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Agent Scott demonstrating the anomalous effects of SCP-3446 when worn

Item #: SCP-3446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3446 is to be kept in a standard containment locker. Access is to be restricted to personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher.

Personnel using SCP-3446 are to be equipped with a wetsuit, and respiratory gear with at least three hours of breathable air available. During usage, SCP-3446 and its wearer must be attached to a retractable cable for emergency recovery.

Description: SCP-3446 is a pair of dark grey waterproof rubber waders that reach up to the mid-torso.

SCP-3446's anomalous properties activate upon being worn by any person. When SCP-3446 is worn, any surface the wearer stands on will take on a muddy consistency, becoming a highly viscous liquid version of the original material. SCP-3446 and its wearer will sink further into the surface, and may become completely submerged. This happens regardless of surface depth, and it is noted that wearers do not reappear out of the other side of the surface.

While in the process of sinking, the subject may move around as if moving through mud or water, allowing them to wade through the floor. The anomalous effects continue to follow them, allowing for consistent motion. Once SCP-3446 moves far enough away from a location, the surface will revert to its original state and shape. As long as the surface maintains its anomalous properties, other objects may be lowered through it as well as SCP-3446.

Addendum: Testing has confirmed that when using SCP-3446, subjects sink into an extradimensional space, designated SCP-3446-1. SCP-3446-1 does not possess breathable air, and instead has an atmosphere made of an unidentified transparent liquid with large amounts of suspended particulate matter, and relatively high viscosity. The terrain of SCP-3446-1 is almost entirely compromised of mud, and no ambient light has been observed in SCP-3446-1 aside from light produced by the bioluminescent organisms inhabiting it.

Exploration Audio Log Transcript

Date: 7/22/████

Objective: Exploration of SCP-3446-1

Subjects: D-10334, SCP-3446

Notes: D-10334 has been equipped with SCP-3446, a facemask with respiratory gear and 3 hour air supply, a wetsuit, a waterproof flashlight with an output of 2200 lumens, and an audio recorder. 1100m of retractable cable was also attached to D-10334 and SCP-3446. Exploration was overviewed by Dr. Sambre.


Dr. Sambre: Alright. Did you turn the recorder on?

D-10334: Yep. You sure you're gonna be able to get the audio from inside there?

Dr. Sambre: Yes, earlier tests have shown that transmission is possible, but now we're moving on to full exploration.

D-10334: And that's where I come in.

Dr. Sambre: Correct. Now, we've briefed you on the abilities of SCP-3446 so you know what to expect. Remain calm as you're sinking, and do not return before we instruct you to. Is that understood?

D-10334: Yes ma'am. Should I put 'em on now?

Dr. Sambre: Please proceed. Good luck.

D-10334 dons SCP-3446, and the floor begins to liquefy. D-10334 steadily sinks downwards for roughly a minute before total submersion.

Dr. Sambre: D-10334, you are now within SCP-3446-1. Please report your surroundings.

D-10334: Damn, it's dark, even with the flashlight. I, uh, can still see, so I guess it's more like I'm underwater than under… mud. Like I'm at th' bottom of the ocean. The floor's still pretty gooey, and everything's cloudy though. Don't think I'm sinking anymore. I can see about… 4 meters ahead?

Dr. Sambre: Okay. Please proceed in any direction. Keep us updated on what's happening.

D-10334: Sure thing.

D-10334: …Yecchh, it's still like moving through glue. I'm going downhill now, so I guess this place isn't flat. I've seen a couple rocks on the ground, but I'm pretty sure they're just rocks.

Dr. Sambre: Collect one anyways, please.

D-10334: Okay, okay… Whoa!

Dr. Sambre: What is it?

D-10334: I-I'm fine, just startled. Some little critter scooted out from under the rock. Long and pale with all kinds of legs and feelers, looked like it was covered in snot. Nasty.

D-10334: …I have to try and catch it, don't I.

Dr. Sambre: If you can. If it's already gone, then just proceed onwards.

D-10334: Yeah, it burrowed back down into the mud. No way I'm going after it. Hmm. There's some kinda seaweed… moss… stuff growin' over here. I'll grab some of that. Don't plants need light to grow though, Doc? 'Cause it's dark as anything down here.

Dr. Sambre: Normally they do, but normally rubber pants don't send you into an extradimensional swamp. Please proceed.

D-10334: Heh, yeah.

D-10334 continues walking for several more minutes without reporting anything.

D-10334: Oh, there's something there. Finally. Looks like coral made out of rust. Oh hell, it's growing off of some creature's bones.

Dr. Sambre: Please collect a sample of both.

D-10334: I'll try.

D-10334: Gah!

Dr. Sambre: D-10334? Are you in danger?

D-10334: D-don't think so… whatever the stuff is, it's growing towards the light. And fast, it's puttin' bamboo to shame here. Doc, do ya think it's eating the light or something?

Dr. Sambre: It is a possibility, but we don't know for sure. And if the place is so dark, it's strange it would develop such an ability. For now, steer clear. The sample can wait.

D-10334 proceeds away from the structures in silence for several more minutes.

D-10334: Yo! Doc! I see somethin' else… another light?

Dr. Sambre: Please investigate.

D-10334: Sure… oh, geez, it's… uh… best I can say is it looks like one'a those angler fish things? Creepy as hell.

Dr. Sambre: Can you describe it in detail?

D-10334: Okay. It's about the size of a football, swimmin' at about head-height. It's got a big, see-through bag sitting on its forehead, filled with little glowing things. They're, uh, moving around in there. I can't tell how long it is, there's this big scraggly beard thing coming out of its belly and dragging behind it. I think I see claws somewhere in it, too. I can't tell if it has eyes, but I can see th' mouth way more clearly than I'd like. Jesus, those teeth are like nails, and I'm pretty sure its got three rows of them. Brrrr.

D-10334: Now it's eyein' my flashlight. Maybe it thinks it found a lady friend, heh.

Dr. Sambre: If it's distracted, please attempt to capture it.

D-10334: Ma'am, there's no way I'm putting my fingers anywhere near that. Tell you what, it's still following the light, so when I get back pass me a net and I'll try to get it—Oh lord. There's a swarm of thingies coming after me now.

Dr. Sambre: Thingies?

D-10334: Whatever they are, they've got fins and spindly legs and big needle noses and there's about a billion of 'em. Oh crap, if one of those things sticks me I'll-

Dr. Sambre: Please remain calm. Back away, and try turning off your light.

D-10334: Okay, okay. Okay. I don't feel any bites, so I think it worked. They're mobbing the fish now, though. I guess it has light too… oh geez, they're taking bites out of each other like mad. It's eating them just as fast as they're eating it… I'm gonna be sick. Can I come back now, Doc? I've got the rock and the plants and stuff.

Dr. Sambre: You can head back to the starting point, but don't return to the surface just yet. Try heading off in another direction for a while.

D-10334: O-okay. Oh man, now the coral stuff is there too, it's growing around them like a net… must've been brought by the light.

D-10334 walks back with the guidance of the cable for several minutes, then walks in another direction for several minutes, remaining silent.

D-10334: D-Doc… I'm feelin' kinda sick… I haven't seen anything n-new in a while… can you pull… me… b-back… now?

D-10334 faints, and is pulled back to the surface by the cable. Upon return, several large parasitic organisms are found affixed to his back, arms and neck. Medical examination determined the organisms had injected a numbing agent before attachment, to avoid detection. The submerged portions of the cable are also found to be covered in barnacle-like growths.

Among the growths was a portion of the coral-like structure reported by D-10334, which began rapidly growing towards the light fixtures, eventually breaking them. While it grew, it began to output large amounts of the fluid filling SCP-3446-1. It and the fluid were successfully contained and placed in a lightproof box.

The parasites were successfully removed from D-10334 and placed in a storage tank. D-10334 made a successful recovery and was reassigned.


Addendum 2: Further excursions into SCP-3446-1 have been successful in recovering samples of the native flora and fauna. Recovered specimens are to be kept in a tank filled with the fluid from SCP-3446-1 and no light.

Designation Description Notes
SCP-3446-A1 A calcium-carbonate based structure with long, reddish-brown stalks. Wavy, branching shape. Immobile, but grows rapidly towards light. Produces the fluid filling SCP-3446-1. Several other organisms feed off of it safely, but it will act predatory towards any bioluminescent animals.
SCP-3446-A2 Aquatic organisms with a bioluminescent sac affixed to their skull. Possesses long, thin tendrils and claws on its underside. Large teeth and no eyes. Attracts both prey and predators using light. Doesn't react to physical injuries.
SCP-3446-A5 Small organisms with 3 pairs of fins and thin legs on either side. Have long proboscises used for hunting and eating. Has 4 compound eyes. Hunts in large swarms. Reproduces quickly to counteract high mortality rate.
SCP-3446-A8 Round parasitic organisms with an exoskeleton. Underside is covered with barbs for latching on and feeding. Moves by pumping water through its body. Injects a numbing agent before latching on to avoid detection by host organism.
SCP-3446-A9 Mosslike plant that grows along terrain. Highly adhesive, smaller organisms trapped by it eventually die and provide sustenance, and attract more prey while decomposing. Has trouble adhering to inorganic materials, including SCP-3446. Uses roots to stay in place because of this.

Due to the new information regarding these organisms and the potential hostility of the environment, new protocols have been implemented for excursions into SCP-3446-1, as detailed in the containment procedures.

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: 8/02/████

Objective: Exploration of SCP-3446-1

Subjects: SCP-3446

Notes: To minimize further risk from hostile organisms while exploring SCP-3446-1, a human subject is used solely for the purpose of wearing SCP-3446. A submersible drone will be sent to do exploration once SCP-3446-1 is accessible. The drone is equipped with sonar tracking and mapping systems, a cutting tool, and a sample container equipped with analytical instruments. A video feed will be generated using the sonar readings and other sensors. Exploration was overviewed by Dr. Sambre. Agent Scott volunteered to wear SCP-3446.


Dr. Sambre: Alright. Agent Scott, please proceed. Remember, you don't need to sink all the way into SCP-3446-1. Just go deep enough that we can get the drone in.

Agent Scott: Understood.

Agent Scott putts on SCP-3446, and sinks to roughly waist height. The submersible drone is then lowered into SCP-3446-1.

Dr. Sambre: It's in. Scott, you're going to have to sit there for a while until we bring it back.

Agent Scott: I'll be fine. I brought a book, and these things are surprisingly comfortable.

Dr. Sambre: Very well.

The drone is activated, and Dr. Sambre begins operating it. It moves without notable discoveries for 2 hours. Eventually, sonar readings indicate a massive structure ahead. The drone is moved closer for inspection. A sample of the structure is taken, and identified as SCP-3446-A1.

The drone is maneuvered upwards, to gauge the height of the column of SCP-3446-A1. It moves upwards for another hour, before encountering a domed roof of SCP-3446-1 growing outwards from the main stalk. Sonar does not reveal an end to this structure.

Time traveled and speed indicate a height of approximately 63 kilometers. A current in the fluid briefly moves aside a portion of the ceiling, revealing trace amounts of sunlight for 2 seconds before it is blocked by growth.

No other notable discoveries are made during the rest of the expedition.


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