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Item #: SCP-3192

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3192 is held at Site 57, on sub-level 23 in Room 23-4. The subject is to be contained within a 1500 liter cylindrical tempered glass aquarium that is pressure sealed and filled with preservative solution [REDACTED]. SCP-3192 should be placed in the center of a 5m x 25m x 25m room. The walls are to be lead-lined and security cameras affixed on all four corners. The security feed is to be monitored according to Site-57's standard operating procedures. Because of SCP-3192's cognitohazardous capabilities only D-class personnel are authorized to enter SCP-3192 containment room. Personnel who have entered the room, upon exiting, are to be immediately restrained and escorted to Dr. █████ for psychological testing and interview. Depending of the level of cognitive corruption, personnel affected by SCP-3192 are to be terminated.

Following the incident that occurred on ██/██/████, a review of SCP-3192's containment procedures has been commissioned. It appears that, as SCP-3192 regenerates, its mind-altering effects increase in both range and potency. In the meantime, all rooms adjacent to Room 23-4 have been cleared and sealed off. Dr. Hardeen has requested that sub-levels 21, 22, 24 and 25 be cleared as well. (See Addendum 3192-A).

Description: Upon initial recovery, SCP-3192 appeared to be a large eyeball originating from an unknown entity. The eye measures 63 cm across with a 21 cm pupil and weighs approximately 20 kg. Attempts to autopsy SCP-3192 were halted when Dr. ██████ began experiencing severe headaches and auditory hallucinations during the procedure. Upon later inspection, the preliminary incisions made by Dr. ██████ had disappeared.

Continued research on SCP-3192 was delayed several weeks following the discovery of SCP-████. Site-57 resources and personnel were redistributed to accommodate the new discovery.

When research of SCP-3192 recommenced, drastic physical changes were noted. A thin layer of greenish skin had formed around the eye; formation of a small nub was also observed. (See Addendum 3192-B).

SCP-3192 possesses cognitohazardous properties, capable of affecting human subjects within certain proximity. Severity of its mind-altering effects is dependent on time spent within its effective range. Brief exposure to SCP-3192 can cause severe headaches and hallucinations; subjects also describe hearing "whispering" from an unknown voice. Long-term exposure to SCP-3192 can cause schizophrenic behavior, psychotic episodes and termination through brain death.

It has been observed that subjects affected by SCP-3192 display devotion to it. Dr. Hardeen has used the term "mental subjugation" to describe this behavior. SCP-3192 has also attempted to communicate to Foundation Staff by utilizing effected personnel. (See Addendum 3192-C).

Discovery: SCP-3192 was discovered on ██/██/████, when it washed up on shore of ████ Beach in ██████. Foundation Informant ████ notified the nearest Field Office and Agent ███ was dispatched with a containment crew. Class-C amnesiacs were administered to all civilian witnesses and local authorities. SPC-3192 was then transported to Site 57.

Addendum 3192-A: The following is a transcript of CCTV Camera 97 on ██/██/████, from between the hours of 19:12:07 UTC to 21:40:46 UTC. CCTV Camera 97 is situated in Hallway 23-C, with view of the entrance to Room 23-4.

< Begin log>

19:12:07 UTC: D-████, of the over-night janitorial staff, comes into view of CCVT Camera 97. D-████ is mopping floors and polishing metallic surfaces with cleaner.

19:16:22 UTC: D-████ begins wiping down the secured door to Room 23-4.

19:17:32 UTC: D-████ suddenly stops all actions and appears to slump over, his head hitting the door to Room 23-4.

19:19:47 UTC: D-████ collapses on floor and assumes the fetal position.

19:27:59 UTC: Camera 97's audio receiver captures the following dialogue from D-████, "No… I can't… please, they'll kill me". D-████ continues to speak variations of these phrases.

20:05:15 UTC: "Don't say that, Master. I've always been loyal… I'll do anything for you! But… but… but… I'll die". D-████ goes silent and appears to convulse in pain.

21:03:15 UTC: "Yes… paradise… you would do that for me, Master? I'm not worthy of such kindness. I'm nothing… I've wasted my life, (inaudible)".

21:25:37 UTC: "The gates will open and the sins of man will bring forth The Great Reckoning. We are all guilty and only those who have cleansed themselves of evil will be rewarded. I see now, my master". D-████ stands up and raises his arms and bows his head as if in prayer.

21:37:15 UTC: D-████ grabs his mop and breaks it over his knee, wielding the broken handle as a weapon.

21:38:54 UTC At this point Foundation Security becomes aware of D-████ failure to report in by the Janitorial Supervisor. Two guards are sent to search for the subject.

21:40:46 UTC D-████ begins running down the hall and leaves CCTV Camera 97's view.

<End log>

Closing statement: D-████ was later confronted by two armed Foundation Guards. D-████ was asked multiple time to put down his weapon and allow himself to be apprehended. D-████ proceed to lunge at the guards with the intent to stab them. Foundation guard fired two shots into D-████'s left thigh. Despite injury, the subject began crawling towards the guards, still brandishing his weapon. Guards were then able to restrain D-████ and secure him in the infirmary. After these events, subject was unresponsive to questioning. Neuroimaging tests reported no brain activity, D-████ was subsequently terminated.

Addendum 3192-B: The following is a growth chart documented by Dr. Hardeen. Documentation of SCP-3192's growth began after the first observation of the Subjects regenerative abilities.

██/██/████: Eyeball measures 63 cm across with a 21 cm pupil. Green transparent skin has formed around the eye. This is most likely the formation of an eyelid. On the posterior side a small nub has formed, possible the optic nerve.

██/██/████: Muscle has begun to form around the eye. The nub has continued to grow to approximately 9 cm, evidence of nerve endings can be seen.

██/██/████: Muscle growth has continued at an alarming rate. Skin around eye has thickened to the point that the eyeball can no longer be seen.

██/██/████: Movement has been observed for the first time. Muscle integrity has reached the point that allows SCP-3192 to blink. The Subjects eye can also articulate itself. Subject is constantly looking around, observing its surroundings. Even though we examine SCP-3192 though a high-resolution camera, it seems to know when we're watching. It will stare right at the lens.

██/██/████: Bone fragments have appeared jutting out of muscle. Greenish skin has also begun to grow over muscle tissue.

██/██/████: Large plates of bone have grown, possibly the formation of the skull. Muscle and skin continue follow the growing bone. No observation of brain matter yet.

██/██/████: SCP-3192's growth has reached the point that I am concerned with the structural integrity of its container. I have consulted with Head Researcher ████████ and Dr.███ for possible solutions to this dilemma.

██/██/████: Growth can no longer be observed, as SCP-3192 now encompasses the entirety of its container.

Observation notes: I can only describe SCP-3192's growth an extraordinary. In all my years, working for The Foundation, I have never been so thoroughly enraptured by a specimen. To witness such growth, in such a short span of time, is amazing. I have suggested to Dr. ██████, that we move SCP-3192 to a larger container, so we can continue to watch The Master grow.

Following this report, Dr. Hardeen was detained by Foundation Security. Dr. Hardeen was caught attempting to break SCP-3192 glass with a fire ax. Psychological examination has shown that Dr. Hardeen's mind was corrupted by SCP-3192's influence. As a precaution, Head Researcher ████████ has ordered all personnel previously assigned to SCP-3192 be moved to other Foundation Facilities.

Addendum 3192-C: The following are interview logs conducted with personnel who have been affected by SCP-3192's cognitohazardous abilities.

Test Procedure: D-60018 was released in to SCP-3192's containment room. Subject remained in the room for 15 minutes before he was extracted.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: How are you feeling?

D-60018: My head hurts, I feel sick… (D-60018 vomits)

Dr. ██████: That's okay, try to relax. Take deep breaths.

D-60018: It was talking to me… that… thing.

Dr. ██████: What did it say?

D-60018: Not sure… couldn't understand most of it. A gurgling in my head… but it felt… powerful. It hurt, felt like needles piercing my skull.

Dr. ██████: You said you couldn't understand most of it, but what did you understand?

D-60018: I'm trying to think… (D-60018 grabs head and winces in pain)

Dr. ██████: Just focus on the voice, you can do it.

D-60018: It wants out of that tube, I know that for sure. Something else though… It wanted something from me…

Dr. ██████: What did it say, what did it want from you?

D-60018: Submit… it wanted me to submit. (D-60018 begins crying and clawing at his face)

Dr. ██████: Stop that, you'll hurt yourself!

D-60018: IT WANTED ME! (Dr. ██████ and guard restrain subject)

<End log>

Observation notes: D-60018 was restrained and sedated, then transported to Site 57's psychiatric ward. Dr. ██████ attempted to treat the subject with Class-B amnesiacs. Although subject can no longer remember entering SCP-3192's room, mental instability has not regressed.

Test Procedure: D-51451 was restrained with a straitjacket and released into SCP-3192's containment room. A 10 m chain was fastened to the subject, allowing the research team to pull the subject out, if needed. D-51451 remained in the room for 30 minutes before he was extracted.

<Begin log>

Dr. ██████: Tell me, D-51451, how are you feeling?

D-51451: You can weeble!

Dr. ██████: Excuse me?

D-51451: You can wobble!

Dr. ██████: Can you hear me?

D-51451: But you can't…

Dr. ██████: Don't say it…

D-51451: FALL DOWN! (D-51451 slams head against table with considerable force)

<End log>

Observation notes: D-51451 was taken to the infirmary for treatment of head trauma. No brain activity was present, unclear if this was caused by subject's self-inflicted injury or SCP-3192.

Test Procedure: Procedures are identical to previous test, only variable was time spent in SCP-3192's containment room. D-33055 remained in the room for 60 minutes before she was extracted.

<Begin log>

Dr. ██████: D-33055, how do you feel?

D-33055: Cista ahin fahn kuraga mofat.

Dr. ██████: Please speak English.

D-33055: Aktuan gi lahgi muu mi xirtaa.

Dr. ██████: Can we get a translator over here? (Spoken to Dr. Hardeen through microphone)

D-33055: Lasigin ke jokta muurt… taa mihu nolong vasuul.

Dr. ██████: What language are you speaking? I can't understand you.

D-33055: Kookuruk. Kookuruk. Kookuruk. (Subject goes silent and no longer responds to Dr. ██████)

<End log>

Observation notes: Foundation linguists were able to identify D-33055's words as an ancient Sumerian dialect. The language was thought lost to modern researchers. Nothing in D-33055's personnel file suggest that the subject would have knowledge, let alone fluency, of the language. Only a partial translation was possible, "The Vault of Lunacy will open soon".

Foreword: Interview with Dr. Milo Hardeen, following his attempt to break SCP-3192's enclosure.

<Begin log>

Dr. ██████: Dr. Hardeen, care to explain your actions from last night?

Dr. Hardeen: (Stares blankly at hands)

Dr. ██████: Milo!

Dr. Hardeen: Ah… yes. I was trying to examine SCP-3192.

Dr. ██████: Entry to SCP-3192's room in forbidden to anyone other than D-class personnel. You of all people know the danger of entering that room. What's going on?

Dr. Hardeen: I needed to take a closer look, SCP-3192 has outgrown its container. I have petitioned numerous times to move the subject to a larger enclosure… but they keep ignoring my requests.

Dr. ██████: Can't you see the danger of doing that? SCP-3192 has proven to be a threat to this facility.


Dr. ██████: Milo, it has infected your mind.

Dr. Hardeen: No it hasn't… I'm perfectly sound. I've never entered the room!

Dr. ██████: Yes… you did. We found you in there, swinging an ax at the glass.

Dr. Hardeen: No… I wouldn't… you can't go in there. (Dr. Hardeen becomes visibly agitated)

Dr. ██████: We will help you. It seems like SCP-3192's control is not complete on you yet. There is still hope.

Dr. Hardeen: Preposterous… what you're saying is crazy… not me… never. You are the one who has been compromised. Yes… I remember, you were in the room! (Dr. Hardeen stands up). Guards, restrain that man! (Dr. Hardeen yells this to guards posted outside the interrogation room).

Dr. ██████: Milo, please.

Dr. Hardeen: The Master has not infiltrated my mind! (Dr. Hardeen attempts to leave the interrogation room).

Dr. ██████: Guards, come in.

<End log>

Closing statement: Dr. Hardeen was administered a sedative and secured in a holding cell. He was later re-classed as Class-E personnel and moved to Site ██ for further treatment.

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