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Still Frame of footage from SCP-3202's cell

Item #: SCP-3203

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3202 is to be kept in a 1 x 1 x 2 meter steel cell with walls at least 15 centimeters thick and equipped with a standard speaker. The speaker is to be checked for damage regularly. This cell will have one remotely controlled door which is to be kept closed at all times except during testing of the specimen and maintenance of the speaker. This door will lead into a standard 5 x 5 x 5 meter containment room with the walls meeting the same criteria as the smaller cell. SCP-3202 is only allowed into this room during testing. Only one person is allowed into the room at a time. Staff entering room for maintenance of the speaker are required to look down at all times except during repairs. Any persons exiting SCP-3202's room must first be checked for instances of SCP-3202-B. If a person exiting the room is found to be an instance of SCP-3202-B they are to be held in a standard humanoid containment chamber until expiration.

Description: Due to SCP-3202's nature it is difficult, at this time, to obtain an accurate description of its physical appearance. However, the majority of eyewitnesses who are able to stand looking at SCP-3202 for a longer than average describe it as a white humanoid between 1 and 2 meters tall with no discernible features.

Looking directly at SCP-3202 causes visual to the viewer as well as blurred vision, acute eye pain, and ringing in the ears. Recording SCP-3202 through digital means results in high amounts of corruption and visual distortion to the recording. There is currently no known way to view SCP-3202 without these disruptions.

SCP-3202 has been shown to move through physical matter up to 10 centimeters thick, but shows more difficulty moving through metallic substances.

Individuals who have been touched by SCP-3202 become instances of SCP-3202-B. Instances of SCP-3202-B retain their original appearance and biology but don't express emotion or feel pain, and will cause minor distortions in recording equipment. Instances of SCP-3202-B will do everything in their power to assist SCP-3202 in any way they can, which most commonly consist of trying to free it.

SCP-3202-B specimens do not seem to be affected by SCP-3202's effects to visual and auditory perception.

If an instance of SCP-3202-B is not allowed contact with SCP-3202 for 48 hours it will die. Autopsies show show cause of death to be brain hemorrhaging.

Discovery: SCP-3202 was discovered after a drastic increase in 911 calls reporting trespassing and robberies in the town of ████████, ██████████ was reported to the foundation. These reports were disregarded until additional reports came in of frequent camera malfunctions in certain areas and a creature that hurt to look at. Multiple SCP-3202-B instances were followed to an out of use office building where SCP-3202 was discovered.

Plans were originally made to convert the building into site-3202 as it was not known at the time how to move SCP-3202. These plans were abandoned when it was discovered that SCP-3202 is attracted towards the sounds of static that cameras make when recording it.

All instances of SCP-3202-B followed the cargo truck containing SCP-3202 on foot until being terminated by agents present.

Addendum: 3202.1:Notes of Dr.██████ on SCP-3202.

Current hypothesis on the purpose/reason of SCP-3202's visual anomalies

  • Defence mechanism

SCP-3202's visual attacks are a means of scaring away other beings who wish to harm it. This would explain why SCP-3202-B instances don't seem to be affected. This is supported by tests in which D-Class personnel were ordered to attack it, where 65% were too afraid to approach and the other 45% were in too much pain to attack once within striking distance. Leading theory.

  • Disguise

Due to its nature, SCP-3202 cannot be seen by any known means. What if this is to hide its true appearance? D-Class personnel describe seeing a white humanoid figure of average height through the distortion, but cannot see anything else other than that. There is a possibility that SCP-3202 looks human underneath all that distortion, and without it could blend in with the general population. Unlikely.

  • Unintentional

The visual distortion has no purpose and is simply a property of its being. Boring but Likely.

  • Supreme being

SCP-3202 is an Eldritch horror/extradimensional entity/divine being and cannot be comprehended by mere mortals. Highly unlikely.

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