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Item #: SCP-3772

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-3772 is considered dormant, and can be easily disregarded as non-anomalous, containment focuses on suppression of discussion surrounding its method of distribution. Contacts in all major media-sharing platforms are working alongside the Foundation to assist with pre-emptive removal of media meeting SCP-3772's parameters, under the guise of content-protection rules.

Description: SCP-3772 is a phenomenon whereby internet content meeting certain criteria will convert to a video or infographic relating to the death of Faith Bassen in 2020. This conversion only affects end-user machines, and does not alter the media for others who have not triggered the phenomenon. The primary parameter ascertained is that the content is not owned or created by the poster, and a caption of or within the content alludes to a desire to discover the content's creator, whether or not said desire can be judged to be genuine1. Chances of SCP-3772 occurring are greater when a user is on US geopolitical territory, and particularly as a user approaches the census-designated place of Comfort, Texas.

Most commonly, SCP-3772 manifests as a static image of Faith Bassen with captioning providing details of her disappearance and the discovery of her body, with a strong focus on the lack of an official investigation by the local police force. When manifesting in video form, this information will commonly give way to phone camera recordings of Faith, with the names and faces of others appearing in the footage digitally censored. This footage is interspersed with graphic and provocative descriptions of her injuries, threats towards the perpetrators and the repeated line "FAITH BASSEN WAS MURDERED", which doubled as a hashtag for the movement to press the local police force to investigate the death.

The first known instance of SCP-3772 came to the Foundation's attention on 8/12/2020, two months after the death of Ms Bassen. After confirmation of anomalous nature, initial containment focused on suppression of discussion and investigation of SCP-3772's trigger parameters. The Unusual Incidents Unit took over management of the investigation following Foundation prompting, and suspects were successfully brought to trial between May and July 2021. Following this, the incident rate of SCP-3772 manifestations dropped almost completely.

Addendum 1

Analysis of existing archived chatlogs for GoI-5869 ("Gamers Against Weed") show a number of conversations related to this issue, primarily involving the users warysue and tiedyeduck in a sidechat labelled wip. As chatlogs are only available from the laptop of a member of the GoI who had little interaction with warysue, the majority of these conversations are contextless or incomplete.

-> you joined
gaycopmp4: that all sounds doable yeah but we'll need to work on the specific vids you wanna include
bluntfiend: You're really going for this, huh?
-> Quavo joined
warysue: we are . It's Important
Quavo: glah
gaycopmp4: strip out identifiers etc we don't want people complaining you're spreading their image
gaycopmp4: we'll leave 4chamber's in obv
warysue: just call her Faith . not
warysue: not like her privacy matters now
<- Quavo left
tiedyeduck: Can I just go on the record as very fucking against this
warysue: Fuck You
bluntfiend: I'm inclined toward tiedye- Whoah ok.
warysue: she's dead and I'm the Only One trying to do something about it
tiedyeduck: I was going to elucidate my point but if you're going to be like this it'd be futile
warysue: and gcm .
bluntfiend: Ok, listen up.
bones: I'm going to preemptively ask that you move this conversation to PMs. Warysue, while I understand your pain, it would serve you well to give benefit of the doubt in this context.
bluntfiend: Never mind, bones is on it.
warysue: noted, and Fuck that
warysue: gaycopmp4: lemme know on the discord if you've
warysue: got more questions . I'll work on fuzzing out faces And Shit
<- warysue left
tiedyeduck: Look, I'm not saying the idea is fundamentally bad, but the execution you're discussing is just crass.
gaycopmp4: she's gone
tiedyeduck: yeah
tiedyeduck: :/
bones: She is grieving a close friend. Her behavior may be more extreme for a time, but remember that she is working through a trauma. I believe you know what that feels like.
tiedyeduck: We all do, bones.
tiedyeduck: This is gonna be a clusterfuck, isn't it?

-> warysue joined
lesbian_gengar: I /could/ do that but what would be the point
warysue: hey All
harmpit: comn gnengar you knwo itsll be funny as hsit
kkrule: hey sue i think duck was looking for you earlier
kkrule: tiedyeduck: ping ping
warysue: I Don't want to talk to
harmpit: mr fucking olbiquly refranced will risse from the asehs
warysue: to him
tiedyeduck: I just wanna say I'm sorry.
lesbian_gengar: talk to gaycop about this she's better with computer stuff
tiedyeduck: I came in too strong the other day - I want to help, I just think you're going about it the wrong way.
warysue: that's a shitty apology
tiedyeduck: Come on.
kkrule: uh sorry i didnt know you were fighting
warysue: no you Come On . I'm going about it Exactly the way Faith would have wanted it.
harmpit: ccol cool ill tdo that but fi she says no ii can comc bank to you righu
kkrule: i thought he wanted to do over watch or something
tiedyeduck: Exactly what she would have wanted? I've seen your demo posters. The places you're intending these to end up, she'll end up in the hands of people who'll make her a target for ridicule.
warysue: 1 . I know there's Awful People out there that's why Faith is fucking dead and 2 . I thin
warysue: 2. I think there's more people out there who'll listen and tweet
kkrule: god im really sorry waysue
warysue: it's ok kkrule just Ssh
tiedyeduck: Is that worth it, though? Her face getting used for awful jokes, becoming synonymous with all the other dead trans girls they fucking meme about. She's not gonna come back.
warysue: I can't believe you'd fuck
warysue: fucking say that , of course its Worth It to catch whoever did it
harmpit: i ccant beleieve youd fcuck haaaaaa
bones: Inappropriate in the context, harmpit.
tiedyeduck: You really think it'll achieve that? Even if the cops do start an investigation, it's been weeks and she was found on a riverbank, there's no evidence to examine. Maybe if they'd done a proper autopsy they'd have something to work on, but they couldn't.
kkrule: yeah not cool harmpit come on
-> you left (Timeout)

orbhorse: pee is stored in the galls
-> warysue joined
heartshapeddoxx: ob dude you're the worst
bones: Warysue, you should know that The Daily Dot published a short article about #FaithBassenWasMurdered 23 minutes ago.
warysue: I was just about to link it, yeah !
bluntfiend: Shit my guys, I think I just swallowed a whole chicken wing.
warysue: it's starting to Happen
heartshapeddoxx: is this like a new goof or something
heartshapeddoxx: I'm so out of the loop
kkrule: hi HSD are you new
warysue: it's very much Not A Goof .
bones: Heartshapeddoxx is an older member of the chat, from before my time here. From what I understand, he played a large part in its creation. This is his second time back since you joined, kkrule.
warysue: this is a movement I started to get justice for a Dead Friend of mine
heartshapeddoxx: haa yea and I don't even remember the last time
heartshapeddoxx: oh shit I'm sorry
warysue: it's ok . you didn't know unlike s
warysue: unlike Some People
lesbian_gengar: so are you trending or
tiedyeduck: I thought we sorted this, wary.
kkrule: oh shit i remember that i hope it does well
bluntfiend: .botsnack some good fuckin oatmeal
warysue: lesbian_gengar: not yet but it's really built since the article hit so fingers crossed
orbhorse: dude how baked are you we haven't had a bot in like years
bluntfiend: Whhh?
warysue: tiedyeduck: sorry dude yeah I'm just Still Angry and I'm putting that on you
heartshapeddoxx: did you fuckin see i was online and time-teleport back to like 2008
kkrule: just tweeted about it warysue!
bluntfiend: Where's oinky friend ;_;
warysue: I'm going to go up to the station and let them know What's Coming .
heartshapeddoxx: ren and me are working on it, blunt. Janitors have her rn so github updates are a no-go
warysue: these pigs are gonna Regret not listening to me
<- warysue left
bluntfiend: Pigs? :D

polaricecraps: this is fucking horseshit ok you go on about not wanting to draw attention but we draw attention like nobody's business bluntfiend alone is probably like triple on the janitor's radar already
harmpit: perison bwloe triple rdaar
polaricecraps: and we've already DONE shit like this we got those guys caught when 4chambers was killed and she was like barely a member
lesbian_gengar: hey whoah let's not throw shade at the dead
bluntfiend: Lest the dead dab back.
polaricecraps: like if it'd been an exception cos it was Dove I'd have understood man but you're telling me we can hijack the fuckin hashtag tearjerk market for someone who said like four lines max in main but we can't leverage that same shit to defend ourselves from the nazi fucks trying to kick our damn door down
bones: Op order, drop this now. Lesbian_gengar has it right, speaking ill of the dead is in very bad taste. 4chambers may not have participated to your knowledge, but I can inform you she was very much a member of our community.
warysue: whatever , not like it matters not
warysue: nothing Changed .
polaricecraps: dropped but I wanna talk about this again when I've cooled off
bones: That is acceptable.
kkrule: i know you don't feel that way wary but the men who did it got caught and they're in jail now so it did make a difference
lesbian_gengar: don't, kk
warysue: only two of them . Other guy walked away Scott Free . And they only got twenty years, w chance for parole in fucking "024
warysue: *2024
bluntfiend: You can rest easy knowing you did all you could, wary. It's tough, but you went above and beyond and got a result, even if it's not the one you hoped for.
lesbian_gengar: christ just let it rest it's ok for stuff to be shit sometimes
warysue: no it's ok , they're trying to help im
warysue I'm sorry I'm being A Bummer
polaricecraps: sorry for being a dick about it
warysue: shut up craps you were Unbelievably Insensitive
polaricecraps: yeh fair
bones: We cannot miss her as much as you do, warysue, but we miss her all the same. The list of our fallen friends is not tiered.
bluntfiend: That's a list that's way too long.
lesbian_gengar: mm
polaricecraps: and it'll be longer if we don't start utilising our shit to stop the wolves at our door
bones: Final warning, polaricecraps.
<- polaricecraps left
warysue: I'm actually uh ,
warysue: I think I'll go down to her grave , now I'm thinking about it
bluntfiend: Good plan. Say hi from us, yeah?
warysue: yeah , will do d
warysue: Does anyone have anything in particular they want me to pass on ? I can write it down on some paper n leave it there
tiedyeduck: I've actually got something. Is that ok?
warysue: course it is
tiedyeduck: Ok, awesome. Tell her this:
<- you disconnected

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