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Instance of a limb affected by SCP-3452

Item #: SCP-3452

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Any media with knowledge on how to perform SCP-3452 is to be tracked down and destroyed immediately. Foundation Web Crawler-3452 is currently in place on several yoga forums in order to delete any outcroppings of SCP-3452.

Foundation Agents embedded in hospitals in 43 states are to monitor amputation wards to identify new places where SCP-3452 has emerged. If a significant amount (35%) of new amputations can be attributed to SCP-3452, then local yoga studios are to be closed and investigated for breakouts of SCP-3452 under the guise of a state agency inspection.

Any yoga studio claiming to have knowledge on how to perform SCP-3452 is to be shut down immediately. This knowledge can take the form of:

  • Guidance posters
  • Verbal step-by-step instructions
  • Video featuring someone performing SCP-3452

All such media is to be destroyed. One (1) VHS copy of “How to do the Tætan Pose” is to be kept in an anomalous storage locker at Site-238 for further testing.

Any persons claiming to have awareness on how to perform SCP-3452 are to be taken into Foundation custody and interrogated. If it is determined that they learned SCP-3452 from an outside source (anything other than SCP-3452-Delta’s compulsive effect) then they are to be delivered Class-C Amnestics and returned to the general population. Those who learned it from SCP-3452-Delta’s compulsive effect are to be given compulsive resistance training then Class-B amnestics, and then returned to the general population.

As of Incident 3452-01 (12/18/2015):
Because the entity designated SCP-3452-Delta is considered to be immobile, Site-238 is to be established around the abandoned mine in Kitsault, British Columbia, Canada.
In the case that SCP-3452-Delta is encountered, no hostile actions are to be undertaken towards the entity. One (1) D-Class Personnel is to perform SCP-3452 at the first of every month in order to prevent forceful amputation of Foundation faculty from SCP-3452-Delta.

SCP-3452-Delta is not considered aggressive and will resist all attempts at communication. However, it is known to produce a weak compulsive effect to anyone who currently practices yoga. The range on this effect appears to be worldwide.1 Anyone who has any form of compulsive resistance, however, is able to ignore this effect.

Description: SCP-3452 is the designation for a series of yoga positions, which when performed, cause one of the practicer’s limb to detach at random. The disjoined limb will, in 87% of recorded cases, gain mobility, and begin to navigate to the nearest hole in the ground deeper than two meters. This has included unfilled pools, open graves, and fresh sinkholes. Further testing with a GPS tracker has revealed that limbs disappear as soon as they surpass 2.1 meters in depth, and reappear in an abandoned mine in Kitsault, British Columbia, Canada. Interviews with those affected by SCP-3452 reveal that there is no apparent correlation between ethnicity, or geographical location, though most have been isolated to urban areas as they contain the most yoga studios.

In the other 13% of recorded cases, the detached limb will cease to have any anomalous properties, other than the fact that the wounds will not bleed.

Recovery Log: SCP-3452 was discovered after Foundation Agents noticed an unusually high rate of amputees in Asheville, North Carolina. Agents stationed in local hospitals noticed that the majority of these amputees claimed that the limb detached after attending class at the local yoga studio “Spring Stone”. After detaining and interrogating the yogi, designated SCP-3452-1, SCP-3452 was discovered.

Note: SCP-3452-1 is a double amputee, lacking his left arm and right leg.

<Begin Log, [04/24/2014-8:23 EST]>

Assistant Researcher Gaiam: How did you come to learn how to perform SCP-3452?

SCP-3452-1: SCP-what? We call that the Tætan pose where I come from, man.

Assistant Researcher Gaiam: The original question still stands.

SCP-3452-1 falls silent for a period of twelve seconds. During this time, its eyes appear to glaze over.

SCP-3452-1: Well, uh, he taught me…he told me he needed more, more, more so he could protect us from the horrors that lurk below-

Assistant Researcher Gaiam: Could you please elaborate on who “he”2 is? Does “he” guard us against other anomalous entities?

SCP-3452-1: He is all that stands between us and the other brutes below, he is not strong
enough, he neeeddss moreee

Assistant Researcher Gaiam: Does he need more limbs? How will that help whoever he is?

After the slurred speech, SCP-3452-1 refuses to answer any more questions. It should be noted that SCP-3452-1’s eyes rapidly become more cloudy, resembling cataracts.

<End Log, [04/24/2014-8:30 EST]>

SCP-3452-1 then got up and attempted to perform SCP-3452.3 He succeeded in completing it before being stopped by Foundation Security personnel. His right arm detached and began making its way out the door before being apprehended. It is currently being held in an anomalous security locker in Site-108. SCP-3452-1 became catatonic and is currently being contained in the medical wing in Site-108.

On 12/18/2015, Foundation Agents stationed at Site-108 mounted an expedition in order to determine: (1.) the dimensions of the entity referred to as “he” & (2.) the possible role the entity serves in safeguarding against other anomalous beings. A field researcher and one D-Class Personnel (who is proficient in explosive devices) were equipped with a demolition breach kit as well as standard video and audio recording devices. The following is a transcription of the audio recorded.

D-90321: God, this place smells like [EXPLETIVE REDACTED].

Dr. █████: Please make an attempt to stay professional ███. This is going on the record.

D-90321: Yeah, yeah, I’ve been here long enough to know the rules. Hey, did you see that?

Dr. █████: Vaguely, it may have been one of the severed limbs, keep your flashlight on it.

D-90321: Oh God, I think it just crawled into that hole over there. Jesus, it looked like someone’s leg.

Dr. █████: We aren’t able to crawl through that hole. Use one of the charges.

At this point, D-90321 unstraps one of the explosive charges and places it against the hole. After backing up a safe distance it is detonated, creating a hole that is approximately 4 meters in diameter. At this point a low, groaning noise is audible.

D-90321: Please don’t tell me that’s coming from the hole.

Dr. █████: Unfortunately I think it is.

More audible groaning is heard. It appears to be steadily increasing in volume. Dr. █████’s camera shows that D-90321 is getting increasingly nervous.

Dr. █████: It is our job to find out what it is. Please take the first step into the hole.

D-90321: Are you kidding, I’m not going in there! Who knows what kind of-

D-90321 is interrupted by one of the disembodied arms crawling out of the breach. It appears to be connected at its base to the wrist of another arm, and that connected the same way until it disappears into the opening. All of the hands appear to be broken.

Dr. █████: Remember our agreement, ███. Please take the first step into the hole.

D-90321: All I do is [DATA EXPUNGED] and now I’m stuck clearing out holes full of…

D-90321’s camera shows the line of severed limbs as he ventures deeper into the hole. The groaning increases in volume.

D-90321: I’m not liking this one bit Dr. █████. Too many arms…where are they leading to…

D-90321 stops as he encounters the entity now designated SCP-3452-Delta. His video feed shows a being relatively 12 meters in height, large enough to scrape the ceiling of the chamber it resides in. Video feed from D-90321’s camera shows that the entity is composed primarily of “tentacles”,4which are arms and legs fused together at joints. No head is visible.

SCP-3452-Delta: More…[unintelligible]…more…[unintelligible]

D-90321: No, screw my “agreement”, terminate me if you want, I’m not staying in here with that thing-

Dr. █████: D-90321, you will continue to identify. Move around the entity to better capture it with your-

SCP-3452-Delta: Don’t…go…past…[unintelligible]…I cannot protect…weak

Dr. █████: Protect us from what?

SCP-3452-Delta: Need…Strength…evils..awakening…5

Dr. █████’s camera shows all of D-90321’s limbs forcefully separating from his torso. Characteristic of the effects of SCP-3452, no bleeding occurs, however, D-90321 remains unconscious. SCP-3452-Delta’s “body” covers the severed limbs, and [DATA EXPUNGED]. At this point, both cameras cut to static. The cameras, a severed arm, and a note reading [REDACTED] appeared at Site-108 two weeks after Incident 3452-01. DNA testing on the limb confirms that it belongs to D-90321. The bodies of D-90321 or Dr. █████ have not been found.

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