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Aftermath of SCP-4064 attack on █████’s chemical industry

Item #: SCP-4064

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-4064’s still uncomprehended nature, a complete containment of the entity is currently impossible. Despite the impossibility of a full restraint, the site where the first manifestation of the “SUSPIRIUM” phenomenon occurred has been successfully contained. The area has been isolated through the implementation of a high voltage reinforced eletric fence alongside the full site's perimeter (2.50 km²). All roads and forest paths leading to the site have been closed to public access using a cover story of land subsidence. Any civilians caught trying to access the site are to be detained and subjected to the use of Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-4064 consists in a sentient entity whose form and dimensions are yet to be determined. The first recorded instance of a phisical manifestation of the entity was registered within █████’s forest, Arkansas and labeled as the “SUSPIRIUM” phenomenon.

After an inexplicably powerful rainstorm centered itself in the area surrounding █████’s chemical industry, situated in the proximity of █████’s forest, and brought down the entirety of the building, a Mobile Task Force Beta-7 unit was dispatched alongside Dr. Albert Brenner to register any possible anomalies in the area. During the investigation, the first instance of the entity's sentience was registered alongside the first manifestation of the “SUSPIRIUM” phenomenon.

The “SUSPIRIUM” phenomenon consists in a spatial anomaly that causes the inflation and consequential deflation of large portions of the █████ forest’s terrain. The few survivors of the Mobile Task Force Beta-7 unit, alongside Dr. Brenner described the sound produced by the phenomenon as “painful breathing”.

Despite the Foundation’s researchers still debating on SCP-4064’s true nature, it is undeniable that the subject is able to exercise a certain level of control over the climatic conditions and the limits of the aforementioned ability are yet to be determined. It has shown the capability of controlling plants, generating and maneuvering large vines that emerged from the forest’s terrain during its meeting with the Mobile Task Force Beta-7 unit and Dr. Brenner. The entity seems also to be capable of cognitive speech and has shown to be able to comprehend human’s language.

SCP-4064’s dimensions and physical characteristics (assuming that the subject is edowed with a physical form) are still unknown. The only known physical manifestations of the entity concern the numerous instances of the "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon, which had first manifested into an area of 2,5 km² that had been succesfully contained, and the vines on which SCP-4064 has exercised its control during the meeting with Dr. Brenner and the MTF Beta-7 unit. Wether or not these vines are a part of the entity's physical form or ordinary plants that have been subjected to its influence, it is yet to be determined.

Although the member of the MTF Beta-7 unit who opened fire against the vines haven’t survived, the few who haven’t acted hostile towards the entity has been left completely unharmed. Subsequent attempts to take samples of the portions of the forest displaying the “SUSPIRIUM” phenomenon have been met with the infliction of non-lethal wounds, as long as the sample was left in the forest and not taken outside its borders. Further contacts with the entity are required, if only to obtain a better comprehension of its nature, and its objective.

Addendum 4064-01: Exploration Video Log - "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon first recorded instance.

Addendum 4064-02: Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: 11/10/2018
Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Beta 7 ("Maz Hatters")
Subject: SCP-4064
Team Lead: h-7 Captain Sanders
Team Members: h-7 Dixon, h-7 Pharrel, h-7 Melly, h-7 Favin
Additional Members: Dr. Albert Brenner


Sanders: Alright, this is the site…

Dixon: Are we sure we’re in the right place? I mean… there’s nothing but rocks and trees here.

Sanders: According to the images we received this was the exact spot where █████’s chemical industry was built, and it had been here for ten years…

Melly: Before disappearing into nothing?

Sanders: Not “nothing” Melly, what do you think we’re stepping on?

Melly: Is this… all that’s left? And all because of a rain storm?

Dr. Brenner: I’m afraid that this hasn’t been caused by a simple climatic perturbation…

Sanders: So Doc, why have insisted on coming here with us?

Dr. Brenner: The implications of what happened here are… rather fascinating…

Favin: Fascinating?! Some poor bastards died during that storm! You call that fascinating?!

Sanders: Now calm down Favin, and remember who you’re talking to…

Dr. Brenner: I didn’t mean that the deaths of those men are fascinating, I meant that a cataclysm of this magnitude, with this kind of strength, enough to pulverize a building, but centered in such a small area… that is what I find fascinating.

Favin: Whatever… what I find fascinating is that this place doesn’t seem a death trap and-

[First occurrence of the “SUSPIRIUM” Phenomenon is sighted at the entrance of the forest]

Dr. Brenner: My… God…

Dixon: What the hell is that?!

Sanders: Pharrel are you registering?!

Pharrel: Y-yes I am… I… I thought there’s was something off with the instrumentation!

Sanders: Keep registering… let’s approach it, slowly, keep your weapons ready.

[the team proceeds to approach the portion of terrain that is slowly deflating]

Melly: M-maybe it was just a sack of gas…

[the aforementioned portion of terrain starts to inflate again, accompanied by a sound similar to a raucous breath]

Favin: A sack of gas that fucking breaths?!

SCP-4064: Who are you…

[the first demonstration of SCP-4064’s cognitive speech occurs, voice resemble the one of a middle aged woman]

Dixon: What the- it talked?!

Melly: I-it was more like its voice came from around us… n-not from that… that thing…

SCP-4064: You’re here to hurt me, are you not? Just like you always do…

[large vines start to sprout from the ground, surrounding the team]

Favin: God damn it!

[Favin opens fire against one of the vines, the bullets sink into it without causing damage, the vine starts to curl on itself before shooting towards Favin, impaling him.]

Sanders: Open fir-

Dr. Brenner: No! No please, look…

[The vines begin to slow their movements]

Dr. Brenner: It is not attacking… please don’t give the order or it will be the end for us all.


Dr. Brenner: Captain Sanders… please…

Sanders: Stand down.

Melly: But Captain!

Sanders: I said stand down God damn it!

Dixon: That thing just killed one of your men! And you want us to stand down?

Sanders: Dixon… if you won't put down your weapon… you'll get us all killed… listen to your captain… and put… down… your… weapon…

[members of the team put down their weapons, the vines stop moving]

Dr. Brenner: Please listen to me… we are not here to hurt you.

SCP-4064: You all say that… but we know it’s not the truth… you’ll be the end of me… it’s already happening.

[another inflation of the terrain occurs, followed by an irregular deflation and sound similar to a cough]

Dr. Brenner: Who are you?


Dr. Brenner: Do you have a name?

SCP-4064: … Gaia… it is one of the many names you call me… I like this one the most…

Melly: is… is it implying that…

Sanders: Don’t jump to conclusions, and stay alert…

SCP-4064: As long as you won’t try to hurt me, you have nothing to fear, but I won’t hesitate to destroy all of you if I need to… I want to survive too… I fear death too…

Dr. Brenner: You said your name is Gaia… and that it is one of your many names… names we gave you… but this is the first time we came in contact with you.

SCP-4064: Oh ingenuous human… you’ve known me for a long time… for a long time I’ve been here and I will be here even when your species won’t exist anymore, waiting for the Blazing Father to reduce me to nothing.

Dr. Brenner: Are… are you saying that… that you’re…

SCP-4064: Enough… you seem kind young human… reasonable… leave and don’t come back. Live your life and remember you all… the time of my suffering has come to an end… for I am Gaia… and now I am awake.

[Vines starts moving again as new ones emerge from the ground, surrounding the forest]

Sanders: Move! Let’s move!

[The remaining members of the team alongside Dr. Brenner follow Captain Sanders, retreating from the forest’s borders]

Melly: Is that thing… is that thing really…

Dr. Brenner: Maybe… but we can't jump to any kind of conclusion…

Dixon: It must have been a lie, It can’t be real!

Sanders: Pharrel, turn off that damn thing.

Pharrel: I-immediately Captain.


Addendum 4064-03: Interview Video Log Transcript

Date: 11/11/2018
Interviewer: Doctor Albert Brenner
Interviewed: Mr. Bob Pierce
Foreword: 24 hours after the isolation of the first site where the "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon had first manifested, two civilians, Bob Pierce and July Pierce, respectively a 35 years old man and a 9 years old girl have incurred into the spatial anomaly in an area one kilometer to the north of the site. Neither of the two have suffered any kind of injuries and once they were spotted near the perimeter of eletric fence surrounding the first site, both the subjects have been deteined and subjected to the use of Class-B amnesiacs. The following is a transcript of the interview that occured between Mr. Bob Pierce and Doctor Albert Brenner.


[Doctor Albert Brenner enters the interrogation room and sits down at the table, facing Mr. Bob Pierce. The subject is handcuffed to the interrogation table and shows visible signs of anxiety]
Dr. Brenner: Good afternoon Mr. Pierce. I'm doctor Albert Brenner. I'd like to ask-

Mr. Pierce: I don't give a damn about who you are. Where is she?

Dr. Brenner: I beg your pardon?

Mr. Pierce: Don't play dumb with me!

[Mr. Pierce slams both of his fists on the interrogation table]

Mr. Pierce: Where… is… my… daughter?!

Dr. Brenner: Your daughter is in the room next to this one. One of my associates is taking-

Mr. Pierce: Don't you fucking dare touch her!

[Mr. Pierce stands up and try to reach for Dr. Brenner but his hands are handcuffed to the table]

Dr. Brenner: You are in no position to make threats Mr. Pierce. Sit down and calm yourself.

Mr. Pierce: Let me see her.

Dr. Brenner: Once you answer my questions you'll be free to reunite with your daughter.

Mr. Pierce: I want to see her now!

Dr. Brenner:

[Mr. Pierce sits down and visibly calms down]

Mr. Pierce: Please… just… let me see her.

Dr. Brenner:

Mr. Pierce: Don't hurt her… just don't hurt her… I'll do whatever you want.

Dr. Brenner: We are not criminals Mr. Pierce. Our objective is to protect innocent civilians, not to harm them.

Mr. Pierce: You have a strange way to show it.

[Mr. Pierce shakes his hands]

Dr. Brenner: It is only a precaution, we expected a violent display and we acted accordingly.

Mr. Pierce: Is my girl alright?

Dr. Brenner: Your daughter hasn't suffered any kind of injures and you'll be able to see her again as soon as you answer my questions.

Mr. Pierce: I suppose I don't have a choice then.

Dr. Brenner: Please describe the events prior to your encounter with the "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon.

Mr. Pierce: Is that how you call that thing?

Dr. Brenner: Please answer the question.

Mr. Pierce: What is that thing?

Dr. Brenner: I'm afraid that information is classified. Please answer the question.

Mr. Pierce: Of course it's "classified". I was taking a walk in the forest with my daughter. There's a little path behind our house that leads into the woods. She loves it. She wanted to reach a little pond further in the forest.

Dr. Brenner: How far is that pond from your abitation and in what direction?

Mr. Pierce: I don't know exactly… I can tell you it's in the East part of the forest, five or six kilometers from our house.

Dr. Brenner: How did you come in contact with the "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon?

Mr. Pierce:

Dr. Brenner: Mr. Pierce, do you need a moment?

Mr. Pierce: No, no. I just… we reached the pond and we sat there for a while. Than July began to run around, play with her fox plush. She likes to explore by herself and as long as she stays in sight it's okay. I just… I just looked at the pond for one instant, a stupid frog jumped into it and then…

Dr. Brenner: Please continue.

Mr. Pierce: And then I heard July scream. I ran as fast as I could and I found her staring at that… that thing. God it was like something was breathing underground. I felt as if something was going to burst out of the ground any second and take her away. I picked her up and ran as fast as I could. I lost sight of the path but I didn't care. I just wanted to take my little girl away from there.

Dr. Brenner: So you took your daughter and ran into the forest until you reached the area we confined 24 hours ago.

Mr. Pierce: Yes, we saw people, we asked for help and they brought us here. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw they were armed.

Dr. Brenner: The security personnel reports two individuals, one adult male carrying a young female asking for help, saying they were chased by "something that was breathing underground". Mr. Pierce… do you confirm both you and your daughter sighted the spatial anomaly?

[Mr. Pierce's face suddenly becomes pale]

Mr. Pierce: Please… we won't say anything… if you need to do something about this do it to me and let her go. She's just a little girl, please…

Dr. Brenner: Neither you nor your daughter will be hurt Mr. Pierce, we are not the kind of people you think we are, but I need your confirmation for this to end and I need you to be honest. Then you can join your daughter and go home.

[A long pause follows where Mr. Pierce stays silent]

Mr Pierce: W-we saw it.

Dr. Brenner: Thank you Mr. Pierce.

[A member of the medical staff enters the room carrying a tray with a glass of water in which was dissolved a tablet of Class-B amnesiac]

Mr. Pierce: What is that?

Dr. Brenner: Please drink the glass of water. Afterwards you'll be granted permission to leave.

Mr. Pierce: You expect me to drink that poison?

Dr. Brenner: It is not poison Mr. Pierce. You'll go home and you won't remember anything of what happened here, the anomaly, our conversation, all gone.

Mr. Pierce: I want to see her. I want to know if July is really okay. I answered your damn questions, now let me see her.

[A long pause follows before Dr. Brenner speaks again]

Dr. Brenner: Bring her in.

[Two security agents bring July Pierce into the interrogation room, the girl appears to be scared but otherwise she displays no signs of injuries]

July Pierce: Daddy!

Mr. Pierce: Hi baby girl, are you alright? Did they hurt you?

July Pierce: No… they just told me to wait and made me drink a glass of water.

Mr Pierce: Okay July, we're going home now, okay?

July Pierce: Daddy? I feel strange…

Mr. Pierce: It's okay, I'll take you home in a moment.

[The agents proceeds to uncuff Mr. Pierce as the member of the medical staff presents the tray with the glass of water]

Mr. Pierce: Is it dangerous?

Dr. Brenner: You won't remember anything about-

Mr. Pierce: I'm not talking about this thing.

[Mr. Pierce takes the glass of water from the tray]

Mr. Pierce: I'm talking about that thing in the forest.

Dr. Brenner: I'm afraid the information is-

Mr. Pierce: Classified huh? Guessed so. I just hope you know what you're doing, so that we won't have to do this again.

[Mr. Pierce drinks the glass of water]

Dr. Brenner: Please escort Mr. Pierce and his daughter back to their abitation.

[The two security agents indicate to Mr. Pierce the interrogation room's door]

Mr. Pierce: Goodbye Dr. Brenner.

Dr. Brenner: Goodbye Mr. Pierce.

[Mr. Pierce proceeds to pick up his daughter and exit the interrogation room]


Addendum 4064-04: Implementation of Geo Scanner Instrumentation

On 11/11/18, after the interview between Mr. Bob Pierce and Doctor Albert Brenner had reached its conclusion, a MTF Beta-7 unit was dispatched to investigate the area indicated by Mr. Pierce. Several instances of the "SUSPIRIUM" phenomenon were spotted and the area was subsequently isolated from the rest of the forest. Both recordings of the first secluded site of the forest and the electric fence alongside its perimeter were analyzed but no breaches were found. The use of a Geo Scanner was implemented in order to spot any kind of foreign body in the underground. The results were inconclusive.

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