in Russia, investigate the plant life; seemed perfectly safe.

Dr. Nelson: I see. Well, could you describe SCP-3173-1 as well as the incident surrounding it to me?

D-65440: Ain’t much to say you can’t find on the video. Some massive fart came out of the trees and grabbed me when we ran. It was strong enough to hold me back but we got away from it and made it out OK.

Dr. Nelson: I see. Well your colleague described the incident, as “not hostile” saying that it seemed like the entity only wanted to catch up. Would you agree?

D-65440: I don’t know, and I don't care. I’m never going back into that jungle. I got nothing else to say.

[End Video]

Second Exploration and Interviews

Second Exploration of SCP-3173
Exploration Personnel: MTF W-8: “The Librarians”
After Dr. █████ left the project, Dr. Nelson took over the oversight and exploration of SCP-3173. The transfer of the project and approval of another exploration took just over a month

[Start Log]

W8-1: Alright Doctor, is everyone online?

Dr. Nelson: Yes, I am receiving all 5 video feeds

W8-5: Alright, let's go check out this “angry fart”

Dr. Nelson: This isn’t to be taken as a joke W8-5, we don’t know what 3173-1 is capable of, only that it has high physical strength. Now; proceed into the barrier with caution.

W8-1: Alright, guys let’s move. Oh, happy new year Doc.

Dr. Nelson: Thank you… As you move in make sure you keep your eyes open. The D-Class who explored this prior to you claim that 3173-1 is difficult to see.

W-8 passes through the barrier. They hold their rifles down, having been informed that the entity is not likely to be damaged by bullet fire. They are there to investigate as they are more reliable than D-Class and can get more information.

W8-1: Anyone got eyes yet?

W8-2: Nothing yet. The fog is limiting vision to about 4 meters.

W8-4: Thermal isn’t picking anything up either. It seems to have the same body temperature as the surrounding air

W8-3: Assuming it’s still here.

Dr. Nelson: We have no reason to believe it left. I’m almost certain it’s still there. Fan out and search cautiously.

13 minutes of extraneous dialogue and footage have been cut from the log

W8-4 walks up to a clearing in the forest. The area is a few meters wide and filled with tall grass. She stops suddenly on the edge of the clearing

W8-4: [quietly] Hey doc, I found your fart.

Dr. Nelson: Are you sure? I can’t make anything out.

W8-4: I'm sure. It's just like the D-Boy described it. Looks like the air above a fire.

W8-1: Alright Librarians, report to W8-4’s location pronto.

W8-4: It’s in a clearing ahead of me. Don’t go into the clearing; I don't think it knows we're here yet.

W8-4’s camera picks up the clearing with no movement, save for a brief shimmer in the air directly in the center, mostly covered by the grass. The thick fog obstructs vision of the opposite end of the space. After 2 minutes, the rest of W-8 arrives at W8-4’s location.

Dr. Nelson: I still don’t have vision of 3173-1. I believe the fog is interfering too much with line of sight. See if you can get closer without alerting it.

W8-4 moves out of the forested area. She moves forwards for about 7 seconds before a sudden movement can be seen directly ahead of the camera. The fog disperses, and briefly, 3173-1 can be seen. It appears shapeless, and is only distinct from the air around it by its aforementioned shimmer, and the way it moves. It moves slowly forwards towards W8-4 before she turns around and runs back towards the rest of W-8

W8-4: Shit! Here it comes!

W8-1: Back away Librarians, and get ready to run.

W8-1 fires his rifle at the entity, after which it shoots downwards and isn’t visible on the camera feed

W8-5: Haha! Scared that fart straight!

W8-1: Doc, 3173-1 appears to have vanished into the shrubbery. We can't see it at all.

Dr. Nelson: Keep your eyes out and cameras moving, it has to still be nearby. We know for a fact it's slow.

W8-4: If it's in the grass we can't track it. It's concealed by the foliage and the fog.

Dr. Nelson: It can't have gone far, look for a sign, shaking grass, parting fog, we can't lose it.

2 minutes pass without anyone saying anything, scanning the area for 3173-1

W8-1: It's gone Dr. Nelson. It's been long enough that it could have made it anywhere by now. Requesting permission to return to camp and start again tomorrow.

Dr. Nelson: [sigh] Ok, return to camp for debriefing and review.

The 5 MTF units move in a singular direction until they begin to approach the border of the forest. As they get near the edge of the forest, W8-1 signals his team to stop.

W8-1: Wait, hold up Librarians. Something's been bothering me.

W-8 stops moving suddenly and looks at their leader.

Dr. Nelson: What’s the issue Whiskey One?

W8-1: Gas can’t move outside of the barrier, correct? And that creature, as far as we can tell, is made totally of gaseous matter.

Dr. Nelson: What are you suggesting?

W8-1: But the gas in our lungs isn't pushed out when we enter 3173. Or leave.
There is a slight pause as W-8 begins to think about what W8-1 said. Suddenly, W8-4 begins to run towards the barrier. W8-4 makes it to about 6 meters from the barrier before W8-1 fires 4 rounds into her legs

Dr. Nelson: What are you doing W8-1!

W8-1: SCP-3173-1 vanished suddenly. I assumed he entered the respiratory system of one of our troops. If we had let W8-4 leave 3173, 3173-1 would have breached containment.

W8-4: So, close.

Dr. Nelson: Wait.. that’s incredible! SCP-3173-1 appears to be capable of taking over the functions of a host through the respiratory system.

W8-1: Gawk later Doc, we can’t let 3173-1 get out of the barrier. We have to ensure 3173-1 remains contained.

W8-4: So close.

W8-4 continues to crawl towards the barrier, despite her legs being disabled. W8-1 warns her multiple times to stop, threatening to shoot her. She comes within 2 meters of the barrier, and W8-1 shoots her in the head, presumably killing her instantly. The rest of W-8 looks away. There is a short pause in radio chatter.

Dr. Nelson: You did what you had to W8-1. Now get out of there.

W8-3: I don’t think that’ll be easy. 3173-1 is still there. It’s 4 or 5 meters ahead.

W8-1: Don’t let it near you, we don’t know how long it takes to— shit it moved!

W-8 backs up from the location of W8-4’s corpse. There is another momentary pause where coms are silent.

W8-2: Fuck, d’ya think it’s still there?

W8-1: Doubtlessly, it could have already possessed one of us.

W8-5: Don’t think that fart touched me. Plus it couldn't talk right when it was possessing W8-4, and I'm talking fine.

W8-3: And with me, that makes 4, we can all talk as normal. I don't believe that SCP-3173-1 entered any of us.

W8-5: Alright are we clear to go?

W8-1: No, I don’t trust that, I’m sure one of us is possessed. 3173-1 wouldn’t just vanish, I’m certain. It displayed some level of sapiance, and it has us fenced off.

Dr. Nelson: I’m going to contact command, see what they can do

W8-1: It’s not worth our time, if 3173-1 can simulate our speech it can use a gun. If we wait, it'll kill us and leave anyways.

W8-3: What are you saying One? It doesn’t make logical sense. How could 3173-1 learn how we function so fast. It spent minutes controlling Four, but still couldn't speak.

Dr. Nelson: It learned how to control W8-4’s motor functions in a matter of seconds. I’m sure it has some kind of ability to connect to the brain. The respiratory system sends oxygen into the blood and all over the body. It would only take a few moments to reach the brain with how high your heart rates are right now.

W8-1: It could even have access to our memories by now.

W8-5: Hey, no farts touched me, I'm normal and not posessed

W8-2: Why’d’ya keep calling it a fart man? That’ll only piss it off, and it already seems angry enough with us for not letting it out.

W8-5 raises his rifle up to W8-2, who raises his hands.

W8-5: You could have at least made it less obvious you flatulent fucker.

W8-1: Whoa, Calm down Five, just put the fucking rifle down.

W8-5: He’s defending the damn thing, it’s gotta be him. My gut’s telling me that I can’t trust that. My gut's never wrong.

W8-1: And by shooting first, if you are even innocent, you just thin out our numbers and play into his hands. We don’t know how the Skip thinks. For all we know it’s W8-3 because he’s been too quiet so put, the fucking, rifle, down.

W8-5: Alright, fine. I just think tha-

W8-2 quickly raises his rifle and shoots W8-5 in the forehead. He falls backwards and stops moving, presumably died instantly. He turns to shoot W8-1, who already has his rifle aimed back. W8-1 fires first, firing a total of 5 rounds into W8-2. W8-2 crumples to the ground, and curtly, the distorted air synonymous with SCP-3173-1 rises from the corpse.

W8-1: To the barrier, go!

The two remaining MTF units sprint towards the wall, as away from 3173-1 as they can. The entity is much slower than the two MTF, and fails to catch them. They reach the wall. The mic inputs for 3 minutes is exclusively heavy breathing. Afterwards, W8-1 begins to cry.

[End Log]

Video interview of W8-1 after Exploration 2 with designated psychologist Dr. Marin
Dr. Nelson is present in the room taking notes

Dr. Marin: Hello W8-1. I’m assuming you know why we’re here.

W8-1: Because I killed 2 of my squadmates and you think I might be traumatized?

Dr. Marin: Yes. Do you think you are?

W8-1: Yes. [pause] I killed two of my lifelong friends for the greater good. This Skip forced me to kill people that were practically family to me.

Dr. Marin: I can understand how awful it must have been. As per protocol, I’m going to offer you amnestics for clearing the trauma since trauma tends to lower the effectiveness of MTF units. The choice; however, is yours.

Nothing is said for a short time. Suddenly W8-1 stands up

W8-1: No. Just because I had to kill them, doesn't mean I have to forget them.

W8-1 leaves the room

[End Video]

Additional Note: Although there was an interview with W8-3 where he elected to take the amnestics, it was not deemed essential to this file.

Dr. Nelson’s Breach

The following is a collection of security camera footage from various locations that show the travel path of SCP-3173-1 and Dr. Nelson on January 14th 20██, 2 weeks after exploration two

Observation Deck, Island of SCP-3173
10:32 AM: Dr. Nelson arrives on schedule and logs into his computer
10:36 AM: Dr. Nelson leaves the room out the east door, which leads directly to the forest
11:04 AM: Dr. Nelson returns and goes back to his computer. He spends the next hour doing research on the PC and then logs off, and leaves

Site-██, Light Containment
7:22 PM: Dr. Nelson walks past Dr. G████, the two stagger for a second. Dr. Nelson then proceeds to leave the building.
7:56 PM: Dr. G████ enters the observation deck for SCP-████ at Site-██. He sits down in an empty chair. After a few moments, the head researcher, Dr, H█████ nearly falls over. The other observers attempt to interact with him afterwards but he waves them down
11:03 PM: Shortly after the finished observation of SCP-████, Dr H█████, instead of retiring to his quarters, simply retrieves his Keycard and heads back into the facility.
11:58 PM: Dr. H█████ uses his keycard to enter the on site generator room.

Attached below are some insightful excerpts from Dr. Nelson’s research notes

SCP-3173-1 is imprisoned behind that barrier. I don’t know what put him back there, but I need to do more research. I thought this SCP assignment would be boring and pointless, but I may have found a way to get back at the foundation. Secure Contain Protect my ass, the people who run this place are the real monsters that we contain, and I need to make sure the whole world knows it. I need another exploration though, to see what this thing can do.

It appears that SCP-3173-1 not only imprisoned as I previously speculated, but sapient. My theories that hethe entity wants to be free from the forest are totally true as well. As far as I know, we did not imprison it, but, we are its current captors. The area it is in is clearly designed to hold it, as there is no other feasible reason it would be in there. It knows how to escape, and I know how to let it out, but I had to send the exploration logs to command. It would have been hard enough to get away with holding that information since 3 MTF Units died but I could have done it, but W8-1 refusing the amnestics means there is a witness besides myself to the incident. I’ll have to wait until the commotion dies down. I understand the pain of the creature, and I can set it free. We can both get what we want. I simply have to wait until their attention is off of him. From there, it’ll be easy

They are forcing my hand. Command decided that I’m not fit to handle this SCP, since it could be dangerous. If it were to possess someone within the foundation, the damage it could do would be irreparable, and since I was only assigned here because they were hoping to categorize this thing as Safe, they’re moving me. 3173-1 needs to be let out now, and I intend to let him out. Equipped with my memories, he should be able to destroy the foundation undetected. I will be terminated, but it will well worth it in the end. I speculate that SCP-3173-1 gains the knowledge and traits of everyone he possesses, meaning that if I allow him to enter a scientist with 04-access, he’ll be able to cause havoc. I’m going to be the one to set him on that path.

January 15th Incident

The following is a log file of the events that transpired on 1/15/20██ at 12:02 AM at the power station of Site-██, including the termination of Dr. Nelson and containment of SCP-3173-1

Dr H█████ enters the power station, and begins to move into the room. The door behind him is stopped, and opened by someone on the outside. An MTF later identified as former Whisky 8 unit 1, now working on site security, moves through the door behind Dr. H█████.

W8-1: Dr. H█████, what do you think you're doing in here.

Dr. H█████: I left something behind, I just need to grab it and I'll be on my way.

W8-1: In the room most crucial to the function of this Containment Site, past midnight, by yourself?

Dr. H█████: Are you doubting my authority Whiskey One? I thought you were retiring to on site security.

W8-1: That’s why I’m here. I observed some strange movements throughout the facility today, including that of a certain Dr. Nelson.

Dr. H█████: What does that have to do with me?

W8-1: Another thing I noticed—

Dr. H█████: Now if you don’t mind, I’ll just grab my things and be on my way. I have 04 access for a reason and—

W8-1: I’ve never met you before now Doc, and I’m in my security officer uniform. Why did you call me Whiskey One?

There is a short pause in which nothing is said. On seperate feeds, Dr. Nelson can be seen approaching the door.

Dr. H█████: I’m not that practiced at this. Juggling all these memories gets hard sometimes.

W8-1: Just come with me SCP-3173-1. We’ll get you back to that forest and there doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Dr. Nelson, at this point in the feed, opens the door, armed with a small handgun. He fires one shot at W8-1, which misses. W8-1 turns to Nelson and shoots him in the chest three times with his security issued rifle. W8-1 turns back to Dr. H█████, and fires a round. Hitting his keycard as he attempted to turn the power off

Dr. H█████: [pauses] If only I had the sense to enter you first instead of Four. Things would have turned out much differently.

SCP-3173-1 leaves Dr. H█████ and begins to physically crush the nearest generator. The process is slow, and the rest of Security arrives in 32 seconds. They manage to recontain 3173-1 in an airtight container before major damage is done

W8-1: This skip is too powerful for this container, that won't hold for more than an hour. For now we need to return it to SCP-3173 ASAP until we can find better ways to contain it.

Note: There still is no better way to contain SCP-3173-1 than SCP-3173. After this incident, all resources for the SCP’s containment were redirected to keeping any creature large enough for SCP-3173-1 to enter away from SCP-3173

[End Log]

Official Response from O5-Command about the incident at Site-██.
I understand that some of you are wondering how SCP-3173-1 breached containment in the first place. For anyone who understands the situation surrounding the SCP, you understand that someone most likely intentionally let it out. This is true. The foundation took an excessive amount of time to work out the kinks in the leadership of the team investigating SCP-3173, and it allowed a vengeful scientist who had been demoted to Level-2 clearance for questioning and acting against the wishes of command to access something dangerous. What we as a foundation have learned is that the slack surrounding the paperwork for this SCP almost caused an immense breach, and it’s due to a series of coincidences that we avoided catastrophe. We are working with the file keeping department to streamline such essential actions, to avoid something like this happening again.

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