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Inside of SCP-3369

Item #: SCP-3369

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3369 is to be guarded at all times by armed Foundation security personnel. No civilians are to be permitted within a 2-kilometer radius of the island where SCP-3369 is located. Foundation personnel must obtain clearance from a designated supervisor before entering SCP-3369 No Foundation personnel are to enter SCP-3369 under any circumstances. Any instance of SCP-3369's anomalous properties being heard by neighboring islands is to be remedied with aerially dispersed class-A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3369 is a cave system located on █████████, an unpopulated island located █ kilometers south of Barbados. SCP-3369 has not been explored in its entirety, but is believed to contain at least 5 kilometers of interconnected tunnels. In terms of composition and design, nothing distinguishes SCP-3369 from a naturally occurring cave system. However, SCP-3369 will begin to exhibit anomalous properties under certain weather conditions.

When the wind speed near SCP-3369 exceeds 12 mph, a sound resembling a male human voice will begin to emanate from the cave system. This voice will repeat a message, ranging from a few words to several minutes of speech, until the wind subsides. The exact mechanisms behind the creation of these messages are unknown, although it is believed to involve the manipulation of air currents. The volume of the voice varies exponentially depending on the wind speed, with wind speeds of just over 12 mph producing a barely audible whisper, and wind speeds of over 140 mph producing a noise loud enough to cause hearing damage at close range. The exact message being relayed by SCP-3369 will also change depending on the wind speed. Variables such as the time of day, temperature, and air humidity levels have also been found to affect the contents of these messages. Due to the observed repetition of messages during separate instances of similar weather conditions, it is believed that SCP-3369 can only produce a finite number of different messages.

From the original discovery of SCP-3369 up until Project 3369 Alpha (see Addendum 3369.2) in 2002, the voice produced by SCP-3369 spoke in an unknown language. Although no messages from this time have ever been translated in their entirety, certain words have been found to resemble those of native West Indian dialects, such as the Taino word for weather and the Arawák word for storm. Because of this, the language formerly spoken by SCP-3369 is theorized to be an archaic linguistic ancestor to other West Indian languages.

Since the events of Project 3369 Alpha, SCP-3369 has ceased speaking in the unknown language, instead repeating messages in modern American English. The contents of these messages generally relate to the weather currently being exhibited in the area, as well as forecasts of weather in the near future. Messages involving current weather are always accurate, while messages involving forecasts have shown occasional inaccuracies. SCP-3369's messages resemble weather news reports in tone and delivery. Due to the topic of weather being observed in messages both before and after Project 3369 Alpha, it is believed that the messages have only changed in language and not in meaning or purpose. See Addendum 3369.3 for an incomplete list of notable messages.

Addendum 3369.1: Discovery and Apprehension

The anomalous properties of SCP-3369 were first noted by the Foundation on October 5, 2001, during Hurricane Iris. Once the hurricane came within ██ kilometers of SCP-3369, sounds resembling a male human voice were heard emanating from the cave system. The sound was loud enough to be heard in Barbados, leading to several reports from civilians of an “eerie chant from beyond the sea”. Due to the danger presented by Hurricane Iris, Foundation personnel were unable to arrive in Barbados until several days after the voice was reported, and class-A amnestics had to be administered aerially on a large scale due to stories of the voice spreading across the island during that time. It took several weeks for Foundation personnel to pinpoint the location of SCP-3369, upon which time the surrounding area became property of the Foundation.

Addendum 3369.2: Project 3369 Alpha

Project 3369 Alpha was a manned mission to explore the inside of SCP-3369, with the hope of understanding the mechanisms behind its anomalous properties. Subject D-1174 volunteered to perform this mission. In order to ensure the subject's safety, a reel containing 10 kilometers of rope was positioned at the entrance of SCP-3369 and connected to D-1174 by a harness.

The following audio and video log was gathered by Subject D-1174 during project 3369 Alpha

D-1174: Alright, is everything up and running?

Command: Audio and video equipment are functioning properly. Is your harness in place?

D-1174: Yep, ready to go.

Command: Alright, please proceed through the entryway.

Subject D-1174 enters SCP-3369, stops to take out a flashlight, and continues

D-1174: Okay, there are a lot of tunnels in here, all going in different directions. Does it matter which way I go?

Command: Not at all, please continue as you see fit.

D-1174: Alright then, I guess I’ll take this one on the left. Give me some more slack.

Subject D-1174 proceeds down the leftmost tunnel

Command: Are you noticing anything unusual? Anything that you wouldn’t expect in an ordinary cave?

D-1174: Well, there are a lot of little holes everywhere. The walls look like they’re made of swiss cheese. I’m not sure if that’s weird or not though. This is my first time exploring a cave.

Command: I assure you, that isn’t something you’d normally see in a cave.

D-1174: Interesting. I wonder what made them.

Command: That makes two of us.

Subject D-1174 continues in near silence for almost an hour, choosing tunnels seemingly at random. The tunnels begin to gradually slope downward, until reaching an angle of almost 45 degrees. Measurement markings of D-1174's rope indicate a distance of almost 5 kilometers traveled.

D-1174: The path is getting pretty steep. I'm worried I'm gonna lose my footing here. Permission to call it quits?

Command: Granted. Watch your step and hang onto the rope, we'll start pulling yo-

D-1174: Wait, stop, I see something!

Command: what is it? What do you see?

D-1174: I’m not sure. Give me some more slack, I’ll get closer.

//Subject D-1174 walks for a few more seconds before losing his balance and sliding down the tunnel. He lands in a large, domed room.

Command: 1174, are you okay?

D-1174: Yeah, I’m fine, my ass broke my fall.

Command: Where are you? Do you see anything?

Subject D-1174 aims the flashlight at a beige disc-shaped object of approximately 2 meters in diameter embedded in the cave wall

D-1174: That’s it, that’s the thing I saw. What do you think this is?

Command: I have no clue.

Subject D-1174 presses his hand against the object, which appears flexible yet taut.

D-1174: It’s soft, and it feels like there’s empty space behind it.

Command: Interesting. There should be a scalpel strapped to your harness. Can you get a sample?

D-1174: Sure thing.

Subject D-1174 removes his hand from the object, causing it to vibrate. A moaning noise reverberates through the cave, and can be heard by personnel at the entrance

D-1174: Shit, that was loud. I guess we know how this thing talks now, huh?

Command: We know how it makes noise, we still don’t know how it forms words.

D-1174: Right. Well maybe this sample will help solve the mystery.

Subject D-1174 cuts a 1x1 centimeter sample out of the object and puts it in the pocket of his harness. Within seconds a loud hissing noise can be heard, and the room begins to fill with an opaque white gas, inhibiting video communication

Command: 1174, what’s going on?

D-1174: It just collapsed! The drum thing, I swear I only cut a little bit out, but the whole thing just collapsed!

Command: We’re pulling you out of there, hang on.

D-1174: Holy shit, I can’t breathe in here. I can’t breathe.

Command: Don’t worry, we’re getting yo-

Command is interrupted by a loud scream from Subject D-1174, followed by loss of audio and video communication


Foundation personnel were unable to extract Subject D-1174 from SCP-3369 for several hours due to resistance on the subject’s side of the rope. Once removed, the subject was observed to be missing the entirety of his skin. An autopsy report revealed that the subject had received multiple incisions to his skull, and that most of his frontal cortex and left parietal lobe had been removed. Analysis of the sample, which was still on Subject D-1174’s person at the time of his recovery, revealed that the object had been composed of mummified human skin tissue.

Addendum 3369.3: Anomalous Events following Project 3369 Alpha

Shortly after communication with Subject D-1174 was lost, SCP-XXX began emitting violent tremors that radiated across the island for a period of several days. During this time, a sound resembling scraping stone emanated from SCP-3369 at a volume loud enough to damage human hearing. Once these effects subsided, a cursory exploration team found that the arrangement of tunnels had changed since prior to Project 3369 Alpha.

The most notable change in SCP-3369's properties was first observed on May 11, 2002, during a tropical thunderstorm with a wind speed of 29 mph. During this time, SCP-3369 was found to no longer repeat messages in an unknown language, instead speaking in modern American English. This change appears to be permanent, as it has been noted in all subsequent cases of SCP-3369 activity.

Addendum 3369.3: List of Notable Messages From SCP-3369

Time of Message: 5/23/02, 6:04 pm to 11:37 pm
Weather Conditions: tropical thunderstorm, average wind speed of 27 mph

"Good evening folks. We've got a warm front moving in from the east, and you can expect thunderstorms along with it. These storms should persist late into tonight, so we would recommend staying indoors if possible."

Time of Message: 10/11/02, 9:17 am to 10/13/02, 4:41 pm
Weather Conditions: heavy rainfall, average wind speed of 18 mph

"Hello, everyone. We're getting hit with some serious rain from the southeast right now, and it should persist straight through the weekend, so sorry to all of you that made plans outdoors. On the bright side, you can expect nothing but sun all through next week."

Time of Message: 8/8/03, 4:56 am to 3:21 pm
Weather Conditions: heavy fog, wind speed of 17 mph

"Good morning, everybody. The cold front that was supposed to pass just north of us has made a bit of an unexpected turn south, and the mix of warm and cold air is causing some extreme fog. It should clear up soon, but until then we recommend staying off the water for your own safety."

Time of Message: 9/12/04, 5:32 pm to 9/15/04, 12:04 pm
Weather Conditions: Hurricane Ivan, average wind speed of 141 mph

"Attention, everyone. We are currently experiencing a category 5 hurricane. citizens are advised to evacuate as soon as possible, as heavy flooding, as deep as six feet in some areas, is expected. Those who are unable to evacuate are advised to stay in their homes and wait for rescue personnel to arrive."

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