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The following is an outdated version of the current document, retrieved from a Foundation extratemporal deep-well archive, which describes a now neutralized anomaly. Information discrepancies will be readily apparent. It is important that Foundation personnel acquaint themselves with this text in order to contextualise the current documentation for SCP-3391.

By viewing this document you acknowledge that you are a member of staff assigned to the Hubris Project or a member of the O5 Council. If you have erroneously discovered this document or have otherwise accessed it without fulfilling the previously described qualities, close this window immediately. Unauthorised access is punishable by amnesticisation, dissolution of Foundation employment and/or termination.

Item #: SCP-3391

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In cooperation with the government of Greece, a naval exclusionary zone has been established 9 km from SCP-3391 under the guise of a SPAMI1 ecological reserve. Approaching civilian ships and other vessels are to be turned away. Any vessel attempting to breach the perimeter will be detained, and its occupants subsequently amnesticised. Two Foundation naval vessels are to patrol the perimeter at all times, and are to serve as monitoring stations for SCP-3391.

Due to the self-containing nature of SCP-3391 and its sub-instances, no activities are to be undertaken to actively contain SCP-3391. Containment is to be focused on preventing civilian exposure to the anomaly and studying its effects on the local marine ecosystem.

Update 16/05/16: SCP-3391-3 is to be contained in a standard psionic isolation locker in Site 104's sublevel. SCP-3391-3 is not to be exposed to unsheltered muscular tissue nor any small mammals or fish. 27/05/16: Due to the destruction of SCP-3391-3 containment procedures for the anomaly are no longer necessary

Update 27/05/16: As of recent events surrounding SCP-3391 the anomaly has been reclassified as Keter and designated a threat to consensus reality, as well as a potential eschatological threat. Military operations are to be conducted in order to contain, and ultimately terminate the entity.


A closeup of an instance of SCP-3391-1, taken by a drone during initial containment efforts.

Description: SCP-3391 is an irregular mass of undifferentiated tissue located at coordinates ██.█° █, ██.█° █ in the Libyan Sea south of Crete; located ███m beneath sea level. Sonar scans indicate the mass covers approximately 16 km² of the seafloor. Recovered samples have revealed the surface of the structure to be composed primarily of mammalian cardiac tissue. Deep-tissue analysis has been hindered by the presence of SCP-3391-1 and SCP-3391-2.

SCP-3391-1 are the marine wildlife present in the waters around SCP-3391. All SCP-3391-1 organisms appear to be mutated or modified strains of otherwise non-anomalous organisms typically present in the waters surrounding SCP-3391. In nearly all recorded cases instances of SCP-3391-1 possess redundant or harmful modifications to their bodies such as nonviable configuration of organs, missing appendages and other damaging features inherent to their biology. SCP-3391-1 organisms are extremely fertile and are able to breed with any other instances, resulting in a stable population of between ≈█████ to ██████ instances at any one time. It is unknown how SCP-3391-1 maintains a stable population; so far, no instances have displayed the need to metabolise or consume any substances. Captive instances of SCP-3391-1 remain alive indefinitely without any nutritional input, but prove susceptible to regular means of termination such as physical trauma, suffocation and incineration. While SCP-3391-1 are generally docile several larger instances have proven openly hostile to personnel, complicating operations in and around the anomaly.

SCP-3391-2 describes the waste products produced by instances of SCP-3391-12. Due to the high mortality and breeding rate of SCP-3391-1, SCP-3391-2 currently covers ██ km² of the seafloor, measuring almost 20m deep near the centre of the mass. SCP-3391-2 is constantly absorbed into the mass of SCP-3391, with dead cells reanimating, and assimilating themselves into SCP-3391’s surface, causing SCP-3391 to expand in size over time. Even when removed from SCP-3391 this behaviour continues, preventing SCP-3391-2 from experiencing decay.

Sonar scans have determined that SCP-3391 reaches almost 300 metres beneath the seafloor. Analysis of the water surrounding SCP-3391 has revealed it to contain several exotic organic compounds such as leptin and estradiol in carcinogenic concentrations near SCP-3391. The source of these compounds is unknown but their presence is limited to the area in which SCP-3391-2 manifests, rendering them harmless to the world at large.


Image of The Fissure, taken from Beta's bodycam

Addendum 3391-1:

On 15/05/2016, Foundation patrol ships reported significant anomalous activity in and around SCP-3391’s containment area, citing large yellow streaks visible in the water, increased SCP-3391-1 movement, and minor seismic activity. Sonar scans detected the formation of a large cavity in the centre of SCP-3391. After a brief period of debate, acting director F████ G█████ ordered MTF Gamma-6 (“Deep Feeders”) to investigate, who were promptly dispatched to investigate the structure.

MTF Gamma-6 arrives at the designated diving point at ██:██ local time. All four agents are equipped with standard deep sea diving kit, with Agent Rumor (Alpha) carrying esoteric sampling equipment. At Director F████ G████’s discretion, the operation commences at ██:██ from the SCPS-Iago expedition submarine, with the intention of mapping out changes to the structure and acquiring samples, and any items of interest from within the anomaly.

<MTF Gamma-6: Begin Log>

Alpha: This is Rumor. Check, Gamma-6.

Beta: Omar good to go. Check.

Delta: Prepped and ready to dive.

Epsilon: Epsilon, Check.

Alpha: Command, permission to commence dive?

Command: You’re greenlit, Gamma-6. Begin the operation.

<The SCPS-Iago’s pressure chamber floods with water. Gamma-6 is submerged. The diving chamber opens approximately 40m above SCP-3391. Gamma-6 swims toward the outside of SCP-3391, a short distance from the fissure. Several instances of SCP-3391-1 are present in the water.>

Delta: Jesus. Never got to see the thing up close before.

Alpha: Command, we’re approaching SCP-3391-2. How do you copy?

Command: We’re reading you, loud and clear. No electromagnetic disturbances.

Epsilon: Hey, do we know what those yellow streaks above us are? We shouldn’t be worried about those, right?

Delta: As far as we can tell, it’s just jumbled organic lipids and proteins. It should be inert, but keep an eye on it anyways. Alpha, how are the readings?

Alpha: Same as the probes they sent down here. Kant Counter is reading a steady 92. Pressure’s at 47 bar. Nothing unusual.

<MTF Gamma-6 reaches the opening in SCP-3391, known as “the fissure” by the team, and identified as such for the rest of this document. SCP-3391-1 instances are observed to approach, but never interact with personnel. Extraneous dialogue removed for brevity. Upon arrival at the fissure, visibility noticeably degrades, due to the presence of the organic yellow substance in the water.>

Delta: Command, we’re at the fissure.

Beta: Looks to be about twenty metres wide and a couple hundred long. I can’t see the bottom, there’s too much of that protein crap. You sure the yellow stuff’s harmless?

Command: You should be fine in your suits. It’s not caustic or reactive.

Epsilon: Alright. Sonar maps measure this thing to be around two hundred metres deep. Delta, you’re the one with the most experience with this kind of stuff. How do you want to handle this?

Delta: Prep your gear and keep a close watch on your periphery. There’s no telling what could be in that fog. Beta, fix the harnesses at the mouth of the fissure. We’re going in. Command, keep an eye on the Iago and the extraction zone.

Beta: Roger that.

Command: Roger.

<Beta sets up stakes at buried within SCP-3391-2, which was considered firm enough to provide adequate leverage. MTF Gamma-6 attaches their harnesses to the stakes.>

Alpha: We’re entering the fissure now.

Command: Copy that, team. Try to avoid confrontation if at all possible.

Delta: Got it. We’re diving.

<The team enters the fissure, drifting through the water. The walls of the structure are not visible. After two minutes, they land at the bottom of the fissure.>

Alpha: Okay. We’ve landed. Collecting a water sample. Ugh, the ground’s all sticky. Looks like… fresh meat. It’s red and healthy, not like the brown stuff on the surface.

Delta: It feels like the fissure's shaking. Command are you reading seismic disturbances on your end? SCP-3391 seems to be… thumping, at around 50 bpm.

Command: No readings up here. It’s localized to the inside of the anomaly.

Alpha: Alright then. Let’s find a wall, see if we can't find something interesting.

<MTF Gamma-6 walks to the northeast for approximately four minutes. They come across a sheer cliff that extends into the yellow fog above. At this point, they are well outside of the surface-boundaries of the fissure. There is a large vertical slit in the wall, with several lengthy folds of striated tissue surrounding it. It appears to be pulsing rhythmically. During this time, radio contact is lost with the team due to their distance from Command. All further dialogue and footage is recovered post-mission from the squad’s personal recording devices.>

Alpha: Command’s out. We’re on our own from here.

Beta: Are we going to talk about, you know, the big vag on the wall?

Epsilon: It’s a portal, or a door. I’ve seen this kind of organic engineering in Hungary. Looks like we’re dealing with something manmade.

Alpha: Is there a chance we might meet resistance in there?

Epsilon: We're equipped to deal with the -1s but there's no telling what we'll find behind this door. Just keep your gun close to you.

Delta: Hang on. I’m interacting with the anomaly. Have my tether ready.

<Delta touches the edge of the growth. After several seconds of this motion, he reaches into the centre of the slit. As he does so he is forcefully pulled into the opening. His bodycam records approximately fifteen seconds of rapid motion through a thin passage of intestinal tissue, apparently propelled forward through a motion similar to peristalsis. Delta is ejected from an opening; emerging into a large hemispherical room with a domed roof largely composed of organic calcites, and a floor constructed from a mixture of adipose and cartilage. Several items of furniture are present, as well as three large sphincter-like folds of skin placed on the other end of the room. The room is devoid of water.>

Delta: Jesus! I just got pulled through the anomaly. Think it bruised my ribs. I'm in some kind of circular room. There’s a large chamber here, round. It’s made up of more the meaty stuff we saw outside, but it looks a lot fresher. Healthier, for lack of a better word.

Epsilon: I’m going in with you.

Beta: Following.

<Alpha, Beta and Epsilon enter the anomaly, and are united with Delta. All three agents are ejected from the cavity.>

Alpha: Oh, god, the floor’s all sticky. Going to take another sample, hang on.

Beta: This place kinda looks like a house or a tent. Mattresses and tables. People must have been living here for a long time. Looks like they’ve been gone a while though. Damn, I’m glad I can’t smell anything in this suit.

Epsilon: There’s a load of thaumic equipment too. Bolines, chalices, blocks of salt…

Alpha: And a solid Hume signature behind that 'anal flap'.

Beta: Why is everything here so gross? First a clit, now a butthole.

Epsilon: Get used to it. It's called "Deep Feeders" for a reason.

Delta: Keep the comms clean unless it’s something worth saying. I’m checking the flap to the left.

<Epsilon enters the opening left of the primary anomaly. The room is clearly a large study, with several papers, scrolls and artefacts inside. He collects them and surveys the room. It appears to be well-lived in.>

Epsilon: Nothing important in here. Some books we don’t care about, a shelf, a table… must’ve been at least twelve people living in this complex.

Alpha: Done with the samples over here. I’m going through the other.

<Alpha enters the cavity to the right. Behind it, there is a large corridor, with several similar but relaxed openings on either side.>

Delta: Find anything?

Alpha: Not much. I’m looking through the rooms, seems like it’s a whole bunch of bunk beds, spare clothes, the usual fare. This stuff looks recent. Modern-day recent, judging by the way the clothes are made. Do you think we could be in an active anomaly?

Epsilon: No shit Sherlock. It’s an SCP. This looks more like a reclaimed anomaly, from where I’m standing. Seems the guests got pretty comfortable here.

Alpha: There’s nobody in here where I am. I’ve taken some DNA readings, we’ll see if the lab boys can get a fix on who was living here. Delta, any word on the stuff in the main chamber?

Delta: I’ve got the Thaumic equipment lined up on a table over here. Some of this looks pretty badly made. Whoever was living down here came after the anomaly first showed up. They might still be here, for all we know.

<Alpha and Epsilon re-enter the main chamber.>

Alpha: Yeah, well, I think we’ll be seeing them real soon. The sig in the last room’s reading locked, about 300 on the Kant counter.

Epsilon: Is it moving?

Alpha: No. It doesn’t seem to be aware, either. It’s just a blob of jumbled thoughts at the moment. It definitely can't see us, if that's what you're worried about.

Beta: Here goes, then.

<MTF Gamma-9 enters the primary anomaly chamber. The structure begins with a lengthy corridor that goes on for about fifty metres at a slight downward angle, widening out into a small cylindrical chamber primarily composed of cardiac tissue. Several skeletons are embedded in the wall, with the remnants of at least five different individuals visibly stuck on its surface. There is a podium in the centre of the room with a small heart on it, beating rhythmically. The room pulses in tandem to the same beat.>

Delta: Well, at least we know what happened to the guests.

Beta: We're not going to get mulched like them, are we?

Epsilon: Not unless we’re stupid. And as far as our knowledge goes, these skeletons could be anyone’s.

Beta: The heart's definitely not human. The whole room’s shaking with it. Think we should take it back to the lab?

Delta: Don’t touch it yet. We have no idea what might happen. Alpha, what do you think?

Alpha: Looks safe enough. It’s not sentient, it’s not even putting out that much EVE. All that energy’s internal. The best way I can describe it is as a sleeping type green.

Beta: So it won’t hurt you?

Alpha: Not on purpose.

Epsilon: Whatever. I’m taking the anomaly.

<Epsilon takes hold of the heart, and removes it from the pedestal. It is unattached and comes off cleany. Upon losing contact with the pedestal, the heart and room stop beating.>

Delta: Shit. Might have damaged the anomaly. Well, what’s done is done. Have we all got what we came for?

Alpha: Samples collected.

Epsilon: I have all the study equipment.

Beta: Carrying some of the tools from the main chamber.

Delta: Sounds all good. Let’s go.

<MTF Gamma-6 return through the opening, and begin to swim back to the SCPS-Iago. Command reestablishes contact as soon as they leave the fissure. The mission is concluded without incident.>

Post Action Report:

MTF Gamma-6's mission was deemed a success. The removal of the ’heart’3 from SCP-3391 resulted in no visible changes to the overall anomaly. The yellow substance surrounding SCP-3391 dispersed into the ocean over several hours. Analysis of the fluid revealed it to be composed of various organic proteins and lipids, several not occurring in nature. Standard analysis revealed it to be a non-anomalous source of both organic compounds, as well as safe for ingestion during laboratory testing. Its concentration in regional waters was deemed low enough that no disinformation campaigns were necessary.

The team recovered several items of interest, several of which have been catalogued below. Followup dives failed to rediscover the room that MTF Gamma-6 had entered, or any other features of interest within SCP-3391. Review of Gamma-6’s mounted cameras reveal the entry chamber to have likely been a containment vessel for a large Thaumic working, with various artefacts and faint inscriptions within the room having acted as dampeners for EVE rebound during various thaumic activities.


SCP-3391-3 is the object recovered from the central pedestal of the room found within SCP-3391. It is physically and molecularly identical to a non-anomalous human heart, excluding a lack of openings where the pulmonary veins and arteries would be present, with thick layers of cardiac tissue in their place. When placed near exposed muscular tissue4, SCP-3391-3 will begin to beat rhythmically, causing the exposed muscle to anomalously contract and relax at a similar pace. Testing has revealed it to have a weak compulsive effect on small mammals, increasing libido and appetite.

Recovered Materials:

Several written texts and items were recovered from SCP-3391, many of anachronistic design. In total, Gamma-6 recovered three scrolls, one book, one now catalogued anomalous object5 and numerous generic objects associated with Sarkic6 rites, including a series of sacrificial knives, preserved human organs and carved runic tablets. One such text believed to be related to its origins has been placed below.

Recovered Text Excerpt: "Red Instrumentations"7

On the fourth day our guide introduced us to a woman who he called a "Volutaar", a status of some respect in their culture. She did not offer her name and so I did not think it wise to ask. We departed at noon and followed her for many hours. I must admit I was growing impatient. The road we walked was frigid and barren of sights. I believed for a time that she was simply waylaying us but when I first laid my eyes on the prison of Nyasae8, such thoughts immediately fled my mind.

A great pit had been dug into the earth, with stairs taller than the pyramids themselves stretching deep into the hollow. It took us until the moon was well over our heads to reach the bottom and even then my amazement did not cease. We saw men with eyes like cats, women with serpents' teeth, dogs the size of camels and soldiers whose appearances I still cannot conjure to my mind. But they were not what we were there to see.

Beneath the earth there were monsters. I have no doubt that if Set or Apophis were to be found on Earth, Nyasae is where I would see them. There were mounds of flesh that took countless forms, pools of deep red blood and insects the size of men that tore one another apart with a ferocity I have never seen. While I was looking at the latter the woman approached me and asked that I come with her. When I asked where to, she only smiled.

She led me away from my entourage and into the tunnels beneath the prison. By then wonder and curiosity had washed away my fear. We walked throughout catacombs woven of clay and meat before coming to a chamber as tall as two scores of men. Arrayed before me were hundreds of slaves, craftsmen and arcane workers standing around circles of chalk and little metal trinkets. The slaves walked toward the heart and laid their hands upon it. Their bodies would shudder and melt like wax. Like water down a funnel, they would fall into the mass and join it. Throughout my stay I never saw this process cease; not when I entered and not when I left.

She told me that it was a weapon. A god that they had unearthed buried deep in the ground. One that they would make their own. We watched for many more hours, while she talked about the rest of the pit. The exploits of the Adi-um, the deals they had made and the gods they had imprisoned. But I was mesmerised by the heart. It whispered in my mind, it beat with a powerful rhythm. And it grew louder. Louder in my head, not whispering, but screaming in many voices. In rage, in pain, in ecstasy, in all emotions. I could not turn away.

I left that room shaken and dazed. I did not think to ask questions, nor see any more of Nyasae. I simply wanted to be away from that profane pit as soon as I could. Just as I was mounting my camel I turned to the woman, and asked her why they needed a weapon fuelled by such sacrifice. Why they needed such a power. I thought she would say the Mekhanites, the Greeks, even my dearest Egypt. She only smiled.

Addendum 3391-2

On 25/05/16 at 6:22 PM, SCP-3391-3 demonstrated previously unknown psionic properties. 63 of the 81 staff at Site 1049 simultaneously experienced various forms of cardiac dysfunction, including palpitations and arrhythmia. Of these personnel, 7 died as a result of these afflictions. Medical staff attempted to treat the sudden development, while nearby sites were contacted to request support and replacement personnel.

Approximately twenty minutes after the initial incident, all staff who had previously been affected suddenly became hostile, and began attacking unaffected personnel, demonstrating an unusual awareness of each other, and coordination beyond previously recorded tactical abilities. Several convoys of staff and relief personnel from neighbouring sites were attacked and captured before the situation could be properly reported. Due to the mounting severity of the crisis, MTF Epsilon-11 (“Nine Tailed Fox”) was dispatched with psionic resistance gear and heavy armaments in an attempt to subdue all affected staff, and recontain SCP-3391-3.

MTF Epsilon-11 Log:

MTF Epsilon-11 (“Nine Tailed Fox”) arrived at Gate C of Site 104 at 21:22 local time. MTF members involved were E11-1 (Squad Leader), E11-2 (Second in Command), E11-3 (Organics specialist), E11-4 (Psionic operative) and E11-5 to E11-9 (Squaddies). Site power is sporadic, and command are unable to communicate with Epsilon-11 due to the site’s subterranean construction. All following audio and footage were recovered from the MTF’s PRDs.

E11-1 (SL): This is Squad Leader. We’re beginning the operation. Any questions before we begin?

E11-6 (Sq): Orders on engaging affected staff?

E11-1: Do not engage unless provoked. If someone pulls a gun, you’re clear to fire.

<MTF Epsilon-11 proceed through Checkpoint C, and enter the entrance zone of Site 104. The entire above-ground staging area is devoid of any other individuals.>

E11-5 (Sq): Looks like the area’s-

<An individual later identified as Doctor Harvey, appears from the inside of Checkpoint C and throws an IED at the group. He is immediately terminated by E11-3, but the IED explodes, resulting in minor lacerations along E11-4’s legs and torso.>

E11-8 (Sq): Shit!

E11-2 (SiC): T███! Are you okay?

E11-4: I’m good, I’m good; just a few cuts.

E11-5: Eyes up! I see movement in the main ops room; take the checkpoint!

<E11-5, E11-2 and E11-9 break into Checkpoint C, and sweep for hostiles. They encounter D-3416, who promptly assaults E11-2 with a knife. D-3416 is easily subdued by the three agents and pinned against a wall.>

E11-2: D-3416! What is happening in this facility?

D-3416: <Unintelligible.>

E11-2: D-3416, tell me what happened. What happened to the staff? What happened in Site 104?

D-3416: <Unknown, repetitive statements; conjectured to be in an unknown Proto-Samoyedic dialect. Continues talking over E11-5.>

E11-5: Just shoot him. We’re not getting anything out of this guy.

D-3416: (In modern English) Alive! I’m alive… Iahel, am I you? I see six Angels. They are so beautiful. Alaggada! The Hanged King watches me. My eyes burn, please! No more metal, no more steel! I will be god, always be god! Always always have been will be was being!

E11-1: Nothing useful. Terminate the D-class. We can’t leave a psionic anomaly out here.

E11-2: Got it.

D-3416: When was I? Why won’t time stay st-

<D-3416 is terminated by gunshot.>

E11-2: Is the rest of the checkpoint clear?

E11-9 (Sq): Yeah. Found a dead guard up top. Looks like the poor sod was trying to warn us.

E11-1: Figures. Alright, we’re done here. Move up, keep your eyes peeled.

<MTF Epsilon-11 proceeds past Checkpoint C, and advances toward Site 104’s aboveground superstructure. No further personnel, living or otherwise, are encountered during this period. E11-1 approaches the main entrance to Site 104, and attempts to open the blast doors. His authorisation card is accepted, but the entrance remains sealed.>

E11-1: I can’t get in. The doors won’t budge. Squaddies, get the charges. We’re breaching.

<E11-9 and E11-8 prepare thermite charges, and place them against the centre of the door. On E11-1’s mark, they breach. An enormous amount of steam is generated, greatly hindering visibility.>

E11-1: Clear the smoke, we’re heading in.

<Epsilon-11 enter Site 104. The entrance foyer has been overtaken by a growth of organic connective tissue, with a significant area of charred material near the main gate. The structure is porous, and continually releases large amounts of steam, creating a hazardous quantity of heat.>

E11-7: This place is disgusting. Any idea what this… meaty shit is?

E11-3: Looks like epithelial tissue, like you’d find in a stomach.

E11-4: Ugh. Gross. Any idea where the staff are? I can't sense anyone besides us on this floor.

E11-1: We don't know what happened. Judging by the halls, we can't assume anything good. Watch out for more hostiles. -4, track any psychic signatures. Tell us if something's up.

<Epsilon-11 continue through the facility. Beyond the entrance is the foyer of Site 104, which has been completely overgrown by the same growth noted earlier. There are several bright red pustules located around the room.>

E11-4: Clear. Can’t feel anything. Either nobody’s around, or the skip’s messing with my head.

E11-1: Understood. -3, any idea what those lumps are?

E11-3: Taking a look.

<E11-3’s mounted camera shows a close-up of the pustules on the wall. There is a partially formed human inside roughly matching the description of Site Director P████ ██████. Her head has several missing patches of skin, as well as a significant portion of her lower jaw. She appears to be unconscious.>

E11-3: What the hell? Come over here, there’s people in there!

E11-9: Oh, that is just… sick. Is that the site director in there?

E11-1: Cut it open, carefully. We might be able to get something out of her, provided she's still alive.

E11-5: On it.

<The team moves to a safe distance, while E11-5 uses a long-range laser cutter to ablate the material away. Several seconds in, the growth suddenly expands and bursts, showering the team with pus. The individual within emerges, revealing several deformities and physiological amorphisms, including elongated misshapen limbs, deformed facial proportions and an overall height of ≈250 centimetres, which was not initially apparent when Epsilon-11 examined the pustule. It turns to face E11-8 and leaps onto her, crushing her abdominal areas. E11-8 ceases lifesigns presumably due to fatal rupture of her organs.>

E11-2: It's hostile, take it down!

<Epsilon-11 shoot the anomaly (T-1), and successfully incapacitate it. E11-9 and E11-3 immediately run toward, and subdue the instance. Despite the loss of its left arm, an incomplete jaw and severe damage to its abdomen (including the severance of its lower spinal cord), it continues to struggle and articulate.>

Site Director P████ (T-1): Stop! Stop! You’ll kill us! You killed me!

E11-4: Jesus christ! You killed E████!

E11-1: Quiet for a moment. -3, hold its arms down. (Speaking to T-1) Who am I talking to?

T-1: Us. Site 104 containment staff, Iahel’s followers, sleeping god of Adytum, we are alive. Were. Always have been. Are you still talking?

E11-1: Yes. I am aware you are alive. So, are the consciousnesses of the Site 104 staff contained within you?

T-1: Georgia Lamento, Karey Meyers, Stephan Gold, Travis Mason (The entity continues to list the names of 52 Site 104 staff, the presumed titles of seventeen unknown individuals, “Karcist Iahel”, and a severe verbal sensory hazard)

E11-2: Iahel? He’s the guy who made you, right? Is he still in there?

T-1: He I am alive inside us. We he were speaking. Am you? No, only half Epsilon go away. Run! You’re going going!

E11-4: What is that meant to m-… okay, nevermind. I can only feel one psionic signature in your body. You can’t possibly contain that many people.

T-1: We are one. Mind thinks synchronise. Grow, make hive. Ascend and be one. One great, one man grand. One will be strength, one day one tomorrow!

E11-1: One mind, too. Can you isolate your components, let us talk to someone in particular?

T-1: No no not someone, never separate, we are and will be have been one. Time to go to school! Bye Robert, better luck next time!

E11-3: This is pointless. Shoot it, let’s get on with this.

T-1: Not now! When don’t kill! Will not kill SCP-3391! You came to kill us, you come to kill us, why aren’t you saving me? Holy shit what’s going on?! Help, help, h-

<E11-2 shoots T-1 in the head a total of seven times. Despite suffering extensive cranial damage, the entity remains conscious and alive until the sixth shot.>

E11-2: Tough fucker.

E11-6: Are we equipped to handle this? This is shaping up to be a whole new skip, at the very least. We’ve already lost one of our people, we shouldn’t make that all nine.

E11-1: We’re pressing on. We have to find out what this thing is, and whether we can stop it. We can’t risk further contamination, god forbid a bigger MTF gets taken over by this thing. Blast the pustules. We’re not leaving these things to bite us in the ass later.

<Epsilon-11 shoot the remaining pustules, terminating all entities contained within. A total of seventeen are encountered and subsequently dispatched. Several instances are noted to resemble already terminated staff, or the same ‘base’ individual as another instance.>

E11-2: Now that that’s been dealt with…

<The Task Force continues throughout the facility. Hostile staff are regularly encountered in groups of two to four, usually making incoherent statements directed at Epsilon-11. Notably, some members of staff are encountered several times, even after their confirmed termination. The MTF proceeds to Elevator Shaft F-2, and prepares to descend to the containment level.>

E11-9: Jesus. This place sickens me. All of these people, twisted into monsters by some fucked up anomaly.

E11-6: They don’t talk properly either. Just that senseless babbling.

E11-4: They’re so confused. They feel like children, lashing out at whatever they see. I don’t think it even knows it’s hurting us.

E11-2: This isn’t time for sympathy. The thing’s killing us with our own people. Squad Leader, what’s the holdup?

E11-1: The elevator’s got power, but the lockdown’s jammed the carriage. -5, get the breach materials, we’re rappelling down the shaft.

E11-5: Prepping the breaching charges.

<E11-5 plants an explosive package on the bottom of the elevator.>

E11-5: Clear!

<The charges explode, destroying the floor of the elevator carriage. Epsilon-11 rappel down the elevator cable, landing on the Primary Containment Level, where SCP-3391’s chamber was previously located.>

E11-3: Wow. This place is infested.

E11-4: I can’t even see the walls behind all this meaty crap.

E11-5: Hey, you think there might be survivors down here?

E11-6: I doubt anybody managed to live this long. We must’ve killed at least fifty guys by now. There’s no way anything could’ve avoided those things.

E11-1: It’s our mission and our duty to check. Come on. Maybe we’ll even be able to recontain the threat without having to fry the whole site.

E11-4: Hey, wait. You hear that?

E11-2: No. What?

E11-4: There’s people out there. I… I think they’re on this level. They’re not possessed or controlled like the others. They must be the psychically resistant staff. As you said, -1, it's our mission and our duty to get them out.

E11-1: Right. -2, you take nine and follow -4. The rest of you, come with me. We’re heading deeper into the facility to look for more. The security detail might be locked up in the shelters. You’ve got your assignments, let’s move.

<E11-2, -4 and -9 emerge from the shaft and proceed down the entrance corridor. They follow -4’s lead, which takes them to the site’s main safety bunker. Meanwhile, E11-1, -3, -5, -6 and -7 walk straight forward, toward the original containment wing. At this point Epsilon-11 is split between two groups of 4 under the command of E11-2 and E11-1 respectively.>

<E11-2 arrives at the evacuation shelter and attempts to access the safety bunker. His authorisation is denied due to the site’s lockdown procedures. He knocks on the door.>

E11-2: Hello? Anyone in there?

Unknown 1: <Indistinct>

E11-4: He can't hear us. There’s three people in there, but they’re not in good shape. Our only option might be to cut open the door.

E11-9: We’re entering the bunker, okay? Just stay calm.

<E11-9 uses a thermal cutter to open the door over the course of several minutes. Meanwhile, E11-1 and his portion of the team continue to explore the site.>

E11-3: The site schematics say the security room should be just on our left. We'll want to get a hold of the security camera feeds.

E11-1: Understood. Let’s recover the data.

<The squad open the security room door, revealing a large arthropodic entity, displaying features and anomalous attributes similar to those of SCP-████. The entity attacks Epsilon-11, grabbing and consuming E11-5.>

E11-5: No no no, wai- (Footage indicates that E11-5 perished at this point)

E11-7: Holy shit! Shoot it, shoot it!

E11-3: No, just fucking run! We don’t stand a chance against a copycat skip!

<E11-1, -3, -6 and -7 turn away from the arthropod and flee down the corridor, but are cut off by three individuals with similar appearances to E11-8 and E11-5.>

E11-1: What the hell? B██?

E11-8 Impostor: Sorry, M██████, but it has to be this way. I have to kill three. And then, you have to kill me.

E11-5 Impostor (1): SCP-3391, it’s… hard to describe. It gets in your head, you know? And it already knows what’s we’re going to do. So this has to happen.

<Affected MTF members open fire on Epsilon-11. Despite their outward appearances mimicking MTF armour and equipment, their clothing and weaponry prove to be bonded to their bodies, and formed out of a soft chitin. E11-3 is perforated with shards of bone. Her body quickly swells, and is subsumed by an enormous cancerous growth. The arthropodic entity pauses to spit a caustic substance over the tumour, before consuming the resultant slurry.>

E11-7: Crap, -3! It’s fucking eating her!

E11-1: There’s no time for that, open fire!

E11-5 Impostor (2): Don’t be afraid. If you could see what I can, you’d already know how it all ends.

<E11-1 and E11-7 terminate the impostor MTFs. The arthropodic entity rapidly engorges itself on the remains of E11-3, and swells in size, gaining significant mass and anomalous abilities. It quickly approaches and grabs E11-6. He is lifted into the air and disemboweled, while the entity engorges itself on the spillage. -6 remains conscious and primes several explosives on his person,>

E11-6: You want some? Come and get it, you spindly bastard.

<The entity and -6 are engulfed in a fireball, incinerating both individuals. -1 and -7 are able to avoid the blast and continue running from the security room.>

E11-2: What’s going on over there? I heard explosions. Are you alright?

E11-1: Lost five, six and three. I’m sorry, can’t talk for long.

E11-7: Met some sosies of eight and five, too. Had to shoot them in the head. Again.

E11-4: It took over an entire site, turned its inhabitants into puppets and now it’s turning our own people against us?

E11-1: And I think it’s getting smarter, too. Found six earlier, he talked to me; almost like a person. Said… he had to kill -3. And then, I had to kill him.

E11-9: That doesn’t seem to make much sense.

E11-4: Either way, it’s getting more coherent. Smarter. It took the staff, and it started making fucked up verseions of them of them, and then it took -5 and -8, and started creating its own soldiers.

E11-7: And it made a couple of SCPs to boot.

E11-2: Cut the theorising. The bunker door's cut through, we're opening it now. Hey! We’re coming in!

<While E11-7 and E11-1 mute their comms, E11-2, -4 and -9 enter the bunker. It is entirely free of the tissue seen outside. Three members of Site 104 staff are present inside. Two are on the other side of the chamber, one of whom is armed with a pistol. An additional member of staff is standing to the side, hyperventilating.>

Admin Staff Remer: Stop! Don’t take another step, I’ll shoot!

E11-2: Put the gun down! This is Epsilon-11, we’re here to get you out of the facility.

Guest Researcher Esther: They’re more fucking mimics, John! Get the hell away from us!

E11-4: Look, if you’re not going to cooperate we’ll leave you here; but right now, we’re the only chance you have of getting out.

<After several seconds, Remer looks at Esther, puts down his gun, and steps forward.>

Remer: Fine. Lead the way, then.

E11-9: Hey, uhh, are you okay over there? (Gesturing at the third member of staff)

Security Officer Tamry: Yeah, yeah. Just go on ahead. I’ll be right behind you.

Esther: How’re we going to get out? The containment level’s been locked down.

E11-4: We’ll be escorting you to the elevator. We have rappel lines there. -2, how far do we have to go?

E11-2: Ten minutes’ walk, by my count. Come on, let’s go.

Tamry: About time, too.

<The rescue team collect all three staff, and begin escorting them to the elevator. Meanwhile, E11-1 and -9 converse quietly in the security wing of the containment level, apparently avoiding the arthropodic entity.>

E11-9: What’s the plan now?

E11-1: The mission’s a bust. The best we can do is make sure the others get to the surface safely, and maybe get ourselves out too; though I don’t really see that happening now.

<E11-1 begins transmitting to E11-2 at this point>

E11-1: Hey, are the staff out safely?

E11-2: Yes, we’re proceeding to the elevator now. What’s your status?

E11-1: We’re holed up in the security wing, pursued by a large cryptid. No way we can beat it, and no way we can get out while it’s blocking the corridors.

E11-2: Do you need assistance?

E11-1: No. I was just making sure you were safe. You should get going.

E11-2: You don't need to micromanage us. Shouldn’t you be a little more preoccupied with keeping yourself alive?

E11-1: There's no chance in hell me and -7 are getting out of this. Keep the men safe, yeah?

E11-2: I will, sir.

E11-7: Shit, I hear something coming, get down!

<E11-1 muted his communications at this point, before following E11-7 behind a crate. An unknown number of humanoids enter the room, and immediately attack the two agents, resulting in a prolonged firefight. Meanwhile, E11-2 and his segment of the task force traverse the facility.>

E11-9: I know we should save it for the debriefing, but what exactly happened down here? This place looks totally grown over.

Tamry: I- I don't know. God, half the staff just started grabbing at their chests, yelling for medical. Next thing we know we’re outnumbered, fighting our own people, and… I know it’s what we’re trained for but it just felt so terrifying.

E11-2: It’s perfectly normal to be scared. Nobody expects you to deal with something like that. What matters right now is that we get back to the surface. You don't have to worry about a thing.

Remer: You haven’t got anyone else coming down here, right? No more teams or anything?

E11-2: No, we’re the first responders. Command’s on overwatch. If anything happens to us, they’ll send in a specialised bioteam, smoke the place out.

Esther: Have you got them on the radio?

E11-9: No. The facility's too far underground for us to get a signal. Why do you ask?

Tamry: Oh, you know. Getting to know you is all.

<Esther and Tamry attack and restrain E11-4, displaying anomalous physical strength. While Remer assaults E11-2 and -9, Tamry shatters -4’s helmet, and places a hand over her face, causing her body to rapidly calcify. Shortly afterward, Tamry begins consuming her.>

E11-9: What the fuck!? K███ said they were safe!

<E11-9 throws an incendiary device at the apparently affected staff, incinerating Remer and Esther. Tamry, however, leaps onto E11-9, and begins caving in his helmet. The staff member is terminated through a shot to the back of the head before they can kill -9.>

E11-2: Yeah. She did. She couldn’t have gotten it wrong she’s- she’s never been wrong before.

E11-9: This fucking thing can copy our psionic signatures? Our gear? The fucking skips inside the facility?! Fuck this noise, I’m heading to the surface. We’re getting out of here!

<E11-2 and E11-9 run through the facility toward the elevator. Upon reaching it however, they discover that it has been entirely overgrown by cardiac tissue.>

E11-9: Shit, shit shit!

<E11-9 collapses against a wall.>

E11-9: We’re going to die down here! We’re actually going to fucking die!

E11-2: It’s too smart. It knew everything about us. It led us into a trap, got what it needed from us. The gibberish, the staff, the skips… it’s been playing us this whole time.

E11-9: Who cares?! We’re boned, none of this matters anymore! Can’t even get a signal up to command. All we can do is sit here and wait like a bunch of impotent fucks!

E11-2: Shut up! We still have a chance to get out of here. We’ll reach -1 and -7, they’ll know what happens next.

E11-9: And then what? Even if they’re alive, what can they do?

E11-2: We’ll blow this place up. Activate the on-site nuke, it's the only option left.

<E11-9 makes radio connection with -1.>

E11-9: Squad leader! What’s going on over there?

E11-1: We’re bogged down! Dozens of staff, and more copies of our team.

E11-2: Copy that. The exits are sealed off, we’re on our way. Stay alive.

<E11-1 and E11-7 notice a group of MTF soldiers entering the room. Their facial features cannot be seen behind their visors.>

E11-7: More of them! Shit!

<-1 and -7 exchange fire with the entities to little effect. -7 is shot in the chest and begins to disgorge large quantities of blood and flesh from his mouth. He rapidly succumbs to blood loss and collapses. -1 crouches behind a crate, no longer engaging the hostile MTF.>

E11-1: They've got O█████. I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to die.

<Several anomalous humanoids emerge from the walls, with a lack of facial features and identifying traits. They do not acknowledge E11-1, instead standing in place. All present copycat MTFs also stand still and do not approach -1.>

E11-1: (Whispering) They've stopped. Something's happening.

<All anomalous humanoids within the facility suddenly take on the appearance of E11-4, including her armour and equipment. All instances of E11-4 begin speaking, but fail to notice E11-1.>

E11-4: Hello? Is anyone there?

E11-9: What the hell? Squad leader, is -4 over there with you?

E11-4: It's so dark… is anyone out there? My name is K███. I'm here to help.

E11-1: Shit, this can’t be happening… -4, you’re dead too?

E11-4: Hello? I’m- are you there W███? M██████? Someone answer me! Wait… who- who are you?

E11-2: She can’t hear us. I think she’s talking to the gestalt. Her psionic training must be keeping her independent.

E11-4: But… why? They weren’t in your way. You don’t need to kill them, you didn’t need to hurt us!

<E11-4’s faculties degrade significantly, causing her to lose consciousness for several seconds. When she begins talking again, her voice is slow and slurred.>

E11-4: Shut up! I- is that you? Wait, M██████? Why’s he down there?! What are you doing?!

<-4’s speech degrades further, rendering her communications nearly incoherent>

E11-1: Shit, she must be going. No no no, don’t go now, K███, stay in there!

E11-4: No, you get the fuck away from him! You mindless freak, you’re not killing anyone else! Look into my head! That's the world I'm fighting for. You’re not going to hurt one more person, you hear me?! I’ll make sure of that.

<E11-2 stops broadcasting entirely. All anomalous humanoids collapse, and cease lifesigns. E11-2 and -9 reach Squad Leader’s position.>

E11-1: Fuck. She’s gone. I’m sorry, I… she, and everyone else are dead, because of my stupid decisions.

E11-2: Wasn’t your fault. None of us could’ve known what was down here. It’s good to see you again, sir.

E11-9: But more important than sappy shit is our plan of action. What do we do now? There’s no way we’re getting out of here, that’s for sure.

E11-1: This abomination’s never getting out of here. We’re arming the nuke. I don’t care how far it’s spread, it’s not outrunning a twenty kiloton bomb. If you still want to get out, do it now. I won’t make you stay.

E11-9: Heh. There’s no chance in high hell we can get out. We’ll have to trust command to wipe out the stragglers.

E11-1: Come on. The nuke room’s not too far from here.

<The remains of Epsilon-11 traverse the facility. They encounter several anomalous organisms, all of which are only nominally aggressive, fleeing after only minimal fire. Several fail to acknowledge the team altogether. E11-1, -2 and -9 stop outside of the Site 104 security control room. Epsilon-11 is reunited at this point.>

E11-1: Come on. Let’s finish this.

<E11-1, -2 and -9 enter the security room elevator, and descend to the warhead housing chamber.>

E11-1: We’re here. This is it, I guess. The day we die.

<MTF Epsilon-11 walk to the back of the chamber, and activate the site nuclear terminal.>

E11-2: The remote broadcast beacon’s still functional. Setting up the link.

<Epsilon-11 make contact with surface Command through the Site 104 emergency beacon.>

E11-1: Command, are you reading us? This is MTF Epsilon-11, reporting from Site 104 control.

Command: We’re reading you.

E11-1: Command this is Squad Leader, we’re scuttling Site 104 on suspected Keter breach. I’m detonating the Alpha Warhead now. It’s the only way to be sure.

E11-9: From day one, we got taught to put our faith in our intuition; and right now, I believe more than anything else in the world that this monster has to die.

Command: We understand. You have the go-ahead, Epsilon.

<E11-1 activates the on-site nuke on a 30 second timer.>

E11-2: We’re uploading our data now. Running it through the transmitter.

E11-9: Tell my family I love them, yeah?

Command: We will. Godspeed, everyone.

E11-2: Don’t send anyone down here. Fence it off, salt the earth, whatever it takes to keep this under control. Never let it get to the surface.

E11-9: The nuke might not even kill the damn thing. But it’s the best we can do.

E11-1: Five seconds, everyone. It was an honour to serve.

<The Site 104 nuclear warhead detonates, destroying the entire complex. The underground and surface installations are vaporized instantaneously, including all anomalies. The former site is subsequently fenced off and designated a radiation and biohazard restricted area. An extremely powerful wave of Akiva radiation and psionic energy is released by SCP-3391-3 shortly before its immolation, with as of yet unknown effects.>

Due to the total loss of MTF Epsilon-11, the task force has been officially disbanded. All members of the team have been posthumously awarded Foundation Stars for sacrifice in service to The Foundation. Site 104 has been decommissioned, and information about the site has been appropriately amended.

Readings transmitted by Epsilon-11 revealed the structure of the psionic patterns SCP-3391-3 utilised. Replications under laboratory conditions caused exposed organisms’ physiological patterns and thought processes to synchronise, effectively forming a rudimentary psionic hivemind. Besides increased cooperation and the ability to share information, no anomalous compulsions, or physical changes similar to SCP-3391-3‘s were observed. No human subjects were exposed, for obvious reasons.

On 27/05/16 at 4:45 AM, the SCPS-Java and SCPS-Orion, stationed at SCP-3391, reported erratic movements of SCP-3391-1 specimens. At 4:59, both ships reported being attacked by instances of SCP-3391-1, capsizing and damaging the vessels through sheer mass, before attacking and consuming personnel. SCP-3391 at this point resumed its rhythmic pulse, despite the absence of SCP-3391-3. Several large aquatic entities emerged from the fissure with in SCP-3391 over the course of three days, and were engaged and terminated by Foundation forces stationed in and around the Baltic Isles. Over this time period, SCP-3391-2 was noted to have expanded in surface area by approximately 27km², covering a significant quantity of the Mediterranean seafloor.

Over the next week, several more instances emerged, increasing in hostility and anomalous abilities. Attempts to terminate SCP-3391 were hindered by its ability to produce enormous numbers of SCP-3391-1 instances when threatened, and control spatial dimensions near its main mass; making bombing efforts difficult. On 6/06/16, an enormous wave of psionic energy and Akiva radiation swept over the globe, resulting in the mass psionic affectation of humans worldwide. An estimated four hundred thousand (400,000) civilians in the Mediterranean states were affected, with a majority developing latent psionic abilities. Said civilians also began to emit psychic patterns similar to those seen in SCP-3391-3, though to a much smaller and more localized scale, resulting in enhanced empathy and mental intuition. Research is ongoing but due to the widespread and vague nature of this phenomenon, full containment is not expected to be carried out until ██/██/21

In light of these events, SCP-3391 has been designated an active, uncontained Keter anomaly. Sitra Achra personnel, in conjunction with the Global Occult Coalition have been tasked with engaging SCP-3391-1 entities, and suppressing the influence of SCP-3391 over humanity, whether by containing or terminating affected civilians. Despite ongoing amnestics operations it is estimated that Foundation operations and anomalies in general will become public knowledge within 9 months or less.

Addendum 3391-3

The following text has been attached to this document due to its contextual importance.

Foundation Extratemporal Monitoring Site 13-B:

Begin log excerpt; (Temporal cycles 95.29 - 95.56)

95.29: Status: All systems good! Running at maximum efficiency. Origin reality is STABLE.

95.34: Monitoring Update: Detected sudden Akiva Radiation surge seventeen (17) local units ago. Suspected eschatological K-class event. Running diagnostics on origin universe.

Status of Origin Reality:

  • 100% chance of compromisation/loss of Foundation database
  • 100% chance of failure of Foundation mission
  • 97±3% probability of human extinction
  • 95±2% chance of extinction of all life
  • 94% probability of XK-End-of-the-World Scenario
  • 83±2% likelihood of irreversible failure of SCP containment
  • 74±9% certainty of disappearance of Earth
  • 68±7% probability of absence of sun
  • 55±21% probability of absence of the universe

95.46: Notice: New input detected; amending status:
0% chance of extinction of all life; two EVE signatures detected

Tracking EVE signature α; immeasurable Hume external signature. Antimemetic properties. Severe sensory hazard. Profile fits pataphysics conjectured entity; Demiurge.
Tracking EVE signature β; 750 internal Hume signature. Profile fits predicted model of eschatological anomaly SCP-3391. Keter. Uncontained.
Detecting colossal Aspect Radiation surge. Black, double-flat, locked. Origin: EVE signature α.


ERR.InformationOverloadError; systems have been critically damaged by sensor overload!
Recovering systems

Two (2) viable systems rebooted
OCULUS Elan Vital Energy sensor online, scanning former origin universe:

Status of Origin Reality:

  • 100% chance of previous/ongoing eschatological event; immeasurable Hume signature.
  • 100% probability of presence of life; tracking 9.7e+11 independent EVE signatures.
  • 100% chance of CK-class restructuring event within the last two (2) local temporal units.
  • 0% chance of compromisation/loss of Foundation database.
  • 97% of catalogued anomalies in containment.
  • 100% stability of reality.
  • 100% integrity of Foundation mission.

95:56: Status: Systems severely damaged. Functionality compromised. Origin reality is STABLE.

End of document

It is believed that SCP-3391 was responsible for a YK-end of the universe class scenario in a previous iteration of reality, which was undone by an unknown deific entity. Following extensive exploration of the Mediterranean seafloor it was decided that SCP-3391 is not extant in the current iteration of reality. As such, it has been tentatively classified as Neutralized.

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