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Item #: SCP-3373


SCP-3373-1-E before facial reconstructive surgery

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All major smartphones application stores are to be actively monitored for instances of SCP-3373. Instances of SCP-3373 are to be immediately removed from the store by embedded Foundation personnel.
Any subjects who have downloaded SCP-3373 are to be tracked down and taken into Foundation custody.
Should the subject have turned into an instance of SCP-3373-1, facial reconstructive surgery is to be attempted if deemed possible. Amnestics are to be administered and a cover story to be given, such as a car accident or burn injury by fire.

If facial reconstruction is deemed impossible, instances of SCP-3373-1 are to be kept in individual standard humanoid containment cells and provided basic amenities. A limited selection of entertainment may be provided contingent on good behavior.

Description: SCP-3373 is a smartphone application, periodically appearing on online application stores such as Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. SCP-3373 appears under various display names, most commonly "Mr. Hubert's Wacky Camera Filters!" and "Crazy Fun Face Distortion for the whole Family". Other names using a similar format has also been observed.
As SCP-3373 is affected by the built-in rating systems in the same manner as non-anomalous applications, exposure to larger amounts of subjects is considered unlikely as instances are can be removed swiftly.

Although the manner in which SCP-3373 appears on application stores appears to be anomalous and is currently not well understood, it can be downloaded in the same manner as a non-anomalous app. When downloaded onto a smartphone and launched, the application works similar to non-anomalous camera filter applications. The cell phone's camera can be aimed at human faces, which will then appear altered in some way on the screen. A variety of different “filters” are available.

The anomalous properties of SCP-3373 go into effect when the face of a subject has been on-screen for approximately 10 seconds. After 10 seconds have passed the alterations seen on-screen will appear on the subjects physical face, turning them into an instance of SCP-3373-1.
Any extra body parts added in the physical alterations consists of living tissue and function as expected, but does not appear to greatly enhance any existing senses or grant the subject new ones.

For a list of examples of physical alterations in SCP-3373-1 instances, see Addendum-3373-A.

Log of examples of psychical alterations in subjects, both from civilian instances of SCP-3373-1 and experimentation on D-class personnel.

Subject Alteration Notes
SCP-3373-1-A Eyes enlarged ~85%. Nose ~25% of original size. Physical changes deemed irreversible by surgery. Subject contained.
SCP-3373-1-E Canine muzzle in place of nose. Extra set of canine ears on top of head. Facial reconstruction performed and amnestics administered and subject set free.
D-2657 Flower wreath on top of head. Flower wreath removed by D-2657.
SCP-3373-1-J Muzzle and ears identified by DNA analysis as European rabbit.1 Facial reconstruction performed and amnestics administered and subject set free.
D-1395 Purple facial skin hue and rosy cheeks. A pair of butterfly-like antennae on top of head. D-1395 kept unaltered for testing purposes and may be assigned ordinary D-class work.

SCP-3373 was discovered when the Foundation was alerted to a hospital in San Jose, California. ████ █████, a ██-year old male, had downloaded SCP-3373 onto his phone and triggered its anomalous effects, turning into an instance of SCP-3373-1.
████ █████, designated as SCP-3373-1-A, was taken into Foundation custody under the cover story of being taken to a more well equipped medical facility. Amnestics was administered to all civilians involved.

As there currently is no known method to reverse the symptoms shown by SCP-3373-1 instances without extensive reconstructive surgery, testing on D-class personnel has been approved as of ██/██/20██. At least one phone which has SCP-3373 installed should be kept in a standard anomalous items locker for this purpose. - Dr. ███████

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