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EuclidSCP-3533 Metaphysiclean!Rate: 57

Two SCP-3533 instances. Photo taken with a Branston-Meyer Mnestic Filter (Class III)

Item #: SCP-3533

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Upon their manifestation and detection, instances of SCP-3533 are to be sequestered from all affected businesses and stored in standard nonliving storage units within the Site-19 anomalous items warehouses. Knowledge of SCP-3533's existence is mostly self-contained and therefore only minor actions must be taken upon their manifestation. These events, referred to as "Restocking Events", are carried out on an uneven monthly schedule that is to be monitored by stationed Foundation agents under strict Class-W Mnestic treatment regimens and reported immediately. This schedule is known to be influenced by the value of the stock "████"1 and plans are underway to mitigate or reduce awareness of said stock in order to slowly decline the frequency and quantity of Restocking Events in the future.

Description: SCP-3533 is the collective designation for an antimemetic household detergent spray titled "Metaphysiclean!". SCP-3533 will spontaneously appear on shelves of big-box stores and other retail corporations in the United States, although their presence will go largely unnoticed by roughly 98% of observers not on Class-W Mnestic regimens, often appearing as empty portions of shelves without apparent cause. It is believed that SCP-3533's antimemetic properties are not an intended feature of their design but a result of their other anomalous properties (See Addendum 3533.3).

SCP-3533 is conceptually vague due to the properties of "Metaphysiclean!" and therefore can be referred to by its brand name, contents or structure at any given point and not be incorrect. The liquid that comprises SCP-3533 is indeterminate, as testing that does not alter the functionality of the GCMS equipment yields results that suggest the substance is conceptually recursive.2

When SCP-3533 is sprayed onto a surface or a number of surfaces, the respective components become conceptually vague for up to 72 hours.3 During this period, they will gradually revert to their original state unless more is applied; repeated exposure to SCP-3533 has shown to permanently mesh the concepts of whatever it is sprayed on, becoming increasingly ill-defined with latter applications. SCP-3533 will evaporate from applied surfaces and is not detectable after this time frame.

SCP-3533 is supposedly manufactured by "████████", a non-existent subsidiary of S. C. Johnson and Son.4 The address of the factory that produces SCP-3533 (Designated LOI/POI-3533) is found on the labels of all instances. The location was traced to an abandoned lot in [REDACTED], which upon closer inspection, was actually a fully functional factory operating under antimemetic camouflage, likely the same effect expressed by SCP-3533 itself. While on mnestic drugs, LOI/POI-3533 appears nondescript externally, however, its interior has been permanently converted into an extradimensional space that is defined as the interior of the factory, SCP-3533, Frank Miller, supervisor, several other employees and 18 other concepts including the concept of ennui and the concept of paid overtime (See Addendum 3533.2). According to LOI/POI-3533, this was due to a large spill of SCP-3533 that occurred in 1998 that, while having little effect on the output quantity of SCP-3533, was considered "an abstract administrative nightmare."

Addendum 3533.1: Experimentation Logs

SCP-3533 Experimentation Log

Note: Testing was carried out in the Site-19 Experimentation Wing under supervision of Dr. H. Alexander, three D-Class personnel and a team of five random foundation personnel to observe effects.

Test # Preface Results Notes
3533-1 D-9765 instructed to apply a small quantity of SCP-3533 to mirror in testing chamber and wipe with paper towel. Mirror did not appear cleaner or less smudged. Upon further analysis, affected portion of mirror had taken on the pleated texture of the paper towel used and one observer insisted the area was indeed paper towel as well as a mirror. It seems SCP-3533 might have a partially subjective nature. Further testing is required. - Dr. Alexander
3533-2 D-9765 instructed to liberally spray SCP-3533 on the edge of the mirror and the wall adjacent to it and refrain from using a paper towel. Affected area was unanimously described as both the mirror and the wall behind it, although three researchers expressed difficulty distinguishing between the two. Confirms the equivocal nature of SCP-3533. I found myself rather astonished that the wall had taken on a rather reflective sheen. Curious, indeed. - Dr. Alexander
3533-3 D-9765 instructed to paint a blue square on the wall of the testing chamber, then paint a red square next to it, and liberally apply SCP-3533 to the connected portion of the wet paint. All five personnel agreed that the center was not purple but in fact both red and blue. Filtered eye-wear was supplied and revealed that the concept of the filtered color was still visible for two observers. This might be my favorite project thus far. Quite a unique anomaly. I think I might put in a formal request to the Conceptual Division once this is all over with. - Dr. Alexander
3533-8 D-9765 instructed to liberally spray the coat of one white lab mouse5 and the table it is on. Mouse unable to move from area for 58 hours, although subject did not express any discomfort during this process. Table confirmed to also be comprised of mouse, and the subject reacted to stimuli on affected portion of table. One researcher claims subject appears more "table-like". This stuff has a bizarre reaction to biological life.6 I'm putting in a request for another D-Class now. - Dr. Alexander
3533-13 D-9765 instructed to apply SCP-3533 to one finger and touch D-1954 on the forearm. D-Class unable to separate for 54 hours. Both subjects expressed that they could feel sensations of surrounding areas of skin up to 8cm from contact area, as well as a vague sense of ego-loss.7 Four observers insisted connected portion could be both D-9765 or D-1954, and one claimed D-9765 and D-1954 were the same person entirely. Fascinating. Not much more to say except that I can't wait to do more tests. - Dr. Alexander
3533-14 D-9765 instructed to apply SCP-3533 liberally to hand and place palm on D-1954's forehead. D-Class unable to separate for 66 hours. Removal was accomplished with minor tearing of D-9765's epidermis at contact site, the remains of which were easily removable one hour later. Both D-Class complained of intrusive thoughts and a complex loss of self-identity and non-loss of self-identity at the same time.8 I don't care what the other two say, for almost three days there was only one D-Class in that room. I'll prove it. Putting in a request for a third D-Class. - Dr. Alexander
3533-15 D-9765 and D-1954 instructed to interlock arms while D-3472 applied SCP-3533 to the connected area every twelve hours. After 60 hours, only one D-Class was present in testing chamber with D-3472. It could not be determined if they were D-9765 or D-1954, so the subject was designated D-3533. D-3533 responded to D-9765, D-1954 and D-3533, but could not accurately define if they were simultaneously either personnel, an amalgamation of the two, or both. CT scans show that D-3533 has one circulatory and nervous system, but two brains. D-3533 cannot be separated into two individuals and has been contained for study. I've got an idea. Let me draw up the paperwork. - Dr. Alexander
3533-17 Large surface of testing chamber wall doused with SCP-3533. SCP-2719 applied to area. SCP-2719 previously defined inside as SCP-2719's containment. SCP-3533 and SCP-2719 became inside. D-3472 could not accurately state whether or not SCP-3533 or SCP-2719 became inside, or whether SCP-2719 had defined SCP-3533 as inside and if SCP-3533 had also taken on the properties of SCP-2719. Surface appeared concave to two observers, although they could not say where the affected area led to, or if it led to any place at all other than inside. The other three observers claimed surface was simply acting as the concept of inside and did not lead anywhere. I'm on the fence about where I stand with this one. Tomorrow I'll try sending D-3472 into the space. - Dr. Alexander
3533-18 Large surface of testing chamber doused with SCP-3533. SCP-2719 applied to area and D-3472 instructed to enter affected area if possible. [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2719 redefined inside as SCP-3533 only. Testing confirms traces of D-3472 in other bottles of SCP-3533. Testing suspended indefinitely. None

Note: Following this test Dr. Alexander applied for Class-C Amnestic application. Request denied.

Addendum 3533.2: LOI/POI-3533 Interaction

Interaction with LOI/POI-3533

Preface: LOI/POI-3533's condition was not fully known at the time of first contact. Field agents Markus Pierce and Elizabeth Carden were given a Class-W Mnestic regimen for three days leading up to investigation of the property.


Command: Alright, you two. Move out.

Pierce: Okay, earpiece is functioning. Carden and I are approaching the factory limits now. Doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary just yet. Carden, you want to confirm that for me?

Carden: Yeah, looks just fine out here. Windows are clouded up with what looks like dust, not going to be easy to see inside. I just say we look for an entrance and go on in. If we see anyone, we question them. If they're hostile, we book it.

Pierce: Sounds like a plan. Even though this place looks pretty old, almost decrepit, I think I see some steam venting from out over the west perimeter. And there's a hum, I can definitely hear it out here.

Carden: So, it's still in business. Wonder what kind of company we'll find inside.

Pierce: My guess is that it is automated. No one comes in or out. Quiet now. [hushed] Command, we have visual on the front entrance. Ingress should be trivial, but we brought a crowbar just in case.

Command: Roger that. Be careful.

The two are silent for ten seconds, the sounds of quick footsteps on asphalt can be heard in the background. After a moment, they stop.

Pierce: Oh, door's unlocked. Here we go.

The door creaks loudly as the sounds of machinery and commotion fill the space.

Carden: What exactly am I looking at here?

Pierce: Control, we have a bit of a situation.

LOI/POI-3533: Hello there.

Carden: Who said that?

Command: What is it?

LOI/POI-3533: It's been years since someone came in here. Are you with corporate?

Pierce: [to Command] I'm not exactly sure what this is. It definitely is the inside of the factory, but, uh, it's also a bunch of other things.

LOI/POI-3533: I'm right here, you know.

Carden: So you're… the factory?

LOI/POI-3533: I'm Frank Miller, supervisor of this ████████ manufacturing plant. I also can't leave. What? Yes- and, yes, there are a few others in here as well. There's Trudy, Jacobs, Karen, Michael, Richard-

Pierce: I'm sorry, but where are these people?

LOI/POI-3533: I am these people. We are. We had a bit of fiasco with one of our competitors two decades back9 that caused a bit of an uproar. Things got out of hand, and, well, a whole tank of cleaner just sort of flooded the whole complex. We knew what we were getting ourselves into, but alas, hubris. The destroyer of men. Not that any of us are actually dead. I think Jacobs has food poisoning. Does that mean I have food poisoning too? Mercy. Sorry, this whole thing has been a mess. And S. C. Johnson has not responded to any of our tickets, we think they may have forgotten about us.

Carden: You've been in contact with the outside world recently?

LOI/POI-3533: Well, no, it's been a while since any of us could use a computer.

Pierce: Wait, if you are somehow the inside of the factory as well as yourselves, how are you still alive? Don't you need to eat?

LOI/POI-3533: I'm not entirely sure. We think because we're bound to something that does not require sustenance, we too do not need food. We live on, as the soul of this company.

Carden: Does that mean the factory is alive in some sense?

LOI/POI-3533: I think you're asking the wrong questions. How about the grand tour? Please take off your shoes, Michael has a thing about germs.

Pierce: Al-Alright.

Some shuffling is heard as the agents presumably remove their footwear. The hums and hisses of machinery grow louder as they step inside.

LOI/POI-3533: O-hoo, that tickles. Sorry, this is a first for us too.

Pierce: Christ.

Command: Everything okay?

Pierce: It's this carpet in the entrance. I thought it was a wet shag rug, but its like they're tendrils. Or little fingers.

Carden: I can feel them wriggle between my toes.

LOI/POI-3533: Sorry, I'm nervous. We haven't gotten outsiders in a decade. Doesn't stop us from making more cleaners. We have all the precursors here, and some of our corporate owned suppliers still deliver crates out back.10

Carden: Is there any way we can convince you to stop production?

LOI/POI-3533: Lady, you'll have to take that up with corporate. This is our livelihood. Certainly you understand that?

Carden: You're still getting paid?

LOI/POI-3533: Direct deposit. If S. C. Johnson really wanted to halt production of 'Metaphysiclean!', surely they would have taken us off the payroll?11

Carden: I see.

LOI/POI-3533: Look, I know this is weird, but this place is all we have. The fact that you're here and asking these questions- I don't know who you work for, but I get the feeling it has to do with the state of things in here.

Carden: That is correct. If there is any information at all you can give to us regarding what happened here, perhaps we can help you in some way.

LOI/POI-3533: Uh, now that I think about it, you might be able to get something useful from our server room, it has a hermetically sealed halogen fire suppression system that was triggered during the spill- it is the only area in this place that remains conceptually sound and the only place we can't access.

Pierce: That's a good idea. Lead the way, if you would.

LOI/POI-3533: Of course. It's right through the door on your left, there's a passage that takes you through the production floor and into the administrative offices. The server room is on the far end.

Carden: Thank you very much, Mr. Miller.

Soft footsteps are heard as they proceed to the doors that lead deeper inside. There is a pause before sounds of struggle are heard from Agent Pierce.

LOI/POI-3533: What seems to be the issue?

Pierce: The door seems blocked on the other side. It is unlocked, but something won't let me through.

LOI/POI-3533: Oh my. This is embarrassing. We haven't really needed to use doors since we meshed with the rest of this place.

Pierce: Mind if I use the crowbar?

LOI/POI-3533: Erm, sure. Go ahead.

Agent Pierce is heard using the crowbar to bend the door outward. The sounds of creaking and splintering wood fill the background, as well as a wet, indeterminate sloshing noise.

Pierce: Oh, god, what the hell is this?

LOI/POI-3533: What? What is it?

Carden: What, you don't see it?

Command: Report your status.

Pierce: It's like a, god, like a giant pile of flesh and different concepts. I think it's human. Or multiple humans at one point. I can't tell, it all looks the same to me.

Carden: Conceptually indeterminate corpses. Are you sure you can't see this, Frank?

LOI/POI-3533: This place is pretty much uniform abstraction for us. Wait, corpses?

Pierce: Not quite. It doesn't smell rotten, and it's been twenty years. I think- I think this might have been- or might still be some of you guys. From when you were trying to escape the spill. Wait- can you feel this?

LOI/POI-3533: Ow! Yes, Karen says you just pinched somewhere around her leg.

Pierce: This is some weird stuff. Uh, okay, it looks like we can fit through the doors still, but we may have to climb over some of you. We apologize in advance.

Sounds of movement and various grunts are heard as the agents climb through the doorway and into the passage beyond.

Carden: [coughs] Okay, we are through. You guys alright?

LOI/POI-3533: I am fine, thanks.

Carden: Can I ask you something, Frank?

LOI/POI-3533: Of course.

Carden: 'Metaphysiclean!'. Why? What does S. C. Johnson need a product like this for?

LOI/POI-3533: Well- I can answer that- Yes, thank you. Karen will have a better answer than myself. She worked extensively on the formula when it was in its early stages- Yes, I did. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I was hired. My Master's in Polymer Science landed me a job in S. C. Johnson's labs doing some heavy work on protein weaving- things I never could believe they were doing.

Carden: What is-

LOI/POI-3533: Biomolecular constructs. I'm talking about manipulating the building blocks of life, uh-

Carden: Carden. Elizabeth.

Pierce: Mark.

LOI/POI-3533: Right. I'm talking about creating compounds with pre-written instructions on how to operate. Proteins take on certain three dimensional shapes inherently, the instructions are already in place for all naturally occurring biomatter. It's a real wonder, if I do say so myself.

Pierce: So S. C. Johnson decided to start tampering with the code, so to speak?

LOI/POI-3533: You could say that. But since when did playing God become something that was too much for the elite? You of all people should know the extent of human curiosity.

Pierce: What exactly do you mean by that?

LOI/POI-3533: Don't play dumb now. I bet whoever you work for has a large stake in pushing the limits of man's grasp on the universe.

Pierce: Point taken.

LOI/POI-3533: S. C. Johnson was doing a lot more than playing with amino acids. They had private contractors all over the world looking into some of the farthest reaches of science. Some of the things I could hardly consider science at all.

Carden: What would you consider it?

LOI/POI-3533: You'd laugh if I said 'magic', so let's say they were messing with some pretty arcane stuff. I mean, look around. What do you see?

Carden: I see a well managed factory, I think.

LOI/POI-3533: Well thanks- I mean, what do you really see? Do you see a skilled workforce of hardworking Americans? Or do you see the souls of the damned, a group of forgotten not-quite-people whose lives have been twisted by the foils of a faceless corporation? Sorry, that's the ennui talking. Company morale wasn't great when the spill happened, and that sort of just stuck around ever since.

Carden: I can understand. You've all been through so much.

At this point, LOI/POI-3533's voice, which had been of indeterminate quality but singular nature previously, shifted to the sounds of multiple voices at once.

LOI/POI-3533: You understand? I don't think you understand, and, honestly, I don't think you have the best interests of the company at the heart of your agenda. We have been here for twenty years! All we do is exist and produce. And for what?

Carden: Mr. Miller- er- Karen, please. We honestly just want to help you.

LOI/POI-3533: I don't think you can help us. And you- you want to shut us down.

Factory noises swell in volume. Miscellaneous scraping and metal bangs can be heard as LOI/POI-3533's voice takes on a harsher tone.

Pierce: Frank, what are you doing?

Command: What is going on?

Carden: The walls feel like they are closing in, and we are dead center in this complex. I think we should go, now.

LOI/POI-3533: Leave? No, no, no, you'll just come back, won't you? With more? And you'll try to shut us down and destroy everything we've worked for.

Pierce: We aren't going to shut you down, we swear.

Carden: We just want to help you get better.

LOI/POI-3533: Don't you understand? This is what we are now. No. You can't leave. Not now.

A large bang is heard in the background.

Pierce: Christ, there goes our exit. Carden, I've got an idea.

Carden: What?

Pierce: Remember what he said earlier? The only place they can't touch?

Carden: The server room.

LOI/POI-3533: Oh, no, you're not allowed access to our records unless you go through corporate! You lost that chance when you threatened to destroy this company- Hey! Wait, stop!

Sounds of hurried movement are picked up, although LOI/POI-3533's voice does not change in terms of distance from the two. After fifteen seconds, sounds of splashing can be heard, followed by grunts emanating from Carden's microphone.

Carden: Agh, crap.

Pierce: Liz, what is it, we have to go- Oh, fuck.

Command: What is happening?

Carden: It looks like there is a leak in this vat here, I stepped in a puddle. I thought it was water, but that's obviously not the case. It's soaked through my sock. I took a few steps but now I can't move. Markus. What do I do?

Pierce: I don't know. This stuff lasts a while. Command, I think you may need to send in some backup. Carden isn't going anywhere any time soon.

LOI/POI-3533: Sorry, guys. It says on the bottle to avoid getting it on the skin. Some folks just won't listen to the warnings! Looks like you're stuck with us for the long haul, miss.

Pierce: Frank, I really think you're going to have to let us go, buddy. Think about what something like this would mean for your company-

LOI/POI-3533: Frank isn't here. Well, he is, but stop talking about us like we aren't all here, too. And don't play with us. No one has come in two decades. I don't think anyone will be coming for you either. Get enough of this stuff on you and you won't even be a memory anymore.

Metal creaking noises are heard, followed by a loud crash.

Carden: Shit, Markus, run!

Pierce is heard breathing heavily, Carden is heard screaming but the noises are drowned out by the sounds of liquid flooding the area. Carden's microphone ceases function several seconds later.

Pierce: Server room… server room… c'mon.

Several seconds of rustling and miscellaneous background noise is picked up.

Pierce: Ah, here.

LOI/POI-3533: No, don't go in there! I will call the police!

The sounds of the door opening and closing is heard. LOI/POI-3533's voice is heard to become muffled.

LOI/POI-3533: You can't stay in here forever. And there's plenty more of 'Metaphysiclean!' where that came from!

Pierce: Okay, command, I've located their data storage, and I can say for certain that servers are the only thing in this room. Thank Christ. My head hurts. Don't ever assign me more of this conceptual bullshit, I hate it. I hate all of this.

Command: Duly noted.

Pierce: There's a terminal over here. Let me see what I can find.

Pierce is heard operating the computer for several minutes, while miscellaneous bangs and thuds are heard outside.

LOI/POI-3533: Oh, wait, I've got an idea. [laughs]

Pierce: That doesn't sound good. Alright, I found some ledgers, precursor lists, what is this? They're talking about some sort of alchemical plants. Essence of Raskovnik?12 There's also a large archive of emails here, I'll send all the information to you guys in a moment-

A loud sealing noise is heard in the room.

Pierce: What was that? Nearly gave me a heart attack.

LOI/POI-3533: Markus, I'm real sorry we had to do this. You won't understand, but we need this place.

At this point, a female voice is heard over the loudspeaker of the factory.

Intercom: Attention all factory workers, please evacuate immediately.

Pierce: What did you do?

LOI/POI-3533: No, you did this. You forced us to do this.

Intercom: Halogen suppression system activated.

Pierce: Oh, no.

A mechanical whirring is picked up, followed by the sounds of ventilation.

Pierce: Command, you need to send someone immediately!

Command: They are en route to your location, but-

Pierce: But what?

Command: Did you secure the files and send them to uplink?

Pierce: Yes. What should I do?

Command checks and confirms the receipt of the information, select excerpts can be found in Addendum 3533.3.

Pierce: Command? I'm feeling a bit light-headed here.

Command: The room is filling with inert gas, Pierce, you are going to lose consciousness very shortly.

Pierce: But-

Pierce is heard slurring and becoming incomprehensible. Shortly after, contact with Agent Pierce is lost. Reinforcements arrive onsite and LOI/POI-3533 is contained. The body of Elizabeth Carden was not identified, but further interactions suggest she may still be alive. LOI/POI-3533 has generally been hostile to all forms of life that enter the facility since.

Addendum 3533.3: LOI/POI-3533 Select Employee Email Correspondences

Subject: RE: Welcome!

To: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com From: kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com


Happy to be aboard! Yes, I'm settling in fine, everyone here has been very professional so far. Excited to see what the guys over at conceptual have us producing. I'm sure my experience with polymers will come in handy when it comes to tightening up the formula.

See you soon,


Subject: MEKP Delivery

To: kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com From: gthompson@███████████.com


The latest batch of methyl-ethyl ketone peroxide is arriving on Tuesday. I know you probably know this already, but try to avoid getting that stuff on you, especially when it is catalyzing. I've seen some nasty burns in my time and 30000 gallons is the largest I've ever had to ship in one go before.

Seriously though, all your employees need to be real careful about this stuff. And don't smoke within a mile of the building, just to be safe.


George Thompson

████ ██ █████ Supply


Subject: RE: New formula for Conceptua-Softener (Working Title)

To: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com From: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr13

Good afternoon,

I've been looking at these new formula proposals and, I've got to say, I'm impressed. How exactly do you plan on actually making this work? The runes you were supplied do not have sufficient output for this kind of impartation. I'm not sure I quite understand the epistemology behind this 100% just yet, so please send me more details on case files 000584-000590 at your earliest convenience.


Rose Sorisi, Head of Innovative Strategics
S. C. Johnson and Son Corporate West Coast Division



To: mjacobs@████████manufacturing.com, kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com and 29 othersFrom: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

A note to all employees,

This is a friendly reminder that Conceptua-Cleaner is not a toy and using it for recreation is prohibited on factory grounds. Not only is it dangerous and unpredictable at this stage, I figured some of you were old enough to know not to go playing with household cleaners.

I don't care how funny you think it is- a cronut has already been invented and those are all safe to eat. Don't do it again.


Subject: Formula 000589

To: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com From: kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com


Latest samples have shown a marked increase in duration of effect. The actual softening is happening at a faster rate as well. I'm going to try adjusting these inscriptions. I know what corporate said about output, but I think I might be able to boost it with a little modification. I'll let you know how it turns out. We're still having some inconsistent results- I'm aiming for uniform approximation across the board.


Subject: Rebranding Conceptua-Cleaner

To: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|rellimf#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|rellimf From: rsorisi@████████manufacturing.com


The consumer product board of S. C. Johnson has decided that Conceptua-Cleaner is being renamed 'Metaphysiclean!'. I personally don't like it, but don't tell them I said that. New labels are being shipped from ████████'s printing company, I presume you will receive them within the next week. Please migrate all data and adjust production to fit this.


Rose Sorisi, Head of Innovative Strategics
S. C. Johnson and Son Corporate West Coast Division


Subject: Incident - 09/28/1997

To: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com From: hr@████████.com

There was a mishap down in your testing labs today, apparently they had misjudged the potency of the formula and now we have one person down here with two mouths and they're both yelling at me. They are considering pursuing a legal route due to sustained mental trauma. I know they'll be fine eventually but they are willing to make a show of this if they aren't compensated.

Lisa Thompson

████████ Human Resources Department

Subject: Reckitt Benckiser's smear campaign (no pun intended)

To: kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com From: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

It seems some of the lab jockeys over at Benckiser have been working on something similar to 'Metaphysiclean!' for a while now, and they aren't happy about us having the superior product! Our cleaners will always be number one! Thanks to you, anyhow.


Subject: RE: Reckitt Benckiser's smear campaign (no pun intended)

To: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com From: kbaldwin@████████manufacturing.com


I think they might be up to something. Everyone in the company just got a blank email from one of their domains. Not sure what that was about but you should probably adjust our spam filters appropriately in case this happens again.


Subject: Just checking in.

To: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr From: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

Good afternoon,

I'm sending this message because we've been having difficulty contacting you or any of the S. C. Johnson affiliates over the phone about a recent spam email situation we had from one of your competitor corporations. If you could just shoot me a response to let me know all is well it would definitely be appreciated.



Subject: Testing

To: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr From: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

Please respond to this message if you have received it. Some of us are getting worried, and they can't contact their families.


Subject: (no subject)

To: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr, moc.oohay|211uonitnatsnokg#moc.oohay|211uonitnatsnokg and 43 others From: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

Can anyone see these messages?

Please respond.


Subject: (no subject)

To: moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr#moc.nosnhojcs.etaroproc|isirosr From: fmiller@████████manufacturing.com

Employee morale is very low. Some crew appear disoriented. I'm not sure if we exist anymore. One of the forklift drivers is having a meltdown as we speak.

There isn't much else to say.


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