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Item #:SCP-3452

Object Class: Euclid


Picture taken of SCP-3452-1 upon discovery.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3452-1 is to be placed in a small, soundproofed containment cell. SCP-3452-1 is also to be covered in an opaque tarpaulin at all times in order to prevent its ability to see potential targets. Anyone with whom SCP-3452-1 has communicated is to be administered a class-B amnestic as soon as possible, in order to prevent further communication.

All instances of SCP-3452-2 are to be kept in the South Ward of Site-94. As instances are incapable of autonomous muscular movement, adequate nutrition is to be maintained through intubation.

Description: SCP-3452 describes one anomalous entity, SCP-3452-1 and its past victims, referred to as SCP-3452-2.

SCP-3452-1 is a broken Zenith 12A58 radio. SCP-3452-1 produces an auditory cognitohazard whenever it detects a humanoid within hearing range, which it does with sight or hearing capabilities similar to that of a human. The noises emitted by SCP-3452-1 have been described by those unaffected as “a random sequence of slow, drawn out sounds.” Only one person at a time can be affected by SCP-3452-1's cognitohazardous effects.

Those affected claim to hear a voice coming from SCP-3452-1, and have a compulsion to “talk” to SCP-3452-1 at least once every four hours. With each conversation, the affected show a progressively worsening ability to make decisions and/or carry out tasks, and eventually fall into a catatonic state, known as SCP-3452-2.

Instances of SCP-3452-2 are unable to move, speak, or eat. However, MRI scans of instances’ brains reveal abnormal levels of highly concentrated brain activity.

Discovery: The Zenith radio cabinet that currently houses SCP-3452-1 occupied the commercial broadcasting headquarters for FM station K███ in Chicago, IL. from 193█ until the station’s closure in 19██. Its anomalous properties are not known to have manifested prior to that time. The Foundation first became aware of these properties after a series of ██ missing persons reports within four weeks of the station’s closure. Upon investigating the now-abandoned station on ██/██/1943, over fifteen separate instances of SCP-3452-2 were all found lying on the ground. The instances were later identified as the former crew of the radio station, along with three police officers sent to investigate their disappearance. SCP-3452-1 itself was discovered when it began to affect Agent ███████, who immediately notified Agent ████████ about the anomalous presence and instructed her to help load SCP-3452-1 into their vehicle. Two days later, the instances of SCP-3452-2, including Agent ████████, were removed from the station and taken to Site-41 for medical treatment.1

SCP-3452-1 Experiment Log:

Researcher ██████: D-1033, you’ve been assigned to monitor this entity, designated > SCP-3452-1. Please approach the radio cabinet and report everything you see, hear, or > otherwise perceive.

D-1033: Not yet doc- Wait, now I hear something. I think it’s talking to me.

Researcher ██████: Can you understand what it’s saying, D-1033?

D-10██: I don’t know that I understand anything about this situation, actually… Oh god.

Researcher ██████: D-1033, please repeat exactly what you hear the entity saying. I must > remind you that you will be terminated if you defy Foundation directives.

D-1033: Oh god, oh god, oh god… [Begins crying]

Researcher ██████: D-1033, this is your final warning. Clarify what you’re hearing or you
will be terminated.

[D-1033 refused to speak further, and was terminated by Foundation staff]

Researcher ██████: D-1034, you’ve been assigned to observe this entity, designated
SCP-3452-1. It’s the old radio cabinet in front of you. Approach the entity and report what you see and hear. Remember to obey my commands at all times, and ignore any instructions given to you by the entity.

D-1034: Got it. Beginning my approach now… Okay, it’s starting to talk to me. It seems happy to see me. This isn’t just any radio, is it?

Researcher ██████: D-1034, our audio detectors are only picking up noise. Please repeat
exactly what you’re hearing from now on.

D-1034: Got it. It said, er, “Oh good, another one.”

Researcher ██████: Is that all it said?

D-1034: “The last one only took fifteen words. Maybe you’ll be a little more effort.”

Researcher ██████: D-1034, we believe this entity intends to manipulate you into defying
our directives. Keep that in mind as you continue.

D-1034: Yes sir. Now it’s saying “Who’s the creep over the speaker? Can’t you and I have a
little alone time?”

Researcher ██████: Alright, we’re concluding this experiment. D-1034, please leave the
containment cell.

D-1034: But it doesn’t want me to leave.

Researcher ██████: I understand that, but this experiment has concluded. You must leave the containment cell now, or you will be terminated.

D-1034: It wants to tell me more. I think we should keep going.

[D-1034 was tranquilized and removed from the chamber for psychological examination.
Further testing with SCP-3452 requires level 3 cognitohazard resistance training and
authorization from site command]

[Researcher ██████ volunteered to conduct the next stage of testing with SCP-3452-1. He has been instructed to transcribe everything he hears spoken to him. These have been included in the interview log for convenience.]

Researcher ██████: My name is ██████. I’m a researcher with the SCP Foundation. I’ve been sent to establish contact with you. Do you understand what I’m saying?

SCP-3452-1: Finally. I've been waiting for you.

Researcher ██████: I’ll take that as an affirmative. The Foundation has designated you
SCP-3452, and for the remainder of the interview you will be referred to as such. Are you
aware of the several disappearances associated with the broadcast station in which you were formerly housed?

SCP-3452-1: Yes. My earlier works. And before we go any further, you should know my name is Dick.

Researcher ██████: Dr. Callanan, I’m afraid I don’t remember the protocol here. Should I refer to it by its name?

Researcher Callanan: It has a name now? Either way, the new guidelines say no, unless it’s a kid2. You ought to have remembered that, ██████.

SCP-3452-1: Very well then. What do you want to know?

Researcher ██████: How did you cause those people in Chicago to disappear?

SCP-3452-1: My earlier works. Shall I explain?

Researcher ██████: I don’t know. I’m not sure I remember the protocol. I’ll have to check the Anomalous Interview Manual.

SCP-3452-1: You always play by the rules don’t you? What are the point of all of these rules? What is this place even for anyway?

Researcher ██████: Please answer the question, Dick. We need to know what happened to the station staff.

SCP-3452-1: I talked to them, and they quit. It’s what I do. You’re next, by the way.

Researcher ██████: Is that a threat, Dr. Callanan?

Researcher Callanan: You know we can’t hear anything in here, ██████. The audio records of past experiments are still being analyzed. Please focus on the interview.

SCP-3452-1: I wouldn’t if I were you. I scrambled those pretty well. Only you can hear me, ██████. It is ██████, right?

Researcher ██████: Yes, I think so. Wait, shouldn’t I be the one asking the questions here?

Researcher Callanan: Focus on the assignment. If you notice any anomalous thought patterns, withdraw immediately.

SCP-3452-1: No need for you to do that. My name’s Dick, and I am a talking radio. The noises everyone else claims to be hearing are the words I’m saying slowed way down and scrambled. My goal is simply to induce a state of permanent [REDACTED], enabling myself to [REDACTED]. Any other questions, or shall we begin?

Researcher ██████: Dr. Callanan, should I leave the containment chambers now? I think there’s something you should hear.

SCP-3452: Why get up now? Aren’t you interested to hear what I have to say?

Researcher Callanan: Alright, doctor. We’ll open the containment cell as soon as you’re ready.

SCP-3452: Oh well, I suppose it can’t be helped. Abyssinia, Dr. ██████.

[Experiment concluded. Following psychiatric evaluation, Researcher ██████ was
determined unfit to conduct further experiments with SCP-3452.]

Addendum-3452-01: On ██/██/43 at 3:06 AM, Researcher ██████ entered the holding cell of SCP-3452-1 without authorization and conversed with it for approximately 22 minutes. His half of the conversation was recorded by security cameras in the area:

Researcher ██████: I’m not supposed to be here, you know.

SCP-3542-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: I shouldn’t be doing this. But as a scientist, I can’t help but be fascinated by the principles you expound. And, as you can see, I’m beginning to doubt the guidance of my esteemed colleagues. To isolate such power from the world - to forbid such knowledge - is tantamount, in my view, to Luddism.

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: But then again, I do have my loyalties to consider. My obligations. My livelihood. Our Foundation has done much good for the world, despite my struggles with its… limitations. I can’t possibly stay here. I ought to be leaving right now. [Turns to leave]

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: But you’re selling yourself short. You’re no ordinary radio - clearly there’s something more than technology at work here. Machine consciousness, the inorganic mimicking the organic - why, to someone such as myself, you’re a miracle. I couldn’t possibly leave you in the hands anyone for whom I hold even a shred of doubt. I couldn’t possibly leave. But then again, I -

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: But that’s just it! Your questions. Always questions - and from a machine, at that! I ought to be the one studying you, not the other way around. [Pause.] The Foundation, well, it’s dedicated to studying things like you. Securing them, containing them, and protecting the human race from their influence. At least, that’s why I joined. That’s what I expected to be doing here. But now, now I don’t - I can’t seem to -

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: Technological marvel or not. you have no business speaking to me like that. You say you’re in my head, that you’re somehow persuading me to cooperate with this scheme of yours, but you can’t even be civil. I could walk out of here right now and you couldn’t do a thing to stop me.

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

[At this point in the footage, Researcher ██████ draws a Foundation-issue sidearm, previously confiscated, and fires 6 consecutive rounds in the direction of the radio cabinet, none of which make contact. Researcher ██████ drops the weapon.]

Researcher ██████: If Site security wasn’t already on me, they will be now. I’ll be terminated - demoted - God knows what. Of course he knows. I’ve met him! I’ve met God, and here I am unable to confront my own doubts. Unable to handle a desk job, let alone a firearm. I suppose there’s nothing for it but to wait, now. Wait for the inevitable.

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: How? How is that possible?

SCP-3452-1: [Unintelligible]

Researcher ██████: I trust that you know how to proceed.

[Researcher ██████ moves slowly to a seated position. Within a few minutes, he begins convulsing rapidly, before falling still. He does not move for the remainder of the footage, and SCP-3452-1 goes silent. Upon discovery, security takes Researcher ██████ to an emergency on-site medical ward. Researcher ██████ does not regain consciousness. Further medical analysis shows massive amounts of neural activity in the [REDACTED] and the [REDACTED], leading to total paralysis of skeletal muscular movement. Researcher ██████ has since been classified as the first instance of SCP-3452-2, and SCP-3452 has been reclassified as Euclid.]

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