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SCP-3257; label removed.

Item #: SCP-3257

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3257 is to be kept in a secure item locker at Site-77. All SCP-3257-B instances are to be kept in a cryonic storage chamber at Site-77. Personnel are required to don Class I biological hazard attire when engaging in experiments involving SCP-3257-B's interaction with SCP-3257.

To facilitate experiments involving SCP-3257-B's interaction with the Sistine Chapel or interviews with SCP-3257-A, Provisional Experiment Room 3257 (PER-3257) has been established underneath the Sistine Chapel in collaboration with the Holy See and City Council of Rome. PER-3257 is to be equipped with a ventilation system. PER-3257 is to be accessed via underground tunnels in Rome, Italy. Approval for the use of PER-3257 is to be obtained from the Holy See Liaison to the Foundation. Following the conclusion of experiments and interviews, SCP-3257-B is to be returned to Site-77.

Description: SCP-3257 is a silver-coloured plastic suitcase. A label on SCP-3257 lists its destination as the Sistine Chapel in the State of the Vatican City. The interior of SCP-3257 is pitch black, and has a depth of five centimetres from the latch.

SCP-3257-A is a consciousness attached to SCP-3257, represented by vocalisations produced when SCP-3257 is opened. However, SCP-3257-A cannot perceive stimuli introduced to SCP-3257. Languages of SCP-3257's vocalisations are in Bambara, French and Latin.


Dominique Dubois.

SCP-3257-B refers to the reconstructed body of Dominique Dubois, a Roman Catholic priest of French-Malian descent who is currently declared missing following a surprise attack by jihadist organisation █████ on ██/██/2013.1 Although it has no physiological differences with a human body, the organs in SCP-3257-B are non-functional. When initially recovered, SCP-3257-B was fragmented into an assortment of bone fragments, pieces of skin, and pieces of various organs (see Recovery). SCP-3257-B displays two sets of anomalous traits when in proximity to either SCP-3257 or the Sistine Chapel respectively.

Any fragment of SCP-3257-B (regardless of size) can be placed in SCP-3257 entirely, consistently disappearing from view as the fragment enters SCP-3257. Additionally, SCP-3257-B does not contribute to the total mass of SCP-3257 and its contents. These effects are not applicable to objects that are not SCP-3257-B, including objects attached to SCP-3257-B fragments.

If SCP-3257 is opened while fragments of SCP-3257-B are inside, said fragments will be ejected from SCP-3257 at an average velocity of 3.5 m/s. Said velocity increases exponentially when the volume of SCP-3257-B fragments in SCP-3257 is more than the volume of SCP-3257. During which, ejected fragments will sustain further fragmentation.

In the Sistine Chapel, fragments of SCP-3257-B will levitate autonomously and attach to one another to reconstruct Dubois' body. To that end, fragments will undergo cell growth to repair damage sustained on various fragments. Simultaneously, non-anomalous white smoke2 is spontaneously generated. The volume of white smoke generated increases when more fragments of SCP-3257-B are in the Sistine Chapel.

Additionally, while in the Sistine Chapel, stimuli introduced to SCP-3257-B are perceived by SCP-3257-A. This is used to facilitate two-way communications between Foundation personnel and SCP-3257-A through SCP-3257-B. The following is a summary of statements made by SCP-3257-A:

  • Attributes its current situation to a prayer to become Pope of the Roman Catholic Church following Pope Benedict XVI's resignation on 28/02/2013.
  • Intends to take on the papal name 'Alexander V', describing it as a term it heard following the aforementioned prayer via an unknown source.
  • Believes that it is currently a human contorted to be able to fit inside SCP-3257 en route to the Sistine Chapel.
  • Asserts that it will emerge from SCP-3257 upon arrival intact and without damaging itself and its surroundings.

Recovery: SCP-3257 was found in Timbuktu, Mali on ██/██/2013. It was originally held by █████ members, who were killed while protecting the object. Under the assumption that it contained materials regarding █████'s operations in Northern Mali, SCP-3257 was opened by members of the Malian National Police. Upon opening, SCP-3257 released SCP-3257-B fragments at high speeds, resulting in █ fatalities and ██ injuries. Following reports of vocalisations produced from SCP-3257, the Foundation intercepted the object.

Addendum 3257-1: Cardinal █████ █████, Holy See Liaison to the Foundation (hereon referred to as PoI-32125), vetoed the use of the Sistine Chapel unless SCP-3257 and all fragments of SCP-3257-B are simultaneously brought into the Sistine Chapel during the Papal conclave of 2013.3 Due to potential compromise to papal succession, PoI-32125's ultimatum was denied.

Following the election of Pope Francis on 13/03/2013, PoI-32125 withdrew his veto and authorised the creation of PER-3257. He also issued an apology to Site-77 Director for his veto, and resigned from his positions in the Roman Catholic Church. In both cases, PoI-32125 cited hallucinations of being asphyxiated by white smoke to have adversely affected his decision-making.

As of ██/██/2014, PoI-32125 has been sighted in ██ locations in the Southern United States, which are associated with the Fifth Church. Pending further investigations.

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