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Sketch of an Apis Animo worker bee

Item #: SCP-3368

Object Class: Keter Declassified

Special Containment Procedures:

All personnel working directly with SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 must wear Foundation grade beekeeper suits during tests and interactions. Site-64 is to be fitted with an SCP-3368 quarantine unit, and all instances of SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 are to be placed in this unit.

In addition to quarantine management, MTF Mu-Pi-6 ("Beekeepers") will continue the investigation into the phenomenon that led to the infection of approximately █.█% of the human population of Earth.

All personnel must wear Foundation grade beekeeper suits when outside of designated SCP-3368 safe zones. Due to worldwide infection, every Foundation site is to be fitted with an SCP-3368 quarantine unit, and all instances of SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 are to be placed in these units. Foundation personnel are to be given documents on how to spot SCP-3368 infection and are encouraged to report SCP-3368-1 instances to MTF Mu-Pi-6 ("Beekeepers"). Instances of SCP-3368-1 who are Foundation personnel are contractually obligated to transfer to the nearest quarantine unit and will be compensated for doing so. These individuals furthermore must continue working for the Foundation if able.

In addition to quarantine management, MTF Mu-Pi-6 will continue the investigation into the phenomenon that led to the infection of approximately ██.█% of the animal population of Earth.

Description: SCP-3368 is Apis Animo, a species of honey bee that exclusively makes hives in the brains of living creatures. A finished hive displaces a large volume of the brain, but researchers have not been able to observe any statistically significant changes in the infected's personality and memory. Tests have shown that a portion of the worker bees spend the majority of their time in the hive and do not assist in food or bee production. It is currently theorized that these worker bees, dubbed "mind bees", perform the tasks that were previously performed by the removed portions of the brain.

SCP-3368 displays numerous traits that allow for them to covertly and efficiently construct hives. The most notable traits are as follows:

  • They have an average size of 1mm, which is roughly an eighth the size of a member of Apis Florea ("Dwarf Honey Bee"), one of the smallest bees known to the non-occult world. This size allows for them to easily fit into the ear canals of most animals.
  • Their hair and shape allow for easy movement through tight spaces. In particular, tests have shown that members of SCP-3368 can "squeeze" through tubes that are half a millimeter in diameter.
  • While the wings of SCP-3368 do produce a buzzing noise while the bees are in flight, this is below the hearing level of the average person.
  • They possess serrated mandibles, which can easily tear through most forms of flesh.
  • Their stinger produces an unknown substance that has been shown to have similar properties to numbing solutions and mild amnestics. Tests have shown that roughly 50% of subjects who are informed about the presence of SCP-3368 in their vicinity will forget this fact altogether after being stung.

Due to these traits, less than 6% of infected individuals become aware of the sudden changes in their brain's anatomy and the bees themselves. Such a person is considered to be infected by SCP-3368 and an instance of SCP-3368-1.

SCP-3368 was first found during an autopsy of Wayne Goss, a former Premier of Queensland whose death has been attributed to brain cancer. Interestingly, evidence of SCP-3368 infection was not found in scans nor operations on his brain prior to his death. Due to the frequency of brain scans of Goss and the slow process involved in SCP-3368 infection, it is the current opinion of the research staff that Goss' medical data has been tampered with.

Addendum 3368.1: At the insistence of the O5 Council, MTF Mu-Pi-6 has been formed, whose primary mission objective is to investigate links between SCP-3368 and GoIs who could be acting as potential saboteurs. In addition, MTF Mu-Pi-6 has the secondary objective of finding and quarantining all instances of SCP-3368-1. Research into the anomalous properties of SCP-3368 is to take place under Dr. Makshi Bickers, noted for her extensive background in bee research. Both MTF Mu-Pi-6 and the SCP-3368 Research Team will report directly to O5-2.

Addendum 3368.2: The SCP-3368 Research Team has found that the pinkish-red honey produced by SCP-3368, noted as SCP-3368-2, has hallucinogenic properties when consumed. Testing by Dr. Bickers has shown that these hallucinations have a strong correlation to the memories and feelings of the SCP-3368-1 instance that the honey was harvested from. The SCP-3368 Research Team will continue to research potential avenues for extracting SCP-3368-2 from an SCP-3368-1 instance without causing cessation of life.

Addendum 3368.3: Extensive testing has shown that the pollen or nectar of certain flowers can temporarily alter the personality of an infected individual. Below is an abbreviated list of these flowers and their effects on SCP-3368-11:

Family, Genus, or Species Effect on SCP-3368-1
Aloe Increased feelings of love for others. Easier to persuade through appeals to emotion.
Amaryllis Increased sense of self-esteem, pride, and arrogance. When given a logic problem, subjects consistently displayed an unwillingness to consider alternative solutions brought forth by others.
Chrysanthemum Increased feelings of cheerfulness/happiness.
Hyacinthoides Increased sense of humility and kindness. Subjects displayed a willingness to help complete strangers and were more easily coerced into sharing sensitive information.
Iris Confusa No changes observed.
Lamiaceae Increased sense of virtue. Subjects were more unwilling to perform morally questionable tasks.
Leontopodium Nivale Increased feelings of courage and bravado. Subjects were more willing to head into deadly situations.
Quercus Increased levels of mental strength. Subjects completed more tasks that involved hours of intensive labor than the control group.
Salvia Officinalis Increased levels of wisdom. When given a problem, subjects gathered more information and considered their approach thoroughly.
Salix Increased levels of sadness and depression. Subjects were less willing to perform tasks and performed these tasks worse than the control group.
Satureja Increased sense of curiosity. Subjects displayed more interest in their day to day activities and were more willing to learn new subjects and consider alternative theories.
Tanacetum Vulgare Increased frequency of symptoms found in mental disorders including but not limited to: paranoia, bipolar disorder, neurosis, and schizophrenia.
Tropaeolaceae Increased feelings of patriotism. Subjects portrayed pride not only for their respective nations but for the D-Class program as well.

Addendum 3368.4: Routine psychological analyses of quarantined SCP-3368-1 instances have shown an increase in pro-cooperation, pro-feminist, and pro-environmental views. Many SCP-3368-1 instances have also reported having nightmares and dreams involving bees, however, this has been attributed to psychological trauma involving their infection.

Note: Since SCP-3368 can be used for mind reading and control, and since a high-ranking Australian official was found to be infected with SCP-3368, I have requested MTF Mu-Pi-6 to analyze all high-ranking politicians and figureheads for infection. -O5-2

Addendum 3368.5: MTF Mu-Pi-6 has finished an analysis of high-ranking politicians and figureheads and has found that no less than ██.█% of them are instances of SCP-3368-1. Notably, statistical analysis has shown that this infection ratio is much higher than the infection ratio of the world population. In addition, there has been an ██.█% increase in the number of missing persons, most of whom have a deep connection to the political landscape of the world. Due to their influence, the living infected political members will not be quarantined or replaced, but instead studied and protected. Assigned bodyguards are to ensure that these SCP-3368-1 instances do not cause further infections and that they are surrounded by Iris Confusa and/or a sufficiently large variety of plants so as to minimize the changes to their personalities.

Addendum 3368.6: Subsequent autopsies on SCP-3368-1 individuals who have been infected for more than a year and a half have shown that, after the brain has been fully modified, SCP-3368 will begin to expand the hive throughout the body. The long-term effects of this expansion require further investigation. Currently, all that is known about this scenario is that the honey produced from other areas within the body does not appear to have any anomalous properties.

Addendum 3368.7: Chaos Insurgency Outpost Raid Transcripts

3368 Chaos Insurgency Outpost Raid 1 Video Log Transcript

Date: ██/██/2016

Exploration Team: MTF Mu-Pi-6 "Beekeepers"

Subject: SCP-3368

Team Lead: MP6-1

Team Members: MP6-1 / MP6-2 / MP6-3 / MP6-4 / MP6-5 / MP6-6

<Begin Log>

SiteCommand: Connection established.

MP6-1: Okay ladies, let's do a perimeter check. Me, 2, and 3 will check the front. The rest check the back. This is our first real lead in over a year, so don't fuck this up! Everyone, move out.

(10 minutes pass.)

MP6-4: Looks like someone got here first. The back door's been kicked in.

MP6-1: Roger that. The front looks clean, but it looks like everyone left in a hurry.

MP6-6: Permission to step inside?

MP6-1: Granted.

(Video footage from MP6-4, MP6-5, and MP6-6 shows 31 dead body bags, packed together along a hallway. The floor and walls are covered with various forms of viscera.)

MP6-4: There's been a fight. Multiple people here were killed in some sort of struggle and packed up.

MP6-5: Are those body bags filled with CI members or someone else?

MP6-6: I don't know, why don't we find out?

MP6-1: Hold off on that, we need to finish searching the rooms. Whoever killed them could still be around.

(Following a trail of blood, MP6-4 enters a large storage area strewn with various boxes and equipment.)

SiteCommand: MP6-4, analysis shows that the room you have entered was recently the scene of a firefight. Thermal imaging also shows two people on your east.

(MP6-4 hides behind a box.)

MP6-4: (Whispering) I have visual on two people. They're wearing… high tech yellow beekeeper suits? They appear to be talking.

MP6-6: That's the most fucked-up bee that I've ever seen.
(Video footage from MP6-6 shows that she opened a body bag to find a humanoid figure with what appears to be mandibles, antennae, yellow hair, and large black eyes.)

MP6-5: You weren't supposed to open the body bags yet!

MP6-1: Quit it you two! Get to 4's position, she may need backup. 2 and 3, with me.

(5 minutes pass as MP6-5 and MP6-6 move behind boxes, to the left and right of MP6-4. MP6-1, MP6-2, and MP6-3 are on the opposite side of a door on the other side of the room, close to the two unknowns.)

MP6-2: What are your orders, ma'am?

MP6-1: We need them alive. Take out your tranquilizer guns, and on my mark, we fire.

MP6-5: How did two people take out all of those guys?

???: They had help.

(Silenced gunfire shots are heard. The entire team is paralyzed and falls to the ground.)

MP6-2: What's going on? I can't move!

???: It'll wear off in an hour. We're the GOC "Hive Collapse" Strike Team. I'm "Bear". It's a pleasure to meet you.

(Amidst protests the team is moved to the center of the room by an additional four GOC members, all in yellow suits.)

SiteCommand: We have just received validation of their claim. Due to our terms of engagement with the GOC, we cannot offer additional aid to MTF Mu-Pi-6 at this time.

MP6-1: Shit. What are you planning to do with us?

Bear: We've verified that you're from The Foundation, which is the only reason that the majority of you will get out of here alive.

MP6-1: The Majority? Now listen here, pal-

Bear: "Honey Badger", scan them for infection.

Honey Badger: On it.

MP6-1: How dare you insinuate that we've been infected.

Honey Badger: You'd be surprised at how hard it is to detect infection. Our team lost a few members before we developed the technology.

MP6-2: Why did you massacre all of those Chaos Insurgency agents? Wouldn't you want to leave any alive for interrogation?

Bear: No, there isn't any reason to let them live anymore. They've more or less decided to let the bees take over their sad excuses of a body. There are rumors that even some of the Delta Command have been infected. Now a'days we just kill them and get all of the information that we need from their brain honey. Intel has indicated that they're the most likely culprits behind this spread of infection, so we need as much information from them as we can get. Their pathetic ideology has made our lives real easy in some ways.

Honey Badger: They're dead men walking.

MP6-4: Where does that leave us? Will you be harvesting our brains as well?

Bear: No. My supervisors made it clear to avoid pestering The Foundation when possible. "Honey Badger", which ones have been infected?

Honey Badger: These three, sir.

(Three gunshots are heard.)


MP6-1: Explain yourself!

Bear: Those 3 were infected and had to be terminated. Given your outfits, I don't think you've realized just how infectious the bees are.

MP6-3: So you killed them? They weren't zombies! They were still themselves!

Bear: (Motions to another GOC member) Get the cleanup crew "Raccoon". I don't want to see a speck of blood here. (Looks at MTF Mu-Pi-6) That may be true, but given enough time, they will stick out like sore thumbs, all the while becoming ample targets for your enemies to hunt down.

MP6-1: That doesn't excuse your actions!

Bear: Listen here little lady: If it wasn't for our intervention your entire damn site would be overrun with those things. Maybe if you've spent a little more time thinking with that noggin of yours you'd realize that you three aren't the only ones to have lost people to this thing!

MP6-3: Oh you can fuck right off.

MP6-2: What's going to happen to us?

Honey Badger: Nothing, you're free to go as soon as you can move again.

Bear: Alright, enough talk. We need to clean up and move to the next location.

<End Log>

Addendum 3368.8: Per protocol, The Foundation issued a formal request for an apology to the GOC due to the loss of personnel at their hands. Three days following this request, Foundation operatives obtained several packages from the GOC, which contained blueprints for paratechnology related to SCP-3368, as well as a small collection of fully built versions. Most notable are the "Yellow Suits". Yellow Suits offer protection from head to toe, are complete with "indoor facilities" such as insulation and air conditioning, and have been explicitly made to "never be removed". Of particular interest to the SCP-3368 Research Team are the "Bee Trackers", scanning devices which, according to GOC documentation, "can find and track SCP-3368 with 99.9% precision." In addition to this is a note from D. C. Al Fine, which has been scanned and logged.

GOC missive sent to SCP Foundation MTF Mu-Pi-6 Leader MP6-1 and the O5 Council.

To MTF Mu-Pi-6 and Their Superiors,

The Global Occult Coalition High Command has received word that our "Hive Collapse" Strike Team has claimed three lives from your task force. Certainly, these lives were taken with a heavy heart and cold purpose. The only known cure for this infection is death, and this infection is taking over the world at an unprecedented rate. The Foundation will note that these are not the only lives that we have taken in this manner, as many of our own have fallen to this disease. To stop this infection from spreading, the Global Occult Coalition will do what needs to be done, no matter the cost.

To this end, The Global Occult Coalition has derived a simple ultimatum for veiled organizations: The infected members are to be purged, regardless of their status as friend or foe. To prevent these situations from arising in the future, we will extend our hand and offer The Foundation our paratechnology. It is in both our interests that The Foundation takes care of their own.

Finally and most importantly, many of our divisions have taken notice of Foundation activity around the infected members of the non-paranormal political elite. Due to the risk of a Broken Masquerade, the Global Occult Coalition shall not interfere with these activities at this time. However, as an act of good faith, we cordially request an exchange of information. The Global Occult Coalition asks that The Foundation offers all information it has on these members of society as well as the infection in general. In return, the Global Occult Coalition will offer its own research as well as a steady supply of paratechnology until this issue is resolved.

Yours Sincerely,


Under-Secretary-General D. C. Al Fine
United Nations Global Occult Coalition

Transcript Log of O5-Council Meeting on ██/██/2016. Subject: GOC Request Regarding SCP-3368.

O5-1: The next item on today's agenda deals with the D. C. Al Fine's proposal regarding the bee infection. Arguments for support will go first.

O5-10: I support the use of GOC intelligence. There's a lot of information that the GOC has withheld from us, and this alliance would make for a good opportunity to learn more about their paratechnology.

O5-4: I support an alliance with the GOC. It could provide us with a foothold in future dealings with them.

O5-9: I support Al Fine's proposition because of the alternative; The Foundation cannot afford a fight with the GOC. Furthermore, our goals align: We all want to stop the infection from spreading.

O5-2: I offer my support as well. I did not appreciate what the GOC did to MTF Mu-Pi-6, but we should take the steps needed to make sure that they won't do it again. I do not want any more Foundation personnel to be lost from poor containment procedures.

(1 minute passes.)

O5-1: If there are no more arguments in support then it is time to hear from the opposition.

O5-6: I oppose the very idea of a GOC alliance. As Al Fine mentioned in her "apology", we are to take care of our own. The GOC has their own ideology and agenda, which I believe to be incompatible with The Foundation's. To accept the GOC's help in this manner is to set a terrible precedent.

O5-8: I also oppose the proposition. The Foundation should not rely on paratechnology, especially if it isn't developed in-house.

O5-7: I do not oppose receiving help from the GOC, but I do oppose aiding them. The Foundation maintains a lot of information that is kept under lock and key. We should not risk the release of any of our secrets for a problem as small as this one.

(1 minute passes.)

O5-1: If there are no more arguments to be made, then voting shall begin.


Support (6): Two, Four, Five, Nine, Ten, Eleven

Oppose (5): One, Three, Six, Seven, Eight

Abstain (2): Twelve, Thirteen


O5-6: Very well. I have a request of my own. With regards to this SCP, I truly believe that the GOC has made fools of us, and the appropriate response is an extreme increase in the special containment procedures. Y'all should have received a copy a day or two ago. My fellow colleagues have shown me some numbers and I believe that we can make these changes by spring of 2017. I vote in support of them to better protect our people from infection.

O5-1: Of course. Are there any more arguments in support?

O5-2: I will support these changes so long as MTF Mu-Pi-6 and the SCP-3368 Research Team receive the required manpower and resources to accommodate them. If it isn't already obvious to the rest of the council, I will approve any change that decreases the chances of MTF Mu-Pi-6 becoming infected.

O5-9: I offer my support as well. Given recent events, I'm certain that the infection is spreading throughout The Foundation as we speak. It must be stopped by any means.

O5-11: While these new special containment procedures are a bit much, these bees pose a significant risk to The Foundation's ability to keep secrets under lock and key. As such I must vote in support.

(1 minute passes)

O5-5: I vehemently oppose these changes. They're far too severe, and nobody is going to wear a beekeeper suit 24/7.

O5-3: I agree with O5-5. These changes will also introduce unethical situations that will involve discrimination of SCP-3368-1 instances. These individuals still retain their memories and personality. An Ethics Committee Case could result from this.

O5-12: I oppose O5-6's proposal based on its cost alone. I have crunched the numbers, and they tell me that while we can afford this, it will reduce our emergency funds significantly. I believe that more research is required to come up with a more cost-effective solution.

(1 minutes passes)

O5-1: Alright, I think enough has been said here. Let's vote.


Support (7): One, Two, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Eleven

Oppose (6): Three, Four, Five, Ten, Twelve, Thirteen

Abstain (0):


Addendum 3368.9: In Spring 2017, the leader of MTF Mu-Pi-6 and The SCP-3368 Research Team met with O5-2 in her garden for the first of many monthly status meetings.

O5-2: Hello you two. I'm glad you could find the time to come out here.

MP6-1: Yes, it is nice to finally meet you in person.

Dr. Bickers: (Gesturing at the plants) Did you do this yourself?

O5-2: Well, not all of it. I do spend most of my time here. I find that gardening helps me think.

Dr. Bickers: It is quite impressive. Lots of flowers here.

O5-2: Thank you Makshi. How is your team's research going?

Dr. Bickers: Through the help of some other researchers within The Foundation, we have come up with a Foundation variant of the GOC's Yellow Suits. These new Foundation grade beekeeper suits have so far passed our tests. However, we're still having some trouble understanding the science behind the GOC's Bee Trackers functionality.

O5-2: That is unfortunate but understandable. For now, we'll just have to keep those beekeeper suits on real tight. What about your research project into reversing the infection?

Dr. Bickers: That is ongoing. We're still in our early stages for that.

O5-2: I see. Let's address the elephant in the room. Darva, how have you taken to the news?

MP6-1: Poorly. That note from D. C. Al Fine was as far from an apology as one could get. The least we could do is slap their wrists, but apparently, we're going to join forces with them? Did I read that memo correctly?

O5-2: You did. The O5 Council… as a whole, believes that cooperation with the GOC is the preferred option. They have a variety of resources at their disposal that they have offered to us, and what they ask of us is chump change when you consider the alternative.

MP6-1: Them murdering our own people?

O5-2: Yes, that is one of the things we wish to avoid. With these types of global issues, there's a saying that if you don't handle the situation yourself, someone else will handle it for you. Given their long history of incursions, it seems to me that they desperately want to be that someone else.

MP6-1: I see… Where does that leave our team?

O5-2: Your team will do as it has done before, only with more caution and a greater sphere of influence. Now then, let's get down to business.


Addendum 3368.10: The following personal diary entries belonging to infected Foundation personnel were found and noted during routine inspection. Routine inspector █████ has since been reprimanded.

Personal Log Entry #883:
Today marks the first month of O5-6's tyrannical rule. I'm only half joking here. Scientific progress has been greatly hampered by these dumb suits. We're forced to wear them at all times while outside of a handful of "safe zones". Rumor has it that some sites are starting to use D-Class Personnel to gather food and supplies now to avoid arousing suspicion. There has to be a security risk involved there, but O5-2 won't hear it. The only times that I can leave the site is to visit her for the monthly status meeting. I never thought I'd be so pleased to see an old lady in my life…

Work on the Foundation grade Bee Trackers is slow, not that I care. I gave that project to one of my subordinates. What really interests me is reversing the damn infection all together. If we could do that then there would be no need for these stupid suits!


Uncle Ben says that with more power comes more responsibility. All I see is more responsibility though. These past two weeks I went to Spain, France, the U.K., Belgium, the Netherlands and then Germany. I spent the entire time shouting orders and requests at my team. The infected politicians are still sitting and acting all pretty, so there's that.

During my "stay" we collected some 100 odd human SCP-3368-1 instances as well. Immigrants, as I call them. I hope that we're treating them better than the GOC would have. I really do. With so little time on my hands though I can only hope. It doesn't help that the in-house trackers that we're using are bad at their jobs. I have had to start running them by people twice in order to catch false negatives. Since when did Foundation tech become dumb as shit?

We also collected more animals than I can count. Mostly pigeons. There were so many that the majority had to be incinerated. We just don't have the resources to save them all, and I told my staff to prioritize keeping the immigrants safe and happy.

I recently caught wind from a GOC official that "Hive Collapse" executed another 145 people, 127 of which were Chaos Insurgency operatives. I asked if the remaining 18 were civilians or GOC personnel, but they didn't answer.


Personal Log Entry #923:
I wish that these suits didn't have name tags. I've burned through so many D-Class Personnel that everyone's started to give me dirty looks. I can see it through their stupid helmets. Those damn brain hives are so fragile. Each time you kill one of those memory bees, the patient loses a memory. How am I supposed to take information from the bees? How am I supposed to transfer it back into the patient? How am I supposed to do any of this without killing the patient?

…Perhaps this anomaly can only be reversed with other anomalies…


I had the displeasure of running into Bear today. He immediately tried to scan me, that bastard. I punched him in the face. Then I had two of my women restrain him while I scanned him. He didn't really struggle. I guess he was trying to act high and mighty or something. Dumbass.


Personal Log Entry #948:
It took an entire month for the O5-Council to approve cross-testing with other SCPs. What even took them so long? All the O5-Council had to do was vote on it. I hate being stuck in bureaucratic limbo.

O5-2 tried to sway me from using SCPs but whatever. Removing this infection either requires extensive brain surgery the likes that no one has seen before or a straight up miracle cure. Constructing the latter is merely more time efficient given our resources. I've tried a couple of SCPs thus far, but the results were undesirable. I have a whole bunch of other combinations left though. I'm sure that at least one of them will work.

I'd like to say that everyone's gotten used to the suits, but the atmosphere around here is a lot darker than the usual shade of grey that I'm used to. I learned a week ago or so that a couple of my coworkers were quarantined. No one important, just minor acquaintances really. Still, I wonder what they did to get themselves infected.


I went through a lot of Africa last month, and I'm going to go through a lot more of Africa this month. Those damn flights to O5-2's monthly meeting really don't do me any favors. Why does management always need so many damn status updates?

A few of the politicians have been pretty sour. They keep yakking on about how they don't like their every move monitored and so forth. Of course they don't. No one does. But that's the kind of situation we're in I tell them. They didn't act well to that but so it goes.

Things are going to get real bad soon. Based on our information, politicians will start developing noticeable mutations before the year's out. We've managed to cover most of them up with hats, trenchcoats, operations, and the like, but there's only so much you can do, even with plastic surgery.

I just want to see my family again.


Personal Log Entry #963:
I've read a few hundred potential candidates for infection reversal and performed dozens of cross-tests. A lot of these SCPs are just nonsensical. A bunch of completely useless things that serve no purpose other than to drive scientists mad… and cause containment breaches. I may have caused one or two of those. Three, tops. This line of work is starting to get to me. Nothing seems to work and the infection is an extremely advanced phenomenon. It's like I'm trying to find a cure for cancer and all I have to work with is a first aid kit and a wardrobe full of knives, sporks, and comedy routines.

At least I'm not the only one that hasn't produced results though. No one's been able to truly replicate the Bee Trackers with Foundation tech. I can only assume that they can't replicate it due to their aversion to the paranormal. They're still using the crappy in-house trackers because of it. Infection inspectors have to run them by a person three to five times to catch false negatives.

Speaking of which, some idiots on my research team went and got themselves infected. That's just typical. Can't trust anyone but yourself around here anymore. Too much stupid in the air.


Happy Thanksgiving! Instead of enjoying time with my family, I'm in YEMEN.

My tour across the Middle East has been… unfortunate. A lot of people here had to be quarantined. The politicians have been acting up as well. Threatening to break the masquerade or throw ORIA at us. If they did that then we really would be in trouble. The GOC would probably throw a fit and torch the place… or maybe we'd have to pull the trigger. I hope not.

I told O5-2 about this. She said that she would bring it up with the rest of the Council. Hopefully, they come up with some resolution to this before it becomes a real problem.

There is one piece of good news that I have to mention. Apparently, word has it that Bear finally got himself infected! Don't know how it happened, and I don't care. Either way, he's as good as dead, which is fine enough with me.


Personal Log Entry #1033:
An entire year and a half have passed me by, and I'm no closer to a solution. Every single one of my anomalous combinations has failed. Some of them fail within the expected parameters. Others have nearly cost me my life. Most of them kill the patient, and all of them have cost me my dignity. I even got permission to try SCP-500, and it DIDN'T DO SHIT. How is that even possible?

To make matters worse, the infection rate has increased within these past months. What the hell was Darva doing? What the hell am I doing?




I just scanned myself. It shows positive for infection. They'll be on me in any minute now. I'll be able to continue my research in quarantine, but what's even the point? I'm so fucking useless.


My worst fear is coming true. Not one, but multiple politicians have lost it and spoke up against The Foundation on national television. I have had it up to here with those damn prudes. They could have aired out their issues with us through more diplomatic methods instead of running their mouth.

I don't know what the future will hold, but if any of those politicians are serious this means war. Potentially an Occult War, which would be catastrophic. I don't want to see my loved ones killed or jailed because of some dumb bee that we can't even see! I just want to see my damn family again.

I have a plan. Everyone in the occult world knows that the safest place on Earth is behind Foundation bars, right? My next stop on this infernal world tour is close enough to my house. We're bound to find some infected individuals here, and when we do, I'll [REDACTED]


Addendums 3368.11 - 3368.33: Events Transpiring Between Addendums 3368.11 and 3368.33:
NOTICE: Events in this era pertaining to SCP-3368 can only be passed down to those of a lesser clearance by an O5 Council Member. If it is absolutely essential for your job, you may petition a request for this information using Form #3368.B.33.

Addendum 3368.34: The O5-Council met on ██_██_2022 to discuss the future of SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 individuals.

Transcript Log of O5-Council Meeting on ██/██/2022. Subject: O5-2 Proposal Regarding SCP-3368.

O5-1: The next topic of our agenda is O5-2's… "proposal".

O5-6: This is the most brain-dead plan that I've ever seen.

O5-8: It goes against everything that The Foundation is.

O5-2: These are valid points, however-


O5-2: However, this is no longer a problem that ideals can solve. The masquerade broke. A [REDACTED] of Foundation personnel are either behind our own bars or dead.

O5-11: So we're just supposed to give up and let the entire Earth become infected in some sort of "HB-Beepocalypse" scenario?

O5-4: I still can't believe that we added that scenario to the list.

O5-2: Now listen here: The bee people still retain their memories and personality. They're still human.

O5-5: Yes, and they can be controlled and manipulated.

O5-8: Their memories can be outright stolen. That's a huge security risk that you're overlooking.

O5-2: My research team has developed techniques to prevent personality alteration and memory stealing.

O5-6: We've read your paper darn it. Are your techniques economically efficient? Because we'd have to dose the entire planet.

O5-2: The techniques could use a little more funding.

O5-1: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, O5-2.

O5-2: Well, my arguments for support are clearly listed in the proposal. Surely I'm not the only one here who sees the need for us to reverse direction?

O5-3: You are not. I've been talking with the Ethics Committee Chairman recently, and apparently, they're about to vote on some anti-discrimination rights for the bee people.

O5-9: The kind that could put is in hot water?

O5-3: Potentially. Even if it doesn't, morale is down the toilet. We've had a large number of riots and brain drains over these past few years, and there's nothing to indicate that they'll stop.

O5-4: Our treatment of the bee people has been ruining our image with most of the other GoIs. At this rate, our only ally will be the GOC, and they've been having significant troubles recently.

O5-10: Personally, I believe that we should have gone through with this proposal a long time ago. Aside from our current direction being unethical, how are we supposed to survive the future when we don't offer bee people the same benefits as everyone else? A good chunk of the best of the class is being taken by GoIs simply because of their anomalies.

O5-12: This leads into my reason for support: Cost. I took a look at the data and we have not made a statistically significant decrease in the infection rate. Furthermore, financially we are a shell in comparison to our former selves from five years ago. At this point, it would be more cost effective to make humanity's transformation occur smoothly.

O5-11: I repeat myself: 'So we're just supposed to give up?' Has no one tried to develop an antidote? Or wiping the slate clean?

O5-2: Early on the research team was lead by one Makshi Bickers. Her attempts to reverse the infection resulted in numerous containment breaches, deaths, and her permanent residence at a psychological ward when she finally lost her mind.

O5-8: Okay, so one scientist failed to step up to the plate. That hasn't stopped us before. That's like saying that we should've stopped developing improvements to the Scranton Reality Anchors just because of what happened to Dr. Scranton. I'm certain that there's a scientific solution to this and that you're all just too reluctant to find it.

O5-12: I agree with you on this one O5-8. However finding a cure for SCP-3368 could take decades of resources, which could be better used for more deadly SCPs.

O5-11: You assume it will take decades of resources O5-12, but you can't say that you know for sure.

O5-12: True.

O5-11: What about the militaristic approach of wiping the slate clean? The GOC has had excellent results using this approach in the past.

O5-2: With all due respect, the GOC is in an even worse position than we are. What personnel they haven't lost to the Chaos Insurgency they've lost by their own hands. They used to be comprised of 108 occult organizations, but now they number at just 77, one of which was wiped out completely.

O5-5: Ah yes, I've read about that! The Bavarian Illuminati was never the brightest of organizations.

O5-1: Now listen here: We don't do what we do because it's easy. We frequently command The Foundation to destroy lives and burn resources, and we do it for the sake of normalcy!

O5-2: O5-1, you act as though this is some sort of end of the world scenario when it's really more of a…

O5-9: LK-Class Change of Species Scenario?

O5-3: I'm not sure about that one. Genetically speaking DNA changes only occur after an infection, and the offspring of two bee people is technically still a "normal" human for the first few weeks. Maybe in a few decades, that scenario could occur, however.

(30 seconds pass)

O5-4: Then what if it's just an AS-Class Normalcy Alteration Scenario?

O5-2: Yes, that sounds about right.

O5-1: That scenario is reserved for the non-anomalous, like the rise of the Internet or the Industrial Revolution.

O5-5: We could make an exception.

O5-6: Sure, why not? We're already making an exception to our gosh darn principles.

O5-5: It looks like this is one of those issues that we're pretty divided on. Perhaps we should just vote instead of arguing for the next hour?

O5-7: This is a significant decision O5-5. It's not going to be settled in an hour.

O5-5: I know it's a significant decision, that's why it's not going to be settled for decades to come.

O5-8: I have an addendum that I would like to add to your proposal O5-2: In the event that your proposal comes to pass we must offer facilities to harbor the remnants of… non-bee persons. Both live specimens and machines that are able to produce non-anomalous humans. We'll put these people with SCP-2000. This is a precautionary move in case your mistake costs us not only our sanity but our humanity as well.

O5-6: If that's the case I'll be willing to move to that area. Anything to get me away from those bees.

O5-2: That's fine with me. Any complaints with this addendum?

(30 seconds pass)

O5-1: Doesn't look like it. Does anyone have anything meaningful to add?

(30 seconds pass)

O5-1: Then let's get this over with.


Support (6): Two, Three, Four, Nine, Ten, Twelve

Oppose (5): One, Six, Eight, Eleven, Thirteen

Abstain (2): Five, Seven


Addendum 3368.35: The Ethics Committee met on ██_██_2022, and in a landmark vote, approved a series of anti-discrimination rights to be applied to SCP-3368-1 personnel2.

Addendum 3368.36: Declassification of SCP-3368 was approved by the O5 Council on ██_██_████. The Special Containment Procedures are to be considered null and void, and the object class is to be "Declassified". The majority of the information in the Description is considered to be out of date, and it is preferable to consult a local library for current information on SCP-3368. This document will remain untouched for historical reasons, and due to sensitive information pertaining to The Foundation, is not to be released to the public without O5 approval. Improper release of this information is to be considered grounds for termination.

Abeedum 3368.B:

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