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nn5n: scp-3529 The Halved Flesh-Eater
EuclidSCP-3529 The Halved Flesh-EaterRate: -10

Item #: SCP-3529

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Creature is to be locked in a standard holding cell with no one allowed to open the door, only once a day to feed it flesh from a cadaver as its diet only consists of human tissue. Guards and staff have been warned not to turn their backs towards SCP-3529 as it will try to kill anyone doing so.

Description: SCP-3529 is a deformed humanoid creature approximately 1 meter in height. The specimen was discovered in Greenland by Dr.██████ after multiple deaths went unexplained. It has an upper body and arms similar to that of a Neanderthal with an elongated skull. The head has large teeth and eyes with no pupils or iris. SCP-3529 does not appear to be blind despite not having pupils, following staff with head motions, indicating that it knows where they are. Torso and arms are unusually thin with the creature only weighing 76.7 pounds. It is not yet confirmed whether this is the standard body type for SCP-3529 or the specimen is malnourished. The hands are strangely large and disproportionate with the rest of the body, and have claws at the tips of its fingers that can be extended for self defense. The creature is extremely hostile towards human life and will attempt to prey upon any staff who turns their back to it, using its hands and teeth it will climb onto and tear the flesh off of any of its victims. Video surveillance shows that the victims of SCP-3529 typically have their eyes gouged out, or are missing entire limbs. The creature spends most of its time crawling around its cage, and on occasion does attempt to escape.

Addendum:3529-01 During an escape attempt, Miss.████ █████ a female researcher was severely injured after SCP-3529 lunged at her and tried to kill her. After the incident the number of guards escorting staff to and from the Neanderthal-like creature's cell increased to lessen the possibility of a future incident from happening .

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