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Item #: SCP-3210

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Area 3210 is to be built around SCP-3210-A, with at least one kilometer between the edge of SCP-3210-A and the perimeter of Area 3210. An electrified fence five meters tall is to be built 300m outside of SCP-3210-A. This fence is to have guard towers positioned every 500m. Any instances of SCP-3210-B who attempt to reach this fence are to be terminated.

In the case that an instance of SCP-3210-B breaches this fence, MTF Alpha-9 (Alt-Gock) are to respond. Once containment has been reestablished, the interior fence and the border of Area 3210 is to be expanded in order to maintain the proper distances.

Knowledge of the existence of SCP-3210 is restricted to personnel assigned to SCP-3210 and the O5 Council. Other personnel or civilians who learn information relating to SCP-3210 are to be amnesticized. Standard disinformation protocol is to be employed in order to conceal the existence of Area 3210 from unauthorized persons.

The use of Scranton-class Reality Anchors inside of SCP-3210-A is strictly prohibited.

Description: SCP-3210 is the collective designation for the town of Ridgefort, Michigan, the surrounding area, and its inhabitants. SCP-3210-A is a geographic area encompassing the town of Ridgefort and approximately 27km² outside, mostly to the south. SCP-3210-B is the designation given to anomalous individuals residing within SCP-3210-A. There are 323 instances of SCP-3210-B, eleven of which were originally Foundation personnel and the rest of which are native to Ridgefort.

Subjects inside SCP-3210-A, such as instances of SCP-3210-B, experience ZK-class reality and perception alteration. As such, different personnel perceive and interact with SCP-3210-A differently. The appearance and content of SCP-3210-A is unique to every individual. Subjects with conflicting perceptions of SCP-3210-A often report each other performing impossible feats, such as walking on air or disappearing spontaneously. However, no actions have occurred that would be impossible from the relevant subject's perspective1.

Variations between subjects are more minor on the peripheries of SCP-3210-A, generally manifesting as insignificant changes in textures. Variations are stronger closer to the geographic center of SCP-3210-A and often manifest as inconsistencies between entire buildings or streets. This phenomenon also affects recorded images and representations, which has complicated exploration and documentation. Subjects may perceive any visual or audio content related to SCP-3210-A uniquely, including photographs, videos, and computer-generated representations.

Items necessary for survival of SCP-3210-B instances, such as food and potable water, are replenished in stores throughout SCP-3210-A by anomalous means. Instances of SCP-3210-B do not find this strange, though they do react with confusion and fear to the other anomalous phenomena exhibited in SCP-3210-A. The culture of SCP-3210-B is mostly consistent with early 2000s Midwest American culture, with the notable exception that sports are not popular among the majority of SCP-3210-B instances.

Subjects who enter SCP-3210-A begin experiencing altered perception after between approximately half an hour and four days of exposure. From this point on they become instances of SCP-3210-B and exhibit the same anomalous properties. SCP-3210-B only exist inside of SCP-3210-A; when an instance of SCP-3210-B attempts to exit SCP-3210-A, SCP-3210-A expands in that direction. SCP-3210-A has grown 23km² since it was contained.

Addendum 01: Excerpts from Document 3210-r (Exploration Logs)

The following are individual audio feeds from members of MTF Rho-29 ("Mirage Meanderers") on Mission 3210-08. The purpose of this mission was to establish and maintain a Foundation presence inside of SCP-3210-A.

Codename: Washington
Age: 31
Position: Level 3 Agent, Team Leader
Previous Assignment: MTF Omicron-7

00:00:00: Mic check. Everybody check in. Washington.

00:00:10: All present. Let's move in.

00:24:06: Approaching the town.

00:37:34: Negative. Do not engage the specter unless absolutely necessary. That's not our mission.

00:45:03: Roger. Jefferson, Lincoln, check around the back. Adams, Madison, keep watching the street and holler if anything comes. Roosevelt, with me.

00:47:07: That's a creepy painting.

00:47:12: You don't see the painting? Roosevelt, I'm going to need an update on what you see.

00:47:20: Okay, that's mostly consistent with what I see.

00:49:21: Check the cellar.

00:52:04: Where's Lincoln?

00:52:16: Everybody check in. Washington.

00:52:24: Command, we've lost contact with Lincoln.

01:12:09: I see someone. Looks like a human.

01:12:31: It's a kid.

01:12:40: Affirmative. Jefferson, come with me. It might have valuable intel.

01:14:57: Same deal as before. Kid says the people in here know where the mayor is. Jefferson, stick with us.

01:20:10: Specter five o'clock!

01:20:28: Tango down. Command, Roosevelt is bleeding rather badly. Requesting evacuation. Jefferson, if we don't find people in here then that kid lied to us, unless his parents are specters.

01:20:37: Alright then. Command says we've been affected by the skip so evac is off the table.

01:22:25: Oh fuck.

Addendum 02: Excerpt from Document 3210-h (Recovered Documentation)

The following is a transcript of a video taken during Mission 3210-05. The video is believed to be of a speech given by Mayor Greenfield in 2016. Due to the nature of SCP-3210, subjects who view this video report a number of different variations in the text of the speech. As such, the most common variations are listed in the document, denoted with different colors​.

Approximately 40% of subjects report the addition of pink text in the speech, 15% report the addition of the blue text, and 25% report the addition of gold text. The remaining ten percent report a mixture of two or three.

Greetings, people of Ridgefort. I am here tonight to deliver a message of unity and strength. This message comes deeply from my heart, and I hope you all heed my words. The time for quarreling and division is behind us. We now stand in the precipice of greatness. Who will join us? And who will perish?

A new era is beginning. A wave is sweeping across our town, a surge of optimism and pride that will crush all who oppose it with a power/that will carry us into an age the likes of which we have not seen before. These next few years will define who we are, what our town is. The land we leave to our children. The world we inhabit. What will we leave for the future of Ridgefort? Will we be defined by our surroundings, or rise above them and crush the pitiful sheep around us/like an eagle soaring through the sky/as we ought to, as children of God?

My fellow Ridgefortians, we need not hide who we are from pathetic humans/from those who do not understand our way of life. Our destiny is too great to live shackled to this place, this country, this world. This universe. Friends, I offer you only what all men desire: freedom and divinity. Same as our forefathers left the Old World for America, so must we too leave this world for a new one. And we must bring our dirty/beautiful town with us, for it is our home.

Pull, pull with all your strength, my people. Ridgefort will rise to the heavens and leave this disaster of a world in the ashes/behind/behind. Those of you who do not aspire to greatness, I weep for you. For you hold us back, and will die/that is a great tragedy/will die mercifully. Our town already bears the scars of violence. Those among us who wish to see more like that infernal Warner and his cronies/like Glen Warner must not prevail. Even now, the streets bulge and shudder under the weight of our indecision. This great tug of war must end. We must act with conviction to transform Ridgefort into the nightmare/city on a hill/paradise it was meant to be.

Some of our brothers and sisters have already begun the arduous process of this amazing migration. They are not long for this world, my friends, for they are soon to inhabit a new one. A better one. They are ghosts; ghoulish specters with no faces and no humanity./Their countenances are translucent, for most of their souls reside in a new plane. Soon we all shall. Even the enemies of our people, our neighbors who chain us to this forsaken universe, will find glory in the new world we will create for ourselves. Or they will die painfully. None shall oppose our abhorrent/holy/glorious endeavor, or they will die. Believe me, they will. They all will.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

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