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EuclidSCP-3817 The Werewolf VirusRate: 7

Item #: SCP-3817

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3817 is to be kept in a secure glass vial inside a 0.3 meter by 0.3 meter steel container cooled to -20 degrees Celsius. All instances of SCP-3817-2 must be contained in 6 by 6 meter containment cells with a 3 by 3 meter Plexiglas window installed in the ceiling and guarded by at least 3 personnel armed with stun rods or other electricity based weaponry at all times.

Description: SCP-3817 is a contagious virus that can produce a toxin with partially carcinogenic properties, able to replace the genetic material within human cells (SCP-3817 has proven to be unable to infect non-human animals) and then force those cells to reproduce uncontrollably.

SCP-3817 can be spread via: Saliva to blood contact, blood to blood contact, or it can be inherited genetically by encoding itself into a subject's DNA and being passed on to the subject's offspring during conception. It has been observed that sometimes the "virus gene" is dominant and other times it is recessive. This makes predicting if a child will carry the virus once born extremely difficult.

Once a host is infected the virus will activate (become symptomatic) in the event of a full moon. The timing of the virus' activation is due to the specific levels of ██████████████ produced by a full moon. Upon the virus' activation, subject will undergo a rapid metamorphosis, becoming
SCP-3817-2. This transformation usually takes in between, 5 seconds to an hour and a half.
SCP-3817-2 will revert back into the host once the sun rises and adds to many photons to the overall ██████████████ level.

SCP-3817-2 is a 2.5 to 3 meter tall canid biped with features closely resembling that of the Grey Wolf (canis lupus). SCP-3817-2 also appears to have increased muscle development as compared to the original human host. The muscle development varies from host to host but usually fall in the range of a 15% to 50% increase in muscle mass. The color of SCP-3817-2's fur color seems to correlate to the host's natural hair color, though some variations and exceptions to this rule have been found. SCP-3817-2's eyes appear to have bio-luminescent properties akin to the glow of the Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish. This effect is not to be confused with the reflective properties that feline eyes exhibit.

SCP-3817-2's mental faculties appear to be at the level of an intelligent border collie after it's first transformation, and it's instincts appear to align with that of a grey wolf (canis lupus), expressing a purely carnivorous diet, and a desire to hunt down it's food. However, after each transformation SCP-3817-2 can gain more and more control over itself, eventually regaining it's ability of human speech, along with the rest of their mental faculties. This process however, can take years, and doesn't always occur and SCP-3817 can remain dangerous indefinitely. It is also noted that with enough practice, subjects can force themselves to become SCP-3817-2 without the appearance of the full moon.

SCP-3817-2's hide cannot be pierced by any known metal other than silver, high grade silver alloys (such as platinum) or palladium (although palladium has had mixed success in piercing
SCP-3817-2's hide)

An infected host of SCP-3817 can be denied a transformation into SCP-3817-2 if it is kept in a container with lights that perfectly mimic the ██████████████ levels of sunlight, or if they attempt to keep the metamorphosis from happening by focusing on not transforming. Although, female subjects have said that doing so causes worse pain than going through labor.

If a host is denied a transformation for too long (the amount of time varies from subject to subject) SCP-3817 will produce an excess of a carcinogenic toxin that, instead causing the cells to reproduce rapidly in the organized manner used to complete the transformation, will cause cells to reproduce randomly and uncontrollably. This creates tumorous growths that appear as pustules containing a black fluid. These tumors continue to grow inside the host until the host dies or a transformation is allowed.

Addendum: It has been noted that SCP-3817 and SCP-3817-2 show many similarities to the myths and legends of werewolves. This has given us reason to believe that SCP-3817-2s may have been what started the legends of these creatures. We also believe that there may be other strains of SCP-3817 that forces hosts to gain the likeness of animals other than wolves, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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