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SCP-3381 after initial recovery

Item #: SCP-3381

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3381 is to be stored in a locker in safe storage when not in use. All testing on SCP-3381 must be approved by Dr. Corvino and properly documented according to Foundation protocols. SCP-3381 must be used every two weeks to ensure the object's integrity. This procedure must be performed by D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-3381 is a bed pillow in good condition, of standard dimensions and weight. The item is filled with the wool of Ovis Aries (common sheep), dried up olive leaves, and dried petals of poppies and other narcotic plants.

SCP-3381 shows its anomalous properties when a human falls asleep while using it; subjects under the influence of narcotics or alcohol are unable to trigger the effects. When a human subject falls asleep, they immediately enter REM sleep. The subject will experience a dream about a vast white expanse, with a building directly in front of them, which has been designated as SCP-3381-Alpha. The subject will not remember much from these dreams other than the mentioned start, with the exception of rare and exceptional events.

It has been observed that using SCP-3381 to sleep provides close to no rest, and an intense use can lead to exhaustion. Using it once every two sleep cycles has proven to be manageable for most subjects. It has been observed that after approximately 10 days of disuse, the item will start to deteriorate slowly. It will repair itself once used again. How this happens is currently unknown.

SCP-3381-Alpha has varied from subject to subject, but has always been identified as a "movie studio". The words "Dream Studios" are always emblazoned on the front of the structure. Any attempt to move away from the studio has always resulted in the subject waking up.

The building is inhabited by a group of entities, usually friendly to the dreamer, unless inopportune subjects are brought up. SCP-3381-A will usually prompt the dreamer to join them in making a movie, and will ask for a general direction before starting filming. During the following sleep sessions, the subjects will always dream of the studio as long as they sleep on SCP-3381.

After a variable amount of time, the filming will conclude, and upon waking up, subject will find a DVD copy of said movie under SCP-3381. As of now, the DVDs created by SCP-3381 have not shown any anomalous qualities.

Following are the descriptions of the entities inhabiting SCP-3381-Alpha, based on dreamers' memories and the outcome of Experiment-3381-5:

SCP-3381-A is the designation given to a humanoid entity inside SCP-3381-Alpha. The entity identifies itself as "the director" or "Francis Black", and appears to be a middle-aged man of European descent. SCP-3381-A is the first entity to interact with a dreaming subject, asking for what kind of movie the subject would like to make. He has been described as the head of the location, directing and instructing the other entities. It is speculated that SCP-3381-A is the oldest entity present inside the studio, as it has shown to be familiar with events up to 1920.

All experiments were conducted under Dr. Corvino's supervision. Due to the safe nature of the object, also volunteers have also been accepted for these experiments.

Experiment 3381-01
Subject: D-88254-62
Notes: Subject was instructed to make an action movie.
Results: Process took 5 days. A DVD titled "Grey Roads" was created. The movie consists of a well-edited action flick with D-88254-62 in the lead role, along with SCP-3381-B and SCP-3381-C. Other actors were recognized by the subject as people he had met in the past.

Experiment 3381-02
Subject: D-66354-11
Notes: Subject was instructed to make a documentary.
Results: Process took 8 days. A DVD titled "The Miracle of Roses" was created. The movie depicted D-66354-62 in the guise of a researcher explaining the biology and ecology of plants of the family Rosaceae. SCP-3381-B was spotted in the background, while SCP-3381-C appeared as a biologist. When interviewed, D-66354-11 noted that her mother used to have a garden filled with roses.

Experiment 3381-03
Subject: D-90251-52
Notes: Subject was given free choice on what he wished to create
Results: Subject woke up after approximately 27 minutes. When interviewed, the subject said he asked for a "snuff movie", and he was consequently attacked by SCP-3381-A, causing the subject to wake up. After the events, D-90251-52 seemed unable to fall asleep on SCP-3381.

Experiment 3381-04
Subject: D-11863-61
Notes: Subject was instructed to make a movie about SCP-████: subject has never interacted with said SCP and was given only a vague explanations about on how it appears and acts.
Results: Process took 27 days. A DVD titled "Horror ████: Black Sky" was created. The movie is a sci-fi horror with D-11863-61 in the leading role. The movie was edited and shot to never show SCP-████, leaving it as a shadow or a noise. SCP-3381-B and SCP-3381-C did not survive the film. D-11863-61 declared that during the shooting, SCP-3381-A was "excited by the challenge".

Experiment 3381-05
Subject: Dr. Corvino
Notes: Dr. Corvino intended to interview the entities inside SCP-3381-Alpha
Results: see interview logs for results

Experiment 3381-06
Subject: D-3661-47
Notes: Subject was instructed to make a movie about SCP-3381-F and SCP-3381-G
Results: The process took 14 days. A VHS tape without title was created. The movie starts with 23 minutes of a still shot of a sleeping figure in an unknown room. At the 23 minute mark, the video fades to black, before opening on a red room, where SCP-3381-G is seen standing motionless, apparently staring at the camera for 46 minutes. The movie ends abruptly. During questioning, D-3661-47 could not remember anything about his dreams, only that he feels deeply disturbed whenever trying to remember.

Following experiment 3381-05, the interviews from Dr. Corvino were extracted from the DVD created in experiment 3381-05, "Dream Studios Tour". Dr. Corvino justified his informal tone in the interviews as "being in a dream made it quite hard to stay focused enough to be formal."

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: SCP-3381-A
Note: In this section of the movie Dr. Corvino and SCP-3381-A are sitting on a bench: behind them, an outline of a city can be seen.

Dr. Corvino: So… what is your real name, director?

SCP-3381-A: Aaah, straight to the point huh? Well, I guess this is supposed to be an interview… (SCP-3381-A turns around, looking at the city for 6 seconds.) Well, I used to be called Francis Black by folks. But now "director" seems more fitting, aye?

Dr. Corvino: I understand Francis. It is nice to know your real name. So Francis, where are you from? How did you end up working here in Dream Studios?

SCP-3381-A: Well… you know, I always wanted to make it big. But when I started to work, there was a merciless fight for the position I wanted. I… never got to work with the big studios of the time. So… I… (SCP-3381-A stops, frowning) …I don't exactly remember the details. But I remember this: one night I couldn't sleep, I was so desperate for a job… you can imagine, a young man without a job, in the city, he's living on borrowed time. So I got up, and went out for a stroll… At the time, I felt like with a bit of luck, maybe someone would kill me and I would be able to stop worrying! And… well, I ended up at the studio. Strange right? I was probably drunk, and didn't even notice that I'd arrived here: the place seemed empty, but there was this guy… fuck, can't even remember his name… 'pnos, something along that line. Sorry, old age…

Dr. Corvino: Could you describe him?

SCP-3381-A: Heh… can't remember him well… he was a Greek guy or something, you could tell by the name… also, he had this square face only Greeks have… Anyway, I have to admit, all those days were a haze. Working at night and all of that. We never managed to make it big, but we got by. Even when my health started to deteriorate… (SCP-3381-A starts coughing) Sorry. Even after I started to get bad, he never kicked me out. And finally, one night I was working, and this guy came up to me… and said he was done. Just like that. He left me the keys and left. Just like that, he was gone. Said I was the new director.

Dr. Corvino: I see. What happened after that?

SCP-3381-A: I… well, kinda moved in. I dunno, this place was more a home to me than that little apartment of mine. Never left since. I… kinda feel like this is the place for me, you feel me?

Addendum: Research revealed a Francis Black who matched the description of SCP-3381-A, who died from liver cancer in 1921 in the city of Los Angeles.

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: SCP-3381-B
Note: This section of the movie was recorded inside what appears to be a diner. The insignia "Palm Gate" can be seen through the window. Dr. Corvino and SCP-3381-B are sitting at the counter. An unidentified jazz score is playing in the background.

Dr. Corvino: So, my friend… what can you tell me about yourself?

SCP-3381-B: Well, there isn't much to say, to be honest. I'm afraid my life is not as interesting as it is in my movies.

Dr. Corvino: Well, why don't we start from the beginning, then? Why don't we start with your name?

SCP-3381-B: Well, my mother called me Tony. And from my father, I got the surname Mayers. I was born… (SCP-3381-B stops talking for 5 seconds) …heh, I can barely remember when. But I do remember it was in Los Angeles… not a nice city for… us colored folk, if you catch my drift.

Dr. Corvino: I can imagine

SCP-3381-B: I'm afraid you can't. No offense, but you white folks can't really say you understand how it was at all when the Klan came back in the '15, and we had to watch our backs all the time. It was terrible, there were news of people being beaten and assaulted every day, and it only got worse…

Dr. Corvino: …I understand. So, how did you get by?

SCP-3381-B: Well… you know, my Ma' always said I was crazy, but I wanted to act. She said Tony, people like us do not act. Not in the white folks' movies. But I was young, didn't listen. Got laughed at, yelled at… I… think a couple of people punched me. I was about to give up, leave my motel to go on back to Mama. 'Til one night, I went for a walk… and stumbled upon the studio. I met Francis… he was out smoking, you know how he is…

Dr. Corvino: Yes I do. Please, continue

SCP-3381-B: Yeah, so, I said to myself it was worth a shot… and Francis just said yes. He just wanted to work at night-time, but that was never a problem. I never saw my movies around, but Francis said they were great. Always left me one copy to watch. Well, I couldn't watch it, but… well, I sold them, got a bit of income.

Dr. Corvino: Didn't Francis pay you?

SCP-3381-B: I… I think he did? (SCP-3381-B goes silent for 7 seconds) Yeah, he did for sure. After a bit, he even offered me a place to stay, in the studio. or… well, I guess I kinda didn't feel like leaving. So he gave me a room, and so I'm always around, being annoying. I just hope my mom can see how well I'm doing now!

Addendum: Research revealed a diner called "Palm Gate" used to exist in ████ ██, Los Angeles. It was also discovered that a man named Anthony Myers, who matched the description of SCP-3381-B, died in 1930 in his bed after an assault from a group of white supremacists on a black bar in Los Angeles.

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: SCP-3381-C
Note: This section of the movie was filmed during night time, on a Ferris wheel. No stars can be seen.

SCP-3381-C: So… I take it this is my turn, yes?

Dr. Corvino: It would seem like it. I'm trying to go in order of the ones who have worked here the longest.

SCP-3381-C: Oh, that seems smart. Well… it feels like a lifetime ago… my name is Claudine Orbison. Nice to meet you all (SCP-3381-C waves at the camera) I started working for the studio a few years ago. It's a lot better then my old job, let me tell you that. I had to provide for my family, so when I stumbled on the studio during one of my nights out, of course I immediately accepted Francis' offer. Truth to be told, I wasn't too fond of it. But it was warmer and drier than my previous job. In the beginning, me and Tony loathed each other. But you know, we had to work together so…

Addendum: Research revealed that a woman by the name Claudine Orbison, who died of gas poisoning in her bed in 1938, lived in Los Angeles.

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: SCP-3381-D
Note: This section of the movie was filmed inside a brightly lit room, filled with props, costumes and general movie-related items. SCP-3381-D is seated in front of the camera. Dr. Corvino is out of frame.

Dr. Corvino: And here we are, behind the scenes with our one and only-

SCP-3381-D: Jackie Coos. Yaaaay, that's me!

Dr. Corvino: Indeed it is. So, would you like to talk to us a bit about yourself?

SCP-3381-D: Well… there isn't much to say…. (SCP-3381-D looks around, apparently nervous) I'm sorry, I've never been in front of a camera before. Usually I just make props and dress the others up!

Dr. Corvino: Would you like to tell us about how you started working for the studio?

SCP-3381-D: Well… I don't remember it clearly… I was probably going through a lot… you know, out there life is not very kind to independent artists. (SCP-3381-D stays silent for 9 seconds) Yes, I was an independent artist. But nobody wanted my art. Women and art weren't looked at very nicely together. I was actually starting to starve. That's when I had the luck of finding the studio. Francis saw something others didn't, so he kept me around. It was nice… sure, the pay wasn't great, but I always got a free copy of the movie! It was always what I had dreamed of! A stable job, a chance to express my art, friends… and even a home, after I got the chance to stay here!

Addendum: Research discovered a Jackie Coos who had died in 1947 in her studio in Los Angeles due to starvation.

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: SCP-3381-E
Note: This section of the movie was filmed inside an editing room. SCP-3381-E is seated in front of a video editing workstation. Dr. Corvino is out of frame.

SCP-3381-E: Honestly, I don't know why you feel like including me. I don't exactly do much here…

Dr. Corvino: You do a lot of work, actually. The editor is an unsung hero in the film industry, isn't that right? How did you learn to do that kind of work? Oh, also, please introduce yourself.

SCP-3381-E: Uh… hello then, I'm… David. My father was McAndrew, but I never used that surname. Sounds pompous as fuck. And to answer your question, I learned it here. I was a good for nothing man at the time… a mess, always doing terrible jobs to get a fix… drugs were going strong, and I just wanted a fix, y'know…? Can't blame my family for kicking me out. Anyway, I was sleeping in my hut, down in the… in… (SCP-3381-E stays silent for 14 seconds) Well, I was sleeping there, when fucking Francis walked in. I tried to kick him out, but you know how the old man is…

Dr. Corvino: I can imagine how the confrontation went, yes.

SCP-3381-E: He offered me a job. Like, a legit one. He was usually the one doing the filming and the editing, so he showed me what to do.

Dr. Corvino: And how was it? Working here, I mean.

SCP-3381-E: Ah, it was terrible! I hated it! Sure, I can't complain now, and I know I have to be thankful to Francis for what he did… but I don't know… besides feeling like I was showed pity, his work ethic was like… prehistorical! I mean, even Jackie had to fight him a few times over what props she could use… I kinda noticed they are all quite old-timey. I don't mind much now, but when I started, it was terrible.

Dr. Corvino: But you stayed.

SCP-3381-E: Heh, of course I did… I mean, it was a job… something to distract me from where I lived… from what I ate…. it was… it is this fantastic escape from the dumpster, from reality, y'know? I'm… glad I can stay here, for as long as I want…

Addendum: A man by the name of David McAndrew was declared missing in 1965 in the city of Los Angeles, and subsequently declared dead after seven years.

Interview with SCP-3381-F consists of 12 minutes of shaky camera chasing SCP-3381-F through what appears to be an abandoned apartment complex in an advanced state of decay. No interview with SCP-3381-G was recorded.

Addendum 3381-01: After Experiment-3381-06, the item was seen to deteriorate faster then usual. Sleeping subjects do not remember seeing SCP-3381-Alpha, and instead describe nightmares and lucid dreams involving SCP-3381-G. No movie has been created by these subjects. The item has been seen secreting saline water, as well as red liquid: test results showed this substance to be blood, specifically from an unknown human female.

>Experiment 3381-07

Subjects: Agent Mixson (Stuffy), Agent Whitely (Grimm), Agent Lofton (Sassy).
Notes: Due to the drastic changes in the behavior of SCP-3381 after Experiment 3381-06, Dr. Corvino requested the intervention of MTF Omicron Rho "The Dream Team" to investigate the cause of the item's new behavior. Agent Mixson was given the order to fall asleep on SCP-3381, while Agent Whitely and Agent Lofton were to join him once asleep.
Results: The experiment lasted for 37 minutes. Subjects were seen moving and muttering in their sleep. Agent Whitely was the first to wake up without major incident. Agent Lofton woke up 12 seconds later without major incident. Agent Mixson woke up 63 seconds later, and attempted to attack surrounding personnel. After a struggle, Agent Mixson was forcibly sedated by guard personnel. An interview was soon taken with Agent Whitely shortly afterwards.

Interviewer: Dr. Corvino
Interviewee: Agent Whitely

Dr. Corvino: How are you feeling, soldier? (Chair scraping) Still holding up?

Agent Whitely: Nothing I can't handle sir, thank you. I'll feel better after I take my meds.

Dr. Corvino: I understand. I hope you feel well enough to file a report on your mission. We must do it as soon as possible, you know that.

Agent Whitely: Yes sir, I'm aware. I'm ready to answer your questions.

Dr. Corvino: Very well. Would you please start from when you and Agent Lofton entered Agent Mixson's dream?

Agent Whitely: Yeah, sure. So… (Subject stays silent for few seconds) After the dizziness wore off, we located Stuffy almost immediately. We were on what appeared to be a long, white beach. White sand, very thin. There was a vast black sea, I could hear the waves. It was like I could almost hear seagulls too, although if I didn't see any. Oh, it was night, too, that's right. There were a lot of stars… I think Sassy could tell you all about that, he has a photographic memory after all… Anyway, we had read the reports, so we figured we couldn't be that far off from SCP-3381-Alpha, so we regrouped and started to move along the beach.

Dr. Corvino: I take it there was something other than the beach, then…?

Agent Whitely: Ah, yes yes, the beach seemed like it was just the edge of an island, and we could head inland if we wanted… but we thought we would wake up if we strayed too far from the objective, so we kept on the sand. (Subject remains silent for 17 seconds) …The sand started to turn red when SCP-3381-Alpha came into sight. The smell was… well, blood. I think you probably already figured that out. We saw this building… we felt it was the right building, but it was… like, distorted. Bent on itself, leaking this mix of blood and slime, muddying all the sand. Sassy went in front, Stuffy second, and I brought up the rear. For now, the whole dream seemed pretty stable, but inside… (Subject rubs her eyes) Excuse me.

Dr. Corvino: Take your time. I'm sure your medicine is on the way.

Agent Whitely: I hope so. Well, Sassy opened the door, and the first thing I noticed was the smell. It was terrible… like, rotten meat, rotten eggs, and fish left out in the sun. It was disgusting, it took a lot to not wake up at that. The… floor was coated in red. It was the main hall, or at least it looked like it. There were posters all along the walls. Like in a movie theater, but they were all damaged and torn… and the blood…

Agent Whitely: We kept going. It was like something had completely wrecked the place. There were markings all over, chairs broken and shapes like little dolls. It was… disturbing. We kept going for a bit, until we reached a corridor. And then it started! The walls started to creak and wail like a fucking ghost, and opening little holes opened all over the place and we could see little yellow eyes staring at us out of them. The entire building shifted, and we saw the entrance vanish behind us. Sassy was freaking out, so Stuffy took his place in front. It was disturbing but… not much worse, 'til we started to go up. I should mention, that the pictures started to appear around this time, too.

Dr. Corvino: What pictures?

Agent Whitely: Ah yeah. A lot of them. all the same picture, framed, or just like that, nailed to the walls. All of this little blonde girl with pigtails. A lot of them were scratched-up and smeared with blood. Sassy could probably give you a better description…

Dr. Corvino: Noted. Please continue.

Agent Whitely: Yeah, so, we kept going. There were few sets of stairs, some of them defying gravity but… well, dream. There were a lot of closed doors, too. We could hear people screaming from the inside, banging on the doors or the walls.*

Dr. Corvino: Can you remember if these voices said anything understandable?

Agent Whitely: Yeah…. I remember hearing a couple of guys, and a gal later… they were screaming a lot, but I think the general consensus was like "don't make me remember". So… we kept going up. Found a couple of rooms, unlocked. One was… I think where movie people edit the movies? Well, it was all open, and everything was caked in blood. There was… (Subject stays silent for 12 seconds) This guy… on the floor… seemed like the cameraman guy from the interview…

Dr. Corvino: SCP-3381-E? (A shuffling of paper as Dr. Corvino holds up a still frame of SCP-3381-E)

Agent Whitely: Yeah, that guy. On the floor, screaming, with rats all over him. They ripped his flesh, and then ripped him open, over and over. We moved away from them after a few seconds. Not much we could do there. The second room was… odd.

Dr. Corvino: Define "odd", please.

Agent Whitely: Well… out of place. I can understand the nightmare thing, with the screaming, blood, pain… this room was… well, normal. As if had been left untouched. And it wasn't even all that special. I mean, it was just a little storage area, dark, a lot of boxes, a few shelves covered in DVD cases. Stacks and stacks of those. There was another door, but it was locked, so we kept moving. And the world around us went from a mass of deformed flesh, all red and veiny, to white. Stuffy thought it was bones at first, but when we checked, it was… well, concrete. The layout changed rather quickly, actually. The stairs turned into the stairs of what we all just kind of knew was an apartment complex. We could hear screaming still, but it was muffled. The walls were completely covered in those photos, at this point. Quite unnerving.

Agent Whitely: We stopped after we started to hear footsteps. Like someone running. We moved and took cover. In a matter of moments we saw the little shadow… F? SCP-3381-F, running, while the big one was chasing it. The big one was actually speaking… or at least, trying to. It was a garbled mess. It had these long freaky fingers that it scratched on the floor with this horrid screeching sound… we held position, even if I knew Stuffy wanted to jump in. The big one kept chasing the smaller one 'til it reached it, and it started to [DATA EXPUNGED]

Dr. Corvino: I…. understand. What… happened after?

Agent Whitely: Well, the big one moved away, and what was left of the small one vanished. And after a few seconds, we heard the running again. Stuffy wanted to intervene, but me and Sassy tried to push him forward… you guys gave us an exploration mission, so we kept going. Until we found ourselves face to face with the big one. Like, it came out right from behind a corner!

Dr. Corvino: Did it try to interact with you?

Agent Whitely: I feel like it didn't expect there to be three of us. It started to move towards Stuffy, but stopped when it saw me and Sassy. Backed away, holding its head as it started raining outside. I… think I heard sirens too. But it didn't last long. The thing screeched and attacked Stuffy. The walls started to turn red, with all these black spikes emerging, chains and arms coming for us… it was a mess. I could see Stuffy struggling against this thing, trying to fight it off. I got scratched by those freaky nails… It was painful… Sassy was calling for aborting the mission… So I pulled out. It was all falling down, there was screaming, everything was starting to collapse… those sirens, flashes of red and blue light, the rain… I couldn't have done anything more.

Dr. Corvino: I understand agent, thank you for your report. This interview is over.
<End Log>

After interviewing Agent Lofton, additional information was obtained from his recollections:

  • A study of the position of the stars in the dream's sky positioned the Studio's location on the island of Lemnos, Greece.
  • The unknown child depicted in the photos has been identified as Susan Baker, murdered in 1986 in Los Angeles after being kidnapped and held prisoner for two months by ██████ Lewis, who killed her in her sleep. He was subsequently found and killed during a police raid two months later.
  • The boxes in the storage area were marked as "Thanathos' Stygian Delivery Service."

Addendum-3381-07-A: One week after the events of Experiment 3381-07, the item was tested again, as all external anomalies had ceased to manifest. SCP-3381 has returned to its usual behavior, except now SCP-3381-F is often sighted in the background of movies, waving or cheering. There has not been any reported sighting of SCP-3381-G as of yet.

Addendum-3381-07-B: Two days after Experiment 3381-07, Agent Mixson reported sightings of an entity resembling SCP-3381-G in his dreams, as if part of his own self. To avoid a breach in containment, Agent's Onereic form was killed following Omicron Rho's Omega protocol, stopping any possible contact with his dreams. Agent was removed from task force Omicron Rho, and reassigned to on-site duty. Agent declared that when his Oneiric form was killed, he could feel "someone dying for the second time".

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