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nn5n: scp-3274 Dr. E
SafeSCP-3274 Dr. ERate: -10

Item #: SCP-3274

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3274-1 Is to be allowed to roam any site up to level 5 standard personell clearance. if SCP-3274-1 tries to acsess any higher clearance areas, SCP-3274-1 is to be subdued by any means possible. SCP-3274 is to be held in SCP-3274-1's house, as a recall point. guards with level 4 clearance are to be situated around SCP-3274-1's house. SCP-3274 is to be fitted with 10 pounds of cow meat at a time,
SCP-3274 is what looks like a standard 3D printer, with the logo "[REDACTED]" the reason for the mis-spelling is un-known. SCP-3274-1 is former foundation employee Dr. E████, who is now stored within SCP-3274. SCP-3274's anomalous properties are that the 3D printer uses cow meat as materials, other meats have been tried, see document SCP-3274-A. When SCP-3274 has been supplied with sufficent meats, the device springs into action upon SCP-3274-1's death, this causes it to print out another SCP-3274-11, and is called a itteration. multiple itterations with little to no changes are common, very rarely will SCP-3274-1 choose another look for its self. different looks for itterations have included: hair colour change, size change, wheight change, and other things such as clothing change. SCP-3274-1 itterations have been reported acting "Child like" or "Multiple ages at a time", this is believed to be due to SCP-3274-1 knowing of its invulnerability, causing it to quote "have some fun".
Addendum SCP-3274-A:

SCP-3274 is supplied with Pig meat
Result: SCP-3274-1 is very weak, and is easier to kill.

SCP-3274 is supplied with human meat from the recently deceased D-98732
Result: SCP-3274-1 States a feeling of "Normalacy" and "Confident"

SCP-3274 is supplied with fish meat.
Result: SCP-3274-1 [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] Causing a flood in site-██

Request to put SCP-682 Meat into SCP-3274 Is denied currently.

Email from [REDACTED]
Subject: Request Denied.
Dr. E████, it has come to my attention that you have requested to use 682 meat,
this request is, (currently) denied until further notice. we are not having you indestructable,
especially with your state of mind. it does not matter how much you say "it will help honest!"
or "please with a cherry on top", it is too risky/dangerous to give you such power.

SCP-3274 is supplied with a roll of standard 3D printer plastic.
Result: SCP-3274-1 is not printed, rather a sign saying "Nice try"

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