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SafeSCP-3534 The Nutcracker SuitRate: -8

Item #: SCP-3534

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3534 is to be contained in a vacuum-sealed garment bag and suspended no less than three feet off of the ground in a room with dimensions no smaller than 10 feet in depth, width, or height. The room is to be locked securely at all times and monitored through four surveillance cameras located at the top four corners of the room.

Description: SCP-3534 is an old-styled, emerald green blazer with a set of two round, golden buttons on the cuffs of each arm. The front of the blazer is in the style of an overlap jacket with four sets of two golden buttons on the right hand side of the jackets front. On the left hand side of the jacket are four sets of two golden button clasps that follow the same organized pattern of the buttons on the right side of the jacket.

Upon initial observation, all personnel within direct contact with SCP-3534 have expressed desire to wear the blazer to "See how they look in it". The quote, given in paraphrase, is the first sign of SCP-3534's activation.

Subjects who voluntarily put on SCP-3534 have no noted symptoms of exposure and are prompted to remove SCP-3534 after a three minute timer expires.

Additional research is required.

Addendum A: Test Subject 47

Test Subject 47, going by the name █████ ████,requested for the continuation of the experimentation with SCP-3534. It is unsure of Test Subject 47's intentions for this, but it is likely due to the effects SCP-3534 has on humans.

Interviewed: Test Subject 47 (47)

Interviewer: Doctor Kaleb Grimer (K.G.)

Foreword: The interview shortly followed Test Subject 47 putting on SCP-3534

<Begin Log>

K.G.: This is a recording. All audio taken from this recording is meant for studying and safety procedures only. All information received inside this recording is to be kept priv-

47: Tell the world if you want! I don't mind!

K.G.: It is not in protocol for that action to be taken, █████. We are required to monitor all tests with case, SCP-3534.

47: Why's that?

K.G.: It is protocol. As such, you will be asked to remove the SCP-3534 after the timer of three minutes goes off.

47: Does something bad happen after three minutes?

K.G.: That information is classified.

47: Do I look good in this? It's kinda old-fashioned, but I really enjoy how it looks!

K.G.: The jacket looks remarkably similar to one of those suits a nutcracker would wear. I am unsure of what they are called.

47: Is there a mirror? May I see how I look in this?

The sound of writing on a clipboard is heard for one minute and thirty five seconds

An alarm clock sounds

K.G.: It is time to take off the jacket.

47: Why? I don't feel anything.

K.G.: It is protocol. Any personnel taking part in this experiment must abide to instructions given to them as to avoid any hazards to the subject’s health. This measure of time is the standard for clothing-based procedures.

47: What if I don't take it off?

Sound of a chair scooting back

K.G.: I advise that you do so. It is in your best favor to- █████, are you alright?

47 speaking through his breath: Yeah…. It does look good on me.

K.G.: Wh… what? What's going on? Uh…. Oh no.

Rushed footsteps and banging on the door

K.G.: Security, open up the door! Immediate removal of the jacket is requested! Evacuate Hall [REDACTED]!

The sound of a sliding door opens as many footsteps enter the room.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Camera recording marked the amount of time following Subject 47's putting on the jacket as three minutes and thirty two seconds before the subject showed signs of submission and immobility to what is now known as SCP-3534-1.

SCP-3534-1: After three minutes and thirty two seconds of direct skin exposure to SCP-3534, SCP-3534-1 materializes as would a fade-in effect be for a video editor.

SCP-3534-1 is a detailless, humanoid anomaly with a jet-blue coloration of skin. The androgynous figure stands at a height of five foot three inches tall and lacks any facial feature aside from a mouth and two eye sockets.

SCP-3534-1 does not show any signs of reception toward outward stimulus, whether verbal or physical, and will only speak to the one wearing SCP-3534. The speech is unheard by observers, but it has been recorded that those under the effects of SCP-3534 communicate to SCP-3534-1 in a submissive, hushed tone as if SCP-3534-1 was coercing the subject to keep the jacket on.

Any attempt to remove SCP-3534 has failed once SCP-3534-1 appears. SCP-3534 attaches to the user after the stated amount of time has passed, becoming, as reported by personnel who attempted to remove SCP-3534, "a part of their skin".

Over a period of exactly five minutes, SCP-3534-1 will continue to coerce the subject and make physical contact with subject as the subjects stature decreases and becomes more rigid.

After five minutes have passed since SCP-3534-1's appearance, Subject, now known as SCP-3534-2, will remain with no traces of SCP-3534-1 or the subject in question.

SCP-3534-2: After all traces of SCP-3534-1 have disappeared, SCP-3534-2 will be the only thing remaining. SCP-3534-2 is a small wooden doll, having the exact likeness to a "Nutcracker Toy". SCP-3534-2 bears similar hair color, eye color, and skin color to whomever wore SCP-3534 while aforementioned events took place. The color of the suit has shown difference to the coloration of SCP-3534.

When a span of ten minutes pass, SCP-3534-2 will dissolve as would a fade-out effect be for a video editor. SCP-3534 appears in its place, resting on the nearest flat surface, folded neatly and pressed.

Addendum B: SCP-3534-3

Personnel attempted to place a tracking device on SCP-3534-2 before it faded away. The attempt succeeded, as the device tracked the unit to the city of ████ in a small antique shop known as ███ ████ ██. Personnel who were tasked to retrieve SCP-3534-2 have not returned from their assignment. This shop will be known as SCP-3534-3 until further notice.

Investigation is needed.

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