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Scp 3185

Item#: SCP-3185

Object class: Keter

Containment procedures:
SCP-3185 is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m empty cell. Due to SCP-3185’s anomalous effects it is required to be sedated at all times. SCP-3185’s cell must be monitored at all times and at least 2 guards are required to wait outside SCP-3185’s cell to administer another dose of Class A sedative when it awakes. This process must be done as quickly as possible to prevent SCP-3185 from damaging its cell. Upon administering sedative it’s cell must be thoroughly inspected for any damage or instances of SCP-3185-1

SCP-3185 is a Caucasian male of around 40 years of age and is 1.6m tall and weighs approximately 98kg. SCP-3185 is Antoine █████, former head chef of ███████ in █████, italy. ███████ was shut down in 1998 after customers reported strange substances in the food being served to them. SCP-3185 is obsessed with what it calls the ‘ordine finale’ or final order. When SCP-3185 is awake it will immediately grab the nearest piece of matter he can find and proceed to prepare it into an Italian dish, referred to as SCP-3185-1. All instances of SCP-3185-1 that SCP-3185 creates are items that could be found on the menu at ███████. So far SCP-3185 has been seen using numerous objects into these SCP-3185-1 including:

  • A sign post
  • Roof tiles
  • 10 gallons of water
  • An adult male German Shephard
  • 3 Class D personnel
  • 1 armed recovery unit personnel
  • Several chunks of the wall of it’s cell

The matter that is used in creating his SCP-3185-1 is traceable within the dish however consuming it has so far been reported to taste like the intended dish. Whether consuming SCP-3185-1 has any adverse effects on the subject is unknown due to interference of SCP-3185 (see Testing log 1).
All attempts at terminating SCP-3185 have so far been unsuccessful and prompted it to respond with ‘Non è ancora finito’ (it’s not finished yet)

Recovery notes:
SCP-3185 came to the attention of the foundation after several civilians contacted the authorities with word of ‘a crazy chef turning people into lasagne’. A recovery unit of 5 armed personnel was sent to retrieve SCP-3185. SCP-3185 was reportedly able to grab 1 of the personnel and {DATA EXPUNGED}. Several rounds were reported to have been fired into SCP-3185 but with no effect

Testing log 1:
Subject D-7623 was instructed by Dr █████ to consume an instance of SCP-3185-1 created by SCP-3185 out of a chunk of its cell wall. Subject D-7623 reported it tasting just like a normal plate of spaghetti Bolognese. Upon consumption SCP-3185 awoke from its sedated state and breached its containment cell. Further administration of sedative proved ineffective. SCP-3185 made its way through several heavy containment doors before reaching the testing facility at site ██. It then proceeded to grab subject D-7623 and {DATA EXPUNGED}. The retrieved matter was then turned back into SCP-3185-1. SCP-3185 was reported saying ‘non è per voi’ (it is not for you). Use of sedative after this proved effective again.

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