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EuclidSCP-3217 Dead WeightRate: 3

Photo of SCP-3217 shortly after containment.

Item #: SCP-3217

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3217 should be closely monitored by security cameras at all times for any anomalous activity. Civilians should be strongly discouraged from holding funeral services in SCP-3217, and use of force is permitted in cases of extreme resistance. Civilians who enter SCP-3217 and show signs of affectation are to be detained and questioned upon leaving the area.

Description: SCP-3217 is a cemetery in Truro, England, covering approximately 0.01 square kilometers of land. SCP-3217 consists of mostly flat terrain and contains 97 marked graves, as of the most recent count. All 97 headstones are blank, and have no engraving or indication of identity. Prior to Foundation intervention, SCP-3217 was a popular religious landmark in Cornwall, and served as "a divine example of God's almighty and everlasting presence".

SCP-3217 only shows anomalous effects on subjects who have come into contact with a vessel containing a corpse, such as a coffin or casket, while within its confines. The most common subjects affected are coffin-carriers who unwittingly enter SCP-3217 as part of funeral processions.

SCP-3217's effects begin to manifest when a subject's physical contact with the vessel is interrupted or ceased. As long as the subject is in the cemetery, the weight of carrying the coffin or casket will persist, despite no longer being in physical contact with it. This has been shown to severely inhibit movement, respiratory function, and skeletal integrity. When questioned, victims report an intense strain on shoulder muscles and noticeably slower movement, as a result of the invisible weight. Victims with a muscular body mass index of less than 20 report significant breathing difficulties and exhaustion. The fatigue's effect on the body depends on the position of the carrier; those who carried from their left suffer muscle strain on their right, and vice versa. Effects of SCP-3217 vary depending on the subject's physical strength and stamina.

As soon as the subject exits SCP-3217, the effects immediately cease. Interviewed coffin-carriers report that the experience is similar to "the hand of God lifting a great burden". However, if the subject enters SCP-3217 again, the effects instantly return. Victims of SCP-3217 have claimed that the weight was trying to "drag them into the very depths of Hell," and that it served as a "test of faith". Note that the effects do not present themselves if the coffin or casket is empty. The methods by which SCP-3217 produces its anomalous effects is unknown.

At least fourteen deaths have been caused by the fatigue. The recorded victims all died due to excessive muscle breakdown and eventual cardiac arrest, and all but two had been employed as coffin-carriers. However, this data was only collected from the past two decades. It is unknown exactly how many casualties have resulted from SCP-3217's effect, although locals claim its effects have existed since the twelfth century.

Seven other casualties have been associated with SCP-3217, although these were due to the introduction of SCP-895.

SCP-3217 has been shown to produce significantly more dangerous effects when SCP-895 is carried through it. When a person breaks physical contact with SCP-895 while within the confines of SCP-3217, he or she will experience an escalated variant of the anomaly, in which [REDACTED]. As of 04/13/██, tests involving SCP-895 and SCP-3217 are prohibited by the Foundation, following the events of Test A.

Test A - 04/11/██

Subject: SCP-3217, SCP-895, D-1434, D-0900, D-6003, D-1673, D-8880, D-5422
Procedure: D-Class personnel will escort SCP-895 through SCP-3217, carrying it on their shoulders. Doctor U. Vigo will scan for any new anomalous reactions.

<Begin Log, 7:10>

Doctor Urving Vigo: Preparations are in place. All D-Class personnel, please follow the instructions administered, or we will not hesitate to shoot you. Please pick up SCP-895; three of you on each side.

D-0900: Doesn't this thing [expletive] people up? I don't wanna touch this!

Dr. Vigo: SCP-895 only affects those observing camera footage of it, D-0900, which is why we will be observing individual stills to collect data. May I remind you that you have a sniper rifle pointed at your head as we speak, and if you refuse to pick up SCP-895 within the next two seconds, I will give the kill order.

D-1434: Just cooperate, man. We get a lunch break after this.

Dr. Vigo: Proceed through SCP-3217 in a straight line, and do not stop carrying SCP-895 until you have reached the containment checkpoint at the other side. Once you have reached the checkpoint, surrender possession of SCP-895 to MTF Eta-10 and await further instructions.

D-6003: Holy shit, this thing is heavy.

D-1673: What is even inside this thing, anyway? A 300-pound vampire?

D-8880: Jesus Christ, I just got the biggest [expletive] splinter in all of human history. Can we move faster, people?

D-1434: Shut up, asshole. We're almost there. *panting*

Dr. Vigo: Excellent. Once SCP-895 has been re-contained, form a single-file line at the checkpoint and walk in an orderly fashion back to the entrance.

D-0900: What the hell? God, my back! *grunting*

D-1434: We're not even carrying the damn thing anymore, Jesus! It's like dragging a [expletive] car!

D-0900: God, why is it so muddy all of a sudden?

D-5422: Wait up, my foot is stuck!

Dr. Vigo: Are we getting this, Eta-10? Make sure the shutter speed isn't too fast, we don't want another repeat of the incident.

D-1434: Dammit, we're sinking! Get us out! GET US OUT!

Dr. Vigo: Eta-10, what's the status?

SNE-1: The ground is dry as a bone, sir; no clue what they're on about. They're flailing around and kicking up a shit ton of dust. Oh, and SCP-895 is safely back in containment, by the way.

D-8880: For the love of God, HELP US! [expletive], it's up to our waists!

SNE-1: Should we send a team in, sir?

Dr. Vigo: That will be unnecessary, Eta-10.

D-5422: I can't breathe!

D-1673: HELP US, YOU [expletive]! *muffled screaming*

Dr. Vigo: What's happening out there, Eta-10?

SNE-1: Sir, they've… just vanished…

Dr. Vigo: All life signs appear to have been terminated. Eta-10, kindly retrieve the cameras.

SNE-1: On it. *panting*

Dr. Vigo: It seems SCP-895 produces some sort of extreme reaction from SCP-3217. Eta-10, can you distinguish anything anomalous from the stills?

SNE-1: I don't know, sir… if I want to do this. *exhaling*

Dr. Vigo: It's not a matter of whether you want to do this. It's your obligation. Now, tell me what you see.

SNE-1: Well, I'm looking at them now… Jesus Christ, sir! *coughing* They— there are… *coughing* …in the photo, there are arms coming out of the ground, arms everywhere… *wheezing* …pulling down…

Dr. Vigo: And you didn't see any of that from the checkpoint?

SNE-1: Sir, I can't stay here— *violent coughing, radio static*

Dr. Vigo: Eta-10, do you read? Eta-10? Eta-10, do you copy? God dammit.

<End Log, 7:26>

Results: All D-Class personnel are deceased. Mobile Taskforce Eta-10 "See No Evil" leader is deceased.
Analysis: SCP-895 acts as a catalyst for SCP-3217's effects, causing it to exact so much force that victims are pulled into the ground. No further testing in SCP-3217 will be conducted.

Addendum 3217.1: Autopsy on the corpse of Eta-10 MTF leader reveals that the victim was [DATA EXPUNGED] in a similar fashion to the command team that first recovered SCP-895.

Addendum 3217.2: SCP-3217 was excavated in order to recover the bodies of the six D-Class personnel for autopsies shortly following the test. Despite drilling nearly half a kilometer into the ground, no sign of any of the victims was found. The drill site and search have since been abandoned.

Addendum 3217.3: Data show that SCP-895's influence extends beyond merely video, but onto still photographs as well. More research will have to be conducted in order to find a reliable method of observing SCP-895's hallucinatory effects.

The relationship between SCP-895 and SCP-3217 is still unknown.

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