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Item #: SCP-3302

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Public access to the 5 km2 region surrounding SCP-3302 (Containment Region-1) is to be restricted under the pretense of dangerous wildlife and unsafe trail conditions. Access to the immediate surroundings of SCP-3302 (CR-2, approximately 1 km2) is to be further restricted by means of barbed-wire fences under the pretense of toxic waste storage and processing. Hazard warning signs are to be placed at regular intervals along the fence in English and prominent regional languages (Bengali, Hindi, Burmese.) Outward-facing surveillance cameras are to be placed along the fence at 50 m intervals and should be immediately visible on approach.

Concealed surveillance cameras and directional microphones are to be placed throughout CR-2, focused primarily on the entrance of SCP-3302. Biweekly searches are to be conducted to remove any signs of human presence from the entirety of CR-2. Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel to remain on-site after repairs or searches have been completed.

Any individuals found within CR-1 are to be escorted out under the officially established pretenses. Any individuals found within CR-2 are to be detained and further questioned. CR-2 trespassers with exploratory or environmental motivations in the region are to be administered a Class-B Amnestic and informed that they suffered a nondescript accident. If plausible, such individuals should be returned to their home countries during their recovery. Type-K individuals1 are to be fitted with GEDOT sub-muscular tracking devices.

Description: SCP-3302 is a cave in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. The sole entrance is 4 x 7 meters in size, and the body of the cave extends into the mountain for 16 meters without significant change in dimensions. A half-circle of stones encompasses the entrance to SCP-3302 at a distance of 6 m (marking boundary of CR-3.) Geological samples show no significant difference in the composition of SCP-3302 or the stones outside it when compared to the regional average. No anomalous activity has been detected within SCP-3302 except during Heliofen events.

Heliofen events occur when a SCP-3302-1 entity emerges from SCP-3302. All observed SCP-3302-1 entities have been conscious and capable of speaking dialects with close similarities to at least one modern or historical language. Apparent desires of these entities have ranged from mundane to extremely hostile in nature. SCP-3302-1 entities spend approximately 5-15 minutes in the immediate vicinity of SCP-3302, rarely leaving CR-3 (only recorded as occurring in the presence of external stimulus.) Most express dismay and confusion at their current circumstances, and a minority exhibit signs of extreme anger.

Instances of SCP-3302-1 instantly vanish at the conclusion of a Heliofen event. Phenomena caused by these instances remain active after their departure, and objects that have become separated from them remain intact. Internal monitoring of SCP-3302 has revealed no obvious means of arrival or departure at any point during an event. Work to predict the occurrence of Heliofen events is ongoing.

Addenda 3302-A through 3302-E (Notable Heliofen Events):

Heliofen Event #7

SCP-3302-1 Entity: Human male. Musculature and scarring suggest a history of violence. Exited SCP-3302 naked, covered in blood, and carrying the severed head of a large reptile.

<Begin Log: 19██/██/██, 13:55>

SCP-3302-1: Look, brothers! As promised, the son of Krogmar brings you nothing but victory! Alone, I sought the great ravager of our villages. Alone, I return with proof of my might! Let my trophy silence the whispering of cowards!

SCP-3302-1 notices its surroundings for the first time. Turns in a full circle twice before dropping its trophy to the ground.

SCP-3302-1: What foul sorcery is this? Who dares to cloud the eyes of Ramgork? Is it you, Mamgog, who hides my sworn brothers from my sight? This betrayal will be your last, conjurer! Taste the blade of Thundertongue!

SCP-3302-1 pulls a sword from the reptilian head and begins swinging it. A supercell thunderstorm spontaneously develops at the northern edge of CR-1. SCP-3302-1 continues swinging for three minutes and seven seconds.

SCP-3302-1: Face me, coward! Do not besmirch your honor for another hundred years! Do not disgrace your father anew!

SCP-3302-1 continues swinging its weapon for an additional minute before stepping backwards into SCP-3302.

<End Log: 19██/██/██, 14:03>

Closing Statement: This entity's similarity to several mythical characters raises the question of whether SCP-3302-1 entities are transported to CR-3 or are generated by SCP-3302 itself.

Addendum 3302-F (Proposed Procedural Changes): A proposal has been put forth to expand CR-1 to 15 km2 as a result of the destruction caused during Heliofen event #53. The proposal further recommends the establishment of a no-flight zone above CR-1 in accordance with the role that sight of aircraft played in the chain of events that culminated in containment being breached. The proposal is currently undergoing cost-benefit analysis under OEPD guidelines.

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